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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:18-6:31
It's a Tuesday morning! Daddy-Daughter Skate date this Thursday. Cardboard Classic. Traffic. News Police in Falls township have charged a softball coach with having a sexual relationship with a minor. The relationship started when she was thirteen. Authorities tired to gather evidence from Jones' home, but his house suddenly burnt to the ground. The school who allowed  Nailla Robinson to go home with a stranger has fired the principle and other teachers. Three months after Sandy, a 7.5 billion dollar relief effort was sent to Obama to obtain a signature in hopes to help families in need. Sports Sixers lost 18-26 last night against the Grizzlies. Flyers return tonight with a game against the Rangers. LeSean McCoy says sorry to the woman he public offended over twitter. Originally, he stated his twitter was hacked. Bill clement will be joining us later in the show as well as a tattoosday! Casey is a vegetarian, but he ate bacon this weekend. His mouth was hacked! Painfully single mixer at Parx Casino.

Time 6:44-7:07
Red Hot Chili Peppers Breaking the Girl. Traffic. Stupid Question. Philly golf Show. Birthdays Oprah; 59, Heather Graham; 43, Tom Selleck; 68, Ed Burns; 45, Sara Gilbert; 38, Katherine Ross, 73, Ingimundur Ingimundarson; 33. Stupid Answer, Philly Golf Show. Entertainment News Kris Kardashian-Jenner has been offered her own talk show. Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture of his daughter Brooke on Instagram with the caption of “Brooke's Legs.”  Soprano's actress Jamie Lynn Sigler is now engaged to Cutter Dykstra. Jennifer Lawrence almost lost her dress as she made her way to the stage at the SAG awards. There are still rumors that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are currently working through a separation. Chris Brown got in a tussle with Frank Ocean over a West Hollywood parking spot. Bradley Cooper denied rumors that he is linked to star as Lance Armstrong in a new biopic. Barbara Walters is sick with chicken pox. Drew Barrymore told the View by marrying a Jewish man has given her an appreciation for the faith. Clips Warm Bodies star Rob Corddry talks about his favorite scene. Judah Friedlander talks about his feelings of 30 Rock ending. Painfully single mixer. Daddy-Daughter Skating on Thursday.

Time 7:17-7:44
93.3 WMMR! Weather. Traffic. Living with your Ex Preston has been following two people on twitter that used to be a couple and live together. They still sleep in the same bed. The rest of the gang believes that it's awkward that they still sleep together, they definitely wouldn't sleep with their ex. It's fine to be friends after a relationship, but it gets awkward once on of the parties start to date. It's cost prohibited to attempt to move out on each-other. Break-up sex is always the best, especially when you don't care about the person. It's the kind of thing a hooker would punch you for! Listener states that it's weird climbing into bed with your ex. Kathy's friend's parents date other people, don't sleep together, but continue to live with each other.  Living together after break-ups are often exacerbated by the economy. Preston and Steve both sleep in separate bed than their wives due to their work hours. I don't want to disturb her lover! Young people are starting to live with each other more, which leads to break-ups. Nick knew a guy that stayed best friends with his ex-wife, he just didn't love her anymore. Preston knows people who make a clear end to a relationship, but then once one starts to date the other wants to get back together. Painfully Single Mixer. Daddy- Daughter skate this Thursday. Cardboard Classic. Big Announcement

SQ: What putter does Judge Shell use for his final putt in Caddyshack?
SA: Billy Baroo

Time 7:55-8:11
Gadzooks! Weather. Listener Erin is here about to get some ink. Traffic. Listener wanted to know what visceral meant, it's a feeling in your guts! WMMR Weather app is approving. Bizarre File Daddy Daughter Skate Date. Hungry parents in North Korea were caught eating their own children due to starvation. A narcotics task force arrested a 71 year-old hooker at a hotel. A woman is being sued by her husband for allegedly trying to kill him by putting poison in her genitals and asking him to go down on her. It's the old alcohol in the butt. Iran has unveiled a new abuse machine used to cut criminal's fingers off.  Preston & Steve's Opossum Bowl WMMR has decided to hold their own puppy bowl called the Preston & Steve's Opossum bowl on Friday. The event will be shown on web cam & will have opossums for both sides competing in the super bowl to see who will win. Opossum Bowl will be sponsored from Cheerleaders. There will be a opossum bowl block pool for the chance to win money.

Time 8:21-8:58
Music from Sponge, it's called Molly! Opossum Bowl will be sponsored from Cheerleaders. Traffic.  Flyers play tonight, they are 2-4. Bill Clement He was growing his mustache during the lock-out. They take more penalties than any other team. Tonight will be the 7th game in eleven days. The Flyers have had the worst time against teams who have a strong defense. Their best game of the season was on Saturday, where they scored 7 goals. Scott Hartnell is supposed to be out 4-8 weeks. There is a downhill racing competition, it's kind of like roller derby. Clement doesn't get back on the ice very often. Funny Audio Clips Manti T'eo and Katie Couric interview auto tuned called “Why, Why, Manti?” with a special appearance from Al Roker. Lance Armstrong's interview from Oprah was mashed together to make him look  like he is singing “Creep” by Radiohead. When women look the worst St. Tropez bronzer did a study that women look their worst, Wednesday at 3:30. This is due to the drinking/partying from the weekends. Girls are most likely to have sex on Thursday. Vagina Names Preston's wife know a few women who refer to their nether-regions as “Suzy.” I have a cat named Suzy. This could have possibly been from a Mexican slang term. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you feel like a vagina. The gang thinks it's because of the strip club called “Suzy's Club.” A Listener calls her nether-region “Suzy-Q.” The Q stands for queef. Preston goes with “China” now they just call it “vagina.” Nick's son calls a vagina a “pojanger.” Painfully Single Mixer.

Time 9:11-9:35
WMMR! Weather. Opossum Bowl. Traffic. Identity theft. Painfully Single Mixer. Opossum Block Pool Sponsored by Cheerleaders. Just say the word game The goal of the game is to try and get the listener to say a certain word in under 2 minutes. Is the sentence doesn't make sense, Steve gets to pee on them. Listener Eric guessed wrong, but wins tickets to Identity Thief. A texter said that this game is like when Helen  Keller plays taboo. Listener John's word was “Shoes” he gets his name in the block pool. Listener Andrew's word was “Mask” & get his name in the block pool.  Listener Greg's word was “bananas” & he gets tickets to see Identity Theft. Listener James' word was “watch” and get a block in the opossum bowl pool. Being in the opossum bowl pool gives you the chance to win great prizes on Friday. Preston likes the new game. There are mixed feelings about this game from the texters.

Time 9:46-9:55
It's so dreary out. Weather. Traffic. Robert DeNiro was supposedly talking about sexually excited birds during the commercial break. Daddy-Daughter Skate night is the Thursday night from 6-8. Painfully Single at Parx Casino. Bizarre File A woman who apparently sucked on a used bloody tampon and a man who ate human waste married on Facebook. The two joined together in order to gain more fans. A building in Berlin is named “The House of Doom” after 15 have died there in 9 years from unnatural deaths. The MA bomb square was called to a parking lot after a car exploded. The driver was walking from BJ's, popped her car's trunk, and her car exploded. The bomb squad decided that the explosion was due to an unknown vapor leak. A man who attempted to rob a party of 14 women. One woman pushed his hand aside and said it was only a water gun. Another woman stated “In the name of Jesus, get out of the house.” After the repeated chants, the man ran out of the home. Painfully single mixer. 

Time 10:08-10:20
MMRBQ is coming up, get your tickets now! Lesson Q – Tenacious D. Hollywood Trash Christ Brown and Frank Ocean got into a fight in West Hollywood. Bradley Cooper is on top of the list for playing Lance Armstrong in a new biopic. Casey Anthony was filed for bankruptcy in Florida. Lesson A – Tenacious D. One of the interns keeps spell vagina wrong. Vagoda would be a good name for a vagina. Music News Sound Garden has release a music video for By Crooked Steps, the video was directed by Dave Grohl. Dave's enthusiasm was the reason why Sound Garden released a new song. The song features a sound bit from electronic player, DeadMau5. Adam Jones, from tool, proposed to his girlfriend at the Royal Rumble Showdown. A message appeared on the video-tron saying “Corrine, Adam Jones wants to ask you something.” Geezer Butler, from Black Sabbath, said that this is the first album that the band has created completely sober. Ozzy said a while back that it was possible to make music without drugs and alcohol. Former Evanescence guitarist, Ben Moody, is being sued for a half of a million dollars. Even though he is really successful, he owes a lot of people money. Giveaways for the Opossum Bowl to be a part of the block pool which will put your name in for a drawing to win bigger prizes.  Each opossum will represent a different sports team, there will be a half time show, as well a special national anthem.  

Time 10:31-10:41
Sound City Players on WMMR! Sound City Players is Dave Grohl's side project. Preston and Steve both think that they have a Pink Floyd vibe. Pierre has made his way into the studio. Special thanks to Bill Clement, he has a mustache! Another thanks goes out to Listener Erin who got a Harlequin tattoo. Pierre is worried about the Opossum bowl, since they aren't cuddly creatures. They are actually really soft, except for their tails. Both Kathy and Casey hate opossums. The opossums are from the same liter, they are actually sisters and will be coming from the Academy of Science. There will be an awesome half time show and a lot of chances for listeners to win. They also booked the national anthem singer and professional colored commentators. LOTD – Over night stay on Valentine's day at the Borgata. Listener Erin is on the microphone, she brought us smore brownies! Bob said there is a lot of stuff paranormal happenings in RC's barn. Tomorrow on the show: John Waite!

LQ: What unfortunately named classmates did Steve and his friends make fun of?
LA: Vagina Labia


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