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tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Thomas Mann and Zoey Deutch - "BEAUTIFUL CREATURES" - IN STUDIO

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:17-6:29
Soundgarden. MMRBQ tickets go on sale on Friday. Traffic. News All lanes of Walt Whitman Bridge were closed last night. NB lanes on Schuylkill Expressway were closed around 9:30 last night. Rt. 202 there were several multi car crashes. Blue route had a few accidents as well last night. Penn Dot warning drivers of the conditions. Investigation continues after finding woman burning in home, police and firefighters found body bound in basement Monday afternoon. Delaware county school bus driver Gregory Cornell tried to abduct trial. He had 154 bags of heroin and cocaine along with sex toy in the vehicle. Sports Tim Duncan and Tony Parker with Dallas defeated the Sixers 90-85. Flyers will travel to play Devils Tonight on WMMR. Wes Welker's wife disrespected Ray Lewis after the game this weekend. Text “Driving to work with no heat because my truck is an A-Hole”.  Tim Saunders on later. Dominic Monahan will be on as well.                                                          

Time 6:41-7:05
WMMR! It's cold as hell. Traffic. Birthdays Steven Adler 48. Diane Lane 48. Linda Blair 54. John Hurt 73. William and John Hurt are not related. Piper Laurie 81. Steve Perry 64. Carlos Ruiz 34. Philly auto show. Catherine Webb possibly on Dancing with the Stars. Octomom was inked a deal to strip again. “Her dress was made of her own labia.”  Will strip for $20,000. Robert Redford joked about Paris Hilton's presence in film. Charlie Sheen revealed he was out of cash during tour.  Daniel Radcliffe can't understand all the negativity he is getting for gay sex scene.  A library joked about moving Lance Armstrong books to fiction center. Fans of Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga are at odds about who has more followers. Beiber is not happy about mother's involvement in anti-abortion film. Britain Ministry of Defense announced that Prince Harry will be returning home. Clips Mindy Kaling talks about picking cast and crew from show The Mindy Project. Off their Rockers Betty talks about why show is so fun. Listener Jason getting a tattoo and concert news coming up.  

Track  3                          Time 7:17-7:43 
Metallica on WMMR. Traffic. Snow is on the Way! It's Cold!  Preston's wife doesn't let him use the garage for his car. Steve says a heated wheel is awesome. Without snow and cold you feel like you are missing out on Winter. People that work outdoors have it rough this time of year. The cold makes Steve tired and hungry. Do human's go through slight hibernation?  Preston forgets an ice scraper for the car and just drives. Rain-X application works great with regular rain, but not when it's too cold.  Caller is a window cleaner says it's cold as hell out there. Another caller is driving a box truck and has three coats on.  Heating is money well spent. Do rich people drink crystal out of shoes?  A caller called about a wrap to put on your windshield to keep frost off. Listener says you take a spray bottle with vinegar and water and spray on windows and there will be no ice. Mark is from Fargo and thinks all the complaining about cold is funny. Steve's father would wear clothes in Winter and would look like a pedophile.  Listener said pouring hot water on windshield will cause crack. Safelite auto glass. Higher end cars have heated washer fluid. Caller says Subaru has heated fluid as well.  

SQ: What TV show did Mia Wallace shoot a pilot for?

SA: Fox Force 5.

Disc: 2                                                                     Date: 01-22-2013
Track  1                          Time 7:55-8:12
WMMR Rocks! MMRBQ tickets go on sale Friday. Traffic. Tweet “Why can't a T-Rex clap? Because it's dead?” Shart Outs. Gave mom kidney. Surgery is today. Al Roker Shart out to soon to be Ex-Wife's face. From Al Roker's Ass right to your face.  Favorite Text “Hey Martin it's your Cousin Marvin..Marvin Luther King. You know that new dream you were looking for well listen to this.” Bizarre Files A 53 year old man bit his son to death. A woman was sent to hospital after being hit by boulder coming through her bedroom while she was sleeping. Police went into a standoff with a man when knocking on a door and the person who answered said the suspect had a rifle. Police found a missing man's severed limbs in home. Father of suspect shot wife then shot himself, but lived. SUV tears through entire house by a drunk driver in Portland. Driver was going 90-100 MPH when he crashed through house. Concert Announcement  Rush is coming to Atlantic City May 11th , at the Taj Mahal. 
Track: 2                          Time 8:24-9:03
Queen on WMMR. Traffic. Flyers to Rock and Roll on WMMR! Tim Saunders  There will be 13 games on WMMR. Flyers looked like a tired team on Sunday.  Much better tonight at Devils. Preston can't stand the Devils and Saunders cannot stand the Rangers. Preston asks Saunders to work in the phrase snuggle bunny into the broadcast tonight. If the listener calls in tomorrow to say what time it happened will win a prize. Spongeknob Squarenuts is a porn version on Spongebob. Cecily Tynan taught her cat to say hello. Sound that the cat makes on the way to the vet. Beastie Boys song has dogs that say “I love you”. Casey accidentally plays Spice Girls. Eighties video dating People met people by filming themselves and trading videos. Guy is looking to have a woman give birth to a neanderthal. “I'd love to plant a neanderthal child in you.”   Dominic Monoghan  Monoghan was never squeamish around animals. Dominic has had general bites from various locations nothing outrages though. Medic was in bed for two days after getting bit by beetle. It's infinitely more fulfilling seeing animals in their natural habitat. Wild Things premiers tonight of BBC America. Flyers tickets to give away on Thursday.  

Disc: 4                                                                    
Track: 1                          Time 9:14-9:38
WMMR! Traffic. Thursday is the Preston and Steve Super Pole Party. It will be at Club Risque at 7PM. Some pictures from the inauguration are apparently photo bombs. Preston doesn't believe they are all photo bombs. Photo bombs are sometimes not even intentional. Photo bombs should be on purpose. Steve hates getting things labeled the funniest thing ever and they are not.  Things that are funny to some.  A guy bought a car for $1 and just sold it for $4.6 mil. It is the bat mobile.  This ties Bond Goldfinger car for most expensive cat ever sold. Pebble beach Car show is the biggest car show ever. “I'm Rick Champagne I'll store this car in your mother.” Facts about Rick Champagne Classic Cars A caller says they sold the 2014 Corvette at same auction $1.1 million. In 63 people would take the strip off their Stingray to make them look like the 64 ones. Jeff Dunham owns the 89 bat mobile. 

Disc: 3                                                                     Date: 01-22-2013
Track  1                          Time 9:48-9:56
Halestorm on WMMR! Bizarre Files Brave teenager faced down a rapist who tried to break into home. Teen took family in the bathroom to hide and then defended the home. Rapist lit door on fire and took off. Police though father was rapist at first. Rapist was shot done by police. Cat was lost 200 miles away. Two months later the cat made it home. A brawl with figure skaters took place and police were called. A man on probation is back in jail from stealing 16 train batteries. Lesson question coming up.     
Track: 2                          Time 10:08-10:22
Gadzooks! Word of the Week prize. Super Pole Party. Today is Tattoosday. Jason got the tattoo today he is a corrections officer from Delco. He is also a volunteer firefighter. He got a shamrock tattoo with his name and flames. Lesson Question This is the seventh year of Tattoosday. Hollywood Trash  Khloe Kardashian has no problem keeping her curves. Daniel Radcliffe is still confused while people are offended buy his gay scene. Chief Keef is making himself responsible for impregnating his high school girlfriend. The fart sound sounds just like Casey's farts. Lesson Answer.  Music News Dan Donegan starting a new outfit of his own. U2 will be releasing new music this year and something should be out by September. Stones did the Vet back in 2002. U2 should do something similar. U2 has three albums worth of music in the can. Recordings with Rick Rueben and Danger Mouse have begun to take place. The Beatles and Queen are the musicians that Britain is most proud of. 71% of people questioned chose them. Adele was chosen 3rd followed by Pink Floyd then Oasis. Letter of the day coming up.  

Track: 3                          Time 10:32-10:40
WMMR! It's windy as hell out! The wind chill is two degrees. Calling for snow this weekend starting on Friday.  It is the first cold blast on a prolonged level. Thanks to Tim Saunders, Dominic Monoghan. New doc series is called Wild Things Premier tonight BBC America. Thanks to Jason for the Tattoo. Pierre is here. He is enjoying the weather and is taking it for what it is. Steve asked if Pierre had a sweat lodge at his house. Do meditation to get chicks. Letter of the Day is M. Tomorrow morning is a contest for when Tim Saunders says snuggle bunny on air tonight. Flyers live on WMMR tonight at 7:30PM. Special announcement with Pierre at noon. Show Sponsors  Strella Med Spa, University of Science. Tomorrow Zoey Deutch and Thomas Mann. 

LQ: Where is Rick Champagne going to stash the bat mobile?

LA:  In Your Mother. 

Letter of the Day: M

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