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That was Rush Spirit of Radio on mmr. Traffic News Lance Armstrong admitted in to Oprah that he was doping. Lance Armstrong admitted Thursday that he owed all seven of his Tour de France titles and the millions of dollars in endorsements that followed to his use of illicit performance-enhancing drugSepta police arrested a man for throwing a woman onto the tracks. He brutally attacked her, grabbed her by the ankles and threw her onto the tracks. Detectives still investigating an abduction of a 5 year old girl. Sports Jimmy Rollins agreed to play in his second team USA baseball classic, he's the only short stop. Flyers play the Penguins tomorrow. we'll have Peter Luuko and Tim Saunders. We'll also hear from Big Ang from Mob Wives.

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Shinedown on mmr. Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Jonathon Davis of Korn 42, his voice sounds identical to the tazmanian devil. Jason Segel 33, Kevin Costner 58, Mark Messier 52. Stupid AEntertainment News Mark Wahlberg said that him and his teddy bear co-star will be at the Oscars. Lisa Welchel, Blair from the Facts of Life, joined the cast of Tyler Perry's Madea's films. Police rushed to Tom Cruise's house after a 911 call that reported an intruder on the property, believed to be a prank call. Uma Thurman explained to Jimmy Fallon why she gave her daughter 5 names she said her and her husband couldn't compromise on a name. Pauleen Phillips “Dear Abbey” died Wed after battling Alzheimer's. After years of denials and attack Lance Armstrong came clean last night that he doped throughout his cycling career. Tiger Woods is attempting to get back together with his ex-wife he's offered a pre-nup deal. She said she'll consider it if there's a $350 million no cheating clause. Betty White celebrating her 91st birthday this week. Betty white fecal moment, not so white anymore are ya? Kathy was behind an old person the other day and he was just farting away as he was walking. Clips Guiermo del Toro Casey has George Burns audio and forgot about the clips audio. Arnold Schwarzenegger. A lot of people on the show today Big Ang and Mark Wahlberg will be on the show.

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We're supposed to see some sun today Traffic Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping Part 2 is on tonight. He used performance enhancing drugs for all 7 Tour de France races. Steve is pissed because he was a staunch supporter of his. Teamwork is important for the Tour de France. He was a bully to his team. Casey says he's a liar, but understands why he lied. Steve's opinion of him went more negative after watching the show. There's no way Armstrong would have confessed if this info against never came out.The thing that pisses Steve off are the peripheral allegations on the way he was treating his teammates. They were able to put the performance enhancing drug in, cycle it through have a blood transfusion and by the time they were tested it was out of their system. He said at the time it didn't feel wrong and he didn't feel bad about it. Preston has a Lance Armstrong tea pot. You put it in a towel, hit it with hammer and bury it in the back yard.Kathy's dad rides bikes and they all call him Lance because he uses performance enhancing drugs. No because he got really into cycling. Casey saw commercial on Oprah's channel about vaginal meshing- its when two vaginas get along really well Kathy meshes with her friends all the time they just bang together. Its called tribbing.An hour of lance and then an hour of tribbing with Gale. They'll measure it on the seismograph. Are there subways under here?

Kathy doesn't like her set. The sun is shining for the first time in over a week!


Stupid Q: What do you call a tornado that touches down over water?


Stupid A: A water spout

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Incubus on mmr we have everything going on Flyers hockey excitement, Mark Wahlberg and Big Ang calling. Traffic Bizarre File man told police that he was on a military mission after he was caught stealing a beef stick. He said someone on the internet told him to get those items. Taiwan confiscated more then 435 dry dog penises, it was a raid on an illegal slaughterhouse. An elderly man spent days trapped in his own trash. Man broke into a home in his underwear and cooked a chicken pot pie pleaded guilty to burglary. A gold nugget with a value of 300k has been discovered by a metal detector in Australia. Bill Weston here to bring a gift for the show. He got Preston a bell that sounds just Wheel of Fortune. MMRBQ Official Announcement Alice in Chains!!!! Soundgarden!!! Cheap Trick!! Its at the Susquehanna Bank Center it'll be on Saturday May 18th! Usually held on a Sunday. Tickets are $49.50.

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Finally there's sunshine its like being released from prison. Rams Head Bar and Grille Traffic. We officially named the lineup for the MMRBQ Wyatt Cenac in Studio hes a correspondent on the Daily Show. They're replacing him with a puppet on the show. He was driving in Philly and passed by a fountain by a museum where his aunts would take him swimming when he's little. Casey has always wanted to swim in the fountain. After he graduated college he went out to Cali for a while to do stand-up. He got a job writing on The King of the Hill for 3 seasons and auditioned a number of times for The Daily Show. With the field pieces he works directly with the producer so he can decide how its edited. He definitely gets tired its a demanding schedule especially with the field pieces. He met Tom Petty when he did King of the Hill. He remembers when he came in for the first time and everyone was so excited. He's dong some stand-up and some tv ideas that he wants to start developing.

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Rams Head Bar and Grille Traffic The newly single Rachel is on the hottie cam right now. Preston and Steve want to start a campaign, they want another fantastic new photo of Alicia Vitarelli on Twitter for her profile pic. Its the little joys of life when people who are attractive update their profile pic on Twitter. Shart Outs Manti Te'O there's a t-shirt going around with a shamrock saying “play like you had a fake girlfriend die today” Casey doesn't think that this will affect his draft status. There was a press conference with the head of Notre Dame football, it took little time for the comedy to start up. Preston reads the list of questions read at the press conference. What do you think the chances are that he'll join the Tour de France? Steve will introduce him to his pretend daughter. Casey is involved in a cool charity event. Ray Martin in Studio all proceeds go to Fox Chase Cancer Center. His mom passed away year ago from colon cancer. Casey is playing point guard this year. He thinks he has a decent looking shot. Ray says he's their Rudy....of course from the Cosby Show. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door. After party at the West Tavern. Last year his jersey was a little tight this year he had to order from the maternity division. Peter Luukko is on his way with a prize and a surprise. We have some time Steve asks if Preston wants to reveal his song. Rams Head Bar and Grille


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We're just getting warmed up, we have a lot of guests still to come. Traffic Giroux addressed the crowd of 20k last night. We're officially part of the Flyers family because we'll be broadcasting games from our station. Peter Luukko and Tim Saunders in Studio Because of the condensed schedule east is playing east west is playing west. The guys who have played overseas hockey will have an advantage. There's fairly similar roster to last year. Your planning as if its going to start at some time and then you don't have a schedule and can't get going. You just have to wait for that schedule. They're so excited with mmr playing the Flyers games. When the Flyers score Preston wants to know if Tim holds his balls when he screams a goal. The best advice he got was to not manufacture anything, you need to have a signature call to be successful. He started trying to make something up and it sounded manufactured. They brought in Claude Giroux Captain jerseys right off the press. Setting up a secret text word in order to win one of those jerseys. There are some club seats left, but they'll be sold out for the season. The support has been overwhelming.

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Mare Wahlberg and Big Ang coming up soon. Bizarre File An elephant herd trampled a 60 year old man in a village a music video store in Sweden designed a hi-fi surround sound coffin that can be updated by the living at any time its about $30k. An armed robber tied up and adult store so that he could steal a gold plated vibrator. Woman rescued when she was stuck between a parking garage and a wall. They had to use a lubricant to help her slide out. Shock artist sentenced to 4 years in federal prison after he operated numerous websites with obscene videos of people in private acts. Casey thinks its the two girls and a cup guy. Lesson QHollywood Trash Michael Lohan- Dear Abbey died regrets saying “you have to do something to get her attention O.J.” Lesson A Big Ang on the Phonewe just lost her! one of her lips might have cut off the phone Music News Three days grace singer quit recently and spoke about his reasons for leaving the band. Says the songs haven't come from the heart. Now we've got Big Ang on the phone. She went to the Continental and had a good time. She owns the Chunky Monkey in Staten Island. She's the niece of a former captain of the Genovese Crime Family. The Godfather is one of her favorite mafia movies. Goodfellas is what gets the mafia lifestyle right she says. Last night her and Snooki went to Jenny McCarthy's show. She's had her name since she was 12 years old. Wish we had a clearer signal because her voice is amazing. I had to put a bullet in the drivers head he was complaining of a migraine. When I have my period concrete comes out. She looks like Milton Burle in drag. Continuing to Music News Tom Morello guitarist of Rage will fill in for Steve Van Zandt hell be shooting his Netflix series Lilyhammer. Jeff Gordon and Jim Sotnik from Live Nation in studio to announce more on the MMRBQ. We are so happy MMRBQ is on Saturday. Soundgarden & Alice in Chains is a great bill. Mark Wahlberg on the Phone.He was in the movie Rockstar, loves rock acts. He feels so grateful to be in this position and knows that at any moment its possible for him to lose it. So he just works hard and keeps at it. He'll be at the Oscars with the Teddy Bear from Ted. Rams Head Bar & Grille


Lesson Q: How did George Burns die?


Lesson A: he exploded


WOW: Money

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We're giving away Giroux Jerseys for a random texter A Preston and Steve Facebook fan group are heading out to Fridays after the show. Wrap Up Theres about 6200 fans. Congratulations to Pierre for winning the first Rock of MMR award. He gets to keep it for a couple of months its a ceremonial thank you and celebrates the person who has the passion and who keeps the mission of mmr alive and fosters it. His name will go on it and make its way around the office. Secret Texter wins the jersey for answering grilled cheese. Random Texter Sally wins a jersey also. Rams Head Bar &

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