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Time 6:12-6:29

Officially starting at Jack Frost! Traffic. We would dive into the new but we are doing something different. We aren't going to the moon but it's equally exciting. Never mind we are going to the news. News There was a large crowd waiting outside the Holiday Express hotel waiting for …. there was a drive by. Police charged Gregory Scott who killed his cousin in North Philly Sports Phils won 10-5 over the Braves. Ryan Howard hit his first home run. Sixers lost 7th in a row against the Bulls last night. It should be a legendary year for Cardboard Classic. Each year that we do this we get tons of people calling in on their drive up with their sleds. We're trying Pitchin' a Ride we're using the Pitchuation to thumb a ride up the northeast extension. We're having him race another individual up to the Cardboard Classic. We're relying on 2 vehicles to pick him and Jacky up to bring them part of the way

Time 6:40-7:20

Preston walked in this morning and said, “I remember this.” Traffic. Pitch already got a ride, right now he's arrived with Team Sasquatch. They have their sled all ready to go. Kayla is one of the drivers. Jacky Bam Bam, he jumped in the car with Allen going about 80mph. They're both off and running, we'll see who gets to Jack Frost first. Stupid QBirthdays Roger Daughtery, Javier Bardem 43, Tim Daily, Catherine Bach, Allen Thicke, last time Kathy saw him on a commercial, he was promoting an abortion clinic. Dirk Benedict, Simone Gagne is 34, Rabbi finally got the Pitchin' a Ride music. Who is going to get to Jack Frost first? Jacky is about to get killed he's at the Lansdale Exit 31 in front of the toll booth! They should have dropped him off in front of a gas station. You can't miss him! Stupid A: Entertainment News Neil Patrick Harris cleared up his rumors that him and his bf calling off their wedding. Says the National Inquirer is “Cray Cray” everything is okay. Jennifer Lawrence was photographed in Hawaii smoking pot outside her hotel room. Rob Kardashian trying to lose 50lbs he gained after his breakup with Rita Ora. Pitchin' a Ride Jacky got picked up by Chris and Amanda. He's wearing sweatpants with no underwear on. They're coming up on the Quakertown Exit right now. He has a warmer change of clothes when he gets up here. Pitch on the phone, he's at the Park and Ride parking lot at the Q-Town Exit, he needs a ride right now! Dennis Rodman's bonded courtside with Kim Jong-un the leader of N. Korea. Clips: Ashley Bell Last Exorcism & Marisa Tomei. Magellan GPS There are bears around them so they have to be very careful. Sean Astin will be on the show.

 Time 7:25-7:45

Live from the E2000 Lounge at Jack Frost Mountain Preston just saw a school bus sled that he thought was an actual school bus. Casey saw a trash truck, that was actually a trash truck. Traffic Pitchin' A Ride Jacky just saw a Coors Light sled on the highway, hes on his way, just got picked up from the Allentown Exit. Tiffany is a passenger along with Jacky. Kathy Almost Dies on the Way to Cardboard Classic The roads were icy, she saw a girl in front of her slide. She started sliding and crashed into some tree branches. She was worried if she still looked beautiful. She rolled down the window and her tire was hanging over an embankment. Her car would have flipped if she moved. Preston went to an Eagles game at the Vet he was trying to get to a spot, he thought it looked clear, a car darts out in front of him and his car at the last second he missed it by inches. Nick drives a mini-cooper, he borrowed a company car during a storm. He pulled into the parking lot and he was tapping the breaks during the storm, heading towards Steve's new car. Nick sees a new minerva sled.


 Stupid Q: In Mrs. Doubtfire where does the family go out for dinner?


Stupid A: Bridges Restaurant


 1Time 7:57-8:14

Everything is going down outside right now with the sleds. Pitch and Jacky are in a battle to see who can get their first. He's at the Hickory Run Service station he's really close. Pitchuation he's at exit 74 Mahoning exit he needs to catch up to Jacky. Its not looking good for Pitch. There's 3 cars pulling up to Pitch now. He just yelled “$10 for a handy!” The guy has kids, he's a little embarrassed. Jacky is squeezed in this jeep with all of these people heading up to the Cardboard Classic. Casey has to drive him home. Marisa is out in the parking lot we're having some technical difficulties we can't hear her. Bizarre File police at the border of Mexi/Cali have uncovered a cannon that is being used to shoot pot over the border fence. Vancouver father tripped a kid during a hockey game will face jail time. Pepsi machine found by police to be vending malt liquor. Thousands of liters of whiskey have been accidentally flushed away at the Chivas Brothers bottling plant.

Time 8:26-9:08

Its going to be a hardcore party of sweaty people as soon as 10am hits. Traffic Pitchin' a Ride Pitch has Wayne here picking him up. Pitchin' a Ride Casey says its really tough to end a conversation with him, he was just standing around after the conversation they had. Kathy has a mirror and could see him while he was lingering after a conversation was over. Jacky has arrived at 8:34 in the E2000 lounge. Jacky needs a bag of clothes he lost them. The chase vehicle has them. Marisa is outside in the lot. This is the first sled dedicated to Marisa called the “Whore of Fortune” after Marisa went to the casino and was called a whore by the Wheel of Fortune. Dating Co Workers more than 1/3 people have said they've been involved with a coworker. Steve has been involved a couple times with someone at work. 10% of people that were surveyed have had sex at the office. Preston has, but not with a co-worker, it was his mom. Having Sex at Work Kathy has never had sex at work. Kathy doesn't know if she's ever done it outside of a house. Casey heard people having sex in a port-a-potty. Casey did it in a dressing room. Marisa did it on an airplane, Kathy says she's a slut. Marisa did it in the ocean at St. Thomas. The Pitchuation just made it in at 8:55. Casey destroyed the bathroom in him and Nick's room last night. Sean Astin on the Phone He's playing Raphael in the new Ninja Turtles movie. Sean loves to ski, over the holidays him and his family love to ski. His 7 yr old knows the theme song. The franchise and toys are everywhere and his daughters love them. Preston loves Raphael, they already cast the other 3 parts and decided to have him be Raphael. There's a couple westerns casting, he'd like to be a part of them.

Time 9:18-9:34

This is always Preston's favorite day of the year. Its an amazing explosion of creativity. Traffic. Kathy sounds like a man today. Everything above the belt is sick, her cooter is okay. There is an entire sled dedicated to Kathy's perfect box. After the pope took the ring off he was just considered Gus. There have only been European Popes. They've considered going with a bear. I love the bear I know many of you are stunned to see this but if this is not proof of a greater power a bear before you, I ask you...Bizarre File children's tv host fainted on air while talking about the importance of oxygen to the human body. Shoplifters at Wallmart and when an office went up to him he dropped everything Jose Martinez pulled out a 9mm at the shoplifters car not to shop the thief but to show the cops what car to cash. Taxi driver dies in South Africa after being attached and dragged behind a truck. Man didn't have money to get his dog out of the pound. Someone offered money to get dog out but now the dog owner wants to sue the person that gave the money because is telling him what to do with the extra money.


Time 9:46-9:54

Traffic Breaking News...the CW is pulling the plug on 90210 Kathy and Steve are so upset. Rabbi is running commercials on the air. The Pope resigns and they cancel 90210 maybe he's the new Dylan. There's a shot of the new Minerva up on Twitter, theres a tribute to Bernie Parent. Lesson Q: what animal might be up for the next pope? Hollywood Trash honey boo boo violated rules for selling girl scout cookies online. Lesson A: A Bear Pierre Robert is here!

Time 10:04-10:19

We're in prep for the 2013 Cardboard Classic. Music News 30 Seconds to Mars launching new single titled Up in the Air single into space. Scott Weiland addressed being kicked out of the band, he says he hasn't been banned from STP. It sounds like he had other ideas for the band. Lzzy Hale got together with Slash and his touring band last Friday. Van Halen fans waiting, David Lee Roth is giving more plans for the band. Pierre is making his way to the mic. He got here early and he did not pull any gas pump out of the tank this year. Nick Murphy has fingerless gloves today to work his camera. There's a line down the highway trying to get into Jack Frost. Letter of the Day: A Pierre might ride down on a sled, he's going to be the honorary Santa Claus on top of a cardboard sled. WOW Holla


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