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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Rob Zombie - IN STUDIO - 9AM
Fox Good Day
George Anastasia - Philly Mag Writer - Wrote a piece on Philly Mob - IN STUDIO
Oscar Statue - IN STUDIO

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:16 – 6:27
Good Morning! We are pumped for Soundgarden at the MMRBQ. Traffic. News. Authorities have arrested a third man involved in a shooting after a routine traffic stop. Authorities stormed a bunker in Alabama to rescue a kidnapped 5 year old boy, found the kidnapper dead. There is a fight over a Philadelphia prosecutor and the creator of facebook over a post about the illegal purchase and exchange of weapons. Sports. 76Ers now have a 3 game win streak.The Flyers have a game tonight and Simmons is still out with a concussion. We the Vag Project Super Engineers coming in today. Vag-asia.

Time 6:38 – 7:08
Painfully Single Mixer is coming up, magic will be in the air. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Bobby Brown, 42. Hank Aaron, 79. Christopher Guest, 65. Barbara Hershey, 65. Jennifer Jason Leigh, 51. Laura Linney, 49. Tim Meadows, 52. Chris Parnell, 46. Duff McKagan, 49. Roger Staubach, 71. Micheal Sheen, 44, Tom Wilkinson, 65. SA. Entertainment News. Jesse Heiman says Bar Refaeli chose to make out with him based on his kissing skills. Sandra Bullocks was at the Super Bowl to support the Michael Orr, who the Blindside is based on. Lindsay Lohan put her representative on the top of her list to pay back. Kylie Jenner took to twitter to say that Bruce Jenner is her father. 7 months after getting a divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie says she is enjoying her freedom. The O Network is being sued in a sex discrimination suit after she became pregnant. Matthew Framer, a contestant on American Idol, lied about having suffered traumatic brain damage while on tour in Iraq. Nick Cannon believes in disciplining his 21 month old kids and says it pays off. A list of best feminist celebrities made in a high school has gone viral. Steve-O told Rolling Stone about his decision to become vegan was based on hearing voices in his head from the drugs. Clips. Debra Messing talks about the show Smash. Catherine Zeta-Jones talks about Side Effects. The Vag Engineers are coming in to talk to us about the plans for Friday.

Time 7:19 – 7:51
VIP Members can check out the latest Calendar Girl videos. Traffic. Calendar/Joseph Anthony giveaway. They are trying to end the creation of jughandles in NJ. Might be worthy of a happy dance. Figuring out Jughandles is like trying to drive around city hall. Casey uses Juniper to avoid confusion of City Hall. GPS: You're in Jersey, you are on your own. Jersey listeners are criticizing PA drivers. Casey hates that you can't pump gas in Jersey. It gives Steve a sense of manliness. Steve passed a skeleton driving in a jughandle. Clover overpasses might be worse than Jughandles. California road lingo. Preston almost died in Paris crossing a roundabout because he didn't realize there was an underpass. Caller Taz: All of the the construction in NJ is done by kindergarteners. One lane bridges are not worth it anymore. It would be easier if we just filled in the Delaware river. Scotty Hartnell. He just learned what  a jughandle is, they don't exist in Canada. Canada has moosehandles. Scotty says driving in Center City isn't bad. Steve loves driving in Canada. Canada can refuse you entry if you have a DUI. Casey had friends that did not realize they crossed the border and had a joint sitting on the dash. Snick Hartnellwain. Identity Thief pass giveaway. 

SQ: Who was the first black singer to appear at the Grand Ole Opera?
SA: Charley Pride.

Time 8:01 – 8:21
Tickets for the MMRBQ are still available. Traffic. Jacky BamBam is at IHOP raising money for CHOP, and its an excuse to get free pancakes. CHOP was named the best pediatric hospital in the nation. SNL The Californians clip. Shart Outs. Preston is hesitant to read a shart out because he isn't sure if the guy is a stalker. Bizarre Files. Pittsburgh police say a 6 year old girl did not hurt anyone when she took her mom's car for a drive to see her dad and crashed the car. An Oregon man is suing an IRS agent, said he was coerced into a relationship with an IRS agent who showed up seductively dressed when they met about him being audited, she told him if they had sex, she would not have him audited. Man killed wife with a garden gnome, said he just lost it. A tattoo artist signed his name across his girlfriend's face in 5 inch high letters, he previously tattooed 57 stars on a girl's face when she fell asleep in the studio. British Airways captain drunkenly molested a woman, then tried walking into the cockpit saying he wanted to rape the flight deck. A Good Day to Die Hard passes.

Time 8:30 – 8:53
Vag Launch this Friday. Traffic. The Vag Project is Friday and we have hired experts to help us with this. Vag Project Superteam Engineers. Dan is a student in bio-materials. Calvin has done military work in designing missiles. We are going to be launching from the King of Prussia/Valley Forge area. Our engineers are working on how to keep the the vag up and how to make it descend. They want to use an alarm and a cell phone to bring down the phone using a rocket to burn a hole in the balloon with up to 16 rockets. Our engineers are in the middle of exams, but are more focused on the vag. A Sasha Grey love doll was donated for the Vag Project.  Porn or No Listener Mike won a long stem rose. Listener won a long stem rose. Listener John won a dinner at the Borgata restaurant. Listener Mike lost. Listener Greg won  a dinner at the Borgata restaurant. Listener Craig won Alex Cross. Listener Paul lost. Listener Kevin lost. Listener Brad won tickets to see Tom Papa. Listener John lost. Listener Joe won tickets to see Tom Papa. Listener Josh won tickets to Tom Papa. Listener Nick lost. Listener Ben won passes to see Die Hard. Listener Brian lost. Listener Kyle won a long stem rose. Listener Matt lost. Listener Frank lost. Listener Ivan lost. 

Time 9:07 – 9:33
We will have the Blumpkin set up at the MMRBQ. Traffic. Geddy Lee and other notable Canadian musicians made an appearance on How I Met Your Mother last night. Clips from Robin Sparkles music career. The Robin Sparkles video is a good imitation of Alanis Morisette. The man holding the 5 year old boy captive was taken out by the police. Kathy's grandfather put a girl in his trunk for making fun of his daughter. Casey wants to  threaten kids who pick on his kids by saying he will beat up their parents. Caller Bill's girlfriend was kidnapped by father for 10 hours. There was a guy in Syracuse who had a bunker where he kept girls hostage and would make them be a part of a rap video, thought he was doing the girls a favor. Rick James had held the girl from the Exorcist against her will and went on trial for it. Buffalo was ranked as one of the cities with the weirdest people. Caller Jack was held hostage while interning for a police station, a police officer took her to farm driveway in a car and kept her there at gun point. 15 year old Pakistani girl who was shot, is talking again after surgery.

Lizzy from Halestorm has a set of lungs on her. Traffic. Tattoosday. Black Listna Walter got the first tattoo of Black History Month. He got an anchor on his leg because he has an aquatic theme on his leg. The top of the anchor is the “black power fist.” Bizarre Files. People from various countries are traveling to Norway to get diapers at discounted prices. Three suspects are under arrest after mugging a man while dressed in woman's lingerie. An Australian teenager was arrested for pretending to be a doctor after three months of walking around the hospital. A young woman was disfigured and temporarily lost her vision after a random acid attack. Clean up efforts are underway in Georgia after a Tornado, a grandmother saved her 2 year old grandson by wrapping him in a blanket and laid on top to shield him as the tornado lifted their house. 

Time 10:06 – 10:18
We have a Painfully Single Mixer coming up. SQ. Hollywood Trash. Harry Styles celebrated his 19 birthday and burst out crying while getting a lap dance. Scientists found the remains of Richard III. Allen Iverson was called a horrible excuse for a dad by an Atlanta court judge. SA. Music News. Reg Presley passed away at the age of 71, he sang “Wild Thing” by The Troggs after a series of strokes. Volbeat said it will release two albums on April 9th. Dave Grohl will e the guest host on Chelsea Lately for this week. Tool lead singer said that there will not be a new album this year. Fallouy Boy has announced they will be releasing a new album called “Save Rock and Roll.” Lamb of God lead singer went in front of a court in Progue facing charges for the death of a fan at a concert. A new trailer has surfaced for Lords of Salem directed by Rob Zombie. 

Time 10:28 – 10:36
Vag Project is coming up on Friday. We had our first tattoo of Black History Month and we have the Black Listna Party coming up. Wrap Up. A lot of events coming up for the station. We are out of creamer and sugar, Pierre wants to declare a state of emergency. Jason found sugar and creamer, Pierre doesn't look. Pierre has 100s of packs of sugar and creamer in front of him. Has to hide it from Lt. Bill. LOTD. Pierre will have an Emergency Broadcast Alert somewhere in the 1pm hour for you. Rob Zombie will be stopping by and we will also have a real Oscar in-studio. 

SQ: What type of animal does Todd Herremans use to wipe his ass?
SA: An Elk.


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