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Time 6:17 – 6:26

Traffic. News Car crashed through a fence and almost hit a plane around 2:30 AM in Philadelphia, authorities believe it was just an accident. An 8.0 earthquake set off a Tasmania off the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific on Wednesday. On Bryn Mawr Avenue a man hit a elderly couple and the man pulled a knife on the elderly couple. The woman is in stable condition and the man is in critical condition. “Pineapple Face!” Sports Sestito scored his first two goals in three years to lead the Philadelphia Flyers over the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1. Sixers play Indiana tonight looking to win their 4th game in a row. Thaddeus Young could miss up to three weeks due to a Hamstring injury. George Anastasia “My Life w/ The Philly Mob, Ben Gleib & Angie Greenup bringing in a Oscar statue, & Rob Zombie in studio. Rob Zombie was at the Flyers last night hanging with the broad street bullies. Karina Smirnoff will also be in studio. Hottie Cam with Tina.

Time 6:38 – 7:02

RHCP Otherside. Traffic. SQ.Birthdays. Axl Rose, 51; “Welcome to the Jungle we have lots of cake.” Tom Brokaw, 73; Natalie Cole, 63; Rip Torn, 82; Rick Astley, 47; Maria Shriver, 65; Zha Zha Gabor, 91; Robert Townson, 56; Kris Humphries, 28; Alice Eve, 31. SA. Entertainment NewsGuy Fieri threw a fit after not being able to get into a VIP area at a super bowl party in New Orleans. Michelle Williams confessed to InStyle she did not no who Jason Segel was before dating him. “Was that the Yoko move with John Lennon.” Kendall & Kyle Jenner denied wishing they were Kardashian's. They are full throttle Jenner's. Sachi Parker prepping release memoir Lucky Me: My Life with and Without My Mom, Shirley MacLaine.“Casey bannged her on a motorcycle one time.” Donald Trump filed court documents to sue Bill Maher for $5 million over orangutan joke. Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts may no longer be best friends. Watts told E news that they have been looking for a project to work on together. Lance Armstrong behavior fighting with witness to keep his his secret. Kevin Bacon uses public transportation. Bacon takes the subway everyday it's the fastest way to get around the city. Girl Meets World more then a chance to have Will Friedle to appear. Clips Roman Culpo. Identity Thief. Hottie Cam with Tina.

Time 7:13 – 7:44

Been Away for to Long Soundgarden. Traffic. Fingers Lost High school Students decided to play a tug of war & ended with a girl & a guy having their fingers ripped off, losing 2 fingers each. Kids Games & Injuries Red Rover is 2 groups of people facing each other making a human chain saying “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Steve over” charging at the person trying to break the human chain. Have you ever played swim fishy swim? (Sharks & Minos) “I played once with my school Janitor it involved a turkey booster in my butt.” Crack the Wipe. We called that milk the prostate.” Sandy bicep tore in half after playing Red Rover. Carissa's friend got a quarter size whole in her leg after playing hide the flag. Kick the can. Smear the Queer. Man Hunt. Ghost in the grave yard. Hide the belt, you get to beat the other people with the belt if found. Dirt clot fight. Mumbly Peg. Alex knows about mumbly peg. Debbie child got stiches after playing wall ball. Frank played punch basketball. Punch hide & go seek. PJ plays crack the wipe and dislocated shoulder and fingers. Jason played king of the hill and got stitches. John played bloody knuckles. Bill played buck buck.

Stupid Question:

What is the slogan of the Tyrell Cooperation?

Stupid Anwser:

More Human than Human”

Time: 7:54-8:06

Linkin Park One Step Closer. Live on Fox News. Traffic. Nick Mcilwain made a appearance at the AC boat show. Vag Cheerleaders.Fox Good Day Rob Zombie liked the back story of the broad street bullies. Bob Kelly & Bernie Parent is hilarious. Joe Watson handshake is unbelievable. WMMR listeners love all Philly sports! WMMR now airs Flyers games. Bizarre Files Jorge Prez taken to hospital after shooting himself with a flare gun in the gentiles. Brazilian city is facing an unusual crime spree where the criminals are called John Lennon. Three men named John Lennon were arrested for crimes. A man planted his pot right next to a canine training center & canine found 70 pot plants growing. A woman died of Carbon Monoxide fumes after keeping her stove on to dry her clothes. Construction worker fell 30 ft off a building landing on bubble wrap. Calender Raid.

Time 8:17– 8:43

Beck Loser. Weather. Secret Text. Traffic. Tina Miss April in studio Voting for Tina in the Miss International Bikini Model Search Contest. The more votes Tina gets the more pictures are released and a sexy video. You can vote on facebook on Tina's page. George Anastasia in studio Wrote a article in Philly Mag called “My Life w/ The Philly Mob.” The mob in Philly is a street gang. The only people left are not sophisticated & intelligent & are ruining it into the ground. There is more access now then the old time Mob. Back in the day it was more intriguing. The Godfather movies became training. Anastasia talks about Sergio. “Doing something to me is going to make more problems.” AC became the east coast gambling capitol. The mob was already in AC and still apart of AC. Scarfo would kill you if something went wrong. With Scarfo violence was a calling card. The most viscous thing George ever saw was a picture of Barfo shot. There was a time when Joey was hanging with Eric Lindros. Sinatra had a fascination with the mob. Amish mafia is nonsense.

Time 8:57-9:26

Green Day Brain Stew. Traffic. Angie Greenup in Studio Crew is taking a road trip and letting people touch the Oscar statue. Started in NY and making way across the country letting fans take pictures with statue. Preston wants to feel how heavy the statue is. The label is not on the statue until winner is picked. They will be at the Italian Market today to take pictures with fans. Rob Zombie in Studio. Was at the Flyers game last night & took pictures with Claude Giroux. The Lords of Salem in theaters April. The plot takes place in Salem, MA & talks about the Salem Witch Trials. Rob knew some of the actors were defiantly doing the movie. Casey is scared of all the Halloween movies. Thought about making Halloween when he was just a fan of them. Rob Zombie does not get scared of movies anymore, last movie that scared him was JAWS. A lot of people are excited for 'Broad Street Bullies.' “I'll ruin hockey for everyone once it comes out.”Rob was on the big screen last night at the Flyers game & got to hang with Bernie Parent. Bernie wants Danny Devito to play Bob Kelly. Listener Danny and daughter Olivia gave Rob a Jersey with his last name on the back. Pee Wee's reaction to them playing tequila was not good. Rob doesn't react badly to crazy fans. Rob got into a fight at the Devils game over a guy talking about Jesus. Record coming out soon. Rock Music has to be 100% legit or you are a sell out.

Time 9:37-9:51

Shinedown Bully. Secret Text Word. Traffic. Vag Project. We are having trouble finding Helium. Email Nick if you have a suggestion. When helium is done it just leaves the atmosphere. “I have a helium voice and I'm going to die early from it.” “I would love to here the pitchuation on helium.” The giant balloons during the thanksgiving parade were filled with hot air. Judy says its going to be pretty tough to find helium. “We should get giant bottle rockets and put them on it.”Bizarre File Hannah Richardson, was recently run down by her own brother Oliver, over an incident involving her cat peeing on her brothers computer. Residents of the Saboldridge complex heard 8 shots Monday morning. The suspect shot two residents & police believe the shooting was because of a pitbull peeing on the residents deck. A dollar store employee was arrested after hitting a child with a belt 25 times behind the counter. A woman facing a drug charge went to court and pissed off the judge after flipping him the bird.

Time 10:00-10:21

Marcy Playground Sex and Candy. Karina Smirnoff on phone Was on a train last night that had no heat. Was at Sundance Film Festivle. It was awesome and got to go ski for the first time. We almost ran over Nicole Kidman. “If you are going to run over someone it should probably be Nicole Kidman.” At revel they have a Burlesque show and Karina is going and dancing on the Burlesque show. There will not a be a pole involved. Karina is working on a movie with Macchio who wrote the screen play and directed the movie. Karina is one of the leads in the film. It is the first lead movie for Karina. She is now single. LQ.Hollywood Trash CEO Ed Hardey is being sued by a masseuse after trying to force a happy ending. A California federal judge rejected Travolta's arguments after Travolta denied that he assaulted a ship member. Teen Mom star Leah Messer is having her third child. LA. A listener sent in a song about the VAG project. Steve thought the lyrics are pretty clever. Music News Cory Taylor, Dave Grohl, Metallica.

Time 10:31-10:39

R.E.M The One I Love. Secret Text. Thanks to everyone who was on the show today. George Anastasia, Angie Greenup, Rob Zombie, Karina Smirnoff, & Miss April Tina. We could hire US Air to drop it out the window says Pierre. Daily Letter. Tomorrow on the show will be Tom Wopat, Al Roker, Brett Manny & Kevin Crowley.

Lesson Question:

Which street was Casey riding on when he was banging Shirley Maclaine?

Lesson Anwser:

Lawrence Road

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