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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve SHow:
Black Listener Party - ALL MORNING
Kevin Bacon - Phoner - 10:10AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12 – 6:22
Preston & Steve + You = A Winning Combination! Traffic. News Update The lead investigator behind the Oscar Pistorius murder faces charges of attempted murder himself for a 2010 killing. Ok, who in here hasn't killed anyone? Five people were killed when a jet crashed off of a runway in Georgia. A 10-year-old girl was seriously injured in a sudden fire that burned in a South Philadelphia row home. Sports Flyers defeated the Penguins in a wild 6-5 win. The Sixers lost their 7th straight road game against the Timberwolves, 94-87. Flyers suite experience giveaway! We'll have Mr. Skin and Robert Kelly today. Let's invite 5 Black Listnas for out Black Listna Party!

Time 6:34 – 7:04
Good morning sunshine! Flyers suite giveaway! Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Ellen Page, 26; Jennifer Love Hewitt, 34; Kelsey Grammer, 58; William Baldwin, 50; Alan Rickman, 67; Anthony Daniels, 67; Tyne Daly, 67. SA. Entertainment News Jane Lynch will make her Broadway debut in the revival of “Annie.” Cindy Crawford will be in it to show her boobs; it's a hard knockers life. Shia LaBeouf was supposed to star in the new Broadway play “Orphans,” but has backed out of the show, citing creative differences. He wanted to wear a catsuit really badly. Alec Baldwin is denying that he made a racial comment to a member of the paparazzi. Kim Kardashian wrote on her blog that she has no plans to quit her TV show before Season 10. Kris Jenner has the ultimate poker face. Preston saw Rick Springfield has bad plastic surgery. “Frost-Nixon” & “Ali” director will write the Bruce Lee origin story, “Birth of the Dragon.” “Nixon & Ali” is the next buddy movie. Kelly Clarkson resents Clive Davis after his announcement that he's bisexual and has been in a relationship with a man for 7 years. Steven Spielberg's $200 million mega-yacht, equipped with an infinity pool, movie theater, and a 26-man crew, was seen in Florida. A poll found that the least sexiest actress voted by British men was Kristen Stewart. Ron Jeremy was released from the hospital after suffering a near-fatal aneurysm he had two weeks ago; he lost 45 pounds during his hospital visit. Seth MacFarlane believes his song, “Everybody Needs A Best Friend,” nominated for an Oscar will not win. Kendal Jenner got a sharpie tattoo. Clips Jenna Elfman in “1600 Penn” & Dwayne Johnson in “Snitch.” 

Time 7:14 – 7:48
Alice in Chains will be at the MMRBQ! Traffic. Jesse Jackson, Jr., admitted that he misused campaign funds. Jackson spent $75,000 of campaign funds on: fur capes; children's furniture; memorabilia of Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Jimi Hendrix; a football signed by U.S. Presidents; and a Rolex. Taking Company Money Do you know anyone who took company money or goods? Preston knew a guy who used petty cash for personal use. When Nick and Steve worked at McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts, they took food home. Nick took a WMMR vehicle and got into an accident, almost got fired for it. Caller knew a guy who took lunch boxes full of the company's toilet paper home. Caller Regina knew people who took new items to dumpsters and then sold them for half-price. People smuggle little products in their butt. God made your butt for pooping and jewelry! Caller Dennis stole a complete kitchen by smuggling pieces after 3 years. Casey knew a guy who took $20 every Sunday from the Church collection plate. Anonymous caller says she took a $100 bill sporadically from a bank vault when she was a supervisor. Jesse Jackson, Jr. won re-election in November. I'm voting for the guy in the fedora & cape! 

Stupid Question:
What is also known as a Chicago Typewriter?

Stupid Answer:
A Tommy Gun.

Time 7:59 – 8:12
Chance to win a Flyers Suite experience coming up! Traffic. Let's invite 4 more black listnas for our Black Listna Party! Didn't Martin Luther King, Jr. mention Pajama Jammy-Jam? Bizarre File A body found on the roof of a Los Angeles downtown hotel was decomposing in the hotel's water tank from which people were drinking water and showering out of. Bus drivers in Sweden have signed a petition to not allow a man who gets on their buses with a foul smell. A mother is in trouble after hiring strippers for her son's 16th birthday party. Dude, your mom is awesome. A young woman ended up in a hospital after a round of ammo went off in her oven when she was cooking a midnight snack. A 45-year-old man wanted in connection with the killing of a gang leader tried to turn himself in, but found that the police station was closed down and was directed to go to another police station. Black Listnas! Listener Carol, a newbie, will be coming in! Listeners Estee & Joe will come in. Listener Selena is at work, but we got her to whisper: “I'm jones-ing for some white chocolate,” so she'll be in too!

Time 8:23 – 8:49
Sunshine! Weather. Traffic. Kathy was interviewed by Joey Ritter and she looks good in the video. Mr. Skin This is his 14th Anatomy Awards! There's so much content to choose from between movies and TV, he now has 41 different categories. The Best Blu-Ray Find goes to P.J. Soles in “Stripes” for her previously-deleted nude sex scene on the Blu-Ray release. Casey wants to see a “Nice Try” award. Best Pixelated Award goes to Chelsea Handler, she was nude during her show. Celebrity Nude Debut goes to Nadine Velaquez in “Flight.” Best Murkin Award went to Gina Gershon in “Killer Joe.” Best Full Frontal went to the scene in “Take This Waltz.” Best Over 40 Nude Scene goes to Helen Hunt in “The Sessions.” Hunt is 49 years old and shows a lot in the film. There's a new Best Over 80 Nude Scene award, going to Emmanuelle Riva in “Amour.” Best Blu-Ray Re-Release goes to Porky's. Game of Thrones edged out by Magic City. Kristen Stewart had a Top 10 Nude Moment of 2012, but didn't win because she did not go above and beyond the call of nudity. Best Chick with a Dick went to Chloe Sevigny in “Hit and Miss.” Casey and Steve want video games to be considered. The first time that a major company, FleshLight, has sponsored the Anatomy Awards. The Anatomy Awards needs to be an actual show! Kathy didn't know what “The Sessions” was about. 25th caller wins the Flyers experience!

 Time 9:01 – 9:36
Weather. Kristen of NJ won the Flyers suite experience! Traffic. Robert Kelly in Studio Quit drinking and drugs when he was 15, after he had to go juvenile prison. Only 1 out of 30 juvenile delinquents do not end up back in prison as an adult. He wanted to be friends with bad kids after school, so he would look to get into trouble. Once stole a gumball machine and had a cop stick a shotgun at his head when he was caught. Boy, that must be good gum. He had good friends then, his friends suck now. Only two of his friends showed up for his podcast about Patrice O'Neal. Bill Burr did a tribute show to Patrice, tickets sold out in a day. A comedian just read a poem for Patrice, not performed. If you like poetry and dance, you suck. You can always just end a poem. If you write a poem, you're an ass. Getting pregnant can be difficult. Casey just remembers his wife getting pregnant. Rob used to smoke two packs a day. Smoking is bad-ass. If he knew he was going to die, he'd start smoking again. Rob can't gamble well, can't count cards. Casey was once given money to not hit on his hand. Rob likes to play roulette; he plays 17 Black, and usually wins. Rob will be at Helium this weekend!

Time 9:47 – 9:56

Where's Kathy? Steve says Kathy had an accident in her pants. Casey has wet wipes if she needs them. There's Kathy! We need the goddamn traffic update! Traffic. Bizarre File An Homeowners' Association election at the Springs Country Club turned into an all-out brawl when members threw punches and chairs over the winner. Man fears he will never father a child after surgeons removed the wrong testicle during a cancer removal surgery. Cops stop a 17-year-old driver who tried to mimic being a cop with an iPhone app but when searching him, the cops found he had a marijuana pipe on him. Cops arrest man who was riding a bicycle while drunk who said he was ok to be drunk because it was his birthday. PA man urinated over the side of an apartment railing, peeing on someone below who then killed him with a shotgun blast.

 Time 10:06 – 10:25

WMMR's Big Friggin' Deal: Beer Shop in Ardmore. Marisa will be at the “Valentine-To-The-Market” event at Reading Terminal Market this Saturday! LQ. Hollywood Trash Jesse Jackson, Jr.; Clive Davis; and Shia LeBeouf. LA. Music News YouTube streaming data is now being included for the Billboard Hot 100 charts. That means the Harlem Shake by Baauer is right now the new #1 song. What about the Mr. Trololo, Chocolate Rain, or Gangnam Style songs? Dave Grohl directed the music video of Soundgarden's second single, “By Crooked Steps.” According to Nielsen ratings, Pearl Jam's “Ten” has officially sold ten million copies. TEN MILLION, TEN MILLION, TEN MILLION copies. Eddie Vedder charges more for solo performances than for Pearl Jam tickets. He also just takes random musical instruments and tries to make albums out of them. Wait until you hear his Gong Song, “I'm Gong Away.” Billy Corgan and his Resistance professional wrestlers star in a commercial for Walter E. Smithe furniture. We're going to invite 4 final black listnas for the Black Listna Party tomorrow!

Time 10:34 – 10:40

We gave away the last set of invitations for the Black Listnas that we're inviting for the Black Listna Party tomorrow! We're apparently not “dope” or “fly.” We do need our Ebonics lessons. Pierre knows a couple of slang words. Casey didn't know what “a whip” was when he was producing Bam Margera's show. You learn things, especially with us, the most multicultural morning show. Special thanks to Mr. Skin and Robert Kelly. Thanks to the Reading Terminal Market for the food this morning. LOTD. Today is the last day to grab those lawn party packs for the MMRBQ. Special thanks to our sponsors. Tomorrow is not only the Black Listna Party, but also Kevin Bacon will be on our show too! We'll see you tomorrow! Rock on!

Lesson Question:
What did God make your butt for?

Lesson Answer:
Pooping and Jewelry.

Letter of the Day:

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