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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Dr. Oz - Phoner - Monday
Jillian Michaels - The Biggest Loser - Phoner - Monday
Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong - Phoner - Tuesday

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15 – 6:24
Made it to Friday! Traffic. News Update Man lying in bed was shot when someone opened fire with an assault rife from a neighboring playground. Ever have your kid jump on you in bed? 16-year-old kid fired a gun twice in a California school because he felt he was bullied; counselor talked him into putting the gun down. 21-year-old woman was arrested when a gun was found in her baby's diaper bag at a local school. The “Brad Fox” law takes effect today; establishes minimum of 5 years for straw gun purchases. Sports Xavier defeated the Temple Owls last night. Sixers will play tomorrow against the Houston Rockets. Flyers open the shorten season against Pittsburgh next Saturday at 3PM. We'll have Matt Atchity from on the show today. Hair O' the Dog Hottie Cam too! We'll also take the Wings' shirt gun for a spin!

Time 6:34 – 7:02
We welcome you with open arms! That's beautiful. Update on MMR App: watch the Hottie Cam on the go! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Daryl Darkins, 56; Amanda Peet, 41; and Mary J. Blige, 43. SA. Preston likes to clap a lot since Ric Flair's “WOOO!” video. Steve doesn't like pears. Why are we talking about pears?! Entertainment News Charlie Sheen gave $12,000 to the photographer who died trying to get a picture of Justin Beiber. Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart have been fighting non-stop. Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” says childhood obesity was why she's back on the show. That, and poverty. Katie Holmes was spotted sitting in on a murder trial in NYC. Steve likes to pretend he's a lawyer sometimes... Emma Stone & Seth MacFarlane read Oscar nominations. 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis is the youngest actress to be nominated for Best Actress. Bradley Cooper won the Critics' Choice Awards last night. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler will host the Golden Globes on Sunday. Former Justin Beiber bodyguard is suing the singer, claiming the singer repeatedly struck him in an October incident. Yes, sir, that was “fly.” Lawrence Wright's book examines Tom Cruise and Scientology. He works closely with Voltron. Lindsay Lohan schemed to steal one of Liz Taylor's bracelets. Henry Hopper, son of Dennis Hopper, denies that he raped a teenage girl in 2011. Bill Clinton awarded Father of the Year by the Father's Day Council. Clips Josh Brolin in “Gangster Squad” & Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the 70th Golden Globes. Steve is so famous, he wants to meet himself. We'll be testing that Wings' shirt gun soon!

Time 7:14 – 7:49
Ladies, do apply for our Super Pole Party at Club Risque! Traffic. Setting Up the Wings' Shirt Gun Giveaway! Interns Erin & Mary will shoot the gun! It's Mary's last day. We love Intern Mary, one of the few interns that retained her name. Can they use the gun? Preston teaches them how to use it. They will head down to Xfinity Live! Lost E-Mails Preston just got a shart-out request from October. Nick thinks e-mails can get stuck. Kathy confirms. Embarrassing Retail Uniforms Steve wore a custodian shirt for Dunkin Donuts. Nick wore a vest and tie at CVS. Intern Dani was a “Candy Striper” volunteer at a hospital. Nick wasn't hired at GAP because he didn't wear GAP clothes. Irish pubs make waitresses wear kilts. Caller Jeanine says Hooters shirt was annoying. Caller Tony says Sullivan's Steakhouse have the sexiest waitresses. Are you sure you're not at the whorehouse? Bod Squad has a uniform. Caller John says at Abercromie's they run cologne through the vent system. Caller Eric bartended at Henhouse, wore nipple clamps and g-strings. Hair of the Dog Hottie Cam! 

Stupid Question:
The “Anjou” is a variety of what?

Stupid Answer:

Time 7:59 – 8:10
Weather. Traffic. Giveaway Hair O' the Dog tickets. Wings' T-shirt cannon ready in Xfinity Live!   Bizarre File Richard Wayne Launders, Jr. was 5-years-old when he disappeared from Indiana; 19 years later, he was found in Minnesota. He worked at a place where he keep rubber band around his penis. A family was trapped in an elevator that filled up with hot water that was ankle-deep. A python hunting competition started Saturday in Florida where men pay $25 for an online training course. Pythons start a stupidest man competition. Offer $15,000 to capture the biggest python. A snake was stuck on the outside of a plane caught on one of the wings. An expert mountain climber, nicknamed the “God of Free Climbing,” died after falling down a flight of stairs.

Time 8:20 – 9:01
Pierre named Talking Heads as a band that should get back together in a Philly article. Traffic. Hair O' the Dog Giveaway/Hottie Cam! Wings Shirt Gun MoneyShot Let's shoot this thing! Some of the T-shirts launched will have money in them, that's why it's called the MoneyShot. Intern Erin reporting. Intern Mary is wearing the gulley suit and is about to shoot the gun. Listeners must catch the t-shirt to win the prize. Katrina did not catch it. Off to a good start. Listener Steve is next, and he caught it to win free Wings tickets! Listener Mike is up, and misses, but this shirt is spraying money everywhere. Fire it into their faces if they're not catching them! Listener goes deep and he got it to win Wings tickets! Next shot is spraying money everywhere, we're making it rain. Next listener fell over. The next shot has no t-shirt, so the contestant wins t-shirt and $40! The other $20s are on the parking lot. All this money is ripped in half. The perfect scheme for an intern to rob Preston. Preston decided everyone there will get $20! Porn Watching Cities Washington D.C. is the #1 watcher of porn. The Northeast is the biggest porn watching area. Do you delete your internet history? Steve's history file is his porn scrapbook. Casey watches porn on his phone. Odd Apps “Poop-Analyzer” app will tell you about your feces. Do I stick my phone in my poop? The “Zit Picker” app allows you to virtually pick zits. Disgusting Habits Casey was playing with his boogers earlier. Steve can watch loved ones get thrown into a wood chipper, but can't watch Casey pick his nose. Kathy saw an ad for parents to suck their kids' boogers with their mouths. Preston read “Would you rather eat a tablespoon of boogers or a teaspoon of poop?” Preston watched an ad where guy fake screams in pain using a Q-tip. Listener Chris has the booger sucker. Listener Linda used the “Snot Sucker.” Listener busted his eardrum with Q-tip. If you're two knuckles into your ear, you should stop. Why's life so difficult in ads? Casey's “Foot Juice.” Hair O' the Dog!

Time 9:13 – 9:31
Foo Fighters. Traffic. Matt Atchity of Rotten Tomatoes He was at the Oscars' nominations announcements. Seth MacFarlene should be a good host. Preston thinks Argo got snubbed. How does a Best Picture candidate not get a Best Director nomination? Matt thinks “Skyfall” should be the 10th nomination for Best Picture. “Rise of the Guardians” should have gotten a Best Animated nomination. Does Bradley Cooper have a shot to win? Matt thinks it's Daniel Day-Lewis's Oscar to lose. A lot of the academy were friends of Lincoln. Matt wants DeNiro to win Best Supporting Actor so he realizes not to do crappy movies anymore. He's above Fockers. Ben Affleck's “Argo” could win Best Picture, even without a Best Director nomination. Are the Golden Globes important? The Junket Awards! Matt will never be invited to them.

Time 9:41 – 9:54
Hair O' the Dog Hottie Cam! Traffic. Farewell to Juanita She has been a staple at the Black Listna Party and Campout for Hunger. She got a promotion at State Farm, but she has to move to Atlanta. She can still listen to us with the MMR App! Juanita brought us a gift! Juanita has made the 2013 Black Listna Totally Office Calendar! Steve will be using it tonight! Losing a vital part of the Black Listnas. There's over 136 Black Listnas that listen to P&S now, right? Bye Bye Juanita! Bizarre File Man who runs a cleaning service turned in an iPod and $13,000 in cash at an airport; was then awarded $60 for his troubles, which he then gave to a homeless woman. Woman gave police a fake name after crashing a car, but the alias didn't work because she had a tattoo of her real birth date. A raccoon made out with a golfer's iPhone, but was eventually tracked down using the iPhone Tracker app. They also found another iPod and $13000 in cash. Man crashed his car through the front door of a pizza place, sat in his crashed car, and ordered a pizza. There has been a wave of children getting their tongues stuck on metal water bottles, including an emergency removal of a Philly girl who had to be in intensive care over it. Grandfather had to help his family escape after his home was on fire and destroyed by a tornado. Hair O' the Dog giveaway! 

Time 10:06 – 10:26
Weather. Preston wants to golf, but also wants to roller-skate... Go Roller Golfing! Will Pierre be able to have his RiverRink event on Saturday? They'll either have a skating party or a pool party. LQ. Hollywood Trash Britney Spears; Katie Holmes; Megan Fox. LA. Music News Dave Grohl has confirmed that members of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Stevie Nicks, Cheap Trick, Rage Against The Machines will join him in “Sound City Players.” Alice in Chains has released their first music video called “Hollow” off their new album. For the Brit Awards, the UK equivalent of the Grammies, “Muse” is in the running for “Best British Group” and “Best Group.” Trent Reznor has been named chief creative officer of “Daisy,” a new music service. Preston won't wear his glasses, but he'll wear his shoes. Jacky Bam Bam asked Casey how to get glasses. JBB starts “Sleeping With The Enemy” but never finishes it, so he keeps asking Steve how it ends. P&S don't like you can only do a certain number of skips on music services. Suck it, Pandora! New Crazy Inventions Xbox is proposing a device called the Illuma-room, which scans the room and projects images throughout the room to create a hollodeck-like environment. Another proposal is a cell phone that is so thin that bends. Kathy is bored during this conversation... “I wonder how pretty I am?” How far can we take technology? Now, how do we improve firing T-shirts in a parking lot? Steve thinks the Illuma-room is distracting to video game users. Hair O' the Dog Hottie Cam!

Time 10:34 – 10:
Preston like-y the Volb-y. Jam-packed audience here. Come out to the Super Pole Party! Goodbye Intern Mary Mary dressed as Link on her first Halloween here. Mary got a WHYY internship. Mary chose Nick as her favorite. Mary is welcome to come back anytime. It's fine to work with Marisa. Pierre needs a good divorce lawyer from himself. Irreconcilable differences. Pierre lost all of his tie-dye glasses yesterday while in the city from a cab ride. Mayor Nutter took them. LOTD. Thanks to Matt Atchity, Hair O' the Dog ladies, and Interns Erin and Mary for the Wings Shirt Gun MoneyShot Giveaway! Word of the Week. Caller Tom wins on his birthday! Next week: Dr. Oz, Jillian Michaels, & Booger from Revenge of the Nerds! Enjoy the warm weekend! 

Lesson Question:
What musician wrote “What's Up With Your Feces?”

Lesson Answer:
Jim Croce

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Word of the Week:

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