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Texts coming in asking why we've got such a late start this morning. Casey says, “technically the system crapped the bed” Traffic News 4 Temple students tied up and robbed after being followed home. The suspect duct taped her mouth, hands and feet of her and her roommates stole credit cards and computer equipment. Police seeking for Maryland woman who stole 16k worth of electronic toothbrushes from Kohls. Early Wed rain and snow is expected to hit our area. Sports Ravens QB Joe Flacco signed a 120.6 mil deal being the highest paid player in the NFL. Flyers vs Rangers tonight at 7 broadcast on WMMR, 11 wins so far. Spring Training Phillies beat the Pirates. Neil DeGrass Tyson one of our favorite guests will be calling in. Arline coming in to get a tattoo.

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Expected to get some snow tomorrow. Traffic Stupid QBirthdays John Frusciante of RHCP, Annoying character from the Phantom Menace, Jake Lloyd 25, Penn Jillette, Eva Mendes 39, Kevin Connelly 39, Nicki Taylor 38, Stupid A Entertainment News Bradley Cooper says he's not disappointed that he didn't get an Oscar, he doesn't even want one. It would change nothing. Nothing is over, Nothing!I traded in an Oscar winning performance I deserve a Golden Globe. Stop or My Mom Will Shoot yea it was a mistake! Anne Hathaway's ex Rafaello Follieri arrested in '08 convicted of fraud & money laundering claimed that he worked for the Vatican. He's trying to buy an energy company in Switzerland but is having trouble getting the money what if I have the Pope co-sign the loan? Bieber tweeted on his 19th b-day “worst birthday” Jayden Smith, 14, got kicked out of London night club. He's at a weird stage where he's trying to be older then he is, he probably has racing car bed sheets.He drinks his Crystal out of a sippy cup. Arnold Schwarzenegger named exec editor of Flex & Muscle & Fitness mag. Clips Arnell Pineda & Mila Kunis of Oz, The Great & Powerful. Nick says Glinda is the good witch of the north, but there's no witch of the south. Hey ya'll, ya'll like iced tea what about you midgets? Hey everybody I'm the wicked witch of the South! Look at them little midges, bless their little hearts and I mean tiny about the size of a dime.

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Snow coming tomorrow. Traffic. Flyers vs Rangers tonight, Jim Jackson will try to say “sasparilla” during the broadcast. We have a new Totally Office Calendar video of Angela. A Temple Student was robbed and held at gunpoint by 3 guys who followed her home. They tied them up and robbed them blind. Usually things like that don't end good. Have you ever had someone break in while you're there? Listener was in his house noticed doors were opened, all of his stuff is piled up on his dining room table, the kids jumped out the window. Steve looks around whenever he goes into his home. Listener says a crack head broke into her sorority house, cooking himself a frozen mannicotti. Mmmm something smells good crack head! Kathy would freeze up if someone broke into her home. Preston's friend killed someone who broke in. He shot the guy and killed him as he was making his way out of the house. Xfinity has the home alarm now. Listener Tommy says 5-6 teenagers kicked down front door while he was sitting on the couch. They were at the wrong house. Preston heard his automatic kitty litter box one day, chambered his shot gun and yelled throughout the house for the person to leave or he'd kill them. Preston's mom & Dad thought there was an intruder so they split up in the house and they backed up into each other and they said it was terrifying.


 Stupid Q:

What is a Bishop's staff called?


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We've got Neil Degrass Tyson calling in Traffic Bizarre File mentally challenged man cut off his own penis in public view, took a razor from the barber shop and cut it off. Layne Hardin filed lawsuit against sperm donation clinic and his ex-girlfriend, Toby Devall, claiming that Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates' sperm bank failed to provide proper safeguards to keep Devall from stealing Hardin's semen friends at Morgan State U was struck in the head w/ bat wrapped in barbed wires and chains by friends roommate. Alexander Kinyua, 21 faces assault & reckless endangerment, he used a knife to kill and carve up the man before eating his heart and brain. The current plan mission to Mars calls for the 2 astronauts to defecate into bags which will be used to line the walls of the ship. We were kidding and now you're on your way to Mars! Haa! Its a joke! It makes great radiation shielding.

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Traffic Neil DeGrass Tyson on the phone His book Space Chronicles: Why Exploring Space Still Matters is available. A few weeks ago talking about the meteor hitting Russia he was only given 30 seconds to speak on NBC, he would have reminded people the explosion as 20x's more energetic then the bomb over Hiroshima, had it exploded that low it would have destroyed the town. Apophis is 10-100x's more energetic it will come close to Earth on 4/13/29, it'll be the biggest thing coming into our space between the Earth and moon it will one day hit earth. Kathy has something in common with Neil, Kathy will be speaking at West Chester and he's speaking at Lehigh. Asteroid deflection: set up space craft and park it by the asteroid you fire retro rockets gently, it tugs the asteroid out of harms way. Neil says cosmic rays are deflected by water especially, dirt and human feces is a combo of matter of solid and liquid matter. Kathy is the Commencement Speaker for WCU Graduating Class of 2013 on May 18th. John Fullam helped Kathy a lot on the topics, she watched Steve Job's speech. I'm Kathy Romano and I started Apple Inc. She talked to Pat Croce and so I tell you, be a pirate, I'm John Fullam I mean Kathy Romano. She felt better after she talked to Casey turned down UPENN for a commencement speech. Kathy hopes to get an honorary doctorate, Dr. Kathy Romano. Cure Auto Insurance

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Pearl Jam. Decent day today 47 degrees Traffic Preston was just watching the video of Angela for the month of March. Nick spent 5 hours at Joseph Anthony Spa, he got a facial. British survey says 95% of Cat Owners Count their Cat as a Family Member. They form opinions of people the way their cats react to them and they'd rather cuddle with their cat then their significant other. Kathy's Cat Died He woke her up late Sat night and she was able to witness his last breath. She's been taking it to the vet. Dr Blaine Conner at Chestnut Hill cat clinic he's talked her through and to her husband to spent time digging a hole in the yard for the cat. She was with the cat longer than she was with her husband. She never really named him, she just called him her “little buddy” We have sound effects of her cat, he'd spot himself in the mirror and attack it. Listener named their cat, “cat”. When Steve walks through the door its like Ace Ventura. Preston buried a squirrel in 5th grade, he put it in a plastic bag and buried it in the yard and a neighborhood dog dug it up. Allison Dunlap has a no-pet name thing. She has a cat named tiny cat and then another one small cat.


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Jimmy Eat World. Flyers hockey tonight. Write down the time Jim Jackson says “sasparilla” Traffic Listener Arline got a tattoo by Bob Dodge Arline couldn't get her way in this morning she got lost because of traffic. She called and said missed the exit and ended up by the stadiums. She's a goofball. She got a fairy that's wrapping a vine around her ankle. Bizarre File neuro scientists at Duke has proved that telepathic comm between rats is possible. 13 year old Mexican drug cartel hit man was found dead Jose Moreno was found tortured he took part in 10 executions. They need to send the cast of Glee down there. Police snatched a 4 month old baby from a naked woman swinging a hammer. She was taking “kratum” a form of bath salts. Man wanted for car jacking led police on a chase going 90mph drove into the Susquehanna, he stood on top of the car naked, while it was submerging. Blue Man Group Tickets

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Philly's Hottest is in the works and Preston is really excited about it. Nerd-dom is at a real peak right now especially for lifelong nerds like Preston and Steve. Next Friday is the deadline. Michael Klein's column says Lorenzo's on South Street is re-opening in April. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash David Copperfield 's plane made an emergency landing, he wowed the he made a choc layer cake appear in his pants. Federal tax lien on Terrell Owens says he still owes half a mil on back taxes, he should pay it back in 1000 years. Justin Bieber's dad Jeremy helped make his b-day memorable with a custom motorcycle he felt the time was right especially now that Justin is getting into drugs. Lesson A Music News Alice in Chains Jerry Cantrell says the new record is different from anything they ever did encapsulates a growth period but haven't lost their identity, says there is some real “filth” in the record. Sound City Reel to Reel the Dave Grohl soundtrack documentary is streaming online now. When Preston sat across from Paul McCartney, he knew words were coming out of his mouth, but he wasn't aware that he was speaking. Pete Townsend is a bit of a douche bag he wrote an apology after telling a 7 year old girl and overly enthusiastic dad to “f-off”. Listener Claudia is in the studio today for her 50th birthday. At the Cardboard Classic we played “Pitchin' a Ride” phone call audio of Pitch.

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The Rolling Stones on MMR there was news of a police pursuit over in Camden, a woman who stole a police car. Preston had no idea that he was going to interview Paul McCartney, he thought he was just going to say hi to him. From the news center- The woman took the police car in Camden, officer was injured. Wrap Up Thanks to Neil DeGrass Tyson and listener Arline for getting a tattoo. Letter of the Day: H Tomorrow Weird Al and That guy Bill Mosley.


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