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Time 6:16-6:28
Tom Petty. Smell of rock is in the air. Traffic. News Stand off in Warminster came to a tragic end at 2:30am with the death of an elderly woman. Revel casino is firing for bankruptcy nearly a year after opening. Not expected because they were expected to be the “top spot” in AC. Remained at the bottom of AC's top 12 list for casino's. Trump plaza sold for 20 million. We should have bought it! It looks like a typo. Is quirky working for century 21 now? Suspect who sold 55 million dollars in chips from Parx casino turned himself in. Sports Sixers back in action against the Timberwolves tonight at 8. Flyers plays Pittsburgh tonight. Kyle Kendrick is the Phillies 4th starting pitcher this year. Secret text word. WoW prize. Live on Fox good day today. A week away from cardboard classic. Black Listna party 2 days away. 
Time 6:39-7:06
Soundgarden. MMRQ tickets available now. Traffic. Stupid Question Birthdays Rihanna, 25. Sydney Poitier, 86. Cindy Crawford, 47. Lilly Taylor, 46. Charles Barkley, 50. Ivana Trump, 64. Patty Hearst, 59. Stupid Answer Entertainment News Robin Roberts returning to Good Morning America today. Lindsey Lohan is asking for 100 million dollars to promote mister pink energy drink in Dubai. Five time Grammy award winner Clive Davis says he's bisexual. Never felt shame in sleeping with a man. Doctor Drew facing criticism after Mindy McCready committed suicide Monday. Stat released yesterday says drug overdoses has gone up in10 years. Had an affair with Roger Clemens at 15 years old. Leo DiCaprio took a break from movies but is in a bourbon commercial for Jim Beam in Asia. When I wanna forget entire chunks of my week, when I wanna wake up next to a Mexican woman with no teeth, I drink this. Rick Flair estranged wife Jackie is an alleged alcoholic who beat him numerous times & filing for domestic violence protective order. Mila Kunis claims she doesn't want to be an estranged mother in her life. Kate Middleton debuted her baby bump on Monday. William Shatner trying to get a moon of Pluto named Vulcan. All 3 of Pluto's moons have been inspired y Greek pathology. Robert Van Winkle “Vanilla ice” unveiled his new line of chandeliers. Preston looking into getting one. Clips Josh Hamilton talks about Dark Skies. Susan Sarandon talks about her character in Snitch. 
Time 7:16-7:45
The Killers. Weather update. Traffic. Preston drove 650 miles yesterday. Flying wasn't worth it because of money. Roughly an 11 hour drive. Fear of flying almost died in a plane crash. His friend did die because of his addiction to the meds from the burns. Preston's mother in law is afraid of flying. Many people get anxiety attacks because they can't see out the front of the plane. Casey's dad worked for airlines and never flew. Very rare to die in the air. Driving is much worse. Caller Sandy will take extra days to take a train so she doesn't have to fly. Woke up during a medical procedure & has been terrified since. Kathy was fine with flying until she was coming home from Hawaii. Casey's never flown over the ocean and is afraid to. Some people freak out because of medication or alcohol. Caller Elaine, flew to China and reacted like the girl on Bridesmaids because of her medication. Caller Sara, will never get on a plane, weather its flying or not. Pierre was on Bon Jovi's jet. Steve liked the ones that have beds. Casey wants to ride on a jet!! Caller Steve, uncle died on a flight 3 weeks ago. Going live on Fox Good day soon. 

Stupid Question: What US president was born on the 4th of July?

Stupid Answer: Calvin Coolidge

Time 7:55-8:11
Shinedown. Live on Fox Good Day What are your favorite movie quotes? Did anyone order a pizza? From sorority girls 7. You can't handle the truth!! From Jack Nicholson. Preston knows the entire quote. You're never gonna be Jell-O! Santa! I know him! From Elf. Someone's been drinking. Traffic. Black Listna' party is on Friday. Taking 5 callers. Bizarre Files Two brothers accidentally blew up their house after winning a lottery ticket and purchasing marijuana and meth. Texas woman gave birth to 2 sets of identical twin boys on Valentine's day. A 3 year old girl rescued from a washing machine in China. Restaurant in Japan has been finding customers who do not finish all their food. Customers asked to finish all their food for the fisherman. If you are a passenger on a plane you can fart, but not if you're a pilot.  Economy absorbs half of smell when first class doesn't absorb any smell. Black listna' Brian wins, Nelson wins, Lidia wins, Nicole wins, Cindy wins. 
Time 8:22-9:10
Pearl Jam. WoW prize. Traffic. Intern Jess' mom has a cancer benefit coming up this weekend. Philly's hottest nerdy girl contest. Yoda audio. Can you talk in yodaism? Could you call somebody a hole-ass? It could work! My taint you must lick. Creator of Yoda died of auto erotic asphyxiation. Academy Awards was the weekend. Top 50 movies that weren't nominated that should've been. Dirty Harry sphincter tattoo. I thought you were dressing my bullet wound. Stand By Me not nominated. People were more focused on the detail of the movie than actually watching the movie. Was Rain Man a comedy or a drama? Steve thought City of God was Roadhouse. Pain don't hurt. Back to the Future was never nominated. My friend Marilyn likes Gladiator. She wouldn't shut up about it. Go trim your red pubes. She's my friend. Gladiator won every year. Toy Story used new computer animation technology and perfected it. Psycho was considered horrifying. Breakfast at Tiffany's (not nominated) skipped over one of the main characters being gay Seinfeld episode when George goes to the movies instead of reading the book. Oh brother where art though? Gladiator won thought. Rear Window. So what?? Casey's argument in a debate. I could've been a contender. The Shining. Full Metal Jacket wasn't nominated. Fight Club, Vertigo, Eternal Sunshine. This year Silver Lining's Playbook, Lincoln, Django unchained. 
Time 9:26-9:50
Linkin Park. Weather Update. Traffic. Preston's trip drove through West Virginia to get to Kentucky. It was all mountains. Going west is much different than taking 95 South to Florida. Long drives on the highway are terrible. You have to go out there on the Bourbon trail if you like bourbon. All the distilleries are there and there's a lot of history. Preston brought back chocolate bourbon candy. You can visit the Thunderbird factory. Steve lives right here in Philadelphia and has never seen the Eiffel tower. Preston also toured a horse farm. Many horses win world championships out of this farm. The horse Preston pet is around $30,000. Sheik from Dubai flies to Lexington in his 747 for horses. Check out things that are in your own city/neighborhood. Bizarre File Two woman fought over a sale for beauty products at a bingo tournament. 11 year old cancer survivor caught on fire in her hospital bed. University of Colorado giving out advice to females on what to do if you get sexually assaulted. Man who died in a fire in his home may have spontaneously combusted. Black Listna' party winners. Danielle, David, Bill, Karen, Deandra. 

Time 10:05-10:24
Bob Marley. Weather and Cardboard Classic mention. Traffic. Brian and the Ryan's Cup Saturday charity hockey game for DMD disease. Pre-game ticket party. Raised $11,000 at the game alone last year and raised a total of $18,000 combined. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Khloe Kardashian not being brought back as a co-host of the X-Factor because they want Mario Lopez to be paired with a woman Superstar Beyonce said daughter blue ivy is already reading flash cards. Alec Baldwin in a heated argument said he always stands up for black people so they owe him. Lesson A Music News Blink-182 touring without Travis Barker in Australia because he can't get over his fear of flying after the plane crash that killed 4 people that he survived. Device issued the first single called Vilify with a video officially release Monday. Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, ZZ Top and more playing at Bonoroo. Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining Firefly festival in Delaware. Tony Sheridan passed away at the age of 72 in Hamburg. Buckcherry has a new album out now. Jack White named the official ambassador of Record Store Day 2013. Dave Matthews' announces the 2013 Summer tour dates. Will be at SBC in June. RUN DMC at the Borgata March 16th. Aerosmith Steven Tyler and Joe Perry invited to the ascap awards. Secret Text. 
Time 10:35-10:45
David Bowie. WTF is that video. Secret text word. Pierre went on a cruise. Steve took the God Damn ship. Wasn't very good. Pierre swam with dolphins. He talked to the dolphins about what hands and feet are. Had a balcony. He went horseback riding on the beach and swam with sting rays. Pierre is the Yoda of all things technology. He didn't see Virginia from the cruise ship. Being a vegetarian it was hard for Pierre to find something good to eat. Letter of the day. Preston almost puked. Pierre got his glasses fixed thanks to Erin! Flyers on WMMR tonight! Rage on!

Lesson Q: What did Clint Eastwood get on his butt hole?

Lesson A: A tattoo of his name.

Secret Word: Cradle


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