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Recap of today's show (Black Listna' Day)

Time 6:12- 6:24

Traffic. News Update. A major winter storm in the south blinding snow and freezing rain. The storm caused thunder and lighting. Golf tourney in Minnesota had to cancel golf tour. Police are looking for a black Range Rover with tinted windows and dark rims after a "rolling gun battle" set off a multi-car accident, killing three. Cause of the snow in Arizona. Student at Villanova  fessed up to taping a woman in the bathroom and put it on a pornographic website. Sports. Flyers came out flat after 6-5 win against Pittsburgh. Cole Hamels will be starting pitcher the spring opener in Clearwater FL.  Black Listna Party!! Nick doesn't own Jammys. I have four pairs of footie pajamas! Jacky is named Blacky Jam Jam.

Time 6:35-7:06

Lenny Kravitz Get Away. Traffic. SQ  Birthdays. Drew Barrymore, 38; Jerry Ryan, 45; Thomas Jane, 44; Kyle Mclaughlin, 54; Don Pardo, 95; Dr. J, 63; Jonathan Demme, 69; Jenna Haze, 31;. SA Entertainment News. Show will have a tribute of Musicals of the last decade. The best picture nomination will be the last award but will do a special show closing performance. Are they going to bring out all the Bonds? Star Wars actors are rumored to surprise their original roles. George Lucas insist that the original actors be written out of the movie if they choose not to act in the new Star Wars. A commercial starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been pulled from air in Israel after a watchdog group accused producers of insulting overweight viewers. Prince Harry is back with model girlfriend Cressida Bonas. US weekly reports that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are rumored to be taking it to the next level. After 8 years of marriage Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are divorcing. Shia LaBeouf has dropped out of his Broadway debut in the play Orphans because of creative differences. Scary Spice will replace Sharon Osbourne on America's Got Talent. Latin American Idol winner Martha Heredia was charged with drug smuggling. “She auditioned for America's new drug smuggler.”  Lorrie Arias, who underwent multiple plastic surgery procedures on The Swan, has revealed she now suffers from bipolar disorder, lupus, depression, all due to show. Rachel Love reacted calling them “cry baby's.” Rob Kardashian has packed on 40 pounds after splitting from girlfriend Rita Ora. Lindsay ruined a $250,000 gown she borrowed. “I'm Lindsay Lohan, I'm the president of Dickferd.” The National Inquire said Portia was not happy about Ellen looking at Katy Perry's Boobs in a picture at the Grammy's. Clips.“Monday Mornings,” “Dark Skies.”

Time 7:17-7:56

Traffic. Black Listna Wanita on the phone. Zachary's BBQBlack to the Future Contest. Black Listna Estee wearing cookie monster robe. Michael vs Estee. Estee won, Jay Z is correct. Sinister. Kathy forgot to bring Rah a shake. Black Listna Rah vs Mike. Rah won, Denzel Washington correct. BBQ.Black Listna Will vs Rich. No one won. “Will, we have to take your black card.” Black Listna Karen vs Mike. Karen won, Rihanna correct. BBQ. Joe vs Black Listna Nelson. Nelson won, Eddy Murphy is correct. BUD. SS. Happy Birthday Songs. Most recognized song. Warner Music Group has rights to the song. It will be known till 2030 who wrote it. Yolo Tango. “Cha Cha Oh La la HOLLA!” Mumford thing is going to drag on forever. Happy Bday songs. Ted wrote a happy bday song. Casey sang his version. ”When you wake up your buttox is going to be sore.” Carley said there is a black bday song.Rah sang it! “written by MLK.”

Time 8:07-818

Blacky Jam Jam on the music. Black Listna Party with P&S! Traffic. Zachary's BBQ  Steven Singer BL Val on the phone. Bizarre Files.  Motor Vehicle workers called police cause a man wore a pasta stainer on his head and would not remove it for his picture. He practices Pastafarianism. Couple in Wales 5 year old son went missing when their daughter found him under a bean bag chair. Researchers found a gigantic gold fish in Lake Tahoe. A man caught pleasuring himself told police his penis was out because his pants shrunk. Las Vegas woman arrested after having sexual relations with her pit bull. “Who catches the most crap listening to the P&S show.” Black Listna Wanda made a magazine called Philly Essence. Different pictures from the show and wrote a really nice letter. By the way it's a pajama party this morning!

Time 8:30-9:03

Ram Jam Black Betty. Traffic. Black Workas. Leon on air works for our company. He does listen to the P&S show. “Let's do this every friday!”  Going to involve Wayne Simmons in a contest. Zachary's BBQ. Simmons, Simmons, or Simmonds Contest. Black Listna Victoria brought us a cake! Victoria guessed Gene and was right. “Casey said was the best mac&cheese I ever had.” BBQ. Black Listna John guessed wrong. Black Listna Elle guessed Gene right.JB Smooth. Black Listna Lydia guessed Wayne right. BLP. Black Listna Nicole guessed Richard right. BBQ. Black Listna Phil guessed Gene right. JB Smooth. Black Listna Deandra guessed Wayne right. Bud. Black Listna Carol guessed Richard right. Won Fuzzy Socks, Black light, & BLP.  We let the black Listna party role. Black Listnas vs Jacky Bam Bam. Played Jacky Bam Bam & listna audio. Are You Smarter Than A Cracker Contest. Black Listnas vs Jacky Bam Bam. Black Listna Brian guessed Ella Fitzgerald right. Black Listna Dloris guessed Mary Wilson right. BBQ.Black Listna Cindy guessed Marvin Gay right. Fuzzy Blanket & Tape measure. Black Listna Tika guessed wrong. “That was more white then me!” Jacky Bam Bam guessed over Black Listna Rita. Black Listna Jilia guessed Tim Mcgraw right. JB Smooth. Black Listna Rah & Jacky both guessed wrong. Black Listna Danel & Jacky both guessed wrong. Jacky Bam Bam guessed Patty Labelle right.

Time 9:14-9:32

Black Sabbath Paranoid. Traffic. Are you blacker than a cracker a listener texted in. Black Listna past time. BBQ. The Malcolm X Factor Talent Show Steven Singer. Black Listna five contestants. Black Listna Elle talent is singing. Black Listna Wanda talent is singing. Marshall Harris in studio Black Listna Kim talent is singing. Texters will judge. Rah is doing poetry in rhyme for his talent. Black Listna Jennifer talent is singing. Casey has recaps just like American Idol. Marshall Harris looks extremely tired, he had to cover the La Salle vs Temple game and ate a whole pizza. Hey, what color's your poop? Steve can diagnose. Flyers are having it pretty rough. Saturday both teams are playing in Philly – Flyers play in the afternoon, Sixers play that night. He lived in Pittsburgh before this and is tired of the cold.

Time 9:42-9:56

Traffic. We have a packed studio! BBQ. Casey confessed that it is the greatest mac&cheese ever. Winner from the Malcolm X factor is Elle!! Steven Singer.Black Hugh Hefner, Craig Laggeons on air. When a black man straightens his hair its always a hit or miss. Craig has prepared a bed time story. Last year he did a poetry slam. Greg Laggeons Bed -Time Story.  Story is Goodnight & Gadzooks a Preston & Steve bed-time story. Greg has brought Nick pajamas but he is not wearing them. It is also Chocolate lovers month. He is shooting a movie tomorrow! Craig third episode of “Do No Harm”. “If I see Ben Franklin ill kill em! Sam Levine is a friend of the show.

Time 10:00:10:04

“Just take your pants off!” Nick is now changing. “Pitch is the most awkward white person ever” “Ill wear a tee shirt under my bra.” Marshall's sleeping attire is two chicks.Bizarre Files.  Strella. Man set a clothing rack on fire trying to shoplift over night. He was over 500 pounds on a motorized scooter. A couples argument resulted in a assault arrest because she said it was rude and disgusting to be scratching his testicles before she eats dinner. “aw man my balls still itch.” A costumer walked away with $2000 after a mishap in a bakery. John Hopkins wrote an apology letter to his wife before he killed himself by wrapping his head in a plastic bag and pumping helium into it. He would record his patients. 27 year old got drunk and broke into a fire house and pleasured himself onto the fire fighters clothing. A business leader is facing a assault charge after smacking an attendant for not giving the money he owedKevin Bacon On Air. Promoting The Following. Is enjoying being on a TV series.  You don't know how challenging it is until you get In the middle of it. The show it shot up in NY and they had a horrible cold snap. They would be freezing their butts off. Bacon cant be in a good mood he has to turn it around to play his role. Everyone is kill-able. There is no job security in the show nobody is safe. On TV the writer is King. It's nice to just play music, it's a nice feeling rather than dealing with mayhem. Steve wants to see some ass kicking!! Kevin Bacon was so cool cause he just talked about Kevin Bacon. “Go to a Mumford and Sons concert and watch The Departed while you're there.” LQ Hollywood trash.  Rihanna & Chris Brown, Playboy Mansion, Wrapper Lil Flip. LA.Music News. Sully Erna is taking time of to play poker. Patience is defiantly a virtue in poker and go fish. Dave Grohl said the Foo Fighters are already doing music for their next record. They have really awesome big plans for the next album. Muse owns Prince Charles 250 pounds. Marshall is hosting Sixers pregame live tomorrow. Marshall is a bad food binger!


Jacky Bam Bam will be spinning at the Carboard Classic! Greg Laggeons is getting married... To the winner of the Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl. Special Thanks to Wanda, & Wanita. Wanda wants some black diamonds from Steven Singer! “You're like a happy meal” Pierre Robert has arrived. Special thanks to Marshall Harris, Kevin Bacon, & Zachary's BBQ. LOTD. Pierre has tickets to giveaway! “I thought I was swimming with Jerry Garcia in the Caribbean.” WOTW.Have a great weekend!

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