Producer's Notes - 01/28/13
Posted 1/28/2013 12:05:00 AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:11-6:26

Stone Temple Pilots. Traffic. News Icy conditions expected this am. Crews out at 4am. PECO prepared to respond. Friday's commute crawled. Drivers should expect delays. Brazil nightclub fire. Victims died from smoke inhalation. Bodies blocked entrance. Missing NJ woman. Sports Lightning beat Flyers. Sixers 18-25. Tiger Woods nearing victory. Nicholas Hoult from Warm Bodies. McFadden's meet and eat. Wow Borgata. SAG awards.

Time 6:39-7:06
Foo Fighters. Weather. Traffic. Philly golf show.  Birthdays Elijah Wood. Alan Alda Mo Rocca. Frank Darabont. Nicholas Sarkozy. Nick Murphy. Philly golf show. Entertainment News Box Office: Hansel and Gretel, Mama, Silver Lining's Playbook. Movie 48. SAG awards. 30 Rock. Modern Family. Nicole Kidman. Argo. Jennifer Lawrence. Dick Van Dyke Life Achievement Award. Ann Hathaway speech. X-Men days of Future past. Jennifer Lawrence sick with pneumonia. Australian awards. Burt Renolds sick. Tumor on his mustache. 9 black former American Idol contestants, lawsuit. Are they giving special treatment to the crackers? Manti Te'o's girlfriend was played by male. Randy Quaid denied permanent Canadian residency. Rob Zombie Halloween movie murder inspiration. Ashton Kutcher hospitalized for trying out a fruit only diet. Restaurant lawsuit, Kristen Bell. Fiduciary duty. You have to do that once a month if you're a woman. Clips Corey Taylor on Sound City. Bullet to the head, Sylvester Stallone. Sly eats Cajun scorpion. Stand Up Guys. 
Time 7:15-7:48
Weather. Traffic. Weather Updates. MMR weather app. Sally Star passed away at 90 years old. Captain Noah. Larry Forero. Giant organ. Caller Sal, remembers Sally's show. Kids love Pierre. Caller Barb talks about Sally's after school show. Local area only. Popeye, goon. Sally Star pizza shop. Caller Vanessa's father drove Sally Star's limo. Sally's horses were strictly for water. Had a movie with 3 stooges. Caller Sue, Sally rode her horses to work. Romper room. Zoom on PBS. John Wilkes Booth in Zoom. Horse stepped on Sally but first he stepped on her face. Caller Kate, Sally's pizza not good. WMMR app works in North Carolina too. Caller Flossy, used weather app. Sally was mean to her. Met Sally when she was 9. Sally never said thank you after she picked her earring up for her. All the horses had their own guest house. Nick met Al Alberts. Mark Summers called Kathy. Caller Fran, show shot in Jersey. Horse wouldn't have made it across the bridge. Says weather app works. MMR weather app says it's snowing at the studio. Caller Steph, Sally Star was a sweetheart. Took pictures with everyone at a birthday party. Preston remembers meeting Globe Trotters. Caller Jim, Sally was his great aunt. Would go to many personal appearances and went to his school. He got perks with teachers after that. Sally wore pastys to elementary school. Sally Star fired from channel 6 in 1971 w/o warning. Was never able to say goodbye on air. Caller Anna, Sally Star was a drunken whore. Frequented bars in Philly. Referred to as lesbian cowgirl many years ago. Caller Jack, saw Sally at KOP. Rode her horse for a Christmas parade in front of Santa and real reindeer. Tinker Tom was Gene London. Steve was a drunken whore. MMR Weather app MMR app works overseas. Also works on other planets. Kathy doesn't get space. It's over her head. Stand Up Guys. 

Stupid Question: at a ski slope, what is the nickname of the beginner hill?

Stupid Answer: Bunny slope

Time 8:00-8:13
Traffic. MMR Weather app. Special Announcement Cardboard Classic. Coors light. Harley. Bizarre File Couple arrested for doing the Charleston dance in public. Arrested in subway station, settlement of $75,000. Missouri mother furious with daughters school after school district suggested her 6th grade daughter getting breast reduction surgery. Manuella the tortoise found alive after being found in a storage room that she's been in for 30 years. 50 doctors removed a pencil out of a 19 month old girls brain. Myrtle Beach woman arrested for choking a man after he took all the covers of the bed they share. 
Time 8:24-8:50
Linkin Park. Traffic. Weather app confusion. Listener Michelle looking for app. Shart out for Carol Scott's son. Matt's brother Taylor Charlie Brownstain. Pennylane the dog. Molly dodged traffic from 2006. Mike's son Brody. Adam requests a 21 shart salute. Man threatens to blow up the liberty bell College professor brought in a bag and said it was full of explosives. Bag was empty.  Why do we want to squeeze cute things? What's that in your pocket Casey? Nothing, it's a mouse. Seeing cute things brings out aggression. The cuter the animal, the greater the response. Nick wants to eat puppies. I just want to put my fists up two puppy butts and punch you. Like hulk hands. Caller Steven, nibbles on his cats ears. Hypo-allergenic dogs. Nick's dad rode kittens all over town. Caller Rachel, the cuter animal/kid the more violent you get. Caller Clark, feeds his cats his earwax. Caller Nancy, nibbles on her dogs ears “nom.” Caller Matt, allergy to dog went away. Get a turtle, they live forever and you don't even have to feed them. Nomnomnomnom. Daddy Daughter Skate Date.
Time 8:59-9:31
Weather. Nicholas Hoult Warm Bodies. Studied zombie movies and read the Warm Bodies book. Met the lead female before. Very happy with how career is turning out. Has been able to focus on his career with little distraction. Starting filming for next X-Men. Worried if the zombie fans will accept the changes they made. In theaters on Friday. Traffic. Preston's wife was at Hooters before he met her. Pajangers. What do you think the sweatiest part of your body is? Chest, butt, back. Upper back is the sweatiest. Least sweaty is hands, fingers and feet. Casey has athlete's foot. In MMA training you're always bare foot. So you can rub your athlete's foot on your opponent. Can you get it from licking your cats butt hole? Casey used the hot tub but walked through the shower area in bare feet. Kathy said moist. Caller Felix, says you have to pee on your feet to cure athlete's foot. Dr. Mike use anti-fungal cream. MRCA can be caught at the gym. Says don't pee on your toes. Use anti-bacterial or anti-fungal cream. Don't use bleach either. Athlete's food is contagious. Use an anti-fungal, not anything else. Keep your feet dry after applying the cream. When Preston exercises, people are irrelevant. Kathy won't drink Preston's sweat. MMR weather app. Men and sickness study Men get more dramatic when they're sick then woman do because they suffer more than woman do. Sick guy commercial. Sucks when spouse gets sick but you want them to be better. Mcfadden's giveaway. 
Time 9:42-9:55
Soundgarden. Traffic. Preston and Carter didn't win the Pinewood Derby. Announcement Cardboard classic. New categories added to this year. Coors Light. Harley. Nick Murphy's birthday! Conceived in anticipation of Return of the Jedi. Bizarre File Two men pray to the alligator got that the human head of a murder they committed would be devoured by an alligator. Prayed to a small concrete alligator. A mother is hoping that someone finds jewelry including the family jewels that her 6 year old son brought to school to impress a girl. Man died inside a beer cooler at a convenience store. 21 year old woman tried to run over her own driving inspector after he failed her. A St. Paul man pointed an AK-47 at his daughter for getting B's in school instead of A's, considered a terrorist threat. Daddy daughter skate date. 
Time 10:07-10:17
Black Keys. Weather. By this time gusting winds should be propelling dead bodies against buildings. Hollywood Trash Liberty Ross filing for divorce from her husband Rupert Sanders for his affair with Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stuart officially declared a home-wrecker. Ellen Kardashian fighting back to Kim and Khloe for calling her trash on twitter. Taking Kim and Khloe to twitter court if that's a real thing. If not it should be. Randy Quaid denied permanent residency in Canada. Only option is to purchase plutonium and a Delorean. Music News Courtney Love talked to ABC news about her clothing line “never the bride” and brought up Gwen Stefani's clothing line. She says her husband built her clothing line. Dave Grohl excited about the debut of his movie “Sound City” and the band “Sound City Players.” Rush ticket giveaway. 
Time 10:26-10:32
Cage the Elephant. Wrap Up. Stand Up Guys. McFadden's. Painfully single mixer. Nicholas Hoult was on the show today. Register to be a beer tub girl at McFadden's. Pierre is on. He built two snowmen for double shot Tuesday in preparation from tomorrow. WoW prize. Workforce block of STP and Rush for Pierre today. Tattoosday tomorrow. Cardboard classic announced today. 

Lesson Question: Where was my wife a beer tub girl before she worked at Hooters?

Lesson A: Perjangers. 


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