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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12 – 6:22
Let's start this Tuesday. Traffic. News Update Hot air balloon flying over Egypt crashed into a sugar cane field killing 19 tourists, including French, British, and Japanese nationals. Police are searching for 2 suspects who ransacked an elderly man's row-home in the Olney section of Philadelphia. A worker died after falling into a sugar hopper vat in Bucks county. Sports Maple Leafs beat the Flyers, 4-2. The Sixers play the Magic tonight. The Tigers beat the Phils 10-1 in the Grapefruit League. It's a Ric Flair kinda day. Jeff Probes and Clive Davis will be on the show. Clive Davis' new book: “Love the Johnson, hate the Clarkson.” Nick Murphy's 24/7 videos of the Cardboard Classics entrants are awesome. Preston is humbled that we couldn't do these cardboard creations. We almost killed an intern with nachos, we can't do anything right.

Time 6:33 – 7:07
How can you not want to go the Cardboard Classic this Friday? Prizes from Harley Davidson and Cheerleaders will be awarded to the creations! Traffic. Vinnie Brand will also stop in today! SQ. Birthdays Theresa Palmer, 27; Michael Bolton, 60; Fats Domino, 84; Erykah Badu, 42; Marshall Faulk, 40; Chuck Wepner, 74; Greg German, 55. SA. Entertainment News Renee Zellweger's appearance at the Oscars have caused rumors that she's doing botox. Jennifer Garner says that Ben Affleck took their daughter to her spelling bee, which she won, just hours before Ben won the Best Picture Oscar for “Argo.” Daniel Radcliffe felt bad for Kristen Stewart, who cut her foot on a piece of glass. The Onion has issued an apology for their tweet that called 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis a c-word. Between her Oscar win and her Q&A session with the press, Jennifer Lawrence was caught scowling at a photographer and giving him the middle finger. Lawrence was also caught off-guard when Jack Nicholson crashed her ABC News interview. Helen Hunt was wearing a gown from H&M with $700,000 worth of jewelry to the Oscars. Janet Jackson had another secret wedding with billionaire Wissam Al Mana, who is the Prime Minister of Tattooine. Jermaine Jackson has changed his named to Jermaine Jacksun. Preston might want to go back to Sir Kenny Knight. Prince Michael will act on 90210. Kathy will let us know how he does. Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop died yesterday at 96. His beard got all the ladies, Koop and Bush were Reagan's “boo”s. Casey doesn't want any Lindsay news today! Ron Jeremy has been cleared to have sex again, a month after he had a sudden aneurysm near his heart. Clips Antonio Banderas & Brian Singer. 

Time 7:18 – 7:45
Weather. Got to check out Nick Murphy's 24/7 videos about the Cardboard creations. Traffic. Choking on Food Preston's son, Carter, choked on his dinner last night and Preston had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on him. Preston tweeted the big piece of steak his son choked on, makes a dollar bill look small. Have you ever choked seriously before? Steve choked on the cheese of French Onion soup. How do you perform a Heimlich Maneuver on yourself? Caller Earl wants to teach us a class on CPR. Irene from the calendar should be the practice dummy. Caller John cries when he thinks of the time he choked on food. Preston was thinking about when Casey took care of Steve when he fainted on-air. Preston told his kids about the international symbol of choking. Doesn't that mean “I want to see a deaf stripper?” Why do parents tell you to put your hands up if you're coughing? Caller Kate says you shouldn't drink water when choking. Everyone should know the Heimlich Maneuver.

Stupid Question:
What building will you find on the back of the $10 bill?

Stupid Answer:
The Treasury Building.

Time 7:57 – 8:16
We're still looking for Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl! Traffic. Text of the Day: “Hurry up and do the Bizarre File, I gotta poop.” The texter wins get a PJ Whelihans Gift Card! Preston heard during the break that if a 911 operator hears glass, the paramedics are allowed to break into your house to help. Either broken glass, or one of Casey's farts. Bizarre File A Texas man who spent his $1,000 tax refund at a strip club claimed he was robbed so that his wife wouldn't find out he went to a strip club. A man found out he accidentally married his own sister. A pastor was able to rally hundreds of people on Facebook to honor the burial of a U.S. marine who had no known friends. In China, a student was bike-riding to school when the seat gave, causing the metal rod of the bike to pierce his buttocks. Can Cops Break Into Your House? Caller Mike who is an EMT says if the 911 operator hears glass breaking, that allows cops to break into the house. Caller Mark who is a dispatcher says any call to 911 will be investigated. Conference call between two Philly cops who disagree on the issue. Morse Code for SOS is: “3 short, 3 long, 3 short.” The Titanic was broadcasting “SOL” not “SOS.”

Time 8:29 – 8:48
People either love or hate Volbeat. Traffic. Jeff Probst His new book, “Stranded,” just made the New York Times Booksellers' List! People wanted Jeff to do a “Survivor” for kids, but that's not legal, so his book is the closest thing to that. Can't believe how many season “Survivor” has been on the air. A very religious Christian contestant, Lisa Whelchel, took this game way too seriously. Lisa, it's just a fake game. The game has gotten more faster than in previous seasons. Few chances of seeing a “Celebrity Survivor.” If celebrities don't want to do it, just bring back Lisa with a gun. PJ Wheilhans is here! Dancing With the Stars Cast Announced! Who's in this season? The cast includes: Country singer Wynonna Judd, comedian DL Hughley, Jacoby Jones from the Ravens, Andy Dick, boxer Victor Ortiz, Olympian Aly Raismen, soap star Ingo Rademacher, American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler, and former Olympian Dorothy Hamill. Who is the biggest star ever on the show? Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Donald Driver... Al Pacino and Uncle Ben and The Burger King! We want to send a “Get Well Soon” to Beth Gardner, she helps Nick Murphy with our videos.

Time 8:59 – 9:40
You need to watch the 24/7 Cardboard creation videos. Clive Davis He has help influenced so many musical artists over the years. His new book, “The Soundtrack of My Life,” reveals how, after two marriages, he decided to try a relationship with a man. Loves to recollect on his first meetings of Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, and Santana. Traffic. Well, lookie what the cat dragged in! Vinnie Brand in Studio Vinnie doesn't know Clive Davis. Vinnie had his 6th child since the last time he was in our studio. Vinnie was performing on a singles' cruise; and everyone was single for a reason. Had a guy hit on him while on the cruise. Vinnie doesn't do P90X, he does P1X. Vacations are expensive, loves to go skiing. One time, he crashed and dislocated his shoulder. Vinnie could ski black diamonds courses, but it won't be pretty. It's a wonderful moment when jackasses fall down while skiing. Vinnie had to deliver goats once and on the way the mother died. Don't write a children's book, Vinnie. Vinnie's kids have become immune to death. Casey doesn't know what music to play for his kids. Vinnie thinks all current music is crap. Vinnie is afraid of getting a vasectomy. Vinnie was about to faint at the birth of his child, until his wife ordered him to man up while in the OR.

Time 9:46 – 9:56
Jumping right back into things! Thanks to PJ Wheilhans for the meet and eat; giveaway right now. Traffic. Watch the 24/7 Cardboard Classic videos on the web site! Bizarre File Woman who got into argument with husband through lit firecrackers at him, which led to their bed catching on fire. 150 federal agents launch massive raid on The Scooter Store after being accused of forcing doctors to recommend scooters for patients, even if they were ruled ineligible by Medicare, which gutted them out of $100 million. A crane was needed to flip the world's largest hamburger. IKEA withdrew Swedish Meatballs from sales in 14 European countries after horse-meat was found in them. Four alarm fire that engulf a gun range was caused by a unauthorized tracer bullet. Big Friggin' Deal: Avalon Golf Club. PJ Wheilhans giveaway!


Time 10:07 – 10:25
New David Bowie music coming up with Pierre on WMMR! The new song is named: Cacalola! LQ. Hollywood Trash Janet Jackson; Kim Kardashian; Kristen Stewart. LA. Music News Metallica has announced the lineup for the 2nd annual Orion festival – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, and Silversun Pickups will be included. Trent Reznor will be resurrecting Nine Inch Nails in a 2013-14 tour. Tool will sell a re-release of their 1992 debut album, “Opiate.” Kathy thinks Preston really needs to start wearing his glasses. Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin's ex-wife accused Wes of stealing her car. Kid Rock has teamed up with the Operation Finally Home to build a new home for an U.S. Army Sargent returning home from active duty. Who else wants to crap on Preston today? Tattoosday Listener Ronell got a tattoo of a gnome with salt and pepper shakers with P&S in the tattoo. Bob Dodge will be in tomorrow to finish up Todd Glass's arm tattoo. Pierre will be in next!


Time 10:35 – 10:
PJ Wheilhans giveaway! Wrap Up Special thanks to Jeff Probst, Clive Davis, and Vinnie Brand. Pierre Robert is here! Pierre lost a little piece of the sugar packet inside his coffee this morning. Nick has a wet-wipe in case Pierre needs one. Preston wants to smell Nick's wet-wipe. Wow, you usually only hear that in prison. Letter of the Day. Special thanks to our sponsors! Pierre will play a new song from David Bowie. Tomorrow on the show, we'll have Boyd Tinsley and Todd Glass. See you tomorrow!

Lesson Question:
What's the name of Clive Davis's new book?

Lesson Answer:
Love the Johnson, Hate the Clarkson

Letter of the Day:

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