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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong - NERDS - Phoner - 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:26
Foo Fighters. Traffic. News 5 year old girl's abductor search still continues. Woman who entered the school was a stranger. Black female in her 20's standing at about 5'5.  Police say woman may be pregnant. Girl found in a playground in Upper Darby at 4:40am shivering with only a t-shirt on. Helicopter hit a crane on top of a 50 story building in London, 2 dead. President Obama's for stricter gun control is to ban military grade assault rifles. Sports Hornets beat Sixers. Claude Giroux named 19th captain in Flyers history replacing injured Pronger. Wells Fargo Center filled for Flyers practice tomorrow. No new head coach for Eagles yet. Secret text Tenacious D. 

Time 6:38-7:03
Black Keys. Traffic. Stupid Q  Birthdays John Carpenter 65. Kate Moss 39. AJ Foyt 78. Albert Pujols 33, Josie Davis 40. Sade 54. Joe Flacco. Stupid A  Entertainment News Prince Harry named most eligible bachelor. Lee Thompson revealed he's HIV positive in May of 2012, pressed charges against boyfriend. Rooney Maura told Vogue magazine she doesn't want to be a model despite being featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. Actor Victor Garber has confirmed he's gay and living with his partner. Anna Kendrick admits she thinks  Ryan Gosling is sexy. Oprah confirmed Lance Armstrong admitted to doping. She said he did not come clean the way she expected. May come with consequences. Still has a lifetime ban. Kourtney and Kim Kardashian sat down with an interview with Savannah to talk about motherhood. Kim thinks one sister should sit in and watch the kids and one sister should breast feed all the kids. They're both very stupid. Steve donates his breast milk. Gabrielle Union said Zoe Saldana is okay after breaking up with Bradley Cooper. Edward Furlong arrested for domestic violence on Sunday. Charlie Sheen appeared on the Late Show opening up about everything. Going to be a grandfather. Cocalina Heroina. Bet you if the kids get good grades there will be an 8 ball in the car. Jerry Lewis starts work today in Indie feature “Max Rose.” Clips Nicki Minaj on Mariah Carey. Johnny Knoxville. Secret text word. 

Time 7:15-7:47
Weezer. Preston has a growth on his neck. Traffic. Getting Sick in Close Quarters Tony Danza caught puking into a paper bag in first class on a plane from stomach bug. Kathy doesn't want to fly anymore. People were getting up and moving away from Tony so they wouldn't get sick. Throw-up smells bad. Casey didn't miss school until 8th grade when he had to stay home from being sick. Kathy would stay home if she was tired. Her mom would make her pancakes. Caller was on a plane with the flu flying to Australia. Steve would've opened the door and left. Casey's son puked in the crystal palace, character dinner, monorail and tram car. I'm gonna throw up. In gold's gym in Santa Monica there's giant puke buckets. Robot can projectile vomit 10 feet. Caller had to jump out of a plane with a puke bag. Preston threw up with the Blue Angels. Caller Daryl's daughter threw up strawberry milk all over the row on a plane. Casey's friend threw up on the couch. Babbling brook, ocean and dog vomiting. If Kathy was on a plane with someone vomiting, she'd jump out. Thought she would get sick from a woman at yoga breathing on her. Secret text word. 

Stupid Question: What is the name of the dot over the lower case I? 

Stupid Answer: tittle.

Time 7:55-8:12
Live on Fox Good Day Kathy holds her breath when people around her are sick. Preston just uses hand sanitizer. Steve uses nose vaporizer. Clinic in Philadelphia giving away 100 free flu shots. Casey playing at charity basketball game at U Sciences at noon. Traffic. Is Sheena Parveen dating Scottie Hartnell? Nick says its none of our business, but they were spotted having drinks out together. Cosmopolitan named Scotty one of the most desirable hockey players. Shart outs  Bizarre file Shipment containing 15 human heads were found at an airport by US customs. Investigating if they're for medical use. Video prankster arrested last night after giving people wedgies at a movie theater. Reported that victims were too embarrassed to press charges. African wildlife expert told a woman to stand closer to a rhino for a photo then got attacked. The rhino's horn hit her chest from behind and injured her rib and lung. 13 year old boy took his adopted fathers Mercedes in Italy and drove over 500 miles to find his birth family in Poland. A thief who broke into adult shop stole “orgasmo” incense. Word of the week prize. Secret text word. 

Time 8:21-9:02
Tom Petty. Traffic. Charlie Sheen to be a Grandfather Is your grandfather a junkie? Would you like having a younger or older grandparent? Nick's parents are “great” grandparents. Steve's grandfather would hit on his brother's girlfriend.  Steve's wife is the youngest of 9 and she is her own father. Switched genders like the frogs from Jurassic Park. Caller Pam became a grandmother at 36. Her daughter gave birth at 15.  Is this the era for young grandparents? Girl Scout Cookie Flavors new cookies called mango creams, made with “nutrifusion.” Casey's daughter will be selling cookies. Why do they sell girl scout cookies right after the new year? Is this just painting junk food to make it seem healthier? Why not name it lala juice? It sounds like a nuclear reactor, it's called 3 mile island batter. Goal is to make processed foods healthier. Casey is very scared of having all the cookies in his house. Listener sent Preston the recipe for “Oreo truffle.”  Melts in your mouth like an angel brain. Mom's will set their kids up in front of 7-11.  Matt said he makes it rain around here, he's the lizard king. Caller Julie said the parents sign up for time slots at certain locations. Steve's head is on Christina Hendricks breast. They changed the name from Somoan's to “big dumb Mick's.” Casey wants to start a junk food diet.  Sleeve of thin mints and a grape. Eating banana creams is like getting your rectum tattooed. I like sugar smacks and I don't like going down on a woman. Breast man cookies. Preston's family eats raw cookie dough. Casey and Preston want to make sugar cookie dough ice cream. Since Steve is going to shower with Casey's kids he'll buy cookies from his kids. 

Time 9:14-9:24
U2. Secret text word. Super pole party. Traffic. Julie Dorenbos, Susie Celek and Miss PA USA Martino's salon raises money for woman with cancer and cuts hair. Hair O' The Dog is very fun. Miss PA is going to Miss USA in Spring. Julie doesn't watch her husband on TV. John Dorenbos used to be obsessed with yachts. Would come home and he'd have googled every yacht in a yacht magazine. Kathy thought a yacht was a cruise ship because it was so big. February 6th AC boat show. Special code WMMRROCKS for 20$ off tickets to Hair O' The Dog event.

Time 9:35-9:52
Foo Fighters. Traffic. Facebook changes New search feature on Facebook where you can search people easier. Preston uses Facebook for friends and family. Makes searching for people who live in a certain town, like a movie, band, and other things. Users can search terms by the way they talk. Searching for things on the internet has gotten much easier. Download Social Fixer. Casey asked if anyone looks up old girlfriend's. Steve is bicurious. Steve is more into long term relationship. He just visits where he buries his ex-girlfriends. Caller Brett explains graph feature on Facebook.You can search things based on what your friends like. Preston found a new social media called Keek. Preston thinks he's not good at tweeting. Snatch chat. Steve talked about Chat Roulette then Nick asked about it 3 minutes later. Social Media Changes Caller MJ is complaining about how random anonymous people can post bad reviews about businesses on Yelp because it can ruin a business. Yelp wants negative reviews over good reviews. Take everything you use with a grain of salt. Sometimes bad reviews help restaurants. Last stand screening. 

Time 10:04-10:21
The Offspring. Super pole party. Bizarre File A man in Wisconsin who was caught having sex with a couch is pleading guilty. A 7th grade math teacher in florida who fled from a hit and run got arrested after she offered sexual favors and money to officers when they found an empty jug of wine behind her seat in her car. Riverside county judge found a child guilty of killing his neo-nazi father. Charged with second degree murder. Has a past of violence. Mariah Carey of miss America pageant accidentally said that marijuana should only be used for recreational use but she meant medicinal use. Gary Busey audio on hobbits. Lesson Q: If Charlie Sheen's grandkids do well in school what does grandpa give them as a reward? Hollywood Trash Victor Garber has confirmed that hes gay and misunderstood the question is it tough always being on the clock. Mama June from Honey boo boo banned Crazy Tony for being too crazy. Edward Furlong arrested for beating his gf for the third time  Lesson A an 8 ball. Music News Shinedown singer Brett Smith opened up about his substance abuse and how he lost 70 pounds from stopping cocaine, oxycotton, and alcohol. It hit him when people started making fun of him for his size. His girlfriend also gave him an ultimatum. Volbeat has confirmed that they are in the studio recorded their 5th album. Sully Erna said he will play 6 solo shows on the east coast starting in AC House of Blues. Dave Grohl sound city players have confirmed a second gig at Holly Palladium. Secret text word. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Where's the sun? Kathy's mom said you're less likely to be depressed if it's sunny. Kathy doesn't Zumba. Wrap Up Everyone gets mad at the Zumba people because the floor gets sweaty and sticky. Secret text word winner. Thank you to Julie, Susie and Miss PA USA promoting Hair O' The Dog. Philadelphia Auto Show Black Tie Tailgate. Preston Zumba'd his ass off yesterday. Letter of the Day 

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