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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6: 11 – 6:23
Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. News Oscar Pistorius a double amputee Olympic runner is being charged with murder of his girlfriend after finding her shot in the head and arm. A total of 20 people are being charged with a theft from stealing money from a local school district. Local and state police are conducting Valentines Day sweeps for dead beat dads and parents. Sports the Sixers lost to the Bucks in their final game before the break. Ottawa hockey player, Erik Karlsson, will have to have surgery on his Achilles tendon. The Flyers are ack home before they continue their road trip to New Jersey against the Devils. Last night's singles mixer was successful. V-Day dinner by Steven Starr. Today on the show we have Brendan Fraser and live music from Tom Keifer.  

Time 6:33-7:09
Pearl Jam on WMMR. It's Valentines Day! Traffic. Stupid Q. Argo. Birthday Rob Thomas; 41,  Pat O'Brien; 65, Simon Pegg; 43, Florence Henderson; 79, Teller; 65, Carl Bernstein; 69, Michael Bloomberg; 71 Stupid A. Argo. Entertainment News Patrick Schwarzenegger was seen hitting on Kristen Stewart at Taylor Lautner's birthday celebration. Joseph Gordon Levitt was seen on a recent episode of Sesame Street explaining the word “reinforce.” Maxim magazine has named Happy Endings star, Elisha Cuthbert,  the sexist woman on TV. Tom Brokaw's daughter Sarah gave birth to a son named Archer, this being Tom's first grandson. “He's a rat prick bastard.”  “Oh my God, it's a woman with a beard!” The nominations for the Nickelodeon Kid's choice awards are out, Josh Duhamel is going to be the host. Lady Gaga canceled the remainder of her Born this Way tour due to a labral tare of her right hip. “It looks like a steak-um.” 57 year-old Bruce Willis has been sober since the 80's, but still allows himself to drink wine. John Mayer has reportedly met Katy Perry's parents and they liked him! One of Lindsay Lohan's attorneys has filed documents stating that she cannot be charged for Lindsay's actions. Starr magazine has published pregnant pictures of Kate Middleton in a bathing suit. “You hate Mumford and Sons & pregnant women.” Kate Upton is the second model in history to land the Sports Illustrated magazine cover two years in a row. V-day Dinners. Clips Joel McHale talks about what to expect this season of Community. Josh Duhamel talks about his Safe Haven co-star Julianne Hough. It's Steve's anniversary! V-Day Dinner. 

Time 7:20-7:57
V-Day Dinner winner will be announced soon! Traffic. Lauren Harris' Bachelorette party is happening soon. V-Day Dinner. Congrats Listener John on winning! Gold Rose. Steven Starr. Painfully Single Mixer was great last night, even though the snow made it difficult to drive. Two new contestants are trying to win a Steven Starr dinner. Listener Brian is going against Listener Jennifer! V-Day. Gold Rose. Valentines Day Presents/Sex Preston is taking a road trip with his wife tomorrow. Casey and his wife aren't doing anything for Valentines day. Gold Rose. Most people expect sex on Valentines day. The gang reminisces when they used to get valentines day cards in grade school. Today, in grade schoolers have to make sure everyone gets a card. In high school, Casey had candy-grams and  never got one. Steve remembers an art teacher that used to get a lot of card on V-Day. Casey ruined Preston's gift, he was supposed to find a singing-gram for Preston. Going to dinner was always a big deal in school. V Day Dinner. Congrats Listener Brian on winning! Gold Roses. V-Day Dinner

SQ: What classic Billy Wilder comedy was set off my the Valentines Day massacre?
SA: Some Like it Hot

Time 8:08 -8:26
Vag launch is happening tomorrow! Steven Singer. Weather. Traffic. V-Day Dinner. Gold Rose. Kinky Listener Lorraine is going against Listener Ryan. V-Day Dinner. Bizarre Files A time Square Spider Man impersonator said he was acting out of self defense when he punched a woman for not giving him a tip after a photo-op. Indiana police said a couple died in a car fire after an occupant lit a cigarette while the other person in the car was using an oxygen tank. Linda Ackley went to a Michigan hospital due to stomach pains, but ended up giving birth to a 10-pound baby girl. Tuesday was senior night a Farmington High School, Crouse quit mid-game and scored in his own goal. Congrats go to Listener Ryan on winning a V-Day dinner! V-Day Dinner. 

Time 8:37-9:07
MMR Rocks! Weather. Vag Steven Singer. Traffic. Preston smelt something that wasn't Casey's ass, it's the Mac & Cheese from Mac-Mart. Gold Rose. Shart-Out to Bruce, hope you can make it to Cardboard Classic! The Classic is going on March 1st at jack Frost. Another V-Day dinner competition against Listener Lindsay and Listener Shaun. Steven Starr and Steven Singer. Painfully Single Mixer went well last night! There were a few missed connection from last night. One was between Listener Jacqueline and Craig AKA “Chuck Liddell.” Parx. There was an immediate turn out as soon as the event started. Steve said is was an enthusiastic and good-looking crowd. Casey knew it was going to be a good night when a woman checked-in and didn't have a bra on. Kathy knew it was going to be a good night when there was chocolate on the table.  During the balloon contest Listener Barry kept getting sat on, the gang thought he was going to die. Kathy was asked what she should wear by one of the girls, they were wearing the same outfit. Marisa was showing a lot of leg last night, she looked hot! “I forgot I gave up bad jokes for lent!” We are already planning the next one! There was a random guy who had a Tiffani Amber Thiessen t-shirt. Congrats go to Listener Shaun for winning the V-Day Dinner!  V-Day Dinner. Gold Rose.  

Time 9:21-9:53
Hoping everyone is having a great V-Day! Weather. Steven Starr. Philly's Hottest Nerdy girl contest is going on! Traffic. Cinderella's Tom Keifer in studio, he had a gig last night. He is a big fan of the blues and has always been at the heart of his music creation. Keifer grew up in Springfield and used to be a big fan of the Rolling Stones. Cinderella was a huge hair band. Keifer's hair was naturally big and curly. In the early 90's, he had severe voice problems that led to a partially paralyzed vocal chord.  During his solo performances, he normally sings his own songs and his Cinderella hits. Keifer performed an acoustic version of “Shake Me.” Cinderella was the first band that Preston saw to throw around their guitar backwards. Keifer tried to toss the guitar a couple of times, but it didn't work for him. The band is on a hiatus for right now. Madrid was one of the coolest international shows they performed at. The Galaxy had a recording place upstairs, that's where Cinderella used to record. The owner of the place was a fan of local music. Tom Keifer is playing in Pittsburgh at the Ultra Bar. The second song performed was “Don't Know What you got Till it's Gone.” Cinderella use to get a lot of support from WMMR. Keifer currently lives in Nashville. He noticed a lot of the country people are influenced by Led Zepplin. Disney never got on top of Cinderella for their name because it was a rock band, not a cartoon. His current album is called “The Way Life Goes.”  and will be released April 30th. 

Time 10:08-10:43
It's a beautiful day! Vag project is tomorrow. Steven Singer. Weather. Traffic. We're giving away another Steven Starr V-Day dinner! Do you think Brendan Fraser would like Steven Starr prize? It's a fondue V-Day for Fraser. His movie Escape From Planet Earth is in theaters today. It is a family friendly movie, a genre that Fraser loves to act in. This sci-fi movie is a about brothers and how team work get things done. William Shatner voices one of the characters in the movie, however, he did not get to act with him. Jane Lynch is also in the movie, she plays a large crustacean who has anger issues. Fraser always gets made fun of for the clapping gif. Fraser said it was because he was laughing so hard and thinks it will become a think of the past like the “Harlem Shake.” He has a few action figures on himself, one was of Rick O'Connell from the Mummy.. Love is in the air for Steven Starr. This time, it's against Listener Duke and Listener Bill.  Bizarre File A history teacher was attempting to teach how to lasso. One thirteen year old student volunteer was hurt and found with bruises around his neck. Medical examiners determined a woman passed away due to a woman with her extreme addiction to Coca-Cola. The son of NBA great, Larry Bird, has been arrested for allegedly attempting to run over his ex-girlfriend. A man has been charge of drilling holes in his floor and watching a woman shower through her ceiling. He was caught by her cats. Congrats to Duke who won a V-Day dinner! Steven Starr. Steven Singer. Lesson Q, Weeds & Nurse Jackie. Hollywood Trash Lady Gaga reveal that she is suffering from a chronic injury. Oscar nominee of Jessica Chastain's biological father recently passed away. Kristen Stewart told starr magazine that she wears her boyfriend's underwear. Lesson A. Weeds & Nurse Jackie Music News Deftones lead singer's side project called Palms is coming out soon. The members of Mumford and Sons told Rolling Stones that winning a Grammy for winning Album of the year felt really weird. Black Sabbath released a behind the scene video, that was released yesterday, of their journey recording their new album. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are releasing a Kiss memoir of their side of the story. V-Day Dinner.

Time 10:54-11:04
Feels like a Friday, but that's tomorrow. Frank won the last Steven Starr dinner! Special thanks to Tom Keifer. Preston doesn't need to hear all of this extra sounds. Special thanks to Brendan Fraser. Farewell to Intern Sarah Casey just killed Preston's mojo with his sound clips. Intern Sarah is one of the cutest interns ever. Sarah's going to Australia for 4 and a half months for a travel abroad class. Sarah will be blogging her adventure as “adingoatemyintern” on tumblr. Steve doesn't even want to go to Bryn Mawr. Casey loves Sarah's mom, she knew the Contra code on Casey's T-shirt. We burned up Matt Cord's first hour of Pierre's show. Matt got a PPA hat, was wondering how he can use it to his advantage. Matt didn't even get late fees waived when he had to pay last time. LOTD. Bird is the word, again. Intern Beth had a very high fever, but she's back. Kathy won't go near her. Special thanks to our sponsors. Parx is giving away a Mustang on Sunday. Matt's going to host the VAG launch this year! He actually has to work this year. Tomorrow, we'll have the VAG launch and Alicia Vitarelli will stop by! Rage on, see you tomorrow!

Lesson Q: What does Lady Gaga's Labia look like?
Lesson A: Steak-Ums 

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