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Disc: 1 Date: 02-04-2013

Track1Time 6:17-6:33

Monday Morning. Traffic. News. Police officer was shot in the face in Wilmington, Delaware. The 3 year Veteran was hospitalized and 3 suspects were arrested. Officers identity has not been released yet. The bus crash in Boston is now being worked on from Saturday Night. Many were trapped including teens and parents. 35 people were injured. The Super Bowl suffered a delay due to power. What the f**k! Why weren't they speaking – does power take away vocal power as well. Steve caught someone saying the F-Bomb. Yikes. The most viewed television program of the year has failed. Steve is now in-charge of the Super Bowl. Beyonce performs – they threw her a** under the bus. She uses too much power. Sports News. Ravens win Super Bowl over the 49ers. Wayne Simmons gets elbowed with a concussion – the Flyers are back in action tomorrow night. Sixers play tonight at 7 against the Magic. Flacco takes MVP. Stay There people!!!!!


Track 2 Time 6:46-7:10

Foo Fighters Baby. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Noodles from the Offspring – a very delicious food. Alice Cooper turns 65. What a God. Dan Qualem is 66 – he still can't spell potato. George A. Romero – the God of Zombies. He is 73. LT has a birthday today. One of the greatest of all time in Football. “Kids Don't Smoke Crack”. Oscar the boxer has his own brand of noodles. Stupid Answer. This was the worst question and answer ever. Entertainment News. Amanda Bynes is keeping a low profile – she is now becoming evicted from her apartment due to smoking marijuana. She fires it up day and night. Kristen Chenowith has a confrontation in an airport – agent stopped her due to her false paper-work for having carrying her dog on board. She requires an emotional support dog. Nick Stahl will not be charged due to his arrest in December from masturbating. Christina Ritchie is engaged. Lance Armstrong's cheating conventions keep on coming. Syllvester Stallone recently offered his opinion on gun control. Who needs weapons/Fix your head. Pink Taco Sunset hosts party – that would have been a great party. Tatum is excited about working with Judd Law. Melissa McCarthy loves stunt driving. Identity Thief Screening. Vag Cheerleaders.


Track 3 Time 7:20-8:05

Welcome Back. Word of the Week. Traffic. Super Bowl 2013: Ravens vs. 49ers. It was a great game – everyone thought it would just be an a** kissing but it was awesome. Beyonce lipped sang. Casey doesn't care – it's about the game. Alicia Keys finished singing the National Anthem by the 3rd Quarter. There was an official Pepsi countdown to the game. Casey went grocery shopping on Saturday, couldn't figure out why the shelves were empty.Beyonce looked great during the halftime show. She is smoking hot. Jay-Z get out - you ruined it. Destiny's Child looked amazing. Nick watched Family Guy but tuned back in and admitted it was a great game. Preston watched his neighbors dog bang a pillow all night. Super Bowl Commercials. The commercials were good as well – very emotional. Paul Harvey's commercial was great – God Made a Farmer. The Budweiser one was spot-on. The Dodge commercial was extremely long. A commercial minute was 8 million dollars. Dorito's was good too. There were some pretty bad commercials. Iron Man 3 and Star Trek spots were great. Kick-Off was spot on. Rogen and Rudd's Samsung spot was hilarious. Beyonce is so hot. Painfully Single Mixer – Parx Casino “Ladies”.


Stupid Question:

What's the Sherpa name for MT. Everest?



Stupid Answer:



Disc 2 Date: 02-04-2013

Track 1 Time 8:18-8:26

Soundgarden baby! Traffic. The Vag project is Friday – Cheerleaders. Bizarre File. A woman captured in a sex video in Africa has broken her silence and wants the public to forgive her. She still feels bad for her son who saw the video – the boyfriend shot the video – that's just weird. Why did she continue while her son walked in. she still loves her boy. A man arrested for stealing 24 quarts of motor oil was spotted by store employees. He ran and jumped the fence while carrying the cans of oil. He was later found a few blocks down. He was running funny according to citizens. 101 yr old woman sat up and spoke to people – she was declared dead earlier by the daughters. The memorial was not taken into place when she woke up. She looks dead.


Track 2 Time 8:30-8:54

Welcome back. It's cold. Traffic. Etch A Sketch Creator Has Pasted Away. People can actually draw/create spot on portraits. Andre Cassagnes. Over 100 million have sold world wide. It brought back popularity in Toy Story. Mike Knuble on phone. Welcome back Mike. It feels great to be back to Philly. Very excited. Mike got together with his buddies and watched the Super Bowl. Mike is glad he doesn't have to drive to DC anymore. He always wants to especially be good at home. You need to always win 3 to 5 games before you lose – you can't go back and forth. New Kids on The Block is Mike's grove – he loves it. Boys To Men would rock his world. Casey shares a birthday with Mike. It's a great day for a birthday. Why is the K silent in your last name Mike. We're so happy that you are back. Obi Wan Knuble. Flyers Wives Carnival. #1 Sniper in the World - Murdered. Number One Sniper in the world was murdered at a gun rage by another soldier. He was named the most Lethal Sniper of All Time. Over 150 kills. Eddie Ralph was the killer. The New Panasonic 152 inch TV. Panasonic TV – 152 inch – half a million dollars – weighs 1200 lbs. Its about as long as 9 TV's. Steve says there is no size – he loves big screens. He has an 80 inch in his one room, 65 in the basement and a 55 in the bedroom. Nick isn't thrilled. The Vag.


Track 3 Time 9:02-9:23

We have a guest on the line. Traffic. Fisher Stevens on phone. He enjoyed the Super Bowl – pulling out the plugs was awesome. It's tough being in-front and behind the camera. Good game all around. The new film, Stand-Up Guys was great. He had so much fun working with those actors – very inspiring and heart moving. A great working relationship. Directors have a tough role. Fisher spent separate time with each actor in order to develop the character on screen. The film strives around being old and being in the past. Christopher Walken carried around a can of quarters in order to call people – he doesn't own a cell phone. He wouldn't take the phone- he likes pay phones. He's an animal lover. Pacino is very funny in person – he's always telling jokes. Alan Arkin is very relaxed – The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Walken always does a dance move in his movies. Cosmetic Surgery - People Who Hate/Have a Big Nose. Plastic Surgery – people want Kate Middleton's nose. Everybody hates their nose? Steve has a good nose. Nick has a huge nose and head. They do a lot in the UK. Nose jobs used to be horrible. Preston knew a guy who had a Geddy Lee nose. Can anyone give a nose job? Adrien Brody might be good at this technique! Identity Thief Screening.


Disc 3 Date: 02-04-2013

Track 1 Time 9:36-9:48

Minerva Reveal This Past Weekend – collision max. Traffic. It has a better/bad*ss look to it. Bill Weston on air. The entire situation was great – just seeing all of the new designs was just fantastic. The whole back part is designed to fulfill the music being played. Bill is proud of his music. Bizarre File. 86 camels died at a camel farm. No one knows what caused the fire. Post arrest statements – Texas man had relations with a horse – sexual relations. Hi, do you like sugar cubes?If she doesn't call me then I'm going to play with the horse. He wants to make a baby with a horse. Horse-man baby. He was sentenced to 4 months and then hung himself. A man who was intoxicated urinated on the floor and was forced to wear a diaper – he then spit in the nurse's face. He then went to the bathroom in the cop car. Jelly fish arrive at New Zealand's beaches and look like implants. Identity Thief Screening.


Track 2 Time 10:02-10:17

Word of the Week. The Vag. Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Lesson Question.

Hollywood Trash. Stallone is in favor of the selling of guns – check out his new movie. Chris Brown will not be caught with charges from his incident last week. Sandra Bullock supports the Ravens – The Blind Side. Lesson Answer. Music News.

Stone Sour House Of Gold part 2 will be available 02/12/13. Preston has taken off his glasses. Chili Peppers release tracks from their 2011 album. An 8 minute grove now on iTunes. Chad Smith is excited to bring out the music that wasn't heard. Metallica Manufacturing will continue using the name and was granted permission. The band isn't mad or offended. They shouldn't be allowed to use it in Preston's opinion. The owner is turning the business over to his 24 yr old son. Dave Grohl – new movie is fantastic – all members will play a show together. Tickets available soon – tomorrow would be best. Painfully Single Mixer – Ladies.


Track 3 Time 10:28-10:38

Welcome back. We need to escape this winter without a huge dramatic storm. Thank you to everyone – Mike Knuble and Fisher Stevens. You guys were great. Pierre has made it and Preston put his glasses back on. Pierre was speechless to Minerva. It was so well done and there are so many new features – you never know where to begin to look when situations like these happen. Nick enjoyed reading over Pierre's tweets – Jason was the help. Collision Max. Letter of the Day. Steven Singer

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