Producer's Notes - 01/30/13
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Date: 01-30-2013

Time: 6:15-6:27

Weather. Traffic. News One person is dead truck fire in Mount Holly and passenger killed at the scene after bad fog. One of the interns told Kathy how bad the fog was. Video footage release of 5 year old kidnapped. Gov. Corbett expected to call for auctioning off wine and liquor store licenses and opening beer sales. Including supermarkets and convenience stores.PA is more expensive than NJ for liquor. In the south you can buy hard liquor in gas station. Sports Rangers beat the Flyers 2-1. Sixers continue to struggle. Alex Rodriguez continues to deny his PED use. WMMR app is saying the fog is “scooby doo thick” Going to go on TV this afternoon, John Waite in our studios today. Secret text word win Wings tickets.

Time: 6:40-7:08

Weather. Traffic. Birthdays Christian Bale 39, Willmer Valderrama 33, Charles S. Dutton 62, Dick Cheney 72 “Has had 6 heart attacks since last Wednesday”, Gene Hackman 83, Phil Collins 62.Stupid Question and answer. Kathy explains why her uncle is a paperclip. Preston told Kathy to collect a paperclip jar. Entertainment News Ben and Jerry's is making an 30 Rock ice cream. The ratings for 30 rock were ok. Jane from Malcolm in the Middle will be on Breaking Bad. Big Ange is prepping for theater debut in my Big Gay Italian wedding. She said “I am very big with the gays.” “I got to be in it I'm the caterer” “Shes not stupid she's deaf and dumb.” Lindsay was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection & photographed smoking and shopping. Jason London arrested in Arizona after being beaten by a bouncer. Was cursing the officers and purposely pooped his pants. Bam Margera to start a rap career and video has been removed from Youtube, it contains naked people & Bam trying to drink his own pee. Jim Carey and Steven Tyler walked hand and hand past the paparazzi. Nut Licker is peanut butter vodka. “Why don't we have a curiosity bar in the studio here.” Snooki said “Lindsay and DJ Pauly D made out in California”. “This just in Snooki said she remembers something.” Hudge Funder bought pictures of Madonna and Arnold in a sex act. Vanessa Williams pictures ended up costing her crown. David Hester said storage wars is fake and was fired. Dakota Fanning admits she was not adventurous enough to skinny dip. She said everyone “Was so comfortable I just begged to go back to the hotel.” Clips; Stand Up Guys, Sound City. John Waite will be in studio and performs at Sellersville Theater tonight. Hottie Cam with Daydreams Possum Bowl is on Friday. Will have a block pool set up.

Time: 7:22-7:49

Weather. Traffic. Preston peed a little bit in his underwear. Steve beats the crap out of his penis. Last night Preston was on Kate Beavers twitter and saw that Hair O' the dog best dressed was up for award. Preston's daughter said he was “looking at babes!” Greg Kohfeldt found Hitlers old toilet. Sam Carlani bought Hitlers toilet. Hitler was like Jeffrery Dahmers. Jeff's grandfather was one of the soldiers from WW2, he smuggled a Jewish bottle of wine. If given the option Steve would not take a dump in Hitlers toilet. Ian said he used Hitlers Toilet and it's a working toilet. Using Famous Peoples Toilets James took a “smash” in Billy Cunningham's house. Matt peed on Tom Brokaw's house. Moe Howard peed in listener Dan's movie theater. Bernie's wife bought Dr. Jay's toilet. Arron did number 1 on Saddams Husseins toilet.. Michelle used the bathroom at Steve's house. Jim's been in Whitney Houston shower. Mark used Robert De Niro's toilet. Daddy Daughter skate night.


Stupid Question:

Who's uncle is a paperclip?

Stupid Answer:

Kathy Romano

Time: 7:55-8:10

Live on Fox News. Weather. Traffic. Fox wants Kathy live on Fox News. Fox Good Day Stereotypical chorus increases sex life. Kathy would love that her husband to iron does all the cooking and dishes. Possum Bowl live on Friday. Kathy and Casey hate Possums. They got Kathy a possums for her birthday. Marisa and Kathy are short. Bizarre Files A Florida woman was charged after threatened to kill boyfriend. Peed on carpet in hallway upstairs and defecated on the floor. A 24 year old man arrested after a drunken man was trying to fight. Dropped his pants and placed a digit in his bum. A woman enjoys licking cat hair. Was on TLC's my strange addiction. Hawaiian surfer broke his own record by surfing 100 ft wave. Australian Teenager who went missing was found by hikers. He was covered in leeches and mosquito bites.

Time: 8:23-9:00

Daydreams girls on the Hottie cam, Weather. Traffic. Daydreams girls. Preston doesn't look like his father. Some woman can look look their fathers. The bush twins look like their father. They will see how Kathy & Marisa look at 3:30. Violent Cats Study done cats kill billions of animals a year. Ever since Kathy's cat was a kitten wanted to go outside. Cats live longer indoors. Casey's cat brought them a bat. Preston always wanted a cat that would respond to a light or laser. Dan's cat kills anything. Carroll's cat brought a fox. Cat Bird (bird attacks cats) “Cat bird singing in the dead of night” Brett put down 23 year old cat. Mia 19 pound indoor cat brought home a crow. Preston might try the dog approach. St. Martin hotel had cats everywhere. Casey saw footage of a cat bird attacking a cat. Enhancements Ray Lewis maybe using enhancements called dear antler spray. Stallone is jacked in his 60s. Enhancements can ban you from baseball. Dr. Mike on phonetalking about dear antler spray and enhancements. Dear antler spray works on some people. Block pool sign ups 15 callers. Hottie cam girls from Daydreams.

Time: 9:12- 9:27

MMR BBQ. Excitement cant get bigger for possum bowl! Traffic. Jacky Bam Bam in studio wearing his trademark glasses. John Waite in studio Bass player Tim from Philly. Waite said a different city when performing. “It's an outer body experience when you are performing.” Jam with Pete Townshend. “When you perform solo you always go for gold you got to be on your game.” John Waite has been apart of a soundtrack. When John hears his own songs & he thinks about country in England or a street car in NYC. “You are going to the movies inside and outside.” Missing you is about denial. Jacky leans on Casey when he talks to him. Steve said Jacky looks like Jack Skeleton. Dracula was in studio. John Waite show tonight at the Sellersville Theater.

Time: 9:38-9:49

Weather. John Waite live in Studio. Traffic. John Waite playing “ “ John said he quit smoking 5 months ago and it made a big difference. Preston does not like when singers tell the crowd to sing the chorus. The Babettes sang in Waite's songs. One of the Babettes was very rock n roll and the others were housewives. He introduced them on stage one night as the blue nuns. John Waite playing “Change” John is going to do a live performance with Jacky Bam Bam on CBS 3.

Time: 9:59-10:40

Casey and a co-worker got into a farting competition. Casey is always impressed by our sales department. People get busted for napping at work all the time. Greg from sales department is on air. Preston and Steve want to give Greg and emo makeover. This is Greg's first time having a biological granddaughter. Preston says that he would call Greg “Pop.” “What about these beast in the wild.” Bizarre FileTwisted mother retrains 3 year old while getting a tattoo. She kept saying look in Spanish to distract the baby. Jersey City man robbed and stripped then the footage was posted on Youtube. Nursing home inviting strippers and prostitutes. Manager said “people have needs and we are their to help, we respect our residents as individuals.” “I want a hooker you crazy old bitch.” “Now here's your hooker Norman, have at em.” A man had a elephant trunk tattooed on his penis. He would have to return 10 times to get rid of the painful itching. Sweden police busted teenagers for just playing a video game.Daydreams ladies. Sidney did top less traffic. The guys ate sushi off of her naked body. Hollywood Trash Chris Brown, Michael Houston, Kris Humphries. Jim Nabors came out of the closet. “Jim Nabors should of stopped with comedy” Jim Nabors sang the Indiana state song. Froggy Fresh song is one of the goofiest videos Preston has ever seen. Music News Undefined member of Tool crashed his scooter breaking several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. 9 days of jamming where lost but the member is recovering. Collection of early song demos by Eddie Vedder has surfaced online. Clips of demos. Clip of Better man. Giveaway possum Bowl. Bill Weston In Studio Iffy start to the show but ended strong!Secret text word.

Time: 10:52-10:59

Weather. “I'm going to do my Chi tea in the park today.”MMR BBQ. Secret text word is sac. Thank you to John Waite. Pierre is here. Pierre did mornings! Pierre has Sheryl Crow came in and hit about 5 out of 7 notes. Melissa Etheridge nailed her song. Many female rockers have been on MMR. Thank you to Greg from our sales department. Daddy Daughter giveaway.


Lesson Question:

Where does happy the clown work? 

Lesson Answer:

Hudge Funders 

Letter of the Day:


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