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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Billy Campbell - THe Rocketeer - IN STUDIO - 8:05 
Aditi Roy - NBC 10 - IN STUDIO - 8:30
Hot chicks from Ringling Bros Circus!!  - 9:30

-Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:17 – 6:28
Good Morning! Hale Storm on WMMR fresh off of their Grammy win. Traffic. News On Monday night an SUV was towed from the Wilmington shooting was found with the body of the shooter, Thomas Matusiewicz. This was was planned shooting and Christine Belford was the intended target. Philadelphia police say a 53 year old man barricaded himself in his Philly house with his 58 year old girlfriend after a fight with his neighbors turned violent. One time Ivy League basketball player, White, was found murdered in his house. His wife is currently being questioned as the prime suspect. Sports Both the Flyers and the Sixers lost last night. The Eagles have renewed Michael Vick's contract for another year . The Phillies are currently in their spring training, opening day is in 7 weeks. Painfully Single Mixer. Vag launch. Cardboard Classic, Movie screening tonight! 

Time 6:39 – 7:09
It's Tuesday and we've got Tom Petty! Movie Screening and Painfully Single Mixer tomorrow. Traffic. SQ. Argo on DVD. Birthdays Josh Brolin; 45, Ray Manzarek; 74, Christina Ricci; 33, Arsenio Hall; 58, Michael Ironside; 63, Joe Garagiola, 87, Chynna Phillips; 45, Joe Don Baker; 77. SA Argo on DVD. Entertainment News For her role as Fatine, Anne Hathaway has been gaining haters for her painfully overly-practiced acceptance speeches. An angry Florida woman reportedly cursed at the crew of Spring Break and sprayed the members with a hose, causing Vanessa Hudgens to get wet. Ted Nugent will be attending the gun control press conference tonight. Salwa Amin, from MTV's Buckwild, is currently facing a drug charge in Florida for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Bruce Willis was awarded with the commander of the arts in France. G4 is officially being re branded as the Esquire network. ABC will be announcing the upcoming members of Dancing with the Stars. Josh Holloway has been cast as the league in an upcoming show called “Intelligence.” Lindsay Lohan has been spotted looking for retail space in NYC to change into a restaurant. “I'll call it chicken fingers. LiLo, who's Lilo? I thought it was Lilo and Stitch. That thing surfs”  “The slogan can be, I just got fingered at chicken fingers!” A Youtube video of a deadly helicopter crash was  for a military reality show being filmed. Kim Kardashian and Kanye are planning to buy multiple homes. Clips Viola Davis talks about her Beautiful Creatures co-stars. Bruce Willis talks about his character in the new Die Hard. Movie screening passes to Die Hard. 
Track  3                          Time 7:20 – 7:46
Sun is trying to come out! Weather. Traffic. James Lipton and Molly Eichel will be on later in the show. Accidents while shaving Genitalia  Preston shaved his genitalia over this weekend and uses an electric razor. Preston doesn't believe that he needs to be totally hairless, he just needs to be trimmed. Preston just showed Casey his ball sack. Casey stopped shaving because it itches. The way to do it is to trim than  to go completely bare. 11,004 cases of hurting something while grooming have been reported, grooming accidents have increased 5 fold. Dollar Shave. Non electric razors send people to the emergency room the most. The way to do it is to lather up and let the skin soak. With an electric razor you can shave quicker. Men are waxing more, Casey said the top of his pubic area was painful. It's hard for people with big bellies to shave. “You should hire Marisa!” After shaving, using a little underarm deodorant keeps the area dry. Good Day to Die Hard movie passes. Morning Skate

SQ: How tall was Abraham Lincoln.
SA:  6'4

Track  1                          Time 7:58-8:14
MMRBQ is coming up! Traffic. We are adding a category on our Philly's Hottest competition! This one is Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl! For photos, please play upon the stereotype and submit your photos to Nick. If you're into a certain segment of the nerd culture, show it in the photos. Bizarre Files A woman has been ordered to leave her rat infested mobile home that held over 300 rats. A homeless man who suffered a medical emergency thanks his dog for saving his life. Marque J pulled out a pencil sharpener, showed off the shavings then his teacher poured them into his mouth. There has been numerous sightings of a Japanese squid flying above the ocean surface. A shoes salesman is accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend's home and then proceeded bit off her left big toe. Whole Foods is here!
Track  2                          Time 8:24-8:50
WMMR! Traffic. Painfully Single Mixer. Marisa is the rubber cement of the Preston and Steve show. We are about to play a new game, One Word Movie Trivia! Gold Roses, Steven Singer, Whole Foods, Dinner for Two, and Movie Passes to Die Hard. The Borgota is allowing gambling via the TV for different games.  Line: “Toga!” Listener Paul guessed Animal House and wins a gold rose from Steven Singer. Line: “Squrriel!”  was from Christmas Vacation. Line: “Samsonite.” Listener Ryan guessed Dumb and Dumber and wins a gold rose. Line: “Plastics.” it's from the Graduate. Line: “Sixty-Nine!” Listener Ed guessed Fast Times at Ridgemont High and wins Dinner for two at the Borgota. Line: “Redrum” Listener Seth guessed the Shining and wins a Whole Foods gift card. Line: ”Nerds!” Listener Steve guessed Revenge of the Nerds and wins a Whole Foods gift card. Line: “Gnarly!” it's from Fast Times. Ninth line: “Forever” Listener Rosey guessed Sandlot &  wins Die Hard movie passes. Tenth line: “Attica!” Gene Barretta guessed A Dog Day Afternoon & wins Die Hard passes. 
Track  3                          Time 8:58-9:23
Gadzooks. Letter of the Day Prize and Whole Foods. Traffic. Inside the Actors Sutdio is on Bravo and we are interviewing James Lipton Hugh Jackman will be on the show tomorrow night. There is nothing that Jackman can't do, not only is he a showman, but he can also act. Lipton says that he is such a nice guy &  has a charity called Laughing Man and has devoted himself to it, Jackman walked into Lipton's dressing room with a basket of Laughing Man teas. His performance in Les Miserables &  deserves an award. Lipton believes that the Oscars is like comparing apples to oranges, he prefers the model of the Golden Globes. Lipton said that Bradley Cooper had something special when he was a student. We have another guest, she is the new Gossip writer of the Daily News, Molly Eichel in studio  She has been with the Daily News since 2010. Dan said that she was the best person for the job. Eichel said that gossip/celebrity news is her life. It is first time a woman has written the gossip column, so she wants to put a lady spin on it. Eichel has gotten a lot of advice and numbers from Dan. Philly market is sometimes overlooked, but isn't anymore. She thinks this was the perfect time to get the job. Eichel doesn't know a lot about sports, but is definitely working hard to know it all. She uses the internet a lot to gain information and hasn't gained any enemies yet. If you have celebrity information, pass it on to Molly Eichel! She wants good scandals such as a James Lipton sex tape. Breaking News: Marisa just called Lower Merion high school and the mascot was a bulldog named Ace. She is currently single! Painfully Single

Track  1                          Time 9:35-9:45
Black Keys on WMMR! Weather. Traffic. Whole Foods. Painfully Single Mixer. Parx Casino. Bizarre File A Public University's club bought over a thousand dollars of sex toys for their dirty bingo created to talk about sexual topics. Some prized include; butt plugs. Dildos, and artificial vagina's. English man John Woods said he fought off of four muggers with one hand while his other hand was held his fish & chips. An 82 year old man tackled and captured a 27 year old burglar while gardening. “He used one hand because in his other hand was prune juice & butt plugs.” A man is 1.3 million dollar richer after slipping on a sign at Walmart. He is now left with a Popeye deformity causing his arm to bulge irregularly.
Track  2                          Time 9:58-10:17
Casey was singing along to the show, Eddie Vedder style. Casey just admitted that he used to purposed cry while singing “Little Jackie Paper.” “This is better than stew!” Philly's hottest nerdy girl contest has just been announced. You need to send the pictures to Bob Doge and black Listena Tikka just got her tattoo finished. Listena Tikka is totally baked, parties for a living, and has wild hair. LQ Weeds & Nurse Jackie on DVD Hollywood Trash Kristen Cavelleri said that she isn't a bitch as many people saw when she was on Laguna beach. John Mayer opened up about his relationship with Katy Perry, he said it doesn't feel like a celebrity relationship. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly opening up her own restaurant in NYC. LA Weeds & Nurse Jackie on DVD. Music News Singer and guitarist, Lizzy Hale, of Halestorm talked with about using her sex appeal for gaining fans. She said a lot of women are Halestorm fans. Jack white might have uttered an obscenity live at the Grammy awards. His “fight me” was confused for “f-me.” white was nominated for three Grammys, but went home empty handed.  The Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden opened up to Esquire magazine and stated that he would used Metallica to warm up to interrogate prisoners Metallica asked them to change their warm-up music, so they used Demon Hunter instead. Volby front man Michael Paulson. Casey thought that was Jared Lito's name in fight Club, but it was really Meatloaf's. Anyway, Michael Paulson said that his band's album is the best ever. Movie passes for Die Hard. 
Track  3                          Time 10:28-10:33
93.3 WMMR. Weather. It's been a fun day! Thanks for Listener Tikka for getting a tattoo. Bob Dodge did a portrait of Bob Marley on her arm. Also thanks to Molly Eichel from the Daily News and James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio. We made an announcement earlier today, we are looking for Philly's Hottest Nerdy Girl! Send your pictures to Thanks again to Whole foods for coming in! Matt Chord is here, he loves Whole Foods especially the one on South Street because it has free parking. LOTD. Thanks to our sponsors! 

LQ: What is the Kathy's new shave-balls related nickname?
LA: Flappy Romano 


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