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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:22

Good Morning! Traffic. News Authorities found a 21 year old woman who said she was raped by a Brooklyn Nets player, Andray Blatche. She with two other women went to their hotel room, two of the men raped her while the others watched. Officials say an elderly man was killed in a house fire. Vice President Joe Biden is meeting at the White House with gun legislation to propose gun laws. Sports The Sixers struggles continue when they lost to the Nets. Danny Briere is waiting for the lock-out to be completely over so he can be approved to play with the Flyers again. The Eagles are going to interview former Bears coach. Secret Word Philadelphia Wings. We are going live on Fox Good Day, Big Jay Oakerson, Mark Wahlberg, and Allen Hughes will be in studio.

Time 6:33-7:02

Soundgarden on WMMR! Philadelphia Wings. Calendar Raid. Super Pole Party. Traffic. Panera. Stupid Question.Birthdays Jimmy Page; 69, Dave Matthews; 46, Steve Harwell; 46, J.K. Simmons; 58, Imelda Staunton; 57, David Johansen; 63. Stupid Answer Game Change.Entertainment News Johnny Knoxville has offered Al Roker to appear in the next Jackass movie to shart on camera. Matthew McConaughey has gained his weight back from what he lost due to Dallas Buyers Club. George Clooney will join Meryl Streep on a list of stars appearing at the Golden Globes. Dina Lohan admitted to Entertainment tonight that some of Lindsey Lohan's problems might have been from her marriage issues with Michael Lohan. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West laid down 11 million dollars to build a 14 thousand square feet house. Snookie dropped by the office of Cosmopolitan and let them know that she is ready for baby number two. Charlie Sheen has been in Cabo to open a new bar called “Sheen.” Cast of Vh1 Mob Wives are disgusted by how a party venue, Frames Bowling Lounge, didn't want “urban” people in the club, especially rappers. Ryan Gosling premiered at his new movie Mob Squad with his mother as his date wearing Eva Mendes' clothes. Pam Anderson has hit tough financial time and has been thinking of heading back to her former shrink. People are speculating that Lance Armstrong might come out to Oprah about performing enhancing drugs. Current Miss Alabama winner, Catherine Webb, has been issued an apology from a sportscaster, Brent Musburger, for their reaction to Webb's beauty. Maybe it was Cauliflower. I was with Produce!Clips Kaley Cuoco talks about her hosting the People's Choice Awards. Mark Wahlberg says what it was like working with Russell Crowe.

Time 7:12-7:46

The sun is almost out! Weather. Traffic. Marisa has a Calendar Raid today 5-7 at Orange Theory Fitness. Steve finally got his bell back. Kathy doesn't like Steve's Batman bust that he keeps on his desk. Cursing at work Experts stated that bad language can play a role in 4 out of every 10 firings. Kathy thinks that when you're in a work environment cursing is unacceptable, but after work it is all right. Listener Doug said that cursing is not bad language, it is just language. Cursing to your co-workers helps to foster a casual relationship.“Suck it” used to be Walter Cronkite's sign off phrase. According to Mark Twain they changed Jesus H Christ to JC in his novels. Cursing is okay, but many women don't like the c-word. We would go to church and my Dad would use the F-bomb. Mother Effer gained popularity in the 70's and is the ultimate slight. The C-word comes from the Germanic work 'Kunta” meaning an Old Norse.

Stupid Question: What is a nutria?

A: A large river rodent.

Time 7:53-8:07

WMMR! Calendar Raid tonight at Orange Theory Fitness. Traffic. Super Pole Party at Club Risque to win a trip for two to Punta Cana and 500 dollars.FOX Good Day They are asking the gang if Brent Musburger went too far with his comments about Miss Alabama. Steve does not think they went too far. If Brent is saying he is sorry, then the director who was cutting to her should say he was sorry. Before the game, Catherine Webb, had 5,000 followers. After the game she has over 100,000 followers. Bizarre Files A Missouri man was charged with murder and allegedly through his victim's arms at witnesses. A 53 year old woman called the cops because she was upset that her husband wouldn't have sex with her. A customers request to put ketchup on a cheesesteak. Martinez became violent and told the customer that Subway does not have ketchup. Brenda Shoeman found her husband cheating on her and proceeded to point a rifle at the two then urinated on the carpet and pooped on the kitchen floor. A yet to air reality show about Carlos, a rapper who fathers eleven children by ten different women, was criticized for being racist. Secret text. Philadelphia Wings.

Time 8:20-8:53

The Police on WMMR! Thank you Molly Maguires – Meet and Eat. Traffic. I fingered myself. Preston listened to Rick Flairs greatest hits. Lauren Harris in studio in on Hottie Cam. Photo shoot videos will be up, the first one will be Lauren. Lauren Harris is going to get married, she has been engaged for awhile and will be getting married in March. Intern Erin's Irish Romance has fallen in love with a Irish man, Shaun, that she meet on the show. She went to Ireland and spent the holidays with him. He keeps saying, “I'm going to marry you.” Erin posted a picture of her man on one knee pretending to propose. Preston asked if Erin would move to Ireland to he would come here to the states. Erin said they are in the process of talking about that now, but he will probably come here. Shaun will be here March 14th. Lauren Harris has been on and off with her boyfriend but the last breakup, but realized they are meant to be. Shaun is on the phone! Sean sent Preston a email shorty after he returned to Ireland saying what his intends were. Murph loves Steves Irish accent. Murph called in and he has moved to Pittsburgh. Just use your hand and you mouth. Nick congratulates, his wife, is 12 weeks pregnant. 3 Molly Maguires gift certificates.

Time 9:04-9:30

Mark Wahlberg will be here soon! Molly Maguires Pub. Traffic. Secret Word Philly Wings.Big Jay Oakerson in Studio Feels good about himself when he sees comedians fail. Letterman does not like when Leno show when they fail. Dave Smith and Chris are here from Skank comedy group. Jay wanted to bring Chris because he is black and wanted him to be the first black guest in the studio. Big Jay's house was ruined by hurricane Sandy. He tried to leave his house but it was too late and that he had to carry his dog back on his shoulder. They went to a neighbors house to share the gas. As he was the only one up at 2:30 am he hear the generators just give out. There was 15 feet of water where he was. The only thing that was saved was a king size bed and 6 boxes full of things. Helium Comedy club will be there tonight, thursday as well as Friday and Saturday night. On Showtime there will be girls doing yoga positions. Jay would let his grand mom rent the porn for him without her knowing. Big Jay is a good judge for the Super Pole. Chris says can he get in, he will be the new black guy. Molly Maguires gift cards.

Time 9:40-10:00

Weather. Traffic. Mark Wahlberg is coming in. There is a copy of the Marky Mark Workout. Calendar Raid at Orange Theory Fitness. Lauren Harris is here along with Tina. Lesson question Blue Mountain Ski AreaBizarre File: Chris and Susie Linford received a phone call saying their credit card was being used. $5,000 was used, but the person who stole the card never changed the shipping address. A man in China hired an virtual assassin to kill his son's avatar so he would stop playing. A girl from London saved her diabetic father by feeding him jelly babies. Lesson answer Blue MountainHollywood Trash Kim Kardashian and Kayne West spent $11 million building a house. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles split up. Actor David Ellis was found dead. Music News David Bowie released a new single on his birthday. It is called Where Are We Now. He has not released any music since 2003 and word was that he has been sick. Maybe use his music for the SPCA. How I met you Mother Robin Sparkles is back on the show. Adam for Peace with Red Hot chili Peppers the have a new song coming out. The Edge, according to rolling stones, will donate $250,000. U2 has not done anything recently but there may be a new album coming out soon. The Grammy awards Sunday February 10th, some performances black keys, Mumford and sons and Rihanna Secret text word.


Lesson Q: What was Walter Cronkite's sign off phrase.


Lesson A: Suck it

Time 10:19-10:41

Foo Fighters' song is fun to play on the drums. Weather. Secret text word Philadelphia Wings. Mark Wahlberg is here to talk about his new movie. Nick gave Preston information that someone stole a restaurants used cooking oil, worth $42. The worst job at McDonalds is changing the oil and taking out the trash. If you bake the bacon in oil, the shape of the bacon will come out perfect. Broken City, Mark Wahlberg in studio. Was at a meet and greet, enjoys talking to people. Director Allen Hughes in studio. They wanted to do the movie together. .Preston loves the outline of this movie because it is a very clear cut idea. Mark plays a private investigator in the movie. As he watched the mayor's wife the character founds out more and more background get passionate about what he does. Russell Crow plays the bad guy with he normally does not. Mark and Russell bonded very well. Allen Hughes worked with his brother, they were a good team & would take turns with directing and acting. Mark said you just have to focus on what you are working on at the time. In the movie there is a “special someone” for Mark's character but he does not notice. His wife did not want him to do TED but he read the script and enjoyed it. Marks wife said if you do this movie, this will be you last trip to the Oscars.The Body-building video, Mark doing situps talking about how hot he is. A gift for Allen, the Marky Mark workout film. Mark says he was a man that needed money. Music was produced by Donnie Wahlberg. Broken City will be out January 18th

Time 10:46-10:55

Green Day! Thank you to Mark Wahlberg and Allen. Calendar party. Pierre is in the studio. There was an ESSA test. Pierre said on a normal day the interns will not even get him his coffee but when there is a rock star in the stations the interns are all on. Listeners were able to watch the interview on the new WMMR app. Word of the week Playboy Mansion. Thank you to Big Jay Oakerson, Lauren Harris and Alicia, Tina. Molly Maguires. Calendar Raid Orange Theory Fitness. Tomorrow on the show Lisa Ann from Nail in Pailin and Paul Rabil from the Philadelphia Wings.


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