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Tomorrow on the PReston and Steve SHow:
Matt Atchity - Rotten Tomatoes 
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:07-6:17

Super Pole Club Risque. Traffic. News. High speed NJ ferry crashed into Manhattan dock. Impact flung people down stairs and into walls. Casey impressed with how they pull ferries into docks. Boat's crew took drug tests, passed breathalyzer. House fire in Delaware. One man dead, one elderly man rescued. 4 men arrested for forging deeds of 22 properties in Philadelphia. Just to clarify, you have to own the house before you sell it right? Sports. Eagles interviewed Notre Dames Brian Kelly for head coach. Raptors beat Sixers 90-72. Nobody inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame this year. Last Stand. Adult star Lisa Ann from Nalin Palin in studio today. Club Risque??. Two Philadelphia Wings will be here. Oscar Nominations and Razzies today.

Time 6:29-6:59
Cardboard Classic is in March. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Brett Smith of Shinedown is 35. George Foreman is 64. Rod Stewart is 68. Lyle Menendez is 45. Michael Schenker of The Scorpions is 58. SA. Listener Dan said Sledgehammer. Winner! Entertainment News. People's Choice Awards dominated by Hunger Games, it won 6 awards. Kaley Cuoco hosted. Katy Perry favorite pop artist. Alicia Keys performed 2 songs. Sandra Pullock Favorite Humanitarian award. Christina Aguilera People's Voice award. The Wanted favorite breakout artist over One Direction. One Direction favorite song, favorite album. We hate some pop songs, but some are  very catchy. Casey likes Justin Bieber's Beauty & the Beat. Taylor Swift's very low cut outfit, won favorite country artist. Jimmy Kimmel debuted 11:35 time slot, beat Letterman. Rosie O'Donnell & wife adopted baby girl. Skeet Ulrich in court, owes over $280,000 child support. That's not the way I would expect Jericho to act. He was first P&S interview at WMMR. Kendall Jenner uncomfortable being photographed all the time. Documentary Sell-ebrity shows celebs work w/ paparazzi. CBS sold out of airtime for Superbowl 47. Some commercial spots sold for over $4 million. P&S don't care about game and commercials anymore. Beyonce performing at halftime. Bravo producer Kathy Ireland mad that Lindsay Lohan refused to appear on her show. Preston obsessed w/ Ric Flair. Burglars took $300,000 from  warehouse where Anchorman 2 is being filmed. Razzie winners. Adam Sandler for That's My Boy. Steve said it's crap but laughed a lot. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 worst picture, several other awards. Clips. Jenna Elfman, 1600 Penn. Ryan Gosling, Gangster Squad. Oscar Noms announced soon. Lisa Ann, Philadelphia Wings players later.

Time 7:09-7:43
Weather. Traffic. City traffic horrible because of construction, esp. around South Street. Cupcakes for everyone would fix it. Shart out for listener's daughter. The Dooky Dance (remix of Al Roker's white house poop interview). Jan 9th would've been Nixon's 100th birthday. I was cracking up during Dooky Dance (Steve's Nixon voice). Nixon spent time in Philly. Listener Pete went to school w/ Nixon's grandchildren. Dental assistant fired for being too attractive. Dentist's wife didn't like her working w/ husband. Court sided with dentist. Nick's dental asst is hot, so are asst's at Preston's son's orthodontist. You should be able to fire whoever you want. How do you think next asst feels? Most people are average looking. Listener Dan sat next to hot girl in high school, she wrote equations on thighs. Listener Mark (senior VP in HR) says this sounds like publicity stunt. Crazy things happen in offices. Listener Robin was scolded at work for dressing too hot. Lisa Ann and Bizarre File next. 

What is the most played music video on MTV of all time?


Time 7:54-8:22
Weather. Traffic. Lisa Ann In Studio. Worked in Bristol years ago, at age 18 dancing, first cat fight. Silent rules of stripping. Pretty bad marks on back, still scarred from her today. Forced her to carry maze; Club Risque was Golden Slipper, had wrestling with Caesar salad. She's writing a book goal is a thousand pages, first 40 years pulling from journals. She's from Easton. Porn industry is changing, she loves meeting fans. Was a trouble maker in school, found her inner slut. Teacher wrote that she looked better with her legs behind her head in her yearbook. Preston likes that women his age are in porn. She thinks new girls thinks about their dry cleaning during sex. Boogie nights good depiction of porn in 70s. Lisa starred in Nailin Palin. Swedish TV clip w/ Lisa's porn reflection in the background. Nailin Lincoln (Pitchuation & Lisa). Mary Todd Lincoln & run away slave Intern Pitchuation. Asked if he was a virgin. Lisa likes his beard, started rubbing his arm. What are your hobbies? She asked if he collects action figures. I play with the toys. Clip from Nailin Palin. Nailin Lincoln reading script. I'm a mattress actress, she can memorize stupid lines quickly. She wants to have virgin sex with him, but he has a girlfriend. I have a higher sperm count then most. Nacho cannon clip. Caller Marc Leber dated her in High School. She wrote about him in her book, he watches her films. Marc is single, they should meet. She hasn't had a boyfriend since age 30. Pitch can narrate her audio book. 

Time 8:33- 8:49
Pitch was great with Lisa. Traffic. Preston wants to go roller skating. Wants suggestions from listeners. Kathy used to win rollerskating races. Pierre's River Rink Saturday. Manager of The Palace (Rt 1) skating rink on the line. Caller AJ, Ringing Rocks (Pottsgrove). Steve cant rollerblade. Casey cant go back to rollerskates.   Bizarre File.  Man found living under woman's house. 22 year old man tried to kill himself twice while heading to work on the interstate. He jumped out of the car then jumped in front of 18 wheeler which knocked him out of his shoes. He lived and walked to work. Austin Lee Prestin (age 19) left trail of cheetos as trail of evidence after stealing junk food items from convenient store. He's charged with 2nd degree burglary. A Labradoodle (Charles the Monarch, mascot of Old Dominion) was mistaken for a lion. Dutch councilman suggests pee in shower to save water and money. 22 year-old dancer Lauren Bloc, who fell off 2nd story balcony, has died.  Frankenweenie 7th caller! 

Time 9:01- 9:26
Preston's seen DMB in concert 50 times. Traffic. Oscar Nominations. Bradley Cooper best actor in Silver Linings Playbook! He's up against Denzel Washington for Flight, Joaquin Phoenix for The Master, Hugh Jackman for Les Mez, Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln. Lincoln got most nominations. Jackman's performance made Casey cry. Best Picture: Amour,  Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Mez, Life of Pi (2nd most noms), Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty. Anne Hathaway nominated for supporting actress for Les Mez. Hathaway annoys Kathy. Razzies: Battleship was okay. That's My Boy was awful. Adam Sandler got Razzie for Jack & Jill last year. David Hasselhoff made fun of himself in Pirhanna 3-DD. Steve hates movies that try too hard. Philadelphia Wings players next.

Time 9:36-9:53
Nice weather today. Traffic. Brett Manny & Kevin Crowley (Philadelphia Wings) In Studio They were bummed they missed Lisa Ann. Long off season, chemistry for this year is fantastic. Fans are awesome here in Philadelphia whether you are winning or losing. Wing's 27th year playing in Philadelphia. Kevin did the polar bear plunge in Vancouver. Freezing but a lot of fun Kathy has done it. Speedos with Viagra.  Brett started playing in 8th grade. Brett came back to Philly area to play for his hometown. LAX players always had a stick in school. Preston uses his LAX stick to put up Christmas lights. Brett's rookie card photo is terrible and P&S still have it. Brett's twin brother walking down the tunnel at the game confused Nick. Brett got scholarship to  University of Delaware for LAX. Brett and Kevin gave P&S a Philadelphia Wings t-shirt launcher! Preston wants to try it out. Roll the t-shirts in plaster of paris. Preston shoots the shirts down the hall to Bill Weston. First shot miss! Really great toy! Second too high! Third almost set off fire alarm! Fourth was awesome!  

Time 10:05 - 10:17
Awesome weather today. New pictures on P&S website of Alicia, international bikini contest. Vote for her! Bizarre File. Not so thrilling ride in a zorb ball down a ski slope and off  a rock ledge, one Russian man killed, the other one injured. Media Professor in Florida is standing by his conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook Shooting never took place. WTF? Other theories about 911 and OK City bombing. Dad and 15 year old child attacked by Bobcat in their home, may have contracted Rabies. He shouldn't have had a bobcat door in his kitchen. Five people were injured on NJ rail station escalator that went into rapid reverse. Due to Hurricane Sandy? LQ.  Hollywood Trash. Rosie O'Donnell and wife adopted a baby girl. Rosie says she has severe swamp ass. Kim Kardashian doesn't want her husband (Kris Humphries) around while she has her baby with boyfriend (Kanye). Taylor Swift slammed by Harry from One Direction. He called her the worst recording artist ever. LA. Music News. Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier left the band weeks before major tour with Shinedown for health issues. My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst replaced Gontier. This caused rumors that he relapsed, but he denied it. Salt Lake Tribute has confirmed that members from stone sour & slipknot frontman Corey Taylor will perform with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Alain Johannes with Grohl's Sound City Players at Sundance Film Festival. Last Stand Giveaway.

Time 10:25 - 10:32
Fun morning! Lead to the weekend. Word of the week prize tomorrow. Lisa Ann, doing what she loves, hip funny. Her teasing Pitchuation was worth it. Pitchuation getting to know Lisa Ann clip and skit of Nailin' Lincoln on P& Thanks to Brett and Kevin from the Wings.  Replaying skit. LOTD. Tomorrow Matt Atchity from Congratulations to Bradley Cooper for his Oscar nomination! We're going to break in the t-shirt cannon tomorrow.

Lesson Question: Kathy Ireland furniture is better than what wrestlers furniture?

Lesson Answer:
Rick Flair

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