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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:16 – 6:28
Majority of the week is over. P&S Super Pole Party tonight! Traffic. News Update A person of interest has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of a young CHOP doctor who was burned to death. The man had evidence in his truck related to the incident, but he has not been charged with a crime yet. The Pentagon has lifted the ban on allowing women in combat positions. Gas heat went off for thousands of homes in Coplay, PA. Coldplay, PA? That's right next to Oasis. Take the Bachmann-Turner Overdrive. Sports Scott Hartnell is out indefinitely with a left foot injury. Brayden Schenn was suspended for one game for a leaping check on Tuesday. La Salle beat #9 ranked Butler, 54-53. Temple beat Penn, 76-69. Super Pole Party is tonight! Analeigh Tipton & Jonathan Levine of “Warm Bodies” will be in today! 

Time 6:43 – 7:02
Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Misha Barton, 27; Ed Helms, 39; Matthew Lillard, 43; Neil Diamond, 72. SA. Entertainment News Anne Hathaway hired a team of writers to compose an acceptance speech if she wins the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Levi Johnston was beaten by his wife on New Years. Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Holley, decided to step down as her lawyer. Lohan's latest film “The Canyons” was rejected by the SXSW festival. Manti Teo admitted to Katie Couric that he lied to the media after he found out his fake girlfriend died, but claims he is the victim of a hoax. Who's the girl talking on the phone to Teo? Asian girls hotline? Shia LeBeouf dropped acid in order to portray a drug addict in his upcoming movie. James Franco has to deal with gay rumors after clips have been released from his new movie “Interior Leather Bar.” Paula Deen and her family has lost 178 pounds combined after she was diagnosed with diabetes last year. Clips Aaron Moorehead & Jeremy Renner.

Time 7:12 – 7:45
Go to to get MMRBQ tickets! Traffic. Childhood Misconceptions Incorrect facts from childhood that some adults believe are true. 1) Everytime people have sex, people get pregnant. Steve said he had a friend who believed all rocks were dinosaur eggs. 2) Lions and Tigers are the male/female of a species. 3) Do Eunuchs pee? Casey didn't know what Eunuchs cut off. 4) Grand Canyon is perfectly concave and smooth. 5) The world was actually in black and white before color TV. Caller Frank thought rain clouds bumping into each other caused thunder, Steve also heard this. Caller Jay called an exterminator to get rid of “Twiddlebugs” from Sesame Street. Yes, I have a snuffaluffagus problem. Caller Frank says he believed Bucks county was full of wealthy people; having a lot of “bucks.” Lauren Harris thought cooking a cucumber would magically turned into a zucchini. Caller knew a girl who thought Hawaii and Alaska were right next to each other. Caller says co-worker believed sun and moon were the same thing. Kathy's friend didn't know “what plane the luggage is on.” Caller Mike says McDonald's server didn't know how much a half-dozen is. Caller Kelly thought the black censor boxes on R-rated movies were her eyes adjusting to things she shouldn't see. Caller Laurie thought blinking FAA red towers were people tuning into TV/radio stations. Preston thought girls never pooped. Caller Ashley thought an “air guitar” was an actually type of guitar. Caller Nicole believed New York strip steaks actually have to be imported from a specific farm up in NY. Steve had a friend who thought Kobe Bryant endorsed Kobe beef. Caller had friend say pedestrians are from a place called “pedestria.” Super Pole party is tonight!

Stupid Question:
What is the official nickname of the city of New Orleans?

Stupid Answer:
The Crescent City.

Time 7:57 – 8:06
Weather. Traffic. MMRBQ tickets are on sale on! Bizarre File Peter Robbins, who did the voice of Charlie Brown, is facing 12 felony counts after being charged with obsessively stalking his ex-girlfriend. OH RATS! 29-year-old man forced fiancee to swallow their engagement ring after she said she didn't want to live with him anymore. Naked man on drugs broke into an apartment, destroyed items and pleasured himself after being threaten to be shot. An unidentified security guard was hospitalized after accidentally shooting his own penis. Does that make him a eunuch now?

Time 8:17 – 8:51
Pearl Jam concert dates coming up. Oh, you tease! Traffic. Super Pole Party tonight! One more childhood misconception: Spinning fast enough will turn you into Wonder Woman. Pinewood Derby Preston can't wait to do the derby this weekend; his son is a cub scout. Bad news from Preston. Preston lost a sponsor? Preston broke the wood of his car yesterday. Caller Maryanne wants to know is Preston building the car alone? Casey wants to know is the car groovy? Caller says she took second place and she had no idea how to construct a car for the derby. Caller Robert is a Pinewood Derby champion and used a laser to build his car. Are you from the future? Go back in time and win that Derby! The National Chicken Council has announced that the demand for wings is at an all time high and prices will increase during the Super Bowl. Chicken Wings: Drummies VS Two-Bones Only eating a specific type of chicken wing is a douche move. We're not in America! We're in Pennsylvania! Caller says farmers used to just throw away wings, nobody wanted them. Caller Jim says Bloomingglen Inn uses ham hocks to make pork wings. Caller Terry said she recently had to pay “market price” for chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings has locations in the Philly area. Caller says she likes the two-bone wings. Preston likes dark meat. Caller was a waitress and if a customer asked for a specific wing, they obliged. Customer's always right, or whatever... Steve wants boneless wings to get popular. McDonald's is starting to do “Fish McBites.” There are 3 different sizes, based on your religious preference. Steve loved fish sticks; Preston hated them. Casey keeps count of people who only eat Drummies. Maybe it's time for an Escargot revolution. Casey can't believe people eat snails, he watched a snail documentary. Can't believe Casey watched a snail documentary. Super Pole Party tonight!

Time 9:02 – 9:16
P&S Painfully Single Mixer Parx Casino Giveaway! Traffic. Analeigh Tipton & Jonathan Levine in Studio “Warm Bodies” is a new twist on the zombie genre. The main character is Zombie R, so the story is told through the view of the zombie, not a survivor character. Analeigh didn't know how to hold or use machine guns, but had fun doing the movie. John Malkovich is a huge hip-hop and opera fan, loves Dr. Dre's “The Chronic.” Malkovich also designs clothes and neckties between takes. There are actually three factions in this movie – humans, ultra-zombies, and a mix of human and zombie. When a zombie eats a brain in this movie, the zombie gains all the memories from the brain. Make-up on the zombies was extensive, but wanted it to be different from other movies. They were in Miami and then flew to Philadelphia. Welcome to 20 degree weather, guys! How does Analeigh go from low-key to killing zombies? Sit on the keys? Check out the movie at!

Time 9:28 – 9:52
Super Pole Party tonight! Traffic. Odd Bodily Functions Based on Location Preston's ears have started to pop at the same exact spot when he drives to work every morning. Steve's got a little bit of water in his ear, won't come out. Steve evacuates his bowels when he gets on the Conshohocken curve. Casey says when every time Chuck goes into a bookstore, he has to poop. Caller Kim says her ears pop every time when she's on the Blue Route. Caller Will says every time he goes into a department store he gets aroused. We need a mop in Aisle 5! Steve feels euphoria when he shops online. Caller Bryan says SWAT teams like to take a “battle crap” before a raid. Hey, you sunk my Battle Crap! Caller says every time he goes to Wawa he gets aroused. Digestion stops and the bowels empty so that humans can fight or flee. Caller Kevin said when he used to ride a lawnmower to pretend he was the Terminator, he always had to go to the bathroom. Caller Mary-Jo says her husband gets aroused when he gets to the top of a Ferris wheel. Caller Jeff says to re-pop your ears, you should pinch your nose and exhale. Bizarre File A man was asked to take off his shirt on an airplane because his T-shirt read: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” A rural county in Ireland has passed a law to allow drivers to drive intoxicated. Woman never dropped her 16-ounce beer as she drove away to evade cops for drinking and driving. Shame, she should've been in Ireland. A 33-year-old Delco man was caught stealing his fifth television in six days from the local Wal-Mart. Wow, this is like, national news! Stand Up Guys giveaway!

Time 10:05 – 10:16
Soundgarden and Alice in Chains will be at the MMRBQ! LQ. Hollywood Trash Justin Bieber; George Clooney; Barbara Walters. LA. Music News Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins will induct Rush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Dave Grohl told MTV News that Foo Fighters are planning on a new album. The Black Keys have filed a lawsuit against Pinnacle Entertainment; claiming a casino they own used one of their songs inappropriately. Pearl Jam will play two more shows at Chicago's Wrigley Field and at Ontario's Budweiser Gardens. There will be a Calendar Raid on Sunday at the Philadelphia Wings' game with Nick, Steve, and 4 calendar girls! 

Time 10:26 – 10:34
Intern Pancake loves “The Boys Are Back,” the new Dropkick Murphys song. It's used for the Flyers. Super Pole Party at Club Risque tonight! Thanks to Analeigh Tipton and Jonathan Levine of “Warm Bodies.” LOTD. Kathy's News Update: Jason Smith of Levittown has confessed to the murder of the CHOP doctor who was burned to death. Special thanks to our sponsors! Tomorrow on the show, we'll have Brian Posehn and a recap of the Super Pole Party! Rage on and have a good Thursday!

Lesson Question:
How do you get to Coldplay, PA?

Lesson Answer:
Take The Bachmann-Turner Overdrive.

Letter of the Day:

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