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Traffic. News Fire in a beauty store in Cheltenham victims names have not been released. Exterminator, Jason Smith has been charged for the strangulation and burning death of Kristen Ketunuti a doctor at CHOP. He strangled her with a rope bound her and set the place on fire to get rid of the evidence. 11 year old who was shot in the face is in serious condition was shot by her own father. Sports Wayne Simmons & Jake Vorachek scored to lead the Flyers to their first win of the season 2-1 over Rangers. Scott Hartnell could be out 4-8 weeks for breaking his fourth metatarsal in his foot. Video of a naked guy on the front of a septa bus. Kobayashi and Tony Luke stopping by.

Time 6:43-7:11

Today is Friday! Its going to be cold and we might get some snow tonight. Traffic Naked guy in Kensington on the front of a Septa bus video. Caller saw the whole thing happen. Stupid QBirthdays Alica Keys 32, Toby Hooper 70, Gregory Sierra 72, Its Preston's Birthday today! Sitting on his bed when he got home last night was a box from his daughter Caroline. It was one of her dolls and some coins. It would have been better if she would have bought something.Stupid A Entertainment NewsJJ Abrams has agreed to direct Star Wars episode 7. Peter Farrelly is directing Dumb and Dumber 2 instead of 2 it'll be “to”. Christian Bale surprised a leukemia patient over the phone to talk about Batman. Manti Te'o audio from voice mails the audio is supposed to be of his gf, sounds like a guy. Another girl answered the phone I'm going to watch Brothers an sisters now Kathy's favorite show, its not on anymore. I'll watch Parenthood instead. I think about you every time I touch my penis. Sylvester Stallone blackmailed by his half sister Tony-Ann Filiti for $2m over abuse claim. Diary written by late Robert Kardashian said Kris was an abusive and neglectful mother. Dennis Haskins (Mr Belding) of “Saved by the Bell” has publicly endorsed the idea of a reunion. Clips Jason Muse & Jennifer Lopez

Time 7:23-7:49

Offspring Hammerhead. Starting off with some clouds we may get some snow later this afternoon. Traffic There will be body painting in the studio today. Leesh is going to get done up as the Punisher. Naked Guy on the Front of Septa Bus Listener Bruce was on location when this naked guy was on front of the bike rack of a Septa bus. It happened a few months ago but somehow just broke out last night. He has to be on drugs or maybe he was going to do some body painting. He ran after the camera guy. Being Naked in Public Preston can't remember the last time he ever saw a naked guy or girl in public. Casey was staying in a hotel and someone banged on the door his mom opened the door and said “oh my god he's neggid” A naked guy pleasured himself on Kathy's car a couple years ago. Listener ran into a naked guy on the Appalachian Trail last year, he was wearing a backpack and boots. Kathy saw a guy underneath a stairwell outside spanking it. Listener saw a woman took her dress over her head and started peeing on the sidewalk saying “Good Lawd I gots to go!” Last year Casey got naked at the calendar shoot. He's not cool with being naked in front of everyone. Preston whipped out his johnson while Casey was doing a live spot the other day. Kathy wouldn't be able to do a full naked show. Nick couldn't do it because they're all family to him. Kathy would do it if they turned the heat up in the studio. Intern Steve & Chinstrap played naked connect 4 in a gym locker room.


Stupid Q: Who held the shortest presidency in U.S. History?


Stupid A: William Henry Harrison


 Time 8:01-8:09

Leesh is getting jiggly on the hottie cam, she's getting body painted as The Punisher, by a group 15 shades of geek. Traffic Maggies Waterfront Giftcard Cafe Pitch's mom made cookies she likes the show again. Bizarre File 80 year old former Australian catholic priest pleading guilty to assault for biting off another clergyman's ear. man who served 15 years in the coast guard has reappeared after being missing for 3 months. 64 year old man in England drunk spotted a snowman on the street decided to have sex with it. When he was done he had frostbite on his genitalia. Phoenix house disturbance with two roommates acting erratically trying to eat coins and huffing disinfectant spray.

Time 8:22-8:44

mmrbq tickets on sale today at noon. Hottie cam with Leesh in body paint. Traffic Brian Posehn in Studio he grew up in N. California and doesn't do well with this cold. N. California hate L.A. People. To him the phantom menace in his first comedy record its like his uncle putting his weiner into his mouth. Brian really hates it and doesn't like any of the second trilogy. Its tough for him to play video games with the kid he should have pretend children like Steve. He'll go into his nerd cave and watch Justified when the kid and wife go to bed. Doug Benson invited Preston and Steve on stage for the Leonard Maltin game and Brian was part of the discovery him and Doug would take “smoking” breaks when coming up with stuff. Brian appeared in The Talking Dead, and loves the series Walking dead. He's working for Marvel full time he's working on Dead Pool comic book one of Steve's favorites. Casey thinks Nick Murphy kind of looks like Brian Posehn he was accused of beard racism. They have the same shaped lips. Brian was made fun of for being too skinny as a kid.

Time 8:59-9:13

We have a jam packed studio today food and a hottie cam Maggies Waterfront Giftcard Traffic Leesh is painted as The Punisher right now cops and firemans wingbowl taking place tonight John McNesby in Studio he is serenading Preston for his birthday. Tony Luke and Kobayashi in Studio Maggie is here to translate for him. Its the 4th year for the wingbowl event its a great contest that brings in a lot of people. Tony is still trying to lose weight, he's at the gym everyday. He's friends with Daryl Hall, Casey wants to get him in the studio. Steve is a huge Hall and Oates fan. Tony opened for him at the Beacon Theater once. He wrote “maneater” about Tony Luke. He does about 30-40 events per year. Maggie isn't his translator she's his manager and also his girlfriend? He eats a Tony Lukes sandwich in 10 His favorite cuisine is Japanese and everything. He can drink very fast, he can drink 3 gallons of water in 1 min 30 seconds. He can drink a gallon of milk in 18 seconds. Doors open at 3:30, The eating starts at 7:30.



Time 9:25-9:48

We just played that Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls 1 and a half times. Recap of Super Pole Party at Club Risque. The girls were lined up on stage and one bailed. We had several different styles of pole dancing last night. To hard core gymnastic style to seductive pole dancing. It was really impressive. Bianca was the more rotund and her underwear got stuck in her buttcrack. The crowd loved her. Sam Levine from Freaks and Geeks and Do No Harm was there last night. Kevin Crowley in Studio he was at Club Risque last night and first saw Bianca on the pole. Nick and Steve will be at the game from 2:30-4:30 for a calendar raid. They're 2-0 for the season so far. There are 16 games for the season. Bizarre File James and Samantha Taylor are charged with forcing their children into plastic storage boxes sealed with duck tape with just a square cut out for them to breathe. James Taylor going to seal my kids up in a box gonna make a whole they can look out of, I'll pack them away with the Christmas decorations. Packing my kids up with love. All the time. Gonna get some stirofoam peanuts for them to lay on. Packin' my kids up with love. 11 live otters showed up in a bag in the Bangkok airport, all are okay. Maggies Waterfront Giftcard

Time 9:54-10:14

The man behind the number one movie in the country Mama Guillermo Del Toro on the Phone he sees a lot of short films every year he likes working with first time directors. People send them to him and he watches about 67 per year. Someone came to him with the idea and said it was really scary. To him its like a gynecologist looking at Playboy. At Universal when he pitched the film. Its a simple to grasp concept. He was a huge fan of Richard Mathison films. There's not much pranking or scaring of people on the set. Pacific Rim will be out July 13th this year. He lives the seven year old life and has a house with all of his statues, movies and books. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Britney Spears pay former fiance a 5 mil to ensure his silence that works out to 100k for every time Britney took a dump in the coy pond. In touch mag says diary of Rob Kardashian the abuse was so bad that his son bubba calls himself Khloe and dresses like a woman. “Saved by the Bell” Mr. Belding says he's all for the reunion movie the only issue is to find a hole in his schedule where he isn't turning tricks. Lesson AMusic News MMRBQ tickets go on sale at noon! Tickets are $49.50 lineup for the Coachella arts festival phoenix, yea yea yeas, stone roses will be there. Lumineers and Jack White have been added as acts for the Grammy Awards. Buckcherry singer Josh Todd spoke about the film Confessions for a way to market their band. Maggies Waterfront giftcard

Time 10:27-10:39

We have a painfully single mixer coming up at Parx Casino. Wrap Up Thanks to Brian Posehn, Tony Luke Jr. and Kobayashi and Guillermo Del Toro. Maggies Waterfront Preston gets his birthday cake. Its a gigantic pair of testicles that has a ribbon that goes around it saying ”Ballsacks Are Yummy” and a figure of Preston on top in a rock and roll stance yelling. Today a year ago Pierre said “Zappa zappa cool” LOTD: L Pierre is reciting football and hockey terminology. Word of the Week. ZMAIL is the latest technology, Pierre says everyone is on ZMAIL now.

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