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Time 6:18- 6:33

Foo Fighters. Vag project intro. Traffic. News 400 people injured when a meteor shot across the sky in Russia that shot off fireballs setting off car alarms and lighting a few fires. Footage shows sonic boom. Parts of it coming off. 8 times as fast as a bullet from a gun. Meteor showers in the form of fireballs. 19 year old girl charged with the kidnapping of a 5 year old girl from Philadelphia in January. Charged with 14 crimes, 11 of them felonies. Captain says this is the only arrest, also says this woman was the one on the video from the school. Cruise ship that was disabled for 5 days was finally docked. Sports Eagles sign QB Dennis Dixon. Flyers play NJ Devils tonight at 7pm. Sixers off until 2/20. Vag Steven Singer.

Time 6:40- 7:10

Vag mention. Traffic. Stupid Question. Check in with Nick at the Vag launching. Nick starting to get last minute details put together. The “Vagineers” are working very hard. Launch in less than an hour. Birthdays Brandon Boyd, 37. Alex Borstein, 42. Jane Seymour, 62. Matt Graining, 59. Stupid Answer.Entertainment News Brangelina are going to start making wine in France. Setting up a vineyard at their Chateau. Jeff Probst planning all celebrity season of the Survivor. Rupert Grint landed the starring role in a new role in a show on NBC. Oscar Pestores charged with the death of his 30 year old girlfriend. A cartoon character murdered her. It's okay to do that now because he's a murderer. All his birth defects are up for grabs.I heard a gun shot then something that sounded like a bunny rabbit running away.Former neighbor of Amanda Bines opened up about some bizarre actions. Rachel Wood freaked out when paparazzi took a picture of her unborn child's ultrasound. Florida personal injury lawyer filed half a billion dollar lawsuit over a OS that affects Chubby Checkers new app. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West caused a delay when they were pulled off the plane for a security check. Jimmy Kimmel keeping feud with Jay Leno going. NYC police say they were called to Katie Courick's home that was called from a phone at 2am on Tuesday's, the phone belonged to her late husband. Vag project. Nick on the roof at the Valley Forge casino. There's no wind to pick it up and pull it too far away. Everything's in place.

Time 7:21- 7:49

Soundgarden. MMRBQ band & tickets. Traffic. Vag Steven Singer. Call/text to win. Nick slight delay but looking into the effort that went into this was exciting. Inflating the balloon is being filled with helium. Very slight amount of wind to the north/northeast. Matt Cord is on sight. Emails and texts of people getting set up and ready to chase the Vag. Sex industry or NASA. Russia meteor Moscow meteor strike. Looks like the movie Armageddon. Audio of the crash plays a sonic boom and glass breaking. 500+ people injured. Casey saw one when he was drinking 21-22 years old. Marisa hasn't even seen a shooting star. Steve's aggression bats are like baseball bats. Type in meteor or busty asians. Meteorite traveled at 19 miles per second. Caller Keith, saw a meteor at the beach at night. Caller Rick, says has live feed. Not visible to the naked eye. Put some clothes on your eye. Caller Tana, lives in Baltimore and is listening to P&S on I heart radio. Follow the Vag project and use the MMRBQ app. Difference between asteroid, comet, and meteor. Matt Cord finally believes in the Vag. Still filling helium balloon. Douche is described for lowering the balloon. Vag Steven Singer.

Stupid Question: What does the G in G-spot stand for?

Stupid Answer: Graphenburg.

Time 7:59-8:23

Vag announcement. Traffic. Bizarre file Police in Michigan reported a 911 call said they had a guy driving around sucking on a dildo. When he asked the driver what he was doing, the driver said “sucking on a dildo. I'm sorry.” Maureen O'connor was the first female mayor in Chicago, pleaded not guilty for money laundering. Claimed she won/lost 1 billion dollars from 2000-2009 from gambling. Swedish golfer used a tee to extract venom from her leg from a spider in Australia at a qualifying golf round. Vag Steven Singer.Vag history lesson. Vag 1 gets into the air before Russia gets theirs in the air. Once the vag is launched, texting will stop. Nick Mcilwain is in a chase vehicle. Ready for launch. Wind blowing North/Northeast. Matt Cord says everyone's ready to go. Balloons are white and pink. Everyone is Go. Countdown and a launch. Countdown from 10. Launch at 8:12am. Virginia takes off towards the east. She was very close to a building. Nicksays shes going down. Matt says she's going back up. Matt Cord: way to go vag! Matt said she's about 10 stories high. Vagineer Matt is in studio. Caller Sam, says the mood is tense and she watched everyone go after her. Caller Abe, “operation snatch and grab”. They are very close to the vag. Says she is about 75-100 feet high. He has a mechanical and chemical engineer. The vag is stuck in a tree. The plan was to ascend to 1000 feet. One of the woman who first saw her in the tree went up and hugged the tree. Virginia is out of the tree. Matt Cord said she's stuck in another tree. The vag is very fickle. Nick said if there's a little bit of wind, she'll get out of the tree.

Time 8:30-8:41

Getting right back into the vag. Someone has a cherry picker and popped the balloon, and is digging through her holes. Dave wins the vag by saying “I like that vagina.” Dave gets her at 8:31am. Tony wins 1000$ from Cheerleaders. At least this year we recovered everything. Last year we lost everything. Steven Singer gives a congratulations to the winner. He asked if he can withdraw his sponsorship from this. When it's bad it's fun, when it's good it's fun. Chad texted in the correct time and won. Vag Steven Singer. Nick said it was crazy and psychotic. There were two trucks that showed up with a cherry picker. AT&T. Cheerleaders. Vag Steven Singer.

Time 8:56-9:19

Dave Matthews Band. The vag is over and we have a winner. Traffic. Pictures of the vag on facebook. Herbal Essence and Lay's campaign moaning campaign came back. Short shorts commercial for Nair. Marisa prefers shaving to Nair. Casey got pump shampoo and loves it. Casey's friend uses conditioner to pleasure himself. Steve uses cheese whiz. I had dis one wit. The next lays chips flavors may be Sriracha, Chicken and waffles or cheesey garlic bread. Casey wanted to do a turkey dinner ice cream flavor. Winner gets 1 million$. Kathy just came around to salt and vinegar. Preston loves vinegar & he'll drink it. Casey drank vinegar for pledging. Dipping bread is awesome. Caller Eugenie, clarifying Sriracha. Says it's good on eggs. Steve's dad loves anything spicy. Caller Steve, place in Philly has chicken and waffles. Caller Mario, Eugenie said Sriracha wrong. Roast beef dripping chips are delicious. Preston has a healthy deep-fryer. Can deep fry a turkey. Steve's grandfather drank his own pee. Black Listna party callers. This years theme is a “Pajama Jammy Jam.” Casey's Christmas jammies. Caller Kim (miss October) Julian, John, & Elle win black listna party invites.

Time 9:30-9:51

Foo Fighters. Vag project finished up early. Traffic. Bizarre File Frank Lesurf was involved in a high speed chase. His car jammed at 125mph and the brakes failed. He crossed into Belgium and ended up on national news. When he would try and brake, the car would accelerate. Marriage counselor in Texas on trial for convincing a husband to have sex with her and convincing him to divorce his wife. Starbucks drink costs 47$ for a Frappucino drink. Woman who was arrested for fighting with an officer, and also threw her tampon at a guard and then kicked the tampon at another. She's now facing felony charges. Alicia Vitarelli & Judge Renee Hughes Red Ball coming up March 9th at the Please Touch Museum. Dessert and Cigar bar. More than 30 restaurants going to the event. Also many kinds of liquors. Alicia hosted celebration of volunteers and fashion show this year. Alicia is going to the Oscar's next week. Had a fashion show for everyone to pick what she's wearing. Action News at 4 she is previewing what she might be wearing. Aerial yoga is very fun. Steve prefers rehab. Judge Renee will be wearing a red gown to the ball but you don't have to wear red to the ball. 150-350$ for tickets for however much you want to support the American Red Cross. 215-405-8530 or go to #RedBall13. Everyone thinks Alicia needs to change her twitter picture.

Time 10:02-10:15

Red Hot Chili Peppers. I-76 was closed this morning. Technology for UStream worked well. Are we done with the Vag? Or are we sick or failure...Lesson QHollywood Trash Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie making wine, they say it's best to drink while embarassing yourself. Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosling trading lives. Kate is happy she'll get to bang a black guy. Taylor Swift ex Connor Kennedy arrested. If uncle Ted could see me now he'd be seeing two of me because he'd be drunk. Lesson A. Music News Halestorm won Grammy for Love Bites. A number of artists have been criticizing them for winning. Alice in Chains has set a May 20 release date for “The devil put dinosaurs here.” The Devil went down to Georgia was Kathy's wedding song. Jimmy Buffet performing at Susquehanna Bank Center Tuesday in July. Preston said he's a dick. Music streaming business from Beats by Dr.Dre set to premier this Summer. Guns and Roses played surprise acoustic set Friday night at SoHo house.

Time 10:26-10:35

Led Zeppelin. Final Giveaways. The vag was little bit of a disappointment. The cameras looked awesome. Thank you to Valley Forge casino, AT&T and Steven Singer. Thank you to the Vagineers. Thank you to Alicia Vitarelli and Judge Renee Hughes. LOTD. Casey said he knows the word of the week, the bird is the word. Matt on air to talk about his show today. Word of the week. Rage on!

Lesson Q: What does Steve use in the shower to pleasure himself with?

Lesson A: Cheese Wiz.


WoW: Loveu










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