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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:17 – 6:32
Traffic. News President Obama urging congress to avoid cuts this week. Made an emotional plea for more gun laws. No chance to pass without Republican votes. Investigators have found charred remains where Christopher Dorner was supposedly held up. Killed one officer and injured another who is his fourth victim. Cops heard a single gun shot go off, and then the fire lit. He didn't start the fire. Matthew White 1979 graduate of UPenn was stabbed to death Monday morning. His wife Maria stabbed her husband in the neck. Maria is being charged with first and third degree murder. His wife says he was watching child porn and that's why she did it. Sports Flyers win last night 3-2. Sixers play tonight. Lebron James scores 30 points in 6th straight game. Heat beat Trailblazers. No touch screens are working. Counterproductive 2.0. 

Time 6:44 – 7:09
Black Keys. Traffic. WMMR weather app still working even with technical difficultuies. Stupid Question Birthdays Henry Rollins 52. Peter Gabriel 63. Mena Suvari 34. Jerry Springer 69. Stockard Channing 69. George Segul 79. Chuck Yeager 90. Peter Tork 71. Stupid Answer Entertainment News Penelope Cruz expecting second child. Alec Baldwin has a baby on the way. Steve Martin becomes father at the age of 67. Kept the baby a secret since December. TLC denying rumors that Mama June is joining Dancing with the Stars. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's daughter is co-starring in Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. Elizabeth Taylor new version of Liz & Dick will be played by BBC. Mila Kunis not admitting to dating Ashton Kutcher. After 5 years behind bars, OJ Simpson's friends think he may be gay. Shows off his body to the other convicts. OJ worried more about what the players in the Superbowl looked like than who won the game. “Prances” around in only gym shorts in front of the other men. Hangs out with a group of openly homosexual men called “the girls” and is called “DJ” aka “Daddy Juice.” Caller Sal works at a prison and says only some prisons have weights.  They should be doing pilates. Kendall & Kylie Jenner just launched PacSun clothing line last week. And we draw pictures of horses. Clips Jane Lynch on her new movie. Emma Thompson on on-screen chemistry. Painfully single mixer.

Time 7:21-7:44
Jimi Hendrix. Traffic. International Olympic committee has dropped wrestling from the program, no reason why. Last sports removed were softball and baseball, golf and rugby are being added. Caller Henry, disappointed about wrestling because there's not much to look forward to now. Caller Harry, wants to get rid of curling. Doping scandal in curling. Caller Richard, still have trampoline. Caller Taz, there's a lot of people still trying to reverse this decision. Caller Jim, voted on this three times. There's a chance that it can come back after 2020. Caller Zack, says that training is worthless without wrestling in the Olympics. Wrestlevania. Does everything get TV coverage? In the biathalon, you have to order a classy lunch, ski and shoot. Dee Snider's sport or not a sport. Caller Clay, 13 year old wrestler. Basic wrestling is the sport to learn. Steve always fights people in wheel chairs and they always end up on the ground. Earliest sport is pooping and rolling around in afterbirth. Caller Jerry, bowling is replacing wrestling. Caller Paula, thinks wrestling is gross but it shouldn't be taken out. Casey used to wrestle his brother. Casey lost to a real wrestler though. Bowling in a unitard. 

Stupid Question: What cartoon character was the first to receive a star on the hollywood walk of fame?

Stupid Answer: Mickey Mouse

Time 7:55– 8:22
Soundgarden. Live on Fox Good day (connection problems.) Secret text word. The topic was supposed to be horror movies! Traffic. Preston says thank you to Linda for her birthday card. Kathy has almost 100 letters from some guy talking about his pussy cat. If you can't find me one day I'm in his basement. Shart out  to Steph from Kelly Bizarre File Police in Connecticut say a man bit off his cousins earlobe and then swallowed it bc of a fight over loud music. A disagreement over mashed potatoes escalated this weekend when a woman was fighting with another & she went at her with box cutters & threw things. Young mother with history of violence avoids jail time again. She kicked in the shower door and tried to attack the mans mother after she tried to call the police after she caught him pleasuring himself in the shower. Man accused of pleasuring himself at a computer interview process. The interviewer looked over and saw his stuff in his hand and the man claimed it just “fell out.” Billy Campbell in studio He forgets to zip his pants sometimes. Steve enjoyed watching Killing Lincoln. Narrator Tom Hanks is closest living descendant to Abraham Lincoln. Billy has been a lifelong history buff. Grew up running around on battlefields in Virginia. Learned a lot about Lincoln while filming this “docudrama.” Amazing how he was able to just walk around  as opposed to now with the secret service and insane security. Lincoln was supposed to be kidnapped, not killed. Almost everything seen has been historically verified. Had 10 days to learn to be Lincoln. Steve watched the Rocketeer with his wife last night. Has motivated a lot of people, including Preston to do MMA from his movie enough. Zip up your pants. a

Time 8:35– 8:52
Volbeat. Traffic. Aditi Roy in studio Preston leads into interview with email. Police officer says that she is a sweetheart. William asked Aditi on a date. Moving back to LA to be on national news. Nick asked about her twitter handle that has NBC in it. Speaks Bengali. Started working in Philly of May 2002. Has a lot of degrees. Very passionate about education. Says that the Amish school story was the most heart wrenching. Most embarrassing was from the runner of the brides after he was proposed to during a broadcast. Last day with NBC 10 is Friday. Loved working for NBC 10 and loves the community. Everyone in LA is good looking. Growing up in an area that's so cosmetic is difficult. 

Time 9:04– 9:35
Cheap Trick. Traffic. Announcement for Philly's hottest nerd girl. Everyone except Steve feels off this week. EAS interruption Audio from Montana about zombies & dead bodies coming back to life. Just like War of the Worlds broadcast. People freak out when it looks or sounds like the normal news. Would probably be believed for a minute because of the importance of the messages. Saying terrorists hijacked a ship with a nuclear weapon. Caller Craig, also knows about the nuclear weapon broadcast. “Special bulletin.” Caller Steve, saw a “caution zombies ahead” sign. Caller Roy, hospitals were trained to go through what they would do if a pandemic disease happened. What would you do? Preston would pick up his kids but doesn't know what he'd do after. Casey would say “I told you so, you should've let me get a gun” to his wife for 3-4 minutes before reacting.” Good idea to have a plan for the zombie apocalypse is on the horizon. Woman arrested for letting her 3 year old  pump gas. Picked up at the Giant gas station. You don't squeegee the windshield, the giant just picks it up and licks it. Casey wants to know when he went to DC for vacation because that was the first time he pumped gas. What's the name of the squeeze thing? Gas taint. Is Amazon or Apple better? Steve uses Apple to buy on Amazon. Caller Christina, says 16 years old is the age to pump gas in PA. Casey got gas in his eyes and he can see fine. Preston would load his own shotgun shells. I used to bowl with dynamite! Hold open latch. Caller Pam, Sticker on the fuel lid. 

Time 9:42– 9:52
Traffic. Ringling Brothers Circus girls in studio Ashley, Dani and Elliana. “The gorgeous ladies of Ringling.” The Human cannon goes about 100 feet and 60 mph. She trains at the Ringling circus on off days. Elliana's mother runs a circus school. Preston may have nailed Elliana's mom. Before the show you can get close to the animals and performers. Elephant paints a painting and they give it away to an audience member. Largest exhibition of tigers. 18 tigers in a cage with one trainer. 250 people in their section and 111 people perform in the segment. 

Time 10:04-10:26
Foo Fighters. Bizarre file John Ahlman died of a heart attack at 54 after promoting the heart attack grill in Las Vegas. One quadruple bypass has 10,000 calories. An 18 year old woman accused of child abuse after a 9 year old boys mother found hickeys on his neck. A man in England climbed into a harness and hung himself over traffic with his friend who was supposed to lift him but was too weak. A Russian diamond mining company found a 145 carat diamond. Worth 1 million dollars. A freak thunderstorm went over Rome and lightning struck the basilica. The next Pope may be named Peter. Pope Louie. Lesson Q  Hollywood trash. Kate Middleton showing pregnant in a bikini. Queen Elizabeth photographed pissing into a yoohoo bottle. Mila Kunis doesn't want to compare boyfriends. Regular MJ enemas. Jay-Z drank crystal out of his own Grammy. Also snacked on Caviar out or Regis' skull. Lesson A. Preston is not an actress. Secret text word. Music news Singer of the Black Keys is going through a divorce. Green Day confirmed North American dates for their tour. Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard says new album will come out between 2013 & 2014. David Lee Roth says he wants Michael Anthony back in Van Halen. Preston didn't wear his glasses today. Preston was watching a documentary on Paul Williams. Kathy's goofy face looks like Barbra Streisand singing. Alice in Chains playing MMRBQ have launched their new Ebay charity auction. Black Sabbath posted a teaser clip of a full behind the scenes video that will show the recording of the album “13.” Secret text word. 

Time 10:36-10:44
The Police. Preston is getting on Kathy's nerves. Preston is salt & pepper. Matt Cord might give up sex for lent. Steve went to get his ashes then he realized he was in a synagogue. You're not supposed wash them off. Sunday you're allowed to take off from your lent. Steve is giving up watching Snuff films because he loves watching them. Casey would have gotten made fun of by his wife if he wore Billy's suit. LOTD. 

Lesson Q: In what part of our state is wrestling really prominent?

Lesson A: Wrestlevania.


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