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Nirvana on MMR recorded at Sound Studio. Live music in the studio along with a great actor joining us today. Traffic News supporters of public education staged a massive rally in the city. Officials voted to close 23 schools. Police opened fire and killed a suspect in Philly last night, after a report of burglary, the suspect opened fire. FBI confirmed explosive material was found in Malvern. (Kathy said Bod Squad instead of bomb squad). So listen, I'm gonna do some jumping jacks but only if you come out and drop the gun. Sports Flyers lost against Penguins 5-4. Flyers vs Boston tomorrow. Twins beat Phils at Spring Training yesterday.

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We've had a little issue with snow this morning, but its looking like a beautiful weekend coming up. Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays James Van Der Beek, Freddie Prinze Jr, Micky Dolans from the Monkees, Aidan Quinn Stupid A Entertainment News Martin Van Buren's slogan what what?? Mark Ruffalo shot down rumors of the Hulk getting his own movie again. Kelly Osbourne suffered a seizure during a taping of the E! Show.The divorce between Demi Moore wants Ashton Kutcher to pay her attorney fees and alimony. Someone is attempting to sell naked photos of Brooke Mueller. Does she have a good body? Probably bc she does a lot of coke. Hilaria Baldwin is expecting a baby girl in July a little piglet. Ryan Lochte caught making out with Carmen Electra. SNL's “Djesus Uncrossed” skit has cost Sears to pull its advertising because of the controversy. Kim K had a health scare after severe stomach pains on a flight home from Paris. Justin Bieber passed out at a show but tweeted a shirtless pic of him. Tina Fey channeled her Liz Lemon character by having a double fish filet after her love scenes with Paul Rudd. Pitchuation's attempt at a Rocky impression. Its painful to listen to. Clips Penn Jillette & Colin Farrell.

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Kathy has all thse porno windows up on her computer she needs to filter through them to find her traffic. Traffic The weekly tab for Nutella was running about 5k. Jiff is making a Nutella rip-off. Columbia University Goes Through $5k of Nutella Per Week Casey, Kathy and Steve never had it before. Could you use it as birth control? I had a wonderful lunch, and no children! Its much more available in the U.S. Nutella doesn't contain peanuts, but it does have peanut oil. Preston always have Nutella and almond spread. Listener Linda's daughter has a severe tree nut allergy, she can't even have Nutella in the house. Nick was in his high school the other week for career week it had signs up saying this is a “peanut-free zone”. Preston will have it on a piece of toast. Nutella is not something new in their house, they'd have them in sandwiches she was afraid to bring it to school. Casey, Kathy & Steve Try Nutella For the First Time Casey puts the peanut butter in his fridge and he hates it. You can't spread it! Its crazy! Come back from Vietnam trying to make a PB&J!!! Calling sandwich makers that's chocolate that's a dessert why don't you make me an angel food cake sandwich?!! You shouldn't put Nutella on your bread. The Jiff is a mocha cappuccino hazelnut spread, Jiff hazelnut Nutella. I need some bread for my Nutella, go to the supermarket. I don't want to hear your stories. I spread it on my balls. It says don't refrigerate or microwave Nutella and he's been doing that for years! Its hard to push it through the little grates in my faceplate. Steve is a fan of the Nutella. Casey thinks its like the Ferrero Roche candies. Chuck just doesn't like stuff. This just in Chuck doesn't like stuff, He's got a mouth full of nuts. Preston spilled Nutella on his Nutella story and on his new shirt. I spilled some Yoo Hoo on this story about the President being assasinated. Marisa gave Preston a wet wipe but he can't open it.


Stupid Q: Who was the first President of the U.S.?


Stupid A: Martin Van Buren


 Time 7:54-8:08

Accidentally started playing Cheap Trick Traffic Bizarre File Mancato free press in Minnesota going for a more visual layout generated wrong publicity with a recipe “Rapefruit good for every meal”. Florida woman in jail on a 5mil bond after plotting her children to murder her in-laws. Woman unknowingly dated her half brother for more than 6 months. Shart-Out listener in burn unit at Temple listens to the show everyday. Wrapping up the voting next Friday for Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl.

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Dropkick Murphys will be in shortly Traffic Michael Rooker in Studio He'll be at the monster mania-con at the Cherry Hill Mall. He just called Nick “boy” off air. He couldn't believe her traffic report and how fast she talks. The Walking Dead is beating Network shows in the ratings. He didn't think it would be such a pop culture phenomenon. He was in the first 2 episodes and finally made a return. One of his first roles was a killer, he did not get into it role just went with it. In The Walking Dead he does not have two hands, he has a blade for one hand. He is always playing a bad-ass in movies but in his family he's a peacemaker. His fans are very loyal and they were with him before Walking Dead. Gamers are a fan of Rooker's. He does voice overs for Call of Duty. He plays the game, but he isn't good. He was awesome in Mallrats. He likes dark chocolate so he is going to eat Nutella, he doesn't need the spoon he's just going to stick his tongue in there and eat it. The guys want Rooker to sing but he doesn't know what to sing but he would be a good night DJ, “It's Michael Rooker Time.” The only thing still on his bucket list is to make more money. His favorite project that he ever did was Cliff Hanger. When he filmed with Stallone, Stallone didn't talk to him bc he was jealous he had a better body.

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Traffic Dropkick Murphys in warming up they're a huge fan of Michael Rooker. Preston & Steve Inducted into Ring of Honor for St. Patty's Parade Preston went to an event last night for the St. Patrick's Ring of Honor event. It was at the DoubleTree in Center City, they were awarded their sashes. They gave them the print of the Irish Memorial framed. Preston and Steve inducted as Ring of Honor in St. Patrick's Day Parade Sunday they'll be Preston didn't grow up with any kind of ethnic pride last night at the event he felt a little jealous of who are Italian, Irish, the Italian horn necklace. Nick's mom is half Italian and half Irish and she celebrates more of her Italian side. Steve identifies with being Irish and African American. When Kathy's grandfather died he wanted them all to have a party. An Irish wake is awesome. Casey is jealous of Italians, he wished his dad made wine he wishes he could call sauce, “gravy”. Casey wants to know if there's a mutt society. He was blown away by the amount of people who listen, he loves meeting clergymen who listen to the show. Murph is on the phone Preston sent him a pic of him with his sash on last night. He did a few Gaelic phrases for St. Patty's Day and nobody knew any of them. Listener is stereotypical Italian, he doesn't embrace it though. He grew up in a racist household though.


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Traffic All of our staff members are here they even brought their kids in to see the Dropkick Murphys in Studio they're playing 2 sold out shows this weekend. Tim is sleeping in he's the bagpiper he can never show up on time. They have a huge legion of fan. They've got 8 albums under their belt. They were supposed to meet with Nick at the Boston airport but they got stood up. He says he was there but they were at the wrong terminal. They put their heart and soul into each record they make When they formed the band on a dare, they don't remember who they first called. They've been about being friends of labor. The Electric factory has always been supportive of them. They're supporters of organized labor. Nick loves “Shipping up to Boston” but he's a huge Flyers fan. They were at the game last night, the Flyers were always Kens 2nd favorite team. Casey says the Red Sox fans were so nice to their family when they went up to a game. Ken says Philadelphia fans are sore losers. Amstel Light They're opening up with a traditional Irish song, “Wild Rover. They're doing some fine tuning. Off the new record its about their baseball team the Red Sox it's about the original baseball icon, Jimmy Collins' passing. “Jimmy Collins' Wake” Ken has such a powerful delivery, Al who does more singing then him has a low gravely voice. This first time on the tour Ken lost his voice its all about hot water and honey this morning.

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Preston and Steve are members of the Ring of Honor for the St. Patrick's Day Parade live on CBS3 this Sunday. Traffic Dropkick Murphys Performing Live in Studio Josh is fast asleep because he's an egotistical bagpipe player. One of their first songs was like the Clancy Brothers meets the Ramones. Listener Angelina she's going to be singing “The Dirty Glass” with them tomorrow night. She's going to sing the intro over the phone. They're doing a request for Jaxon's son Kai who is more interested in his pretzel at the moment. He's a huge fan of the Dropkick Murphys in the memory of Brad Fox who was killed in the line of duty- “Rose Tattoo”. They're talking about coming back this summer in Philly.

 Time 10:22-10:50

Black Crowes on MMR Preston never met them before he was afraid of getting attitude from them, they're really great guys. He appreciates and respects them even more. There was a member of the Ring of Honor that Preston forgot to mention, his name is Timmy Kelly who's blind and he sings the National Anthem. He's friends with Beyonce! Bizarre File Dennis vulture carcasses are being hung in Bridgewater NJ for to scare away living vultures. 63 year old man who's been escorted from a Dunkin Donuts store in CT. came back with a vengeance with an ax. Munchkins my bunghole Lesson Q What was Martin Van Buren's Campaign Slogan? Hollywood Trash Demi Moore seeking to have Ashton Kutcher pay attorney fees: says that their family needs to afford the best whippits. Katie Holmes says ex husband Tom Cruise ruined her emotionally says he exploded into tears every time another woman was wearing heels. Lesson A They're picking apart the fart sound effects, Kathy hates it. Music News Slash appears in the latest update for Angry Birds Space. Preston just likes the original Angry Birds game. Video has been posted with Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor at the Sound City Studios working on an 8 min instrumental which is covered in the documentary. Wrap Up Word of the Week SHOUT

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