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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15 – 6:26

Today is the Possum Bowl! Traffic. News Update 4 suspects are wanted in the robbing and kidnapping of a jewelry store owner in East Norriton. Powerful explosion of an oil company complex blasted Mexico City, killing at least 25 people and injuring 100 others. The son-in-law of Tom Corbett was the target of a corruption probe and is under federal investigation. Sports 25-year-old Caleb Moore died after crash at the Winter X-Games, the first death ever caused by the X-Games. Phil Mickelson shot a 11-under 60, matching the tournament record. Flyers will play the Capitals tonight, and it will be on WMMR! Today is the Possum Bowl!No one can outshine a turd like us! Scott Palmer will be doing play-by-play, Jessie Kyle will do the National Anthem performance, Eric Bazillan from the Hooters will do the Halftime show, and the “Possum-ettes” cheerleaders will be here too! Everything live on the WMMR App! People are having Possum Bowl parties! James Purefoy & Chad Hall will also be in today.

Time 6:39 – 7:10

Welcome, friends! Traffic. P&S Calendar Girl Megan is in the new February video on! SQ.Birthdays Michael C. Hall, 42; Big Boy of Outkast, 38; Pauly Shore, 45; When did Lane Smith die?! Sherilyn Fenn, 48; Billy Mooney, 59; Garrett Morris, 76; Lisa Marie Presley, 45. Elvis should've been alive when he could have been Michael Jackson's father-in-law. SA.Entertainment News Photo discovered that shows Arnold in an unspecified sex act could be worth $150,000. There's gay porn of Marlon Brando. Was it with Luca Brasi? I believe in America and handjobs! Brooke Hogan came to the defense of her father after people called Hulk “creepy” for posting a suggestive picture of Brooke. Now, here's her possum! Off-Camera Regis was there for the picture. Boy, I love hanging out with you, Hulk! The last 30 Rock was last night. Alec Baldwin is auctioning off a piece of the wall that was his dressing room during the shooting of 30 Rock. Laura Simpson broke up with Bradley Cooper reportedly because of his foot fetish. Preston says almost any Google search of a celebrity will result in a picture of his or her foot. Regis is using Ask Jeeves! Jason London claims he suffered a brutal attack after he was kicked out of a bar and defecated in a cop car during his drunken arrest. Dan Marino admitted he has an illegitimate daughter that was the result of an affair in 2004. Clips John Malkovich in “Warm Bodies” and Kevin Bacon in “The Following.” Ed Koch, the 3-time mayor of NYC, died this morning at 88. Was he in the sex picture with Brando?Lane Smith and Ed Koch tribute.

Time 7:21 – 7:48

Weather. Traffic. 2013 Possum Bowl!Las Vegas should be paying attention. These possums aren't animals, they're combatants! Jessie Kyle in Studio She's singing the National Anthem. A Capella early in the morning!Scott Palmer in Studio Scott will be doing the play-by-play. Marigold is for the Ravens; Petunia is for the 49ers and she is the favorite. They enter the stadium and are active. Marigold is sniffing the camera. Petunia scored a touchdown! 15 minute quarters determine who wins on block pool. The “Possum-ettes” are here! Thanks to Jessie Kyle for singing the National Anthem. Petunia has scored another touchdown! Touchdown by both of them! Petunia is trying to jump into the stands. Thanks to the Academy of Natural Sciences for their expertise. Petunia is trying to put herself through the uprights. First urine spill! Petunia has left the field and is trying to eat the stadium. 1st quarter over! The score: Petunia 56-21. The winner of the 1st quarter block pool is Ken Honkison!


Stupid Question:

Who's the second-hand hood that deals out in Hollywood?

Stupid Answer:

Rat-Tail Jimmy


Time 7:59 – 8:20

More Possum Bowl! Traffic. 2nd Quarter of the Possum Bowl 2nd quarter will be during the Bizarre File, and Scott will let us know if scoring occurs. Petunia touchdown! Sponsored by Cheerleaders.“The Possum-ettes” Cheerleaders They have a special cheer for the possums. Bizarre File 4 times in less than 3 hours cops stopped a car doing more than 100 mph with no proof of insurance, when she was finally arrested, cops found pot in her car. Prime Minister of Serbia was flashed downstairs by a female presenter when he was receiving an award by a candid camera show. Off-Camera Regis wants footage of that! Two women were trying to smuggle cocaine with a girdle resembling a diaper at JFK airport. A dog that was going to be euthanize because it was gay was adopted by a new couple who named it “Elton.” Petunia actually went through the uprights! We didn't consider self-field-goals. Petunia wants to leave the stadium, she just struck up a facebook relationship with a boyfriend. There's throw-up on the field. 2nd quarter has less scoring, more puking. Marisol scored! Petunia is obsessed with field goal posts. Scott Palmer says: “This is what my career has come to.” Petunia touchdown to close out the half! The score: Petunia 83, Marigold 28. The winner of the 2nd quarter block pool is Michael Wallover! Nick saw a mouse around the office. The Mice Bowl is sending out a scout. Possums do eat mice.

Time 8:31 – 8:47

Preston's a little off because of the excitement of the Possum Bowl. Might be a blowout right now, but there's another half to play. Traffic. Possum Bowl Halftime Show Scott's halftime update. The Possum Bowl sponsored by Cheerleaders. The Possum-ettes Cheerleaders are here. Eric Bazilian in Studio Founding member of The Hooters. Eric sings “What If God Was One of Us.” Tweeted about the Possum Bowl. Casey is curious how a songwriter creates a song. Eric usually creates music then lyrics, but all things happen as it must be. Texts coming in that Eric's performance was better than Super Bowl Halftime. 3rd Quarter of the Possum Bowl Scott is reporting that the field has been cleared off and the 3rd quarter has started! The WMMR App has complete coverage of Possum Bowl I!

Time 8:58 – 9:19

3rd Quarter almost over. Traffic. Scott Palmer's update. Petunia is leading, 97-42. End of the 3rd Quarter. Going through the goal posts is 3 points. The winner of the 3rd Quarter Block Pool is Joseph Sloan! Scott believes the 49ers will win the Super Bowl; but to see scores like this, he needs hard drugs.Super Bowl Experiences Super Bowl ticket prices are sinking. Casey was at the Super Bowl when the Eagles were in it. Casey tried to get a Y100 banner on TV. Casey heard there are great parties outside of the stadium. Preston thinks the Super Bowl has too much to do. Scott covered one Super Bowl in Miami, loved it. He hooked up with girls from his modeling days.4th Quarter of the Possum Bowl Marigold scores! We have a poop! Kathy thinks it smells worse than Casey's farts. 2-minute warning! Intern Erin ran out of the studio because of the smell. Intern Erin's marrying an Irishman, she's got to get use to it.1 minute left in the Possum Bowl! “The Possum-ettes” Cheerleaders Have one more cheer for Possums. Marigold scores! Final Score: Petunia 118, Marigold 70. So, 49ers will win the Super Bowl! The winner of the overall game and MMRBQ tickets is Ron Graham! Sponsored by Cheerleaders.Next week is the Pro Possum Bowl.

Time 9:28 – 9:55

WMMR Weather App only works in a room with windows. Traffic. James Purefoy Do actors love playing a bad guy? There's something satisfying about being the character with all the cards. Read a lot of Edgar Allen Poe to get ready to be a villain. He's probably been red-flagged by the government already. Trust no one on the show, any character is capable of anything. Preston loves seeing Kevin Bacon in a regular TV role. James keeps seeing Kevin in his acting career. Nick loved James' other series, “Rome,” thought it was underrated. Wear those clothes to your next party. “The Following” will be on Monday night at 9PM on Fox. Steve and Casey liked “Do No Harm” premiere last night. Post Possum Bowl Coverage. Academy of Natural Sciences They supplied us with the Possums today. Paleo-palooza will be coming up, get your fossil on!Scott Palmer in Studio Phillies' Spring Training will start soon in Florida, just as it snows in Philly. Wants to see a better start from the Phillies this year. Chase Utley is on track to start at the season opener. Bullpen should be stronger with some off-season signings. Chad Hall Playing for the 49ers in the Super Bowl; played with the Eagles previously. Second place is the first loser, so they don't want this season to go to waste. Casey is rooting for the 49ers between Brent Celek's brother, David Akers, and Chad Hall. Apparently, the best thing you can do in sports is to leave Philadelphia. Chad says each player can buy 15 Super Bowl tickets to purchase. The Possum Bowl predicted the 49ers will win. Just like the Possum Bowl, Chad Hall should take a dump in the end-zone if he scores. Chad is a small player in the NFL. Maybe he could be Casey's Invisible-ish!

Time 10:07 – 10:33

Soundgarden will be at the MMRBQ! Congratulations to Petunia, the first champion of the Possum Bowl. Bizarre File An Applesbee's waitress was fired after posting online a receipt from a pastor who wrote on the bill: “I give God 10%. Why should I tip you 18%?” A mob of wild monkeys have gone crazy in a village in Indonesia. When a woman learned that trans fats were in her frozen pizza, she filed a $5 million lawsuit against the frozen pizza company. A German resident is on the run after stealing a 44-pound cookie in a cookie monster costume. LQ.Hollywood Trash Barbara Walters; Chris Cuomo; Ron Jeremy. LA.Music News Two new Green Day documentaries will premiere at the SXSW Festival. Marisa saw Dave Grohl's “Sound City” and loved it. Rob Zombie says his new album will be different, including weird song titles and a cover of “We're an American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad. Eddie Vedder will write and record a song for the movie “Out of the Furnace.” Jeff Ament is also touring with his side project band, RNDM. Steve and Casey try to sing “Muppet Babies” as Pearl Jam. Axl Rose will lose his $20 million lawsuit with Guitar Hero, after he says Activision promised not to use Slash in the Guitar Hero games. Casey has the gibberish song from the 30 Rock finale. Special thanks to Cheerleaders for sponsoring the Possum Bowl and the VAG Project!

Time 10:41 – 10:56

All the snow that came down during the show has melted off. Weather. Groundhog Day is tomorrow. Punxsutawney Phil is so tortured as a celebrity. Steve's exclusive interview with Punxsutawney Phil. Pierre noted that “our boys in blue” won the Possum Bowl. Possum Bowl recap. LOTD. Thanks to all who made the Possum Bowl possible! Word of the Week. We are done, rage on, and have a good weekend!


Lesson Question:

Where did Steve used to bounce?

Lesson Answer:

At A KinderCare.


Letter of the Day:


Word of the Week:


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