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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:26
Randy Blythe acquitted. Traffic. News Police identified 2 suspects that lead police on a chase from Camden to Philadelphia. The 2 were involved in a car chase that caused an in pursuit police officer to crash. Maybe we need to start doing background checks on people. The 2 that stole the car were not involved in the traffic stop, they just got in the car and pulled over. She is probably a new junkie because she has big sweater chickens. Philadelphia rescue dive team saved 3 people from the Skuykill river yesterday. Big snow storm coming. Everyone agrees that naming winter storms is stupid. Sports Flyers lost to the Rangers 4-2. Sixers lost 109-101. Phillies spring training. Preston didn't set his alarm last night, good thing he had to pee. Secret text word. 

Time 6:37-7:10
Halestorm. Weather update. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays David Gilmore, 67. He's a tasty guitarist. Shaq, 41. Tom Arnold, 54. Rob Reiner, 66. Greg Monohan, 41. Jason's birthday, 32. Dani's birthday is today too. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News Joseph Gordon Levitt crowned breakthrough director of the year. Harrison Ford in Anchorman 2. John Stewart taking a 12 week hiatus. Kim Kardashian spotted by PETA for wearing fur to cover up her baby bump. Taylor Swift: there's a special place in hell for woman who don't help other woman about Amy Poeler and Tina Fey. John Stamos joining with the Black Keys. Are they doing Kilamunjaro? Mila Kunis on a press tour & her BBC interview went a little off topic. You can tell she'd be cool to hang out with and be friends with and corn hole. Regis has been without a regular TV gig since leaving live. He has a series on FOX sports 1. My favorite show to do is to camera. It's like when old people kiss and the spit string connects between their mouth. Nobody wants it to be a sausage fest. By the power of gray sack. Terrence Howard told movie fanatic about hooking up with Oprah Winfrey. To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those Tig Ol' Biddies. Tig Ol' Biddies and a clam you could park a car in. You can put some tools on the wall and I can fit my Prius and my lawn mower in there. Why does Regis have a Prius? How come the garage has hair on the top? Jim Carrey has to tone his torso for his next movie. He doesn't like being in shape. Preston was being a little bitchy. Clips Peter Webber on the Emperor. Dead Man Down, Terrance Howard. Secret text word. 

Time 7:21-7:46
Alice in Chains. MMRBQ. Traffic. Car chase yesterday in Camden/Philadelphia. They didn't even get pulled over, they just saw the car there and took it. Bill, the guy who stole the car, was a victim of the stripper wake up call. Caller Joe, he grew up with this guy but he saw it on the Spanish channel first. He always got in trouble. How did the woman get away? Caller Matt, grew up with him. Stole grandmother's car possibly for drugs. Nick knew someone who had been in trouble forever. Kathy knows 3 people who are in a lot of trouble. Caller Anthony, behind the chase on the bridge. Audio from the stripper wake up call. Anonymous caller, went to school with the girl. Steve drove his parents car once and thought his life was over. Caller Jennifer, step-mother bit a groomer in Florida and found out through bizarre file. Kathy saw her cousins mugshots on the news. Caller Jen, found out on facebook. Her grandmother payed for her to get a boob job. Police officer broke his femur. This could have been much much worse but hopefully this will wake them up. 

Stupid Question: What famous battle in American history ended on this date in 1836?
Stupid Answer: The battle of the Alamo.

Time 7:53-8:08
Weather update. Traffic. Weird Al will be on later along with Bill Moseley. Steve was in the night of the living dead with him. Philly's hottest nerdy girl.  Live on Fox Good Day So far they're just talking about the snow storm and now the car chase. They tell them about the stripper wake up call and wonder if he's affected by the wake up call. Maybe the cop cars are now part of the Philly share program. Mike thanked us for taking credit for the entire thing. Bizarre File Woman arrested after driving into a mobile home and tried to flee the scene in a child's battery operated truck. Charged with a DUI and had no shoes or pants on. 1 of 7 Saudi's to be put to death by crucifixion and shooting squad for burglary. Tried to sneak a cell phone in because he had no lawyer. Clerk working a drive thru threw a cup of hot coffee on a potential robber and stopped him. She then yelled “Go run on Dunkin.” a 60 year old woman was so mad that her 1$ coupon didn't work at Wal-Mart that she went and grabbed her handgun and pointed it at the employees. HS business teacher arrested for threatening students in period 6 only A you're all idiots B the guns are loaded C do you wanna try me?Home health aid arrested for leaving feces in her home appliances. 

Time 8:19-9:03
Talking Heads. Snow is coming. Traffic. Secret text word. The girl who stole the cop car had the best boobs on the Daily Times. Group of guys have been engaging in the longest game of tag ever. They've been playing for over 30 years. They only play in February so if you're the last person tagged you have to wait for a year. One of the guys is a catholic priest who hid in a trunk and had someone else open it. Steve played all these games incorrectly because they usually ended in sex. One guy traveled to Germany. Caller Frank, used to play grab-ass. Caller Sara, her brother has been playing tag-back with her grandmother since they were kids. Casey plays hide and go seek all the time. You have to find a good hiding spot. Casey's friend had the best hiding spot on the very top of a pine tree. Steve used to play hide and seek in the dark in the basement. Casey played hide and go seek in the Atlanta airport. Casey would hide behind the pillar. Playing hide and seek in the studio. Marisa and 4 interns are hiding. Can't go pass the front door to the suite. Bill's the serial killer. Nick has made the announcement. Casey's looking for 3 interns and Marisa. He found Pat first. Nick's ending the game and yelling “Olyolyoxenfree.” Marisa won, she was in the cabinet under the coffee maker. Pancakes ass was sticking out of the dog cage. The lonliest kid is when only one kid hides. Now Casey is gonna hide and Marisa is gonna look. Sheena Parveen letting us know about the upcoming snow storm. Not forecasting too much snow. We've lucked out because there isn't much moisture. Also a very windy day. Casey looked like a 6 year old kid. Marisa is looking for Casey. She's looking everywhere. Casey would cheat. Marisa has a minute to find guys. Marisa didn't find Casey. He was hiding in a coat closet that Marisa checked in. Blue man group.

Time 9:14-9:36
Harvey Danger. Played hide and seek this morning. Traffic. Preston in late, can't find stories TSA allowing knives now going to allow you to take knives on planes. Focusing more on bombs. Can't figure out why people freak out about being checked before getting on a plane. Kids these days and their rock and roll music. International rules aren't the same. Trying to bring everything to the same terms. Golf clubs and hockey sticks are allowed. 1,000$ per uniform. “I have a knife in me” says Casey. Beer goggles alcohol doesn't make people look more attractive says a study but Preston disagrees. All you have to do is finish if you're a guy and you realize that you messed up. Kathy's friend didn't know that the guy she had sex with was black. Oh look he has a pet snake with him. Caller Joe, agrees with Preston. The more alcohol you have, the more confidence you have. Anonymous caller, Had sex with a girl who he thought was hot and was told he's ugly. Didn't care though, he banged a hot chick. Caller, friend has terrible standards. It's like going after the slow antelope. Caller never had sober sex until his wife. 

Time 9:43-10:07
Weather update. Traffic. Jim Jackson said sarsaparilla last night twice. Golf. Headstrong foundation Limelight Gala 6 years of the foundation continuing on. Back in the 80's, Nick was named after nicky nicky hoy. Using HIV to find cures for cancers. It's a huge party and they'll remember how Nick's life was. Does Casey have to tuck his shirt in to golf? Lime is the color for blood cancer. Caller Kristin wins the golf tickets from the Big Friggin Deal. Jim said sarsaparilla twice last night during the Flyer's game. Miss March Angela loved being in the calendar and was Philly's hottest short hair girl but now has longer hair. Did a little bit of modeling before but nothing too big. Very short and was good at hide and seek but was not good at tag because she has asthma. Florist in Phoenixville. Weird Al They're the only people on a first name basis so they call his Weird. Never thought he'd have a career with making weird songs. Thought he'd have to grow up and be an adult. Every time he hears a song he goes “nailed it.” Started doing things online. People who were into him first now bring their kids and grand kids to his shows.

Time 10:19-10:35
Soundgarden. Bizarre file Baylor U freshman died while trying to do a back flip. Casey has done something like that. Cassidy Hooper from NC was born with no eyes or nose and wants to do radio. Yale hosted a sensitivity training session on sex.  A 65 year old man cut wires to a local business because they were causing trouble to his brain. Lesson Q  Hollywood Trash Taylor Swift said shes not clingy, people only think that because I haven't killed them yet, Adrian Maloof leaving housewife of Beverly hills because she doesn't know who she is. Barbara Walters kissed a bean bag to get chicken pox. Lesson A  Music News 30 seconds to mars said bands new album is finished. James Hettfield doesn't think Metallica will call it quits. Australian woman wants Ozzy to be Knighted. Randy Blythe a free man. Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper touring together. Secret text word

Time 10:47-10:55
Volbeat. Secret text word. Charlie's Angels theme. Pierre doesn't like the Brady Bunch. Nicky Hoy background. LOTD. Rage on!

Lesson Q: Where does Regis park his Prius?
Lesson A: In Oprah's clam


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