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Time 6:18 – 6:30

Tomorrow's the Cardboard Classic! Our show will be promptly done at 10 AM, and then we head to the slopes. Traffic. Kathy doesn't sound so good. News Update Police searching for gunman that shot and killed a community leader outside of his home in West Philadelphia. A major child porn sweep in New Jersey has ended with dozens of people arrested for being in possession of them. Pope Benedict XVI is beginning the last day of his papacy today. He's signing some calendars before he leaves. Pope Benedict XVI had so many people kiss his hand yesterday, Kathy would've freaked out. So odd to have a retired pope. He'll make an appearance at Bonaroo.SportsSimon Gagne scored his first goal in a Flyers uniform as the Flyers won last night 4-1 over the Capitals. Sixers look to end their 6-game losing streak as they play the Bulls tonight. Kathy sounds pretty bad, she should become Jacqueline Bam Bam. You've got to check out the 24/7 Cardboard Classic videos; can't wait for tomorrow!

Time 6:41 – 7:06

Today on the show, we'll have Braydon & Nadine Coburn, Joe Matarese, and Emeril Laggase. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Ally Larter, 37; John Tuturro, 56; Gilbert Gottfried, 58; Bernadette Peters, 65; and Mario Andretti, 73. Special Happy Birthdays to our calendar photographer Allison Dunlap and a Happy 40th Birthday to Eric Lindros! SA. Entertainment News Matt Damon is planning a top-secret wedding to renew his vows with Luciana Barroso. Perez Hilton announced that he has become a dad. Ricky Schroeder reportedly assaulted an LAX worker after she wouldn't let him board a plane. Madonna invited Ashton Kutcher to her Oscars party, but not Demi Moore. Rifftrax is attempting to buy the rights to Twilight in order to have a live screening where they would riff the movie as it plays in a theater. Zoe Saldana is receiving criticism for not looking enough like Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic of her. Audrey Hepburn will star in a new chocolate commercial. Scarlett Johansson says she would like to create a girl singing group. Celebrity twins are weird. Matthew Fox displayed many wrinkles and discolored teeth during a recent interview with Extra. Clips Eleanor Tomlinson & Michael Cera. The Cardboard Classic will be tomorrow!

Time 7:16 – 7:53

Kathy and Marisa are sharing a room tonight. Kathy's the man of the room now, right? Traffic. Big Friggin Deal: Avalon Golf Club. Anti-Smoking Companies University of Penn's health system will stop hiring all smokers and tobacco users. Companies will subsidize employees to help quit smoking. Casey thinks companies need to give smokers a spot to smoke. And a petting zoo. Preston used to smoke a pack a day; he quit 10 years ago. If companies can ban employees for a cigarette addiction, can it lead to banning employees who are fat? Smoking can affect others, but being fat doesn't hurt others, unless they fall on you. Caller James says Penn can urine test employees for tobacco use. People start smoking to get more breaks at work. Anonymous caller doesn't understand why she could be fired for using a legal product. St. Joe's Prep does random drug tests on their students. Preston hates it when drivers flick cigarettes out of cars. Please, have some respect for Eric Lindros' birthday. Dr. Mike on the Phone Dr. Mike says the real problem is 2nd-hand smoke. Nicotine is a chemical drug addiction. Casey sides with smokers, it's their life. Smoking looks cool, too. Caller Jason says smoking has the same health risk as eating raw meat. Steve walked by people eating raw meat outside of work today. Jack Frost giveaway!


Stupid Question:

Who owned a dog named Jack in the song “The Weight”?

Stupid Answer:

Crazy Chester

Time 8:04 – 8:16

We can't wait, the Cardboard Classic is tomorrow! Traffic. Shart-Outs! Listener “Cooter” who can't forget the blue waffle; Listener Johnny who “like for likes” us; Listener Nick who is in his high school hockey playoffs; Listener Ed who claims a woman is so good at massaging that a person crapped himself while getting a massage from her. Bizarre File Man is charged with home burglaries, stealing 59 pairs of woman's underwear and dozens of used tampons. Award-winning filmmaker Adam Strange was mauled to death by a great white shark. Casey Says: 100% of shark attacks happen in the water. Woman was charged with using a spear to stab her female roommate after arguing about their electricity bill. Bond was denied for a man who threatened to eat a judge's kids if he was found guilty. Why did Casey play 007 theme? Can we invent a new game with all of our sound clips? Let's find out!

Time 8:21 – 8:58

We'll see if we do that game. Traffic. Flyers Wives' “Fight For Lives Carnival” is this Sunday at Wells Fargo Center. Braydon & Nadine Coburn What's it like the morning after a hockey game? Braydon and Nadine are now morning people because of their baby. When growing up, Braydon looked up to the Western Hockey League and wanted to be like them. Braydon doesn't want to touch the Stanley Cup before he wins it. The Carnival lets fans see a different side of the Flyers players. The Flyers' Wives distribute “Mystery Bags” containing pieces of memorabilia for Flyers fans to collect. The Sound Effect Stump!A caller will give us a word and Casey will have 10 seconds to play a sound effect that's relevant to the word. Caller Josh: Peaches; Casey plays “Peaches” by The Presidents of the U.S.A. Caller Brian: Prosperity; Brian wins Temple Basketball tix! Caller Emily: Verbose; Emily wins Temple tix! Caller Chris: Silver; Casey plays “Blue Jeans” by Silvertide. Caller Ryan: Insight; Ryan wins Temple tix! Come on Casey, you're acting like you've never played this game before! Caller: Gore-tex; Casey plays “Short Shirt, Long Jacket.” Caller Krista: Recycling; Casey plays “Bicycle” by Queen. Caller Kevin: Collateral; Casey plays “Damage.” Caller Bobbie-Jo: Rhinoceros; Bobbie-Jo wins Lift tickets for the Cardboard Classic! Caller Mary: Snuffaluffagus; Casey plays the Sesame Street theme. Caller Erica: Antidisestablishmentarianism; Erica wins lift tickets! Caller David: Centipede; David wins lift tickets! Caller John: Constantinople; John wins lift tickets. Caller says Jackhammer; Casey plays Jack Nicholson. Caller Ian: Drywall; Ian wins lift tickets!

Time 9:10 – 9:37

Weather. The Cardboard Classic 24/7 videos are awesome. Traffic. 88% of our texters liked that game we just played. Joe Matarese in Studio Had to spend 8 months with in-laws. Brad Garrett is in a pilot where that's the premise of the show. Nick never feels like he's truly himself around his in-laws; Joe was after he hit 8 months with them. Joe and his wife sold their house, and has been looking to buy another house. Joe loves it when no one is home and he can walk naked from the shower to his room. Steve has seven cats and every one of them is locksmith. Joe criticized Seth MacFarlene, found out two of his friends wrote some of his jokes. Joe got to sit in on a practice read of “Family Guy.” What do comics do when other comedians steal each other's acts? Tried to live-tweet events, but learned that he needs to enjoy the moment as it happens. A reading of Joe's tweets during the Oscars. Joe will be performing this weekend at PJ Ryan's in Phoenixville. Joe will stick around for a bit!

Time 9:45 – 10:09

The Pitchuation just dropped papers off for Preston. Pitch will be involved with a special giveaway tomorrow with Jacky Bam Bam during the Cardboard Classic! Traffic. Joe Matarese is still here! His brother wants Sylvester Stallone to call a Phillies ballgame. Joe likes to do a mix of Rocky 1 and classy Stallone. Steve likes the “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” Stallone. Joe wants to do a parody of Rocky where he's a food-eating competitor instead a boxer. Instead of “Adrian!”, we get “CELERY!” Joe impersonates Harry Kalas's honest comments of the 1980 Phillies' World Series roster. Killed it, just like Mumford & Sons! Preston just hates it when a subset of music becomes “alternative rock.” Check out! No Bizarre File yet, because Emeril is calling in. Emeril Laggase New show “Emeril's Florida” airs on The Cooking Channel on Sunday mornings. Emeril moved to New Orleans since 1982 and has a summer house in Florida. Emeril doesn't like to taste bad food. Preston's mom lives in Florida, so he knows some of the restaurants there.


Time 10:21 – 10:38

Alice in Chains will be at the MMRBQ. Bizarre File Miami Beach man sentenced to jail for forcing 6 women into prostitution after his son said that the two women that were with the man at all time said: “These are my daddy's hoes.” A UK Politician is being pressured to step down from his office after commenting that “Disabled children should be put down.” Man is suing hospital after he awoke during cataract surgery, which led to him losing eyesight in his right eye and being restrained during the rest of the surgery. A teenager walked 6 miles for a job interview during a snow storm; caught the attention of a restaurant owner who offered him a job at his restaurant for double the salary. 52-year-old man called 911 nine times in 90 minutes just for a hamburger. LQ.Hollywood Trash Kim Kardashian; Rachel McAdams; Bobby Brown. LA. Nick's weird gibberish sound clip. Music News Stone Temple Pilots have fired Scott Weiland, the second time this has happened. Slash does not want to work with Scott Weiland, doubting rumors of a Velvet Revolver comeback. Green Day will play three warm-up shows before playing at the SXSW festival. Lars Ulrich says Metallica probably will not play any album in its entirety during their Orion music festival. AC/DC has had a beer named after them in Germany.


Time 10:49 – 10:59

Sound City Players remind Preston of “She's So Heavy” by The Beatles. Cardboard Classic will be awesome tomorrow, most in part due to your cardboard creations. It's a long journey to get up to Jack Frost Mountain. Last year on the way up to the Cardboard Classic, Pierre was filling up on gas and forgot to take the handle out of his car when he drove away. Casey did the same thing once. Kathy had it happen, almost shattered her window. Pierre is not going to ride down the mountain after last year's mishap where Pierre's second-story bar sled collapsed. It's now the “Pierre Robert” rule. Pierre just needed Preston's alcoholic medicine. LOTD. Thanks to our sponsors. Tomorrow will be the Cardboard Classic! Have a great day and see you tomorrow!


Lesson Question:

What's the coolest thing you can be riding while smoking and drinking scotch?

Lesson Answer:

A Bear.


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