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Tomrrow on the Preston & Steve show;

We go live with Fox Good Day!

Here's what happened on the show this morning;

Track1Time 6:17-6:34

Good Morning. Traffic. News: Missing 5 year has been found alive by police under a jungle gym, she was taken to hospital and is okay. Women who took the girl was wearing a Burka, so does her mother, they suspect the girl may have gotten confused. Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah that he used performance enhancing drugs, after years of denial, and was stripped of titles and endorsements. Chester county man has been arrested for kidnapping, sexually abusing, and trying to force his wife on to a plane to Eastern Europe. Sports: Sixers back in action home vs New Orleans tip off 7 pm. Bulls win over the Hawk 48-20. Pittsburgh Penguins Andrea Lazzaro, is back after surgery and rehab. He is cleared to practice and play. Puck Drop Party Flyers ice girls will be in studio later today!. Super Pole party

Track2Time 6:42-7:02

Lets get back into things! Traffic.  Birthdays: Adam Jones, 48. Regina King, 42. Chad Lowe, 45. Marian Van Peebles, 56. Andrea Martian, 66. SA. Entertainment News: South park creators launch production, Important Studios, from the money earned from the Book of Mormon. At the Golden Globes, Jessica Alba wore a Harry Winston necklace worth 5.8 million dollars. Hulk Hogan has filed lawsuit against Laser Spine Institute claiming that the surgeries were unnecessary and damaging to his career. Lindsey Lohan spent some time in Manchester, while on vacation in the UK with Max George from The Wanted and his family. Ryan Gosling supports director Ruben Fleischer decision to remove a movie theater massacre scene from the movie Gangster Squad. This scene was removed due to Aurora movie theater shooting and delayed the movie's opening date. Robin Roberts will be returning to Good Morning America after bone marrow test which shows no abnormalities. Steve Tyler has split from finance 35 year old, Erin Brady. Bet he looks like the woman from the Shining. Anne Romney approached to be on Dancing with the Stars, but has turned it down, she is a fan but she decided against participating. Stars in danger celebrity high diving, celebrity hurt locker while wearing expensive jewelry.Clips: In The Last Stand, Luis Guzman talks about working with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In Broken City Catherine Zeta Jones discusses what made her want to do the film. 

TrackTime 7:14- 8:04

WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Twitter posting about the first ever WMMR Show added to the podcast. Complied list of archived shows from the WMMR vault. Listen to the first ever podcast listener thinks that Preston was funnier when fatter, compliment?Listener's Confessions: Lance Armstrong's confessed to doping during the Tour de France to Oprah and apologizes.. Preston's confessed to wrecking sister's car after years told his father. Casey's beat a kid and blamed someone else. Preston's drew a picture of a looking out of a toilet while someone sitting down to take a dump. Turd POV. never fessed up. Preston hates the Budweiser Stine and told his mother-in-law gives him. Steve doesn't like the snow babies presents. Listener Craig: lied about being married before his gf of 11 years. Kathy's cousin confessed to his gf in a letter that he was 15 years older. A gave you a child, forgot to pick up milk, Listener: never admitted to crashing his mom's car. Committed Insurance fraud. Listener: never told his ex that he used her money for another girl's abortion. Listener Thomas: Stole a three story rubber monkey from WMMR worth 10,000 dollars.

Stupid Question: What is unique about this sentence the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog?

 Stupid Answer:it contains every letter in the alphabet

Track1Time 8:15-8:28

Weather. Traffic. Polar Bear Plunge in Atlantic City this weekend! Bizarre File woman pawned salt crystals as meth, had to call the cops when angry costumers came pounding on the door and was arrested for pot. 16 year old with strange travel plans was hiding three grams of heroin in his pants. Nancy Beben, cashed her car and was trapped in icy pond for 18 hours, cyclists found her moving inside called cops. Jeff reset, gave her food and her medicine while the medical team came. Fisherman was shocked when a fish jumped out of the water and latched on to the man's arm, terripian wrestled on the pier. Woman's breast implant exploded when a mosquito bite her in a Beer garden. Contest Calender girls, raid tonight Drake Tavern with Miranda and Angela Jenkinstown. Miss December and Miss January's videos are up! Joesph Anthony. Auto Show Black Tie tailgate, escorts for the show, guys only! You and your buddy email why you deserve to win.

Track2Time 8:39-9:04

Its a Great Morning. Traffic. Toddler Theater “Have you ever heard of a term F Buddy, its a special friend that you f”.”Listener Shawn guesses 40 year old Virgin wins The Possession on DVD “You climax for girls like old people “eff”, you know that, Private Pile” Listener Raina guesses Full Metal Jacket win tickets to Flyers Puck Drop Party. “And how you doing Chewbacha?” Listener Eric guesses Empire Strikes Back wins movie passes to The Last Stand. “I haven't been “f-ed” like that since grade school” Listener Lou guesses Fight Club wins tickets to Flyers Puck Drop Party. “I'm going to rip the eyes out of your head, and piss into your dad's skull and you f-ed with the wrong Marine” Listener Mike guesses A Few Goodman wins tickets Flyers Puck Drop party. “A magic marker, a felt pen, a f-ing black magic marker” Listener Ed guesses Pulp Fiction wins The Possession on DVD. “Just put the lotion in the f-ing basket” Listener Aaron guesses Silence of the Lambs wins The Possession on DVD. “Ooo, It smells like bigfoot's dick.” Listener Brooke guesses Anchorman wins tickets Flyers Puck Drop party. “The f-ed him in the drive thru” Listener Joe guesses Lethal Weapon 2 wins tickets Flyers Puck Drop party.

Track3Time 9:15-9:39

Its Tuesday and the weather sucks! Traffic. Flyers Ice Girls In Studio Flyers are Back!!!! Open practice tickets for Thursday 6 pm are free on the Flyer's website. Friday 8 pm is the Flyers Puck Drop Party. Today at 10 am the tickets for home games go on sale. This Saturday is the Flyers home opener vs the Pittsburgh Penguins. New page on P&S website that links you to all the information about the Flyers. WMMR will be broadcasting the games on the station for the first time ever.

McNabb's Mom's Song Donovan McNabb's mom wrote a song, “When Your Heart Is On The Field,” with Tanya Williams. The song sounded very similar to Mariah Carey's “Hero” song, same chord progession. Creepy song to son, sounds like it should be to a lover. Text from listener says crazy buildup to a horrible song. Steve can sing exactly like Mariah Carey! Kathy says that making out with mothers is a normal thing. Some mothers are like that with their sons. Steve's mother was a model, he would get called out by friends for “dating” mom. USA Today says that it was a good thing that McNabb's mom didnt out out the song, because he would've gotten made fun of in the locker room. Large booger videoWatching with an open mind as a man pulls a booger out of a man's nose. that's a snot covered cicada. The booger is the size of a Brazilian nut. If it was Preston's he would mount it.

Track1Time 9:46-9:54

Its Tuesday! Marisa's Calender Raid at Drake Tavern. Traffic. Bizarre File Unusual art exhibit Kang Yi, tied to a wooden plank and received hickeys from an female art student. After the performance, he was dunked in water. A pair of deaf identical male twins were killed via euthanasia after finding out they were going blind. Authorities in central Florida found a man tazed, tied to a truck, and dragged. His wife charged with attempted murder. A man in Bucky Badger hat robs bank. William billy Micheal Martian three counts of burglary, pleasuring himself with the things he stole from a Hospital. When his home was searched. Officials found the missing items and beach balls. William used these beach balls to pretend he was pregnant. A listener just stated that the video of the larger booger was not a booger, it was a piece of gauze possible from a broken nose.

Track2Time 10:05-10:15

And we are back! Marisa's Calender Raid at Drake Tavern Word of the week prize Killer's Tickets. Lesson question. Hollywood trash Kate Middleton, special crib made from the spice girls. Natalie Wood's case has been re-opened, bruising was found on her body. Kim and Kanye cant get married because she is still married to Chris Humphey, but she wants him to know that no matter how many men she is married to, she loves him the most. Lesson Answer. Music News Lizzie Hail from Hail Storm has been as to sing with Device led by frontman of Disturbed on April 9. Green Day bassist, Mike Dirnt recently published a few photo and instagram posts that he was finally able to meet his real mother and neighbor, Carol Aba Rollan. After ten years, he was able to reconnect with her before she passed away. Dave Grohl's documentary, Sound City, will be screened at the Ritz East on January 31st. Fun was one of the bands that has been confirmed to play at President Obama's weekend-long inauguration. Some other acts include: Katy Perry, Usher, John Legend, Brad Paisly, Beyonce, James Taylor, and Kelly Clarkson.

Track3Time 10:26-10:39

WMMR. Tuesday. Thank you to Flyers Ice Girls Amanda and Lauren! Flyers tickets went on sale this morning for the first game. This is the first time in history Super Pole Party. Flyers Puck Drop Party this Friday at 8pm. where WMMR will e broadcasting Flyer's games. Pierre feels like he relates to the Kenny Rogers song “You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.” Pierre thought there was going to be a big announcement but was mistaken. The announcement has been postponed until tomorrow. Bill Weston always looks good, he says that his wife dresses him. Weston feels bad because he was excited about the big MmrBBQ announcement and even made billboards. The reason why it is delayed is because there is one band that doesn't know if they want to perform. Bill doesn't want to hold any news back and rather announce it all at one time. Nick is very excited about this announcement, more so than he has in past years. Everyone is very excited about the line-up and other activities around the MmrBBQ. Good News! Pierre's glasses came back. He found out that alll cabs in Philly are licensed by the Philly park authority and can track all cabs in the city. Donna found his glasses for him and for that, she ROCKS! It was a miracle, Pierre withdraws the request for a Divorce lawyer to divorce himself. She's got my decorative glasses. Listener Dave didn't get his tattoo in studio, they had to go back to the shop, it was an elaborate Shel Silverstine poem. On the show tomorrow P&S will be on Fox Good Day, plus many awesome announcements!

Lesson Question: Who has Steve made out with?

Lesson Answer: His Mother

 Lotd: O

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