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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Analeigh Tipton - Actress "Warm Bodies" IN STUDIO 9AM
Jonathan Levine - Writer/Director - "Warm Bodies" IN STUDIO 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:11-6:25
Flyers game on WMMR last night. If you were listening close you could win Flyers tickets. Traffic. News  Two fire fighters injured from ice after putting out a large fire last night in East Norriton blaze. Police are warning people in Medford going in to TD Bank ATM machines stealing people card information. Preston and Kathy had their account hacked. Conshohocken turned down a new WAWA but they will put it where an old car dealership is. Preston calls it Consh-a-WAWA. Sports Devils beat Flyers. The Sixers lost 6th game in a row last night. Villanova in a row last night. Live on fox Good Day. Flyers tickets to give out for Thursday game. MTV stars Shain and Cara form Buckwild. Thomas Mann and Zoey Deutch are coming in. 4 pack of tickets for the secret text for a Villanova game. 

Time 6:36-7:06
Coldest day of the week. Traffic  Steve said he first touched a girls thigh during a Cheap Trick concert, it was his aunt. Stupid        Q  Birthdays Tiffani Amber Thiessen, 39. Mariska Hargitay, 49. Richard Dean Anderson, 63. Rutger Hauer, 69. Stupid A  Entertainment News Demi Moore has been seen with Harry Morton. Harry Morton sounds like I have something stuck in my teeth, Your forehead is red, yes I just had a Harry Morton. ABC pulled James Vanerbeek's show Don't Trust B. Beyonce lip sang her performance at the inauguration. She pulled out her ear piece so that means she was singing? Clinton, All I know is that she's faking. My wife did it and I know faking when I see it. Shes Lying! Give me that. I just sat here and she lying! Give me that!!  Boyz II Men, 98 degrees and New Kids on the Block are reuniting, June 15th Wells Fargo Center. Marisa said she hasn't turned into a little girl in awhile. She is so excited to see this concert. Lindsay Lohan signed on for Dancing With the Stars. Steve thinks does not think she will be able to do it. The women behind the picture of Manti Te'o fake girlfriend came out. She said she went to high school with Manti but that they are not close, he called to apologize but she won't forgive him. Arnold Schwarzenegger using media to get back into his marriage.  Sheryl Crowe states on Lance Armstrong, “I think honesty is the best was to go.” Clips Michael Chiklis. John Dies at the End, & Paul Giamatti. 

Time 7:17-7:43
MMR Rocks! Its the coldest day of the week. Traffic Preston you are the father. Casey at the Philly Auto Show tonight. We need a flight team for the Vag project. Looking to raise the bar and follow the whole trip again. Need a background in engineering, email    Beyonce Lip Synching National Anthem It is understandable that she lip synched but if she could be honest maybe people would be nicer about it. People that popular should be able to sing live though, like Kelly Clarkson. Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem and did it live, outside. Nick doesn't understand how you can act like your signing, but not really be singing. As long as you are paying to see the performance it is ok for the performer to fake it. Faking Orgasms Has Kathy ever faked an orgasm. Preston  faked an orgasm because he was really drunk and the girl was ugly. He was feeling a little Randy, that was the guys  name. Steve, faked one with himself last night. Sex is better when money is involved. Live with fox when we come back.

Stupid Q: Who is the Guitarist of Cheap Trick?

Stupid A: Rick Nielsen

Time 7:54-8:19
Live with Fox when we come back. Traffic Preston reads listener emails. Fox Good Day  National hand writing day. Preston's hand writing looks like an athletes.  Steve's tries to make his signature understandable for fans to read. Wayne Gretzky autograph is horrible. Marisa will put a heart above the I's in her name for the listeners. What is the process behind declaring a national day? We should have a national hand jobbing day! Bizarre File A male nurse was caught committing sex with a crops. Attorney is banded form practicing law for the next 15 months for billing girls for having sex together. Truck in Norway closed a 2 mile tunnel for spilling burning cheese. A harmless gas w/ a smell of sweat and rotten eggs leaked out in France and travel to London. 31 year old drank 2 bottles of wine and got stuck in her son's high chair. Flyer's game secret phrase, snuggle bunnies took place at 8:10 pm. New Bands Added To MMRBQ Line-Up Buck Cherry and Jaxon's local shots all-stars, Kid Felix. Show is Saturday May 18th.

Time 8:30-8:53
Cold day today but a lot of sun shine. Traffic. Thomas Mann and Zoey Deutch in the studio soon. Follow up story, Adventurous woman' to give birth to Neanderthal man is all fake. Scientist said its one of those things that took off and they just went with it. Surrogate Mothers From the Netherlands, wanted to see if men could feel child birth and the guys could not handle the pain. Listener George's wife gets paid $25,K to be a surrogate. To be a surrogate is a wonderful thing to do but Preston would not suggest his wife. For a listener, she did not want the epidural then decided to last minute but it was too late and went natural. A female listener went in a coma from the waist down from the epidural. A listeners daughter carried for her brother and sister-in-law and everything worked perfect but the first two times didn't, they lost 50K. Text of the day, “cuter baby= bigger bonus”. 

Time 9:06-9:25
Tomorrow night Super Pole Party. Traffic. Thomas Mann and Zoey Deutch in Studio from Beautiful Creatures. The books got great reviews. It is about a Small town guy who has recurring dreams. Meets a girl and you find out things about her family the story goes back in time and explains history of the characters. Zoey plays the crazy ex-girlfriend. Being the crazy girl is not come easy to Zoey. Sometimes it is hard to watch themselves on film. Project X was crazy for Thomas being his 2nd movie it was scared but a great experience. They filmed beautiful Creatures in New Orleans and they had a fun time. Zoey's mom is Leah Thompson. Played in Back to the Future. Zoey comes from a supportive family but when she watches her mom kiss guys in movies its a little weird. Her mother does not help her get jobs. They could notice her more but at the end of the day she is on her own. She knew what to expect from seeing her parents go through it. A lot of special effects happen in movie. Spinning table in movie was real, built from scratch. Aren't allowed to take picture of the props. Zoey does not have any powers, just being popular. “Caster” are what the characters are called. PG-13 rating, super national comedy. More of a coming of age movie. Both Thomas and Zoey were on Disney channel shows. Beautiful Creatures opening Valentines Day.   

Time 9:36-9:54
Shinedown on MMR.  Superpole party Traffic P&S girls Kate Beaver is dressed interestingly this morning. She went to the Hair 'O the Dog event &  wore a dress and had a ton of people commenting on her gown. She said she knows its a crazy dress, but the party was crazy. Kate Beaver's Revealing Dress Sexy or Slutty? Its a long formal dress with a lot of skin showing. There was a lot of talk about the boobs, her boobs are not fake.  Philly Mag wanted to talk to her and what she does professionally. She went a  year without her cell phone. She caught a lot of guys looking at her boobs, her date was walking behind her on purpose to see people's reactions. She has a house phone and answering machine . It was interesting to see how not having a cell phone  affected every portion of her life. Bizarre File 3 Colombians sped away on a donkey after stealing rum and rice. Texas mother of 4 lost her legs and almost all of her fingers from suffering a rare infection after being bit by a dog. Annette Corinth says doctors removed a needle, compresses and surgical strips from banker Helmut Brecht after his wounds failed to heal properly following surgery. Couple from Maine said thieves stole their rare Oprah dolls est. around 20k. 

Time 10:02-10:27
 Added music to the MMRBQ on May 18th Its been a busy day today and the dress is a huge sensation. Shain from MTV's Buckwild on the Phone he's sleepy but he's doing great. They put subtitles on the screen, he starts talking really fast and nobody can understand him. All the stuff with the ATV's and running through he mud is stuff that he's done his whole life. Jersey Shore's had success from drinking and sex, he says sex is amazing! He gets recognized wherever he goes. He's as real as it comes. Preston had a first hand experience with that type of lifestyle living in S.C.  Their thing is GTI- Gym. Tan. Incest. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Arnold Schwarzenegger says he loves maria still hates the cliché that he cheated because he was seduced by a hairnet and the smell of pledge. Lesson A Randy Music News Chris Cornell says Soundgarden can go the distance. Muse started their tour in San Diego last night their theme is a giant inverted pyramid made out of video screens. Kings of Leon will make their first concert appearance in NY since 2010. Pearl Jam planning a show at Wrigley Field Fri July 19th. It's the day before Nick's birthday he says seeing a game there is awesome, he might go check it out. And he should check out the deep dish pizza. Would someone buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. Buckcherry was added to the line-up for the MMRBQ. It says mmr PI Harry Knuckles going to look for tickets, he meant to write PIT. Pit tickets are all sold out. Vag project coming up we need a team to help us. 

Time 10:36-10:48
Bob Marley to transport you to a warmer climate going to only 21 degrees today. Marley tragically died from frostbite. He froze to death at the base of a mountain. Secret Text Wrap Up Pierre's window was smashed in last night and he was robbed in daylight. A police officer came into the store and told him. His briefcase was stolen, Preston carries some weird stuff in his briefcase. He keeps earplugs, hand warmers, nipple clamps, nail clippers, toothbrush, stain remover, anal nitrate, flashlight, His collection of sporks, his lighter, press pass. Steve would keep a fondue set in his car in case he got stuck somewhere. Its such a bad energy thing to do to steal from someone so much that if you do it there's so much bad ju ju on you. Letter of the Day: A Preston and Steve's Painfully Single Mixer Announcement at Parx Casino Feb 13th.

Lesson Q: Whos the guy that Preston faked it with?
Lesson A: Randy

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