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Track  1                          Time 6:18-6:29
Traffic. News Possible Carbon Monoxide poisoning landed a family of 6 in the hospital this morning. Complained of waking up feeling sick and called 911. Radon detector or dryer? The light above Steve's oven went out and the pets were terrified. A 12 year old Delaware County student died after his injuries from a bully. A baby born with AIDS seems to have been cured. Has been off medication and show no sign of disease. Only 1 other report or that. Sports Wizards beat the Sixers last night. Lost 8 out of 9 games. Flyers beat Senators to finally reach .500. Play NY tomorrow night. Phillies spring training updates. Casey meditated this morning, saved him this morning because otherwise he would rip the microphone apart. Him and Marisa. Casey may be responsible for Boyd going to Grand Central station and playing randomly. Jim Jackson recap the Flyers Wives Carnival. 
Track  2                          Time 6:35-7:01
Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays Patricia Heaton, 55. Jason Newstead, 50. Evan Dando, 46. Steven Webber, 52. Mykelti Williamson, 53. Catherine O'hara, 59. Chaz Bono, 44. Len Wiseman, 40. Stupid Answer. Mommy wow! I'm a big kid now. They should make them for adults! Jack the Giant Slayer, Identity thief, 21-and-over. Charlie Sheen gave Lindsey Lohan money to pay her debt. He wants to be her mentor. I need a mento. My breath smells bad. Not a mento, a mentor. What if they get married? I take you silver monkey space god. No sexual relationship. If he gets a handy in the bargain, who loses? Throw in a know-job. Ghandi said that. Emma Stone posted a strange tweet and took it down immediately after seeming jealous. Preston raised the dead from reading her tweet. Queen Elizabeth has been hospitalized with a stomach bug. Everybody poops. Just like the REM song. Everybody squirts. Kylie Jenner is spending a lot of time with Jaden Smith. NBC maybe announcing Jay Leno retirement in May. Jimmy Fallon may be taking over. Kansas City fire department save stars of Modern Family from a broken elevator. James Franco fired a response to his NYU professor after calling him a bad teacher. AGT adding Heidi Klum to judge panel. Paparazzi got to close to Ben Affleck's daughter. He flailed his legs and said “you have to be this far away.” Olivia Wilde is not impressed with Justin Biebers abs.  Clips Latoya Jackson talks Donald Trump. James Franco talks about Oz.
Track  3                          Time 7:12-7:7:44
Red Hot Chili Peppers. Weather. Traffic. Shart Out Andy Gerjansky and his brother Ted. P.Diddy used to be a bed-wetter I don't think Diddy would lie to us. Preston woke up peeing. Casey wet the bed at a sleepover and walked 2 miles home at 5am. No girls were there. Is there bed pooping? Nick's friend Randy got trashed and roommate Chris cleaned up his poop. Pooping takes effort. Caller Zack, has a dream he pisses razor blades. Wakes up before it reaches the sheets. Casey has to make sure he's not dreaming. Kathy's friend sat down and pooped on his roommates bed because he thought it was the toilet. Called his mom to help clean it up. Caller Carmen, crapped himself after doubling up on cough-syrup. Had to get rid of couch. Caller Thomas, son pooped the bed. Bed pans are gross. Keep your friends close but your dookie closer. Could you poop in a bed pan? Trapt door hospital beds. Pope or poop? Caller Alex, Zoloft makes him pee himself. Caller Henry, bed pans aren't that bad. Caller Jim, bed pans used for number 2. Rectal Foli. Poop drawer. Caller Dave, not comfortable. Lieutenant Dan drops his ice cream in the bed pan. 
Stupid Q: What brand introduced pullups disposable training pullups in 1989?
Stupid A: Huggies
Track  1                          Time 7:59-8:08
Led Zeppelin. Boyd Tinsley. Traffic. Hello to Darryl in Germany. Bizarre File man in NYC arrested after he faked his kidnapping so he wouldn't have to tell his girlfriend why he was gone for 2 weeks. Band and gagged himself. Students outgoing voicemail from fresh prince that caused a school lock down. Connecticut state representative stripped of his duties after making a remark to a 17 year old high school student. She said snakes are her best friends. “If you're bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here” and said he meant to say he has an acre of land in the everglades. If you're shy about snakes I'd like you to touch my balls. The ground swallowed a man in Florida. Sinkhole could have swallowed the house. WoW prize. 
Track  2                          Time 8:19-8:57
The Gaslight Anthem. Philly's hottest nerdy girl. Traffic. Cardboard Classic Email from Richard saying his family went and had a blast. Harry Fisher asked for another small sled category because there are a lot of sleds with great detail. Adam sends a shart out to Maura. Him and his girlfriend went and had a blast. 52 people went down on the tiki bar, the winning sled, Pierre being one of them. The detail in the tiki sled was awesome. “Bolts” made of cardboard. Kathy's Box and the Price is Right sled were some of the favorites. Caller Mike, captain of Kathy's Box. Kathy actually fell right off the top of the box. He brought over a baby and a sign that said “it's not perfect anymore.” He won an honorable mention. Preston went down on Bernie Parent, and the Coors Light winning sled, Marisa and Casey went down on the Price is Right sled. The Last Supper with Pierre as Jesus. Matt from the Price is Right sled. Casey got glitter all over his face and mouth. He had his face in strippers legs. “I got a mouth full of glitter!” This year brought a new level. Shout out to his team members. Caller Chrissy, Gilligan's Island captain. They ran over one of their team members and that's why they had to stop. Caller Brian, team of the billiard team. He's the only one who works on the sleds. Made out of tape, Christmas ornaments etc. Caller Dan, team captain of the tiki winning sled. Had close to 100 people helping them. Missed the award ceremony. Caller Mindy from the ta-tas sled. Jack Frost wants them to make a sled for them next year. Baywatch boat. Steve didn't go down on a sled because there was hot chocolate and a heater and Kathy is a pussay. Captain of minerva sled called and they only painted 2 weeks ago. Marisa said “I would love to go down on something it'd be awesome.” 
Track  3                          Time 9:07-9:21
The Who. Preston loves playing pinball. Traffic. Jim Jackson Flyers Carnival recap. Hasn't been on the air in a long time. We need an FCC forbidden curse. Everyone is so passionate and you get to meet so many people and players and it's all for a great cause. There are many levels of fans. Jim believes the worst is over. After tomorrow's game in NY, the season is half over. It's all downhill from here for the Black hawks. Bernie said his sled was a beautiful thing. Busy week for the Flyers. He's going to say “sarsaparilla” during his broadcast tomorrow. Casey was at Quizzo at his sisters church and there was a team called “Dirty Sanchez's.” Kathy's dad went to the cardboard classic. Preston wants to find out about Casey's new regimen in the morning during the next content break. 
Track  1                          Time 9:31-9:53
Linkin Park. Weather update. Traffic. Nick's click has been added to the real. Casey trying to bring up some DMB. Boyd Tinsley checking back about his event. Great turnout for his screening and he got to play with a great band. Boyd played anonymously at the Grand Central Station. Boyd gave them credit for him doing this. There were a lot of politics that go with planning this out. But a guy with no pants on and a kazoo could start playing whenever he wants. He played for about half an hour on his own. Nick thinks he's awesome on twitter and is great to love his fans. We will never get the image of a man with no pants on playing a kazoo. Casey's mediation He uses it to start his day. Preston's mind strays too far to meditate. TM sounds for Tough Moogies. Preston has done stream of consciousness but that's how Steve's mind always is. Pierre taught Preston things about meditation. “Mental Purge.” Total sensory depravation. It's probably somewhere in the Italian Market. How you doin? Are you deprived yet? Can you do it on the toilet? No, because you're distracted. Preston's balls are tingly, that means it's working. Caller Robin, did sensory deprivation for a research paper in college. She said it was just very relaxing.
Track  2                          Time 10:04-10:22
Tom Petty. MMRBQ. Philly's hottest Nerdy Girl. Bizarre File Police have taken a human fetus into evidence after it was found in a bag being carried by a woman. Toddler who jumped on the bed and fell out the window was caught by his mother by his foot and his grandmother caught him underneath the porch. British customs agents discovered with 207 pounds of caterpillars in his luggage. Florida HS student wrestled a student with a gun on a bus on the way home from school and then got suspended for it. 7 year old Maryland boy was suspended for eating a pop tart and wanted to shape it into a mountain but it looked like a gun, not a mountain. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Adam Levine said he likes to take a first date to MacDonald's and there's a light in the parking lot which is perfect for Knob Jobs. Lil' Twist pulled over with Lillard Twistopanopolis on his license which is why nobody recognized him. Diddy said he has bed wetting problems and ellen asked how long he had the problem and Diddy said she should throw away her couch in the green room. Lesson A Music News More details on Billy Joel's breakdown released with his Rolling Stone interview. Scott Wylde living in denial about being fired from STP. He said he can't be fired because there's a thing in the contract. New rockband put together of artists from Pearl Jam and more. Alterbridge regrouping in April to work on more of the album they've been recording. Device posted a 2 min trailer for their new album. Free music Monday.
Track  3                          Time 10:31-10:43
Lit. Cardboard Classic. Thank you to Boyd Tinsley and Jim Jackson. Dominican Republic listeners. Pierre had a lot of fun at the cardboard classic. Robert rule is you have to ride on the bottom story of the sled. Jackie Bam Bam looked like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Nick rode in Pierre's trunk. If you can't ride in the trunk then why is there a handle in there? Pierre and Marisa had a lot of fun riding the “luggage sled” LOTD. Tomorrow Karina Smirnoff and Neil deGrasse Tyson. 
Lesson Q: Who said keep your friends close and your dookies closer?
Lesson A: Michael Corleone

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