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Tom Papa - IN STUDIO - 9AM


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13 – 6:24

Traffic. News. Police in Bethlehem investigating serial rapist.Confessed. DA asking victims to come forward. Police launched manhunt for former police officer who killed ex-wife and fiance and left rambling manifesto. USPS will stop delivering mail on Saturday's beginning in August but will continue to deliver packages. Casey wants to know how they can thrive, Steve says cause of packages. Regular mail and letters is where they are loosing money. PO Boxes still get mail on Saturday's. Steve suggests the Happy Mail program, where they keep things you wouldn't like. Jacky Bam Bam is playing weird music in the morning. Sports.  Vag might launch or might not, depends on the weather. Sheena Parveen may come on to talk about the weather. 

Time 6:38 – 7:07
Birthdays. Stupid Question and Answer. Delaware horse park is great. Entertainment News. Jennifer Lawerence was on Conan and talked about how she went nuts meeting John Stamos. Selena Gomez supposedly broke up with Bieber cause he cheated on her with Rihanna. Steve thinks that would kill Bieber. Chris Brown was in court and Rihanna was supporting him. Allen Iverson was foreclosed on. This on top of all the bad father news. There are strict regulations on how Iverson can see his kids. Barbra Walters checked into The View, is feeling better. Kim Kardashian uploaded a bejeweled revolver to twitter. After coming out in support of gun control. Shes done this before. CBS issued a dress code for the grammys. Almost all apply to women. Tony Bennet always has his balls hanging out at the grammys.  Cruise Ship steward dropped his lawsuit against John Travolta. Momma Jude has lost 100 pounds, still 263 pounds. Preston says she looks the same. Steve says shes bizarrely smart in interviews. Joe Courtney from congress noticed two CT congressmen vote against the 13th amendment.

Time 7:19-7:48
The song Preston likes is hated by a lot of texters. Stony the sled builder has a fundraiser for either his sled or charity. Post office taking away mail on Saturday. Preston is not a fan. Kathy is fine with it as long as packages are still 6 days. Casey doesn't like the message its sending from the government. Post office lost billions, this is just a band aid. They are gonna make their own LSD stamps. Listener Rick says they are paying into a pension they won't even see that congress won't give back, PO would be in the black if it wasn't for the pension. Post office is still the cheapest in the world. Will be bankrupt in ten years if they keep this course. Post master general is not doing a good job. Listener joe says they would get it twice a day. Steve used to go listen over the wire while getting his flour and feed. Mailman is part of the neighborhood. Mr McFeely called kathy “Knockers”. Caller says post office is funded by privately, it is not government funded. Preston would fall asleep at a post office. Casey's mom was a postal clerk. Preston wonders if the walking mailman is a fun job. Mailmen with versache bags is the issue. Listener Sean had the mailman dropping off cigs in the mailbox for him. Listener Jill's mailman saved her house from burning down. Pancake's mailman would hold pancakes report cards in exchange for beer. Listener Chris tries to make sure his mailman is taken care of. Caller on the phone says the post office is a community spot. Casey wonders if addresses came before mail. Casey also farted. 

Time 8:00–8:12
Bizarre File. 7 year old kid confused why he got in trouble for trying to save the world from evil when he threw an imaginary grenade during recess. Never made any threats, but it was a school rule. Kathy says its how kids play. Women cant clean their breats in rural Egypt and its causing everyone to have diarrhea. A woman found a heroin needle in a packet of bread. Anti Gay Bishop found bound and gagged, claims it was self bondage to relieve stress, wasn't cause of any sex acts. Die hard screening.

Time 8:23–8:59
Preston can't find his paper. Iron token is gone from monopoly, replaced with a cat, but steve still hates the game with a passion. Preston has an updated version where you use credit card machines to make it easier. Vintage board games were in Preston's closet. Casey's kids are so spread out in age its tough to play board games. Samm Levine on the phone. Adjusting from jet lag was easy. Not too much people saw the show but they are hoping for a lot more tonight. Steve really enjoyed the show. Samm is real upset about the cat winning the new token. Steve wants a small ed wood replica. Samm thought the cannon piece was a loom. Preston says clue had the best game pieces. Poison has been added to clue as a new piece. Samm doesn't play much video games anymore, but tomb raider would keep him up all night. The crew really wants the show to be successful. Dildo Karaoke. Casey says its the worst tasting dildo ever. Come as you are up first. Three callers no idea. Mike gets the next song first try wins steven singer. Loves bites halestorm next, third caller tony wins tom papa. The doors next, second caller get it, wins Die Hard. Gary Sinise on the phone. All the CSI shows are shot in LA, with some exterior shots in the actual city. Promoting crossover with original CSI. Gary Sinise has never seen an autopsy but has visited medical examiner. Really likes working with Ted Danson. Two part episode revolves around trying to find Gary's characters girlfriend. Gary is very involved in supporting the military. Does shows for them and visits them. Might be in six flags this summer. Preston likes the band name Forrest and the Gumps. He's terrible at impressions.

Time 9:10-9:
Tom Wopat in studio. Dispite being in Dukes, he is mainly a stage guy. John Schneider is also a bit of a song guy. Was in a show called “I Love my wife” when cast in Dukes. Thought he would just do five shows and the show would be over. TV is the big shot, broadway is much smaller. Tom had a guest spot in Django Unchained. Tarintino had Tom Wopat actually audition for his guest spot. Was just on for one day of filming. Casey was really excited to see him in it. Nick claims Tarintino makes the coolest movies, but its a terrible actor and actually not cool. Tom says Tarintino really has a vision when it comes to his movies. First recorded works were country, has progressed into a more jazz style. One of Tom's tracks are playing. Tom accidental cursed on air. Sometimes he would hurt himself sliding across the hood. Got a 4 inch gash across his leg once. Nick was really young when it started, when it got more tongue in cheek. General Lee is in the parking lot. Tom worked with Beredet Peters and loved it. Grew up on a farm, owns it now. Tom cursed again. Show tonight is mainly music. Just stuff Tom really enjoys. Golden globes used to be a huge joke. Tom thought the halftime show was okay.

Time 9:44–9:55
Al Roker has canceled cause of the nor'easter. Brett Manny and Kevin Crowley in studio. Play on the wings, 11am game tomorrow. Lots of school groups coming. 15 dollars get you lower bowl, beer, and a pretzel. Perfect for kids. Wings fans are extremely loyal. Everyone loves the “sucks” chant after the names of the visiting team are announced. They even do the officials. Nick saw an awesome lacrosse goal from the wings. Brett set the pass to Brody Merril. The wings score a lot of creative unique goals. People don't realize how fast the ball travels. Kevin was hit by a ball in the face after a ball actually passed through his facemask. Concussion test is similar to a DUI test, its really quick, tests reactions and memory. Hosting the Nighthawks. Casey and Nick will be there. Giving away diehard passes.

Time 10:06-10:33
Vag launch talk. Casey and Steve are still going to do the prelaunch party no matter what. Nick will be at a calendar raid too. Weather is an unknown quantity right now. Everyone wants to do this before valentines day. A lot of schedules need to come together. Bizarre file. A flight attendant posted picture of her giving her passengers the finger was fired. Two men who decided to go out and take pictures on some ice and the ice collapsed underneath them. Library in Scotland is trying to get more people to visit by hosting a poll-dancing competition. Casey wants everyone to go to the library. A couple in Connecticut is being honored for 80 years of marriage, surname Beater. I'd love to beat her, keep one eye open bitch. John Bolaris on the phone. Thinks they had too many kids. Boston is looking at 18 inches, massive power outages. Serious blizzard conditions. We could get no snow or half a foot. John says no vag launch tomorrow, its too precarious. Heavy rainfall all afternoon, atmosphere will crash around 6 or 7, depending on how much participation is left determines the snowfall. Bucks will get four inches. Vag launch is canceled. Hollywood Trash. Lesson question and answer. Music News. Creedance is one of Preston's favorite bands. Van Halen is releasing a box set. Ahment from Pearl Jam almost went with professional sports as a career. Said Bieber was a terrible basketball player. Soundgarden's show in LA will be filmed by Live From The Artists Den. 

Time 10:44-10:50
Wrap up. Vag launch canceled. Nick will be at cheerleaders and then right to a calendar raid. Casey and Nick are going to the wings game tomorrow morning. Tom Wopat kept cursing on air. Samm Levine was on, watch his show, it has the backdrop of philly and everyone wants it to be successful. Matt Cord in for Pierre. Light flurries caused it to drop almost immediately one year. Vag will launch off the Valley Forge Casino. Cat teeth cleaning. Tom Papa in tomorrow.

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