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Next week on the show:
Rescheduled VAG Launch
Tom Keifer (lead singer of Cinderella) - PERFORMING LIVE IN STUDIO
Alicia Viterelli & Judge Huges from Red Cross - IN STUDIO
Painfully Single Mixer
Last minute Valentines Day Reservations to save our male listeners
Today's show:

Time 6:15 – 6:25

Traffic. News. Police served search warrants for kidnapper of 5 yr old girl. Local Muslims put $20,000 into reward pool. The girl said she was blindfolded the whole time. A 7 yr old boy found a handgun in his backpack at school. Gun was loaded but jammed w/ rocks. My backpack came with a thermos. Northeast US getting ready for record setting blizzard. Boston closing its schools & urging businesses to work from home. Boston could get 18-24 inches of snow. More than 2,200 flights have been canceled. Intern Erin is supposed to fly out of Boston to Ireland tomorrow. Poor girl, she's so horny. Sports. Florida Panthers beat Flyer 3-2. Kimmo Timonen signed 1-yr extension w/ the Flyers. 76ers play Charlotte Bobcats tonight. Vag Project was post-poned yesterday. We'll try next week. Steven Singer. Tom Papa in studio today. He's performing at Colonial Theater tomorrow. Lots of giveaways today.

Time 6:35 – 7:03

Remember when Everclear was huge? Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Vince Neal is 52. Seth Green is 39. John Grisham is 58. Nick Nolte is 72. He would have made a good Lincoln (Steve imitating Nolte). Ted Koppel is 72. I like Koppel's hair helmet. Alonzo Mourning is 42. John Williams (composer) is 81. He's done 185 soundtracks, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, & Lincoln. Stupid Answer. Jan was the hot Brady when they grew up. She had the boobies. Tiffany Thiessen wasn't excited when Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) made surprise appearance on Today Show. Tiffany did a photo shoot for The Chive. OC star Adam Brody & Leighton Meester rumored to be dating. Tony Danza is officially divorced after 24 yrs of marriage. They've been separated since 2006. Amanda Bynes tweeted a pic of Jay-Z, wrote “Ugly Face” on it. Lindsay Lohan, w/ puffy lip, attended amfAR event for fashion week. Lindsay said her family keeps her grounded during craziness in her life. Girl Meets World stars Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel know each other so well, playing married couple on TV is easy. Sounds like they have great chemistry (Steve as Nick Nolte). Their daughter will be played by Rowan Blanchard. InTouch Weekly has court documents w/ proof of Kris Jenner's psych evaluation. Results show she craves attention & makes is immature. Lance Armstrong sued by insurance company that paid him $12 million. Fox in talks to pick up US version of Simon Cowell's UK reality show “Food, Glorious Food”. thrilled w/ Bar Rafaeli Superbowl ad despite bad reviews. They had best sales day ever because of it. Jay Leno mocked the ad & made out w/ the same nerdy guy. Clips. Identity Thief's Eric Stonestreet. Charles Swan the 3rd star Jason Schwartzman. No Vag Project today. Steven Singer and Tom Papa in studio today.

Time 7:14 – 7:43

Storm Nemo coming today. I'm naming it Storm Lick My Taint. Traffic. A man's prosthetic eye popped out while he was on the stand in court. Trial made a mis-trial. Glass Eyes. Preston hates when people flip their eyelids. Some people can't wear contacts, they don't like touching their eyeballs. Caller Russ saw guy's eye fall into his drink. Caller Bob has glass eye. A sphere is placed into hollowed out eye socket for the eyeball. You can get custom eye designs. Caller Christine has glass eye. The process to make one is very complicated. We should do an all glass eye production of Death of a Salesman. How often would you clean your glass eye? Contacts can fuse to your eye if you wear them too long. Kremer Lasik eye surgery.Caller Kristy never takes her glass eye out. Prosthetics are expensive. Tom Papa calling instead due to weather.



Where did the Brady Bunch go to high school?





Time 7:54 – 8:04

Painfully Single Mixer. Traffic. Pubic hair head. Steven Singer is late. We had to scrub the Vag launch today but Steven wanted to come in. He better have diamond earrings for me.Bizarre File. A mother visited her offspring in jail & gave him oxycodone pills through her mouth. She was arrested & charged with felony drug count. In Turkey a woman was beheaded when her go-cart crashed and seat belt cut off her head. She was wearing a head scarf that may have been tangled w/ seat belt. Gang of men in India hijacked a train by throwing chili pepper in people's eyes. Guatemala woman arrested trying to get in country w/ $31,000 cash in her stomach. Tennessee worker quit his job because his W2 was stamped w/ the number 666.

Time 8:16 - 8:43

Traffic. What are the lyrics to “Pyscho Killer” song? Steven Singer in studio.Steven was late because he had to “scrub the vag”. Steven giving everyone in the studio a rose for V-Day. He brought Cynthia Sky Blue Diamond Heart & Diamond necklace. Secret Text for Blue Diamond necklace. The diamond rose bouquets are very nice, they last for years. Steven Signer giving away Blue Diamond Stud earrings for the Vag Project. Tom Papa on the phone.It's chaos in New York right now. Babies are chewing on rats. He saw Al Roker trying to buy his old blubber back. How bout that snowman coming to life ad becoming the governor of NJ? Tom drives a Honda Odyssey minivan. Preston thinks minivans are pretty cool sometimes. Casey says Odyssey minivan has great pickup. It's the ultimate family vehicle. Tom has 2 kids, they go skating a lot. When you have kids you do weird stuff with people you make. Preston is a really good roller skater. Tom's performing all new material tomorrow. He filmed a comedy special w/ Rob Zombie in NY. The Blob was filmed in Colonial Theater in Phoenixville. To Tom, the Superbowl is about eating. Tom plays Liberace's manager in Behind the Candelara w/ Matt Damon & Michael Douglas. Damon &  Douglas were hilarious on set. Damon does great Matthew Mcconaughey impression. Catherine Zeta Jones visited the set. She just looks like a movie star. He got  Hurricane Sandy damage in NY. Tom couldn't survive in any other time period. Steven Singer.

 Time 8:54 - 9:16

Some rain but nothing really bad. Traffic. Shart-out from listener David to girlfriend Lauren. They were born same day, same year, at the same hospital. Nick and Casey were born at the same hospital 2 weeks apart. Silvia Seegrist killed the doctor that delivered Casey. She shot 10 people (3 killed) at Springfield Mall. UK Study says couples who are vocal in bed have more fun. People think their performances are appreciated. Do you announce your orgasms?Next Stop, Pudding Town! Steve announces his like a train conductor. Preston doesn't mind when girls announce it. Caller Dave makes weird sound when he orgasms, & he announces it. Casey & Steve think it's annoying when guys tell girls to do things they're already doing. Preston was w/ a girl who made no sounds, it was a turn-off. Caller John yells Street Fighter quotes during sex. Preston's friend used to say “Hey watch this”. Caller Brian yells “Get a load of this!” Caller Lou says you should announce orgasms, they come out at 40mph. Caller Elizabeth's ex did nothing, made no sound during sex. Kathy just lies there. She thinks you don't need to announce orgasms. Steven Singer. Bizarre File next.

Time 9:28 – 9:44

Painfully Single Mixer. Totally Office Calendar Making-Of video for Megan is on the website now. Traffic. Vag Project was post-poned until next week. John Bolaris on the phone. Prime time for Storm Nemo will be tonight. Change-over from rain to snow after 7:00pm. Heaviest snow will be north of Philly tonight, east from Trenton. Philly will get 3-6 inches of snow. Temperatures will fall rapidly tonight, and winds will pick up. Sun will come back out tomorrow. Bizarre File. Young NJ woman jumped off George Washington bridge to her death. They found a list of 5 girls in her purse that she did not want to attend her funeral. She was bullied by her fashion friends & there were meds in her system. Tel Aviv student's parking spot was painted as a handicap spot while she was away. She was given a fine, but she fought it using surveillance footage. Woman called in bomb threat at courthouse and left her own name. Mother accused of sorcery was stripped naked, tortured and burned alive. She was accused of killing a 6 yr old boy using sorcery. Steven Singer.

Time 9:55 – 10:07

“45” by Gaslight Anthem sounds light song from Ferris Bueller. Lesson Question.Hollywood Trash. Selena Gomez's Adidas event was targeted by sweat shop protesters. She said “How could a shop stay in business selling sweat?” Marilyn Manson collapsed on stage at a concert in Canada. He's been dieting to fit into his old army uniform. Lady Gaga is a monster to her assistants. She underpays them & they can't look her in the eye. She fired one assistant for trying to iron her meat dress with a George Foreman Grill. Lesson Answer.Music News. Tool lead singer said band will not release an album in 2013, but band's drummer said new album will arrive this year. One of the new songs is a 20-minute epic. The band Phoenix mixed upcoming album Bankrupt on same engineering console used to mix Michael Jackson's Thriller. Lead singer was confused why nobody else wanted it. He bought it for $17,000, but was listed for over $30,000. Theory of a Dead Man has already begun working on their 5th album after their recent tour. Metallica will throw out first pitch & sing National Anthem at San Francisco Giant's home opener. Elton John appeared on upcoming album from Queens of the Stone Age. Elton made appearance on last Alice in Chains album. Marilyn Manson's concert was cut short after he collapsed on stage. He knelt on the stage then vomited before falling backwards. Nick found the song from Ferris Bueller that sounds like “45”. It's Beat City by the Flower Pot Men. Steven Singer Secret Text. Word of the Week next.

Time 10:18 – 10:34

Cardboard Classic Big Friggin Deal. Steven Singer Secret Text & Random Texter. Kathy scared Lauren Harris when she asked if she could wear white to her wedding. Thanks to Tom Papa for calling in. He couldn't make it to the studio because of the weather. Thanks to John Bolaris for the Storm Nemo update. Pierre is here. LOD. People can still see Minerva on display today through Sunday at the Home Show at the Philly Convention Center. WOW. Caller Jim WINNER! Happy 40th birthday to super WMMR fan Gary Lauer. He's in studio today. Probably the biggest WMMR fan of all time. Gary's nickname for Kathy is Sweet Tea. Gary gave Preston a coupon to his golf course, and gave Kathy a jump rope. He has a leather jacket for Jacky Bam Bam. Pierre should have Gary on his show. The Lauer Hour! Tom Keifer, The Vag Project, & Alicia Vitarelli next week.


What's the next stop?



Pudding Town!






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