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Track  1                          Time 6:14-6:21
Red Hot Chili Peppers. Traffic. News Archdioceses making an announcement that Philadelphia is the host of the world meeting of families. Police in West Philly looking for man who fired a gun on a Septa bus this morning around 1am. 1 dead, 2 injured after a row home fire in Philadelphia. Sports Jimmy Johnson wins Daytona 500. Sixers lose 5th in a row. Flyers play at home tonight. Cardboard Classic this Friday. A lot of guests on the program this morning. Academy Awards last night. 
Track  2                          Time 6:33-7:01
Halestorm. Traffic. Laura the deaf stripper on the hottie cam today. Stupid Question Birthdays Rashida Jones, 37. Sean Aston, 42. Tea Leoni, 47. Sally Jesse Raphael, 78. Chelsea Handler, 38. Stupid Answer Entertainment News Identity Thief, Snitch, Escape from Planet Earth Oscar Wins Picture: Argo, Director: Ang Lee Life of Pi, actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln sneezing actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Supporting: Christoph Waltz, supporting: Anne Hathaway, Animated: Brave. Jennifer Lawrence modeling for Christian Dior. Replacing Mila Kunis. The fashion is annoying, nobody knows who half of the designers are. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! You're 9 years old and you're a Oscar nominee! Jamie Foxx & Kelly Rowland almost humped. Robert Pattinson dropped from the film Unbound Captives because he's too old. Paula Dean acted drunk on the Today Show. Smell my finger, it smells like Katie Courick, I have all the past hosts on my fingers. She claimed she was preparing chicken balls. Kristen Stuart won big for being the worst. Won 7/10 categories at Razzie's. Battleship and That's my Boy also lost. Gary Busey warned about being too much of a liability to attend a party. Last time he acted was in Mister Box office. Megan Fox and Michael Bay, Megan Fox playing in TMNT. Clips Ewan McGregor, fight scene in Jack the Giant Slayer. John Lucas, 21-and-over. Covering the Oscars later, plus many guests. 
Track  3                          Time 7:10-7:57
Oscar recap day. Traffic. Laura the deaf stripper on the hottie cam. Daytona 500 winner was Jimmy Johnson. Danika Patrick was in third until the last lap then fell to 8th. Being injured at sports events Nationwide 300 crash on the final lap injured 30+ people. Nick's brother almost got hit in the head with a line-drive foul ball. Casey caught a foul ball on a Sunday with his hand that he got a cast taken off on Friday. Tom Cruise caught a puck. Man hit in the eye with a golf ball. Caller Derrick, was at a Flyers games where a lady got hit in the head with a puck, thought she was dead. At a football game an RC plane killed someone in the audience. Caller Greg, dad shattered someone's shin. Caller Dennis, saw a defenseman for the Flyers get hit in the mouth with a puck. Caller Walt, grandfather killed at an A's game by getting hit in the face with a foul ball. Caller Donna, was at Punkin Chunkin a few years ago and one of the catapults broke & a pumpkin hit someone in the face. Cardboard classic spectator sport. Caller Richie, took a golf ball to the upper lip. There's a lucky fan that caught a tire. Rhonda Ramsey wins her MMA fight. No hair pulling in MMA. Christmas Abbit. Abercrombie & Fitch closing 50+ stores. Here's the problem, like for like sales. Caller Jared, said they walk around and spray. Forever 21 is huge along with apple store. Alicia Vitarelli no sleep after the Oscars, changed twitter picture. Saw everyone who's who last night. Saw Jennifer Lawrence for 8 mins. Heard the after-party. Saw Jennifer Aniston & Halle Berry. Got complimented by Halle. 

Stupid Question: If a male cat is a Tom, what is a female cat?
Stupid Answer: Queen

Track  1                          Time 8:04-8:13
Weather update. Cardboard Classic. Traffic. Laura the deaf stripper on the hottie cam. Bizarre File A blood gang member facing felony charges after they found 100 bags of heroin. Philadelphia restaurant chain owner Peter McAndrews putting horse meat on his menu in Italian restaurants around the city. Steve will eat dead people but not a dead horse. School principal shocked after assignment that blended math with social studies. Having to do with slaves being whipped and taking over ships. Police respond to a burglary of a woman saying someone stole a chicken from her crock pot while it was cooking. 
Track  2                          Time 8:21-9:07
Guests on soon. Traffic. Text of the day. Seth MacFarlane did a really good job opening it. Clip of the opening with William Shatner as Captain Kurk. Boob song. Goldfinger song and Bond assessment. Goldfinger clip. Matt Atchity Did short film awards since forever, can't take that away. Thinks Seth did a good job hosting the awards. Can't roast people in Hollywood. Should Spielberg have won? No, because you can't give the employee of the month award to the guy who runs the shop. Didn't go to the show but did watch it. A lot of white old guys vote for the winners. There was a tie for the first time in forever. Oscar Clips Daniel Day Lewis acceptance speech. Told the best joke of the night saying he was originally casted as Margaret Thatcher. Jennifer Lawrence acceptance speech. Clearly a little but flustered and out of breath after falling up the steps on the way up to accept her award. Jennifer Hudson singing at the Oscars. Casey liked her when she was bigger but she can still sing. Anne Hathaway acceptance speech. Why does she sound like she just ran a marathon? One day this movie will eradicate toothless french hookers. Sandra Bullock has a weird neck. She kind of looks like predator. Ben Affleck acceptance speech. Everyone gets choked up at the end when he thanks his kids and wife. Kendra Wilkinson Celebrity wife swap, switched with Kate Gossling. She loved every minute of it and she messed with Kate and Hank by decorating their room with 50 shades and sensual things. The kids are very normal, no stardom, very down to earth. Moved to PA for the show and had to do “farmer stuff” and had a neighbor named Forrest. Tomorrow night on ABC at 8. Cardboard Classic. Philly's hottest nerdy girl.
Track  3                          Time 9:18-9:32
Goo Goo Dolls. Laura on the hottie cam. Traffic. Co-founder of Tombstone pizza died. ACME make at home pizza is awesome. Maker of the Tabasco company passed away. Lisa Ling “Our America” with Lisa Ling. Met two people from completely different lives who were both sexually abused who haven't been able to admit to the abuse for years. Abusers are usually someone who the family and parents know and trust. The institution she covered betrayed kids. Do talk to your kids, but don't put a scary image in their head. To be at the shool after hours you should have to take classes. Casey had to take classes. Flyer's wives carnival. 

Track  1                          Time 9:43-9:54
Gaslight Anthem. WoW Prize. Traffic. Deaf stripper Laura on the hottie cam. Bizarre File Man accused of breaking into a lingerie store was identified from tattoos and he was naked. Left the store in a blonde wig and a dress. Scientists are dropping mice with pain killers attached to parachutes to kill off 2 million brown tree snakes. The snakes are killing a lot of birds. 84 year old woman received a threatening letter telling her to take down her Christmas lights. “I don't know why they don't like Christmas.” I'll cut you from your neck to your balls. I'll gut you like a deer. Police have no suspect. I'll just kill everyone on the block. I will not stop. I'm a rolling thunder. Todd has supplied the scientists with little parachutes for the dead mice. Guam is effed up. Cardboard Classic passes. 
Track  2                          Time 10:03-10:21
Larry King “I'm shocked that I won this Oscar but I want to thank the academy” Founded the Larry King Cardiac Foundation after his heart attack. LKCF is combining with Quest Diagnostics so they can try and predict the heart attack and help try and fight heart disease. Blood reveals a lot more than they really thought before. Heart disease in females is double more than breast cancer. Broadcasting is the best way to communicate with everyone and it's the easiest way to make a living. Larry does very little prep work before an interview. Larry King would love to interview Fidel Castro. “Gotta run!” Doesn't prep at all, just goes with it. He looks like he had wings at some point. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash MC Hammer is blasting police for racial profiling. He was leaving a sports store and police stopped him for shoving a fishing boat into his pants. Kim and Kanye's baby gender is “the one without the penis if you don't count Khloe.” Alec Baldwin not happy with Shia Labeouf after putting their emails on twitter. He wished Shia was a minority so he could say something offensive. Lesson A Music News Billboard magazine published a list on musics top 40 money makers. Black Keys earned 7.4 million dollars last year which makes them #32 on the list. Van Halen, Coldplay, Nickelback, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Travis Barker got in a fight with the promoter after he said he didn't plan out the boat trip. Rob Zombie unveiled names of his song on his new album. 
Track  3                          Time 10:30-10:45
Dropkick Murphy's. Calender girl Tina on the air talking about the international bikini competition. Alicia Vitarelli was on this morning, Matt Atchity, Kendra Wilkinson, Lisa Ling and Larry King. Thank you to our deaf stripper Laura. Pierre learned his ABC's so he could talk to the deaf people. He speaks with a lisp. He can sign better than he can understand. Pierre has never signed with a deaf stripper. LOTD. Harlem shake video online. Nick is humping a balloon. Kathy was sluttin' it up. Rage on!

Lesson Q: When Al Roker did the smelling, who does Paula Deen's ring finger smell like?
Lesson A: Bryant Gumbel. 


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