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Time 6:14-6:27

Start! Sometimes you just need to ROCK! Traffic. News Pope Benedict was very emotional about resigning. Thousands of people showed up last night for his speech stating he will remain in the church. We still do not understand why he is leaving. A 21 year old man was beat up while shopping for a new car, he was shocked with a tazed gun. Miss. Teen Delaware, Melissa King gave up her title because photos were leaked from a porn site. King said, it was not her but still resigned. Sports The NHL is planning a new playoff schedule, Flyers will stay on the Atlantic division. Simon Gagne was traded from Los Angles and is now back with the Flyers. Sixers struggle last night against the Magic. Live with Fox Good Day, Todd Glass, Boyd Tinsley from The Dave Matthews Band, & Tim Saunders . Secret Word.

Time 6:38-7:01

MMRBQ on a Saturday in May! Traffic. Stupid Q Howard Hesseman, 73. Joanne Woodward, 83. Ralph Nader, 79. Chelsea Clinton, 33. Kate Mara, 30. Braydon Coburn, 28. Stupid A Entertainment NewsBarbra Waters will return back to The View. DreamWorks, Jeff Katzenberg said the attendance to see movies will cause a lot of job fires. Kim Kardashian was nonsupporting when Kourtney had a baby before birth. Carry Fisher was hospitalize after having a case of bi-polar while a performance on a cruise. Seth Macfarlane received mixed reviews on hosting the Oscars, he had fun but will not do it again. Lindsey Lohand's attorney says, ”they can fix Lindsay. It is her dysfunctional family that makes her this way.” When you act like an a-hole and your mom is a whore. Look here's a hole where a penis goes. During his speech it seems like Ben Affleck is having problem with his wife but they are fine. Ex-couple, Denise Richard and Charlie Sheen twitting each other jokingly. Jennifer Aniston has became a diva? Has her own SUV who travels away during breaks on the set and does not have lunch with the other actors. Morrissey bailed on Jimmy Fallon. He could perform on his show with people who are for killing animals. Clips Fathom. Playing Todd Glass sweepers.

 Time 7:11-7:46

Little bit of rain but 55 degrees. Traffic. Preston reads an email. Todd Glass in Studio. Todd brought his own soundboard in. Playing his own songs like he is on stage. While he plays one certain song he always pictures a neighborhood man walking his dog. Todd goes to Geno's and Pat's but he gets tired of people telling him where to go. Preston was a little hurt that when he texted Todd, and he never answered. Everyone mumbles how terrible Todd is because he never answered Preston back. The word Pussy has been trending on Todd's twitter, and his fans keep using the word over and over again due to his friend. He losing many followers because of some of his twits. Live well and milch well. Todd is putting the board away because it's going to get him in trouble. You have to respect all comedians. You can't go in there and think you're the best then do terrible. Preston asked about a video of Todd on stage and Todd went out on stage and there were two women talking. Todd nicely hushed her and she gave gave him the the finger. When Steve was at a Starbucks and there was a kid working hard and a lady was so rude to him. Todd spoke back to her very gently but made it clear she was wrong. Todd is about to get his tattoo finished!

Stupid Q: What does armadillo mean in Spanish?

Stupid A: Little Armored One

Time 7:53-8:17

Todd Glass is making creepy noises. Traffic. Cardboard Classic is Friday. Fox Good Day Who are the happiest people in the world? What constitutes happiness?Todd has a show on television coming on, it's called The Todd Glass Show on Comedy Central. The show is basically about his life but he isn't a comedian on the show, he is a restaurant owner. Bizarre File Eric Brown was hitting his nephew with a burrito . His nephew was fighting with his mother and Brown threw the burrito to stop him. University professor in the Netherlands was watching porn in a classroom. The professor forgot the disconnect the screen from the computer, the students saw what he was watching. After struggling two young man, Minor and Lisa had sex on top of the two corpses. Massachusetts cops are investigating “Little Poopy” a 9 year old raper being seen hitting an older woman's butt throwing cash in the rap video. Cardboard Classic ticket give-a-way.

 Time 8:28-9:05

Suppose to clear up a little today. Traffic. Ball sacks are yummy. Hearing test at school have not changed at all since Steve has been in school. Kathy asked how do doctors test babies for eye sight? Casey says, they will show shapes and letters.Women Talk 1 out of 5 women are likely to get a very common sexual transmitted disease called Trichomoniasis. 20% of women do not know they have it and you find out about in from a urine simple. Dr. Mike calls in and says it is something to worry about if you are not caring for it. You get it by not being safe but it is treatable. Google Blue Waffles. A biological reason that women talk more than men. Women process a language protein and talk about 3 times as more as men do. It says talk, but what about texting and twitting is that still talking? When you finish a meal at a restaurant, do you want to sit there and talk? Steve says, no! He wants to eat and get out. If the waitress hands over the check it is time to go. Women devote more brain power to speaking. Todd in tuning in from the other room, getting his tattoo done and states if he sits there a little longer after eating he will leave a great tip. Women on average spend 400 days putting on make-up. Kathy looks like Anne Hathaway in Les Mes in the morning without make-up. Jillian Millie from NBC 10 called in and says her make-up takes 15 minutes but her hair takes forever.

Time 9:22-9:48

There is a reason we played two songs. Traffic. Boyd Tinsley in Studio.The winter tour is happening and it was hunting Boyd because he told the guys it was not. June 28th & 29th Dave Matthews Band will be back in town. Faces In The Mirror started out with a story and developed into a great film of group of musicians making wonderful music. It was something special for Boyd, he looked forward to editing and it took him into another world. He follows fans back on twitter and he has not be connected with them like he is now but now he gives it back as he receives it. Narnia Love on twitter started because a girl twitted saying he was the best violinist in Narnia. Carter is an amazing drummer, he knows exactly when Boyd is going into a solo. Would Carter like Preston? Boyd said yes and Preston wants to drum with Carter. Boyd plays for us. Narnia's finest. Boyd gets a vibe and rocks with it and on stage he doesn't know how a solo is going to. He just vibes with the different guys and it sounds right, you get lost in the moment and just flow. Preston will just jam for 15 minutes, the sound just comes out of you. Screening will take place at Lit Ultrabar and after the film he will play a little than meet the people that helped set everything up. Boyd gives Nick a huge hug. Steve notices Boyd has an E-cigarette and it works for him. Thanks to Boyd for coming in.

Time 10:05-10:44

It has been an exciting morning. Traffic. Boyd Tinsley was excited to meet Todd Glass. Tim Saunders called it. He hates the guys because he looked up blue waffles. Simon Gagne is back and on the line-up for tonight's game. He's a good two way player and don't have to worry about him being a “me” players. The division playoff options are still up in the air. The Flyers need a kick in the butt, they should be worried about making the playoffs so they have to change something. Tonight the Flyers will be on our sister station, 95.7. Todd Glass wrote blue waffle on his arm as a tattoo. Preston wanted to thanks CBS for previewing a story on Preston saving his son from choking on food. Todd put napkins in his mouth to sound like he was in the mod. Bob Dodge is the tattoo artist that did Todd's arm. Bizarre File A go-go dancer helped a customer attack a man with an ax. After the bar owner told him he had to much to drink the man went to his car and got an ax, yelling I'm going to kill you. Lesson QHollywood Trash Steven Taylor and Levin Rambin were caught kissing. Dennis Rodman is addressing Asia. Katie Holmes hired a double. Lesson AMusic News Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong finally opened up about his drug use in a book. Passion Pit band took a swing at Oscar nominee Silver Lining Playbook. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith will meet with government to get a music program started in public schools. Secert Text

Time 10:50-11:00

Caller #10. Secret text word is HOOK. WE want to thank Todd for coming. Todd thanks us for thanking him. Letter of the Day: L. Wrap Up A big thanks for everyone that stopped in today. Preston wishes a happy birthday to a listen in the studio, Carisa . Tomorrow we have Braydon Coburn, Joe Matarese and Emeril Lagasse.

Lesson Q: Whats the real problem with necrophilia?

Lesson A Getting a baby sitter


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