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Another day together its beautiful out. Traffic News someone stole front end loader in Westville, NJ and crashed into the Piston Diner late last night. The driver fled the scene after the accident, its said alcohol was involved. A lion at a CA wild animal park mauled a 24 yr old intern to death. Preston's teacher was mauled by a leopard when he was younger. A winter storm buried the mid-west gave barely inches to our area. Sports Roy Halladay says he didn't throw at Tyler Moore of the Nationals, he said “it slipped” Sixers lost to Hawks. Flyers vs Pittsburgh tonight.

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Its supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Laura Prepon 33, Rachel Weiss 42, Peter Skarsgaard, Willard, Brian Cranston 57, Stupid A Entertainment News Carrie Fisher returning for her role as Princess Leia in the new Star Wars film, turns out she was actually joking. Alison Hannigan got a temp restraining order against a man who she claims was stalking her, he didn't deny it. haha I stalk her all the time I defecate on her lawn on the time. I have no life and I killed my pet. Anderson Cooper recalled his strip club experience in college. He talked to the ladies about their shoes. MTV announces 2 new categories: Best Musical Moment and best Shirtless Moment.Valerie Harper has revealed she has terminal brain cancer, she was told she has 3 months to live. Russell Crowe tweeted a clip claiming he got a UFO sighting on camera. I've seen UFOs there's not one there. He didn't get it. Do you hear this clearly? Listener texted in Rambo vs Bane Whats that on your face?!Its my attachment it looks weird it makes you look like an insect! My face was ripped off in the prison. What prison haven't seen the movie yet!? 6 Hail Marys 4 Our Fathers now get out of here! You look like a Praying Mantis. You're so stupid I can't even take it. Kate Middleton almost spilled the beans about having a baby girl to a fan. yes your beans, don't spill them. Clips DL Hughley & Michelle Williams.

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We dodged a bullet yesterday we didn't get any snow. Steve got a 50lb bag of rock salt. Traffic Preston's sees a voicemail from Kathy to Nick Kathy has no idea what it is. Kathy sings to Nick's voice mail Kathy sings Shadows of the Night into Nick's Voice Mail She only knows one line. Listener requests last shart-out saying he has Crohn's disease, and will have his rectum removed. Request for Pitchuation's Rocky impression. McDonalds Chicken McNuggets Have 4 Shapes They look like a boot, a bone, bell & bone. Steve is blown away by this concept. They're talking about getting rid of the fruit and walnut salad. Nick misses the fajitas. Steve embraced Catholicism because they got to go to McDonalds afterward. Kathy recalls a drunk call to McDonalds they made late at night and her husband got a salad. A poll finds many people think Olive Garden serves authentic Italian Food. Chris Sanders & Kirk Demicco in Studio “The Croods” The first thing they do they don't exclude anyone from anything they do. They're trying to entertain themselves by reaching the broadest audience. Nicholas Cage as the father is a great role for him. Preston likes to figure out who is voicing who before seeing an animated film, during the trailer he knew it was Emma Stone from the animation not the voice. They have motion capture cameras to get ticks or something unique to bring into the character. Emma Stone has the most animated face. Benefits of animation, they have the ability to go back and change things. Because they're caricatures it goes back to our first storybooks and a mindset that's comfortable, it opens you up on an emotional level. The amount of time it takes is the most frustrating part of the job. Fish McBites McDonalds they just had them in Chicago, they love them. Chris co-wrote the new live action “Hong Kong Phooey” and scouted in Philly about 10 years ago.


 Stupid Q who is referred to as the father of the atomic bomb?


Stupid A Robert Oppenheimer


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We'll get to the Bizarre File soon. Preston and Steve are nominated in the ring of honor for the St. Patrick's Day Parade this Sun Traffic Fran Drummond in Studio is one of the 7 people in the world to paint hockey masks, he designed the design for Slater Surfboards and he painted the Minerva. Bryz's mask had Yoda on it with a red light saber. He found out after the first game after all the emails and comments. Bryzgalov didn't really want to give it up. He dropped it off that morning he hoped that it didn't jinx the team. He meant no harm by that after realizing how many Star Wars fans there are. His company is Casey wants his vespa painted. Bizarre File Lion killed a woman while having sex with her boyfriend in a bush. 24 yr old intern was mauled to death after only being on the job a few months. Man in Mass shoved 2 beer cans in his pants claimed it was his penis when the clerk asked. Crack me open a penis Man was busted after laughing to loud in his home he was slapped with two summons bc his neighbor could hear him. 4 year old is alive after falling out of a 3rd story window and amazingly landing on his feet.

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Its a nice looking day so far but we'll check with Kathy Orr when she gets here. Traffic Preston found his text of the day Weird Al Tickets Zumba Bitch Shannon from Bodsquad there's a Zumba-thon this Sat at the Oxford Valley Mall from 10-noon all the proceeds goes to St. Jude Childrens' hospital. People Who See Numbers as Colors. (Synethsia) Its what she perceives the numbers as having their own colors. Preston doesn't have it like that but he has an association has the number 7 being green. People who have this also crap gumdrops. Steve sees 7 as red because he thinks of 007. Intern Olive Oyl would give shapes and letters and numbers specific colors, a square was orange. When children are developing patterns it just carries into OCD level. Listener Ted has Synethsia only one person to blame is The Count from Sesame Street. 1 is white to him, 2 blue etc. Preston used to think of a half moon when he heard the word Shit. Maybe you took a dump on the moon. Steve just thinks in jokes, he thinks in another gear. May I call it Preston Syndrome. Listener Jimmy talking sounds like he's in a cave his voice is echoing. He's in the stairwell at Delaware Tech Community College. Listener Dustin says whenever he hears the word contact cement, he sees nipples.

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Traffic Thanks to Brett Manning and Kevin Crowley were in the studio to say hello and drop by with hot dogs. Kathy Orr in Studio we have the most attractive meteorologist in the Philadelphia area. Last nights storm was a bust. The storm was father south, instead of moving northeast it moved more eastward. Its mother nature, some of it is unpredictable. The sustained period of time with high winds down the shore was a surprise to her. Steve built a safe room because of it. She hasn't checked out the shore points since Hurricane Sandy. The spring storms can be worse then the tropical storms. Gale force has to be at least 39mph. Kathy thinks Preston and Steve are good luck charms. She's been doing this for 10 years and they've never had this kind of weather for a St. Patty's Day Parade. Its going to be high 50's this weekend. They are officially in the ring of honor. Preston has this green blazer that he can wear for the occasion. Steve is wearing brand new Vera Wang. Preston completely forget that he was the grand Marshal of the Souderton holiday parade. Representatives, bands, dancers will come over from Ireland to be a part of this parade. This will be the first time Preston will wear a sash.


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Its going to be gorgeous this weekend for them to be a part of the St. Patrick's Day parade. Traffic Calendar Girl Brittainy Accepts Invite to a Wedding With a Fan is Late today but gets a pass for what she sees in the mirror. Casey isn't giving her a pass. She is living the dream living in St. Thomas traveling all over the place. She does marketing for Hooters, she'll be a part of the building of a Hooters in Bangkok. She discovered a video on Youtube of a guy asking her to his father's wedding. Taylor is on the phone now, he's 21 and has been following her for a while. He says she's a knockout and thought it was cool that she responds to her followers/fans. Taylor's mom says hes a good boy & has his head on straight. Brittainy is going to go with Taylor to the wedding! He sounds nervous not that excited. Casey plays audio of himself asking Brittainy to a wedding. It would be I'm going with Brittainy my name is Bane I had my face ripped off in prison I wear something that makes me I think you're the most beautiful girl in the planet universe id like to go with you its new world order Brittainy.

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We're getting to everything in this break. Preston reads a follow up from the guy with Chron's disease from earlier. Another listener responds to needing to get their colon removed, they're relieved that someone else could lighten their fear of this. Bizarre FileIslamic cleric in Europe says woman should not be near bananas or cucumbers to avoid sexual thoughts. Thats why Kathy cuts up all of her fruit. 36 year old man arrested last week for trying to break into Riker's Island hew as moving inmates from one cell to another, he claimed he was an investigator. He has a history of impersonating professionals. Tazmanian police and firefighters unable to explain source of beam of light that fell from the sky that formed a circle of fire. Wash state rep e-mailed bike shop CO2 is a pollutant, bicyclists are actually polluting when they ride. He's since retracted his statement since then. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash sources close to George Clooney and Stacy Keebler cleaming the end is near things became ovious when the small crystal in Keebler's hand began blinking red. Sean Penn mourning death of Jugo Chavez spent a long time with him tweeting he'll always be my BDF best dictator Forever Lesson A Music News Charlie Sheen made surprise appearance to induct Slash at the Olympia Theatre into the music hall of fame. Former STP singer Scott Weiland says nobody in the band can be fired, his dismissal was a publicity stunt. Trent Reznor went on Reddit for an ask me anything Q&A. He calls a fan the C-word during the Q&A. Guns and Roses fans are happy to hear new songs during a live chat with guitarist Ron Bumblefoot. Audio from Jimmy in the stairwell of his college, he was actually on American Idol.

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Soundgarden will be at the MMRBQ on May 18th, Preston hasn't seen them live so its a first for him. Wrap Up Texter asks if he can turn up their radio after them talking about Breaking Band. Weird Al Tickets Thanks to Chris Sanders and Kirk Demico from the film The Croods. Letter of the Day: U

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