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Tomrrow on the Preston & Steve show;

Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong

Here's what happened on the show this morning;

Date: 01-14-2013                         Time 6:15-6:25
Good Morning. Traffic. News Police arrested a man who beat woman and fired shots. Set your tasers to junkie. Authorities have charged a woman for a hit and run on two cousins in New Jersey. A man walked into several high profile locations and stole thousands dollars worth of electronics dressed as a fire marshal. Sports Tom Brady got his 17 playoff win breaking his tie with Joe Montana. The Falcons beat the Seahawks in a close game. The Flyers traded for Boucher and Alt. Today on the the show we have Dr. Oz and Jillian Michaels. 
Time 6:37-7:02
Our T-shirt cannon helped inspire the Wings to win their first game. Traffic. SQ  Birthdays Dave Grohl, 44; caleb Followill, 31; Zach Wylde, 46; Geoff Tate, 54; 39; Emily Watson, 46; Jason Bateman, 44; Steve Soderbergh, 50; Carl Weathers, 65. Fay Dunaway, 72; Robin Lee. SA Zero Dark Thirty was first in the box office over the weekend, followed by the Haunted House, and Gangster Squad. Entertainment News Heather Graham's New York City apartment went up in flames, caused by a candle. Nick had a Christmas party where Pierre's hair caught on fire from a candle. Kim Kardashian will be 4 and a half months pregnant when they start filming “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Lance Armstrong is expected to come clean with doping throughout his career on Oprah. Danny Devito and Rita Perlman are rumored to be back together. Lena Dunham of “Girls” said she did not wear underwear at the premiere of the show. My vagina smells of turpentine. Lindsay Lohan did an interview that covers her life and issues while filming the movie “Canyons.” Argo won best Motion Picture Drama at the Golden Globes. Les Miserables won best Musical/Comedy. Daniel Day Lewis won Best Actor in a Drama. Hugh Jackman won Best Actor in a Musical. Marlon Waynes talks about “Haunted House.” Emmy Rossum talks about why she chose to work on “Shameless.”
Time 7:14-7:41
We have Dr. Oz and Jillian Michaels coming on in a bit. Traffic. The Golden Globes were last night. Ben Affleck won Best Director last night even though he got snubbed in Oscar nominations. Jennifer Lopez and Selma Hayek looked really good last night. Clips from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Golden Globes. Everyone in the audience could be seen walking around and talking during speeches. Poehler talked about how it was a great year for women in film. Will Farrell and Kristen Wiig did a long skit making fun of the nominated movies. Taylor Swift looked angry when Adele won an award for Best Original Song. Anne Hathaway went on a long speech. Steve hates these actors that say it takes so much courage to act, it's as scary as cleaning a toilet. Jodie Foster got a lifetime achievement award and came out of the closet without actually saying it. Affleck was blown away that he won Best Director. Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for a Musical/Comedy. Tarantino won Best Screenplay. Casey can't stand hearing Tarantino talk. Brave won Best Animated Film. Homeland had another big year at the Golden Globes. There was a running joke through the show where Tina Fey and Amy Poehler played fake characters nominated to win awards for their “movie” called “Dog President.” They are putting together a tour of the locations used in “Silver Linings Playbook.” You can see Montana from our calendar in the movie.

SQ: Which US state was the first to issue license plates?
SA: Connecticut.

Date: 01-14-2013                          Time 7:51-8:14
Green Day on WMMR. Traffic. Bizarre Files. A heavy set woman caved in and collapsed a New York City sidewalk. Delaware Police arrested a woman for having sex with a dog, along with her boyfriend for taking pictures of the act. A brother and sister are both dead, the brother stabbed his sister to death, while trying to dispose of the body, he died of a heart attack. A 94 year old man broke out of a German hospital so he could celebrate his birthday in a beer hall. A company has rescinded a complaint saying he created a hostile workplace against an employee for passing gas. A Japanese “cuddling club” charges to sleep on a female's butt. Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz says the best way to avoid the flu this year is to take a lot of vitamin D and get a lot of sleep. We haven't seen this strain of the flu since 10 years ago and even then there was a widespread outbreak of it. He says if you have a down feather pillow, you are sleeping on a poop pillow. Dr. Oz said there is a 95% chance that we will have a pandemic similar to the one in the movie Contagion. This news makes Steve want to cry in his poop pillow. Today Dr. Oz is going to talk about a plant that gives you energy. He will have Charlie Sheen on Wednesday to talk about his life. Kathy found that her constant illness was caused by nightshade vegetables. 
Time 8:25-8:52
We are back into it on this foggy Monday. Traffic. Preston had a great weekend, he went roller skating with the family. He had a break through this weekend, he finally learned how to play a part of “The Spirit of Radio” by Rush. Preston's Break Through He had to hear the drums by themselves to learn how to play a part of the intro. Nick has started playing the keyboard and is finding it very satisfying to learn how to play a musical progression. Weird Song Lyrics Preston has a list of words that artist's made up or whose meaning is obscure. In The Joker, Steve Miller made up the word “pompetous.” Men at Work have three lyrics that make this list. The Beach Boys' “Surfin USA” mentions “huaraches” which are leather sandals. In “Hotel California” The Eagles say the word “colitas” which is slang for marijuana. “Scaramouche”, a clown from an Italian play, “fandango”, a type of dance, and “Bismillah”, means “in the name of God” from Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. In the Proclaimer's song “I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)” the word “haver” means to talk nonsense. In Carly Simon's “You're So Vain” the word “gavotte” is a 16th century French folk dance. Elvis's “Jailhouse Rock” mentions the “Purple Gang” which is the name of the gang that smuggled liquor into Detroit during the prohibition.
Time 9:00-9:30
Still foggy this Monday. Traffic. Jillian Michaels. Jillian prioritizes sleep as much as she can, she avoids scheduling morning workouts. She thinks of “The Biggest Loser” as a life or death intervention. The coaches knows what each contestant can do physically before the show. She says its harder to reach the contestant because they only have a short time to drive in the lifestyle. Jillian said 60% of the contestants keep the weight off. Casey would love to see that the losers didn't have to go home. Miss America took place over the weekend, Miss New York won. Weekend Recap Miss Montana was the first contestant with Autism. Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit, hung himself over the weekend. Casey wants YouTube for kids, already is one “KidsTube.” Steve wants “LobsterTube.” There's a man version of pinterest called “Tapiture.” White House responded to petition on building Death Star. 

Date: 01-14-2013
Time 9:40-9:50
Preston and Steve getting you through this Monday. Traffic. This weekend you can join Marisa at Hair of the Dog. You could win tickets to the Philly Auto Show's Black Tie Tailgate with Marisa. Bizarre Files. A man jumped 100ft into the Meteor Crater Park mine shaft to appease the gods. Brooke Greenberg, a twenty year old girl who's body stopped growing at the age of 4, she is the only case known to doctors. Matthew Clark won a fishing competition using a fish he stole from a local aquarium. This fish has been hooked. A deaf man was stabbed when a person thought he was flashing gang signs while signing. Flyers Puck Drop Party.
Time 10:02-10:16
Our Super Pole Party is coming up. LQ. Hollywood Trash Demi Moore is dating Harry Morton, the steakhouse owner. Lance Armstrong admits his doping issue to Oprah. Britney Spears split up with her boyfriend of a year. LA. Music News Disturbed frontman said his new album will have a wide array of musical guests. Black Sabbath has confirmed they are working on a new album. Daev Navaro appears in a new photo shoot for PETA. Van Halen has announced that they may be getting ready to go on a tour. Its Free Music Monday and we have the new album by the Dropkick Murphy's. We will be right back to make room for Mr. Pierre Robert. 
Time 10:24-10:29
Preston and Steve on this dreary Monday. Wrap Up Thank you to Dr. Oz and Jillian Michaels. LOTD. Preston apologizes, he says he feels like he wasn't hear today. What we do hear is couragous and what Preston did today was heroic. Tomorrow on the show we have a couple of nerds on the show, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, talking about “King of the Nerds.” 

LQ: Which Miss America contestant had no head.
LA: Miss Nebraska.


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