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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

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Casey just farted, Good Morning! Traffic. News Notre Dame's Manti Te'o football player told coaches that his grandmother and girlfriend died, both of which might be a hoax. Police are searching for a man and a woman who abducted Na'illa Robinson & are canvasing the area in order to find the criminals. Japan's airline grounded a 787 Boeing “Dream Liner” aircraft due to a main battery leak. With further inspection, authorities found burn marks located around the battery. United Airlines have currently stopped flying 787. Sports The Eagles have hired Chip Kelly to be their new head coach. Kelly is the 21st coach for the team, replacing Andy Reid. The Sixers are off until tomorrow night. The Flyers have their open practice tonight, even though the practice was free, it is considered sold out. Today on the show we have John Clark, Robert Carradine, Curtis Armstrong, Dan Gross, and Kate Flannery!

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WMMR! Traffic. Stupid Question Lionsgate.Birthdays Michelle Obama, 49; Kid Rock, 42; Jim Carrey, 51; James Earl Jones, 82; Betty White, 91; Casey just farted again. Muhammad Ali, 71; Zooey Deschanel, 33. Stupid Answer Lionsgate. Text of the Day: – My boyfriend is a sharthead, my boyfriend got off the phone with me because Preston and Steve got back on and it was just traffic.” Dave Attell tickets. Entertainment News Megan Fox reveals strange secrets in her interview with Esquire magazine & talks about speaking in tongues & removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Katherine Webb will be reporting at the Super Bowl & will pose for Sports Illustrated Magazine. Zero Dark thirty director, Kathryn Bigelow, talks about the torture scene in her movie, critics have complained that there was an extreme enhanced torture scene. She does not condone torture, but was a point she needed to get across. Conrad Bane passed away at the age of 89, he was best known as his role on Different Strokes. Conrad had a brother named Boner who was on “Strokes are Funny.” Amanda Bynes created a Tumblr account that showed off her new cheek piercing. American Idol season 12 premiered last night, 41 singers made it to Hollywood. A source told to Star magazine that Jessica Biel is not a fan of Anne Hathaway. Clips Gabriel Macht from “Suits” plays a lawyer and discusses why he likes his role. Alec Baldwin talks about Tracy Morgan's vocal talents on 30 Rock.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Notre Dame Girlfriend Hoax Manti Te'O stated that his grandmother died as well as his girlfriend passed away on the same day. No one is sure if he created a fake girlfriend or if he was “Cafished.” Creating a persona online is called “Catfishing.” There is a documentary & a spin-off television program called “Catfish” that is about people who fall in love online with fake personas. For whole the time she was sick, Te'O never visited her. Reporters think he is gay and made this story up so people would assume he was straight. There are loads of people out there who will stalk people out in order to create a fake relationship. Someone reportedly said they met Te'O's girlfriend and was close to her family. He told his family that his girlfriend got in a car accident, had cancer, and a bone marrow transplant. This story reminds Casey's of catching snipes, an animal which doesn't exist, but he pretend did. Did you do this because you're gay? Te'o is a devout Mormon. There is a possibility that he created a lie that he couldn't get out of. The coaching staff and school are standing behind him.

 SQ: This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

SA: The Hunt for Red October

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We will officially announce the MMRBQ later on the show today. Traffic. Bizarre File A burglar forgot his mask when robbing a former employer & decided to cover his head with a bucket. Escape obsessed monkeys used tree branches to spring themselves over an electric fence to freedom. A 270 pound intoxicated woman is charged with manslaughter from angrily smothering her boyfriend with her breasts. A pregnant woman's water broke while dancing at a night club causing a gun brawl. Dan Gross Recently resigned from his Philadelphia Daily News post. Co-workers were surprised by his sudden decision. His resignation was due to the changes in ownership & doesn't know if he wants to write again. He doesn't know who will get his job. Gross rarely gets bad press. Gross' best story he broke out was the Real World coming to Philly. People online are funny saying that he is going to be in food competitions. He has 10 more columns until he is officially done. His last assignment will be covering a local eating competition.

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Stay tuned for MMRBQ announcement. Traffic. John Clark believes that Te'O was in on the whole hoax and was a way for him to win the Heisman trophy. It seems odd that his girlfriend was dying, but Te'o never visited her. If this whole this was a hoax, it will effect his draft pick. The fact that he had all of these bad things happen to him at once is bizarre. Having him as the coach will bring a lot of viewers. If Chip Kelly gets a great defensive coordinator, the team will turn around. It's normal to go from being a college coach to a NFL coach. We have an advantage in the draft since Kelly knows a lot about college players. Kelly will have a press conference later today. Clark believes that Kelly is ready for Philly. NBC 10 and WMMR both will air the Flyers game.

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Hail Storm on WMMR! Weather. Traffic. There is another college photo trend, called KUBoobs, which is females showing of their cleavage & school pride. Enough boob talk, lets get the nerds! Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong Will be hosting a new show called “King of the Nerds.” One of the key aspects of Revenge of the Nerds was solidarity, a theme they wanted to bring to the show. Being a nerd is popular. “King of the Nerds” is a game show with 11 contestants that have specific talents such as neuroscience. Being a nerd is not gender specific! “King of the Nerds” is an 8-week competition and will have one winner. Curtis still gets called booger & Robert still gets asked to do the nerd laugh. They both love being a part of Revenge of the Nerds. “King of the Nerds” premieres tonight. Worst Restaurant Meals Healthy Times blog ranked the ten worst restaurant meals nutritionally. Worst kids meal is the California Pizza Kitchen kid's curly mac and cheese -1,038 calories. Worst fast food burger – the Wendy's triple baconator which is 1,350 calories. Worst side – Five Guys fries, 1,467 calories. Worst food hybrid – Dominos Chicken Carbonara bread bowl pasta – 1,480 calories. Worst Sandwich – Cheesecake factory's Shrimp sandwich 1,746. Worst salad – TGIF's Chopped chicken salad 1,800 calories. Worst ribs Outback Steak House baby back ribs – 2,012 calories. The sun is finally out! Worst Pizza Uno Chicago Classic deep dish personal pizza - 2,300 calories. Worst Dessert – Deep dish Sundae 2,800 Worst meal in America Cheesecake Factory Bistro Shrimp Pasta 2,727 calories.

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Gadzooks! Traffic. We aren't doing the MMRBQ announcement and Bill Weston doesn't look happy. Bill Weston explaining MMRBQ postponed announcement He just got off the phone with Live Nation and didn't want to announce anything that needed to be changed. Bill has been working around for this particular band and gets a call that the band will do it, but then said they couldn't. The two bands that they might have together will be an amazing combination, if it will happen. We could announce a few facts about the event, but rather say everything all at once. Bill Weston a sad man about the town. Our next guest will turn his frown upside down! Kate Flannery Her head isn't actually shaved. Her character on the office, Meredith, recently had lice and had one of the best bald caps. There will be hair consequences for Meredith, tune in tonight to see what happens. There are rumored spin-offs that will be about Dwight Schrut's farm. There will definitely be a cast party once the show ends. The show will end with a bang. Kate was at the Golden Globes and will be going to the SAG Awards. P&S are recently new members of SAG and they get movies that haven't been released yet. Besides The Office, Kate has a show called “Stand-up in Stilettos” on the TV Guide. She doesn't like how all of the commercials are female issues like vaginal mesh.

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Pearl Jam on WMMR. Singing Brady Bunch Songs. Steve was watching Brady Bunch reruns on Hub. Steve was old enough to watch when it first came out & had a massive Marsha crush. Steve's wife was mad because he said that the Brady boys liked to watch the girls take a crap. I like to watch my sister take a dump, if you into that I have a few DVD's. Preston talks about episode when Peter's hamster gets loose. Someone IM'ed in that Jan had bigger cans. It's not something your brother should be doing, especially since I have magazines. Brady house was a horribly designed. Never knew where Alice lived. Bizarre FileParents of an infant found guilty for using heroin on their child while it was teething. The baby died & the parents could face ten years. Unnamed eBay seller from Oxford Shire has uploaded nude picture of self in dress on the site and was offered over 100,000 pounds. Man has been struck and killed by a train defalcating between two cars. Wrangler jeans has now announced new line of moisturizing jeans & will prevent cellulite. A man has died after dog jumped in vehicle hit pedal and hit the man while he was opening the gate. LQ Hair of DogHollywood Trash Bruce Jenner will destroy Kardashian Empire. Chief Keef jailed after violating probation for holding a gun. Jessica Chastain is dating actor who played Loki in the Avengers. Sylvester Stallone was tired of his brother singing so he wrote a song & sang it. LA, Hair of Dog Music NewsThree Days Grace shares more about Gontier leaving & posted statement online. Seven Dust has revealed the itinerary for its US tour & will play Electric Factory Apr. 18th. Foster the People climbed Kilimanjaro for charity. POD will perform “Higher” at the NFC championship game during halftime. MMRBQ announcement has been delayed.

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WMMR. Weather. Hockey will be back on Saturday. Come down to Cure Auto Pavilion to meet everyone on Saturday from 2-3pm. Pierre is here!. Thanks to Dan Gross, John Clark, Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong, and Kate Flannery. Tomorrow on the show we have Wyatt Cenac, Tim Saunders, Ray Martin, & Big Ang

LQ: What was the original name for Different Strokes.

LA:I own two black children.

Letter of the Day:E

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