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Time 6:15 – 6:27 

Weather. Traffic. News. Breaking news out of Vatican City. Pope Benedict XVI will be resigning at the end of the month. Maybe Oprah will get him. Police investigating the sexual assault of two female Drexel students. California residents remaining calm during search of a fugitive who has killed 3 people. Been compared to Rambo. Sports. Flyers open a six game road trip. They're in 3rd place in Atlantic division. Sixers beat Bobcats. Brandt Snedeker won the Pebble each Pro-am. Painfully Single Mixer @ Parx Casino. Vag launch.

Time 6:39 – 7:05

Weather. Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays.Kelly Roland 32. Michael Shinoda 36. Jennifer Aniston 44. Burt Reynolds 77. Tina Louise 79. Sheryl Crow 51. Sarah Palin 49. Taylor Lautner 21. Mike Richards 28. Max Talbot 29. Stupid A. Entertainment News.Box office top 10. NBC has canceled Do No Harm after only two episodes. Scored lowest ratings of all time. Lindsay Lohan has been taken care of financially by 3 massively wealthy men. She's a high priced whore. Helen Mirren has dyed her hair bubble gum pink. Has she dyed her bush as well? Big Love star Chloe Segigny gets naked for World of Wonder table book. Critic Rex Reed has been roasted for calling Melissa McCarthy tractor-sized and unfunny. Charlie Sheen is aiding police in finding the California murderer at large. Christina Applegate announced she is leaving her show Up All Night. A SWAT team was called in to save Kendall and Kylie Jenner during a meet & greet at a NJ mall. Emma Watson thinks people need to back off of Kristin Stewart. Kate Upton is on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for 2nd time in a row. Clips. Juliana Hough. John Moore. Die Hard movie screening.

Time 7:14-7:52

Weather. Painfully Single Mixer @ Parx. Traffic. Pope Benedict XVI Resigns.Matt O'Donnell. Matt broke the news. The last time a Pope resigned was in 1415. It's odd because usually they just die out as the Pope. There are no ways to replace the Pope. Even after he resigns, he will still be the Pope because he's still alive. Maybe he doesn't want to die as the Pope responsible for the sex allegations. The next Pope will come from South America or Africa. With this occurring last in the 15th century, are we seeing a trend here? There may be a doping scandal! Matt was so shocked. He's wrapping up his term on Feb. 28th. What will trend more online today? Katy Perry's boobs at the Grammy's or the Pope? According to a Saint prophecy, the next Pope will be the last Pope and will take the name Peter. Preston isn't Catholic, but his wife is. Pope John Paul was a rock star amongst Popes. Preston's friend met him and said he was a Saint. He saw him at a concession stand. Kathy was surprised when she went to the Vatican and people weren't quiet during mass. There's a strict dress code in Vatican City. Preston has been to Notre Dame. There's an early morning hangover mass on Sundays. The Ireland mass was the greatest mass Steve's been to. Caller said he cried when he went to the Vatican. When Nick was studying in France, the Pope came and gave a mass. The Pope-mobile is awesome. The Vatican is its own nation. Can you get your passport stamped there? Going to a mass read in a foreign language can be a bit odd. Caller and his family had lunch with the Pope. Steve is here doing voices and the caller met a Pope. Caller wins. What does a Pope do when they resign? What's an Anti-Pope? They're like squatters.Pope Rocky. 


Stupid Q.

What mountain is divided into two peaks named Keebo and Mowenzi? 


Stupid A.



Time 8:02 – 8:12

Weather. Traffic. Bizarre File. Man in hospital after attempt to remove tree stump with home-made fireworks. When police tried to arrest a sexual predator, he was almost made a eunuch when shots were fired at his groin. A naked women high on drugs went on a rampage in a hair salon. A 58-year-old prisoner who tried to smuggle a cell phone into prison was caught when the phone started ringing in his butt. A male stripper attacked women when they began booing him during his routine. New Zealand man set off his emergency beacon while hiking because he wanted a helicopter ride to his car. Painfully Single Mixer @ Parx.

Time 8:22 – 9:10

Traffic. Dr. Oz. Anti-bodies that attack teenage girls' brain. Sometimes your body mistakes your antibodies as bacteria and attacks own body. On the show today, many foods we think are real are fake without us knowing. It's not legal, but people do it anyway because people don't check on it. Oz likes the green coffee bean extract for weight loss. If you eat greek yogurt before each meal, help lose weight. Why do people get headaches when they eat nonfat yogurt? Nonfat yogurt is bad. Eat low-fat instead. Melatonin is great for sleep. Caller John's daughter almost died from that brain disease. Symptoms reported are girls acting possessed. Caller Eric is a medical student studying this disease. Eric's smart!Grammy's Recap. Kathy hates Katy Perry's dress. If you have a penis, you'll liked it. Pitbull looked like he was on something. Carrie Underwood looked gorgeous. Performances were great. Album of the year: Mumford & Sons. Casey can't understand why more people don't like them. How does Kathy's opinion make Steve feel? Attacked. Wiz Kalifa was so dumb. Bruno Mars did a great Bob Marley tribute. How did the band Fun not get electrocuted? The lead singer of Fun was influenced by Pee Wee Herman. Taylor Swift was a fan last night. Award winners. Adele's dress was knit by her gramgram. Halestorm won! They won for the Indian chant “I Hope It Rains”. The n-word has become so popular in hip hop. LL Cool J was a great host. Kathy is gonna go to the Wiz Kalifa show. Mumford & Sons is great shoveling music. Elton John played the A-Team theme song. Nick isn't a Jack White fan. He was on American Pickers this weekend! Johnny Depp looked orange.

Time 9:20 – 9:37

Weather. Traffic. Breaking News. There's been a shooting inside Wilmington Court House. Shooter is dead, few people with injuries. Nick Retro Fitness calender raid.Cheese. New sandwich is grilled cheese that's made completely out of cheese, using bread-cheese. Steve and Preston are obsessed with cheese. Meltdown restaurant is awesome. Philly has great mac 'n' cheese. Reading Terminal Market has a grilled cheese bar. Delilah's restaurant closed. Gotta try macaroni pie. Wanna come upstairs and get some chicken pot pie? Preston used to love chicken pot pie. Kathy doesn't eat mac 'n' cheese or pot pie. It's because she doesn't know music. Casey almost starved to death on a trip once because all they had was stew. He hates stew. Italian wedding soup is great. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best food combo. Nick's son just had that for the first time. Steve almost never eats at home. Caller Julie makes an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich. The worst mouth burn Kathy has ever had was from melted chocolate. Steve did the same thing with pizza. Kathy got a third degree burn in her mouth. Someone make us bread cheese and Oreo truffles! Now the pants come off.Die Hard movie passes 


Time 9:47 – 9:59

Sort of announcement coming up. Traffic. Philly's Hottest tomorrow. E-Mail From Kelly going to Cardboard Classic does not need lift ticket to watch the classic. Tonight on CBS they will do a report on Marc Summers taxi accident. This could happen to you. Dee Dee Roy getting a correspondent job on a National show Bizarre File Girl Utah Valley University alerted 300 seniors they received a free ride due to a computer. Mike and Trina from Florida have used coffee enemas four times daily. Defendants were convicted for cutting Amish beards and hair, they could face up to 15 years in prison. Woman has defended son who was throwing pretend grenades on recess, has been in trouble with the law before, turns out he was trowing rocks at other students pretending they were grenades.

Time 10:12 – 10:25

Weather. Philly's Hottest Announcement. Painfully Single Mixer @ Parx Casino. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were abroad posing with a statue. Got scared when statue started chasing them. Smart is trying to convince girlfriend JLO to get him a pet dolphin and a flying car. Nelson Mendela said that he loves Toddlers & Tiaras and that he would love to wax that mama's ass. Lesson A. Music News. Grammy's were last night. Award winners recap. Dave Grohl did an AMA on He said that the Foo Fighters were working on a new album. He also said that he wants to host SNL. Axl Rose's lawsuit against a video game company that featured Slash in the game was thrown out of court. Kings of Leon drummer posted a picture of his newborn baby on twitter. Mike Shinoda is acting as a mentor for wannabe recording artists in a contest. Can enter through soundcloud and 3 winners will have a recording session with Grammy winning producer. SNL skit of Dan Rathers. Jeremy Slappy Charity mention. He's hiking the Appalactian Trail with the goal of raising funds and awareness for Big City Mountaineers and Philabundance. Hike goes 2,000+ miles. It's going to be dangerous! Preston sounds like his mom with his concern. Sarcasm Comedy Club this Sunday to raise Monday.

Time 10:36 – 10:42

Matt Cord in for Pierre this whole week. Matt can go to the mixer on Wednesday. It's in Bucks County, he doesn't go there. He never crosses the other side of Broad St. He likes his neighborhood. He loved our Grammy's recap. He agrees with us in that the performances were great. Jack White was alright at best. He didn't know that the Mumford & Sons were British. Casey didn't know Stephen Hawking was British. He thought he was in a band from Tennessee. Today's sponsors. What Matt Cord has in store for today. Tomorrow's guests. Nick's Calender Raid. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! & New Philly's Hottest category announcement tomorrow.


Lesson Q:

What won the Grammy for the best Indian chant?


Lesson A:

The Tomahawks “I Hope It Rains”




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