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Disc: 1 Date: 01-21-2013

Track1Time 6:14-6:25

Good Monday morning. MMRBQ. Traffic. News. Obama addresses at mall in Washington – listing his second term. Gun Laws along with the war in Iraq. Michael Jackson's autographed shoes were stolen. They are worth 50K. The owner is a famous South Jersey hair stylist. Lowes Hotel. Suspect was drinking and left in a limo. The owner has them back. Thank God. Marisa is a suspect – she has small feet. 29th annual cycling championship has been canceled. It will return in 2014. 30 countries over 200 cyclist. There will be a race this summer. Sports. Super Bowl is set. Ravens vs 49ers. We are set people! Patriots are out. Wow. Brothers Bowl. Flyers lose both Saturday and Sunday. They are back in action tomorrow night against the Devils. Steve was excited for the weekend. Word of the Week. Stay There People!


Track 2 Time 6:37-7:07

Cold Day. Beautiful Day. Low 20's. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Geena Davis is 57. She looks fantastic. Emma Bundtan is almost 40. Wow that was fast. Spice Girls still look good. Jack Nicolas. Great dude/Great golfer. Mack Davis is 71. Casey has no idea who that guy is. Robby Benson. He is an actor teacher – Steve loves him in One on One. He is 57. Billy Ocean is 63 – what a cool artist. Stupid Answer. April 4th. Steve admires Martin Luther King. Nick admires his letters. Entertainment News. Lady Gaga ignites Obama's second term. Beyonce will sing the National Anthem. James Taylor is singing – that's awesome. Why would you label Obama as the biggest terrorist in America? Why would you invite someone to sing if they call you names. What an idiot. Bieber took a picture of his butt on Instagram. Manti Te'o goes Public. He claims he is innocent. He says he never saw the girl and never lead to a face to face conversation. Allen Iverson is getting out of his marriage. 3 million dollar buy out! The guy has no money. Barbara Walters went down – face plant. Octo-Mom takes home prize-best sex tape. Kardashians. They are in-trouble – prank call 911. No crime was committed. Get off TV. Lance Armstrong upsets more and more.


Track 3 Time 7:18-7:50

Welcome Back People! MMRBQ! Traffic. Super Pole Party. Marisa's Busy Weekend. She was busy this weekend. She had a lot of fun at the Auto Show. The governor stopped by to say hello. Kathy loved her dress. Flyers Weekend Games. Preston had a blast at the Flyers Game. Everyone had a great time. Wasn't the best game but everyone had fun. Marisa had fun at the Hair of the Dog. Black Tie events are amazing. Preston had no idea that Kathy has her own charity. Casey went to his daughters basketball game – the one coach got a technical foul for yelling! Deadspin says F-You to Donald Trump for talking trash. Photo Bombing. He trashed Pancakes picture with Dave Schultz. Steve always made faces in family pictures. Preston trashed on a school trip picture. He was on house arrest. Kathy always sneaks into others pictures. The Dictionary of the Volgar Tongue Book. Its cool how the language evolves. Sex terms are great. Basket making is short for sex. Bread and butter. Dirty Sanchez is Steve's charity. Like a click-it, like a click-it. Donkey Punch. Gorilla Mask. Blanket Horn Pipe. These terms are terrible but fun. Melting Moments – for fat people. St. George. Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!! Preston loves his wife's surprises. Stand-Up Guys Movie Screening. Stay There!


Stupid Question:

what comes after, “Early Morning”



Stupid Answer:

April 4th.


Disc: 2 Date: 01-21-2013

Track1Time 8:00-8:09

Cold one today people. Super Pole Party. Traffic. Bizarre File. A Bulgarian politician lives through assassination attempt. The guy jumped on stage and pointed a gun to the guys head. It missed fired. They wrestled the attacker until he was captured. Barney and Friends creator tried to murder a man in Malibu. Shot the man in the chest. This is crazy. Craig's List – seeking for a night of fun. Police say a man bit off a girls thumb from a fight outside of Taco Bell. Fingers are tasty. Booty Licious takes a new leap – biggest hips in the world – 8 ft around. That's gross. Wings Tickets. Call now! Cardboard Classic – March. As it gets colder – prepare to make your sled. Don't miss out!!!


Track 2 Time 8:20-8:57

Shinedown kicks a**! American Idiot. Traffic. Assassination Attempt in Bulgaria. Guy stands up on stage and pulls a gun. The gun didn't fire. It was crazy. Live television assassination. Steve admits that he would want to stand up on stage but wouldn't pull a gun. They beat that guy down till he was bleeding. The video was insane. Wow. A lot of it reflects on what you are going to sacrifice. If you're that committed and dumb then by all means knock yourself out. There are so many lunatics in this world. Steve's brother has had experience with threatening letters. Biggest Hips in the World. 540 pounds. Her waste is 8 ft wide. Is she more wide than she is tall.Chubby Chasers. Are there woman who like fat men? Casey thinks so. He sees it all the time. People have weird habits. Naked fat guys are yummy. Woman like thin guys. Steve dated a heavier girl and she was awesome in bed. Woman like protection – big people help with that. People are drawn to the extreme opposite. Steve's wife liked guys the total opposite of him but she fell in love with him! Men are predators – it's in our nature. Fat and cute is a bonus! How far does one go with big girls. Black woman have a lot of confidence. We are learning a lot right now. Rob knows his stuff – he's our cake expert. Too big is too much. Woman are more restricted. Men are more free. Preston went to a Fat convention and had no idea what he was getting himself into. Big Woman are everywhere.


Track 3 Time 9:10-9:40

Van Halen. Jump Baby. It's cold. Traffic. Hunter S. Thompson's Daily Life. Ernest Hemingway partied hard. Reporter hung out with Hunter S. Thompson. Cocaine, food, cocaine, drink, cocaine, smoke some grass, drink some alcohol, food, desert. Cocaine suppresses your appetite. The guy ate like a horse. Acid was his best friend. He wakes up at 3 pm and goes all night. He doesn't start to work til 12 am. That's a day for you!!!! Johnny Depp was a huge fan. Thompson committed suicide. Is he writing or is the cocaine writing the books. Drug Addictions – How much is too much. Casey knew a friend who pitched a 'no hitter' when he was on cocaine. An MLB player did the same. How far does one go before they throw there life away. Preston knew a guy who ended up becoming homeless. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is awesome. Preston can't watch it – it's too much. Who would play your parents. Kathy has some great actors to play her parents. George Kennedy is Preston's mom. Melinda Dylan is Steve's mom. Shirley Jones should be Preston's mom. Who would play ourselves. Preston used to be John Goodman. Casey is Jack Black/Sean Astin. Kathy is Kathy. Casey met himself/saw himself at Chickie and Pete's. Send pictures. Stand-Up Guys Screening.


Disc: 3 Date: 01-21-2013

Track1Time 9:46-9:53

Let's not do traffic, lets look inside ourselves. People are sending us the pictures. This girl looks somewhat like Kathy. She's hot. Bizarre File. 2 strippers in Wisconsin got into a fight over a dollar. Everyone deserves dollars. Hair was pulled. The good stuff. Woman was stabbed in the chest at a Bed, Bath and Beyond. Million dollar bail. This guy tortured a cat. She was stabbed 12 times. Workers from PetCo said this guy used to stair at animals. Weird dude. A couple operate a strip club in their own home with children. Children were beaten by mom and dad. Man was shot outside there home earlier. The lower level of the house was labeled as a strip club. A bar and a special room for dancing. Florida business school man was killed from being run-over by his own car. He tried to prevent his car from being toed. He died 2 hours later. Hero marine survived an 800 foot fall down a mountain. Nick wants to climb this mountain. Be safe Nick. Lesson question and more news coming up.


Track 2 Time 10:05-10:22

SoundGarden baby! MMRBQ is going to be amazing. Alice in Chains man. Wow. Cheap Trick. Awesome! Device should be interesting. Disturbed rules. This year is on a Saturday – we are so excited and pumped. OMG nothing is better than having it on Saturday. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Octo-Mom wants to return to stripping. Pay tribute to Black history. Grace Kelly slams the new Nicole Kidman movie – end of the movie, Grace fights a gorilla. Lesson Answer. Music News. Ozzy was injured while putting a fire out in his home. Living room caught fire. The candle exploded. Ozzy lost most of his hair along with small burns on his face. Ozzy and Sharon are proud to be idiots. Green Day screens new documentary. The film pulls back the curtain and shows the lives of the Green Day members. Should be good. Bono, Richards and Jagger are featured in a new documentary. Follows the recordings of the artists locations. Steve loves these documentaries – just understanding and looking into how many albums were made at certain studios. Lots of other musicians are featured as well. Its really good. Muscle-Schultz studio. Dave Grohl's new documentary looks awesome. Very excited for that.


Track 3Time 10:33-10:38

Dave Mathews Band! Matt Cord is filling in for Pierre. We love Matt! Mangia is closed, very very sad. Thanks to our sponsors. We love you guys. Thanks for our guests for being on time and bringing there game. We really appreciate it. Matt had fun at the Auto Show. Lots of nice cars but Matt hates that he can't sit in the nice cars. Stupid rules. They had nice woman surrounding the Harley's. Chicks love motorcycles. Letter of the Day. Zeppelin blocks. Shinedown, Kiss, Soundgarden. Yeah buddy! Bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!


Lesson Question:

what does Casey dance for?



Lesson Answer:

French Fries


Letter of the Day: Z

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