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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13 – 6:22
It's Tuesday! Weather. Traffic. News Update Philadelphia police say vandals have slashed more than 50 people's tires in West Philadelphia and a $5000 reward is out for their arrest. Governor Chris Christie is set to announce a recovery plan to rebuild New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy damaged the state. He's not going to be able to do it, he's moving to Ohio. A multimillion dollar budget mistake was made by the Reading, PA school system. They were overcharged for party platters. Sports Alabama defeated Notre Dame, 42-14, in the BCS Championship last night. Sixers play the Nets tonight. Flyers will open the shorten season on Saturday, January 19th against the Penguins. We'll have Nancy O'Dell, “Steve” from, and it's Tattoosday!

Time 6:32 – 7:03
Awards shows will start beginning soon. Traffic. Announcement coming up later on. Kathy doesn't know a number between 225-450. What the hell is a “lough?” Also, how do you pronounce it? SQ. Birthdays David Bowie, 66; Robby Krieger of The Doors, 67; R. Kelly, 46; Stephen Hawking, 71; Bob Eubanks, 75; Steve's “The Newlywed Game” Outtakes; Shirley Bassey, 76; Steve's “Goldfinger” Sing-a-long! Rachel Nichols, 32; Larry Storch, 90. SA. Django Unchained Pass. Entertainment News Shaun White's vandalism charges have been dropped. Heidi Klum gets personal about her love life in a magazine interview. Brad Pitt has joined the Chinese social network, Sina Weibo. JFK Passport Control mistook Emma Watson as an unaccompanied minor. Liam Neeson believes the overabundance of sexuality in today's world makes young people question their own sexuality. I'm talking specifically about corn-holing; we have very little corn, so don't waste it. It's important to show respect to sex; so, stop at the elbow. Prince Charles is stepping up environmentalism causes in the UK. Prince Charles on the Chat Show! Miley Cryus is trying to put an end to “#CutForBeiber,” where Justin Beiber fans self-mutilate in order to stop Beiber from smoking pot. Lindsay Lohan still parties out past 5 AM and was a no-show at court. Lohan needs normal hours, like P&S does! NBC has said that Steve Carell will not return as a guest during the final season of “The Office.” Clips Timothy Olyphant of “Justified” & Psy on “Off Their Rockers.”

Time 7:13 – 7:42
Weather. Traffic. Shart-outs A Shart-out to Woody and friends from Michell, SD. Shart-out to Black Listna' Ra and his late father, Lou Wilson. Al Roker's Shart Story Al Roker tells a story of him sharting his pants at the White House. That's got to be a big shart. Do larger people poop bigger? We're shart-n' in the dark here.  Bathroom Experiences Small bathrooms can be problematic. Steve wants a tissue dispenser in bathrooms. Larger bathrooms seem more luxurious. Kathy likes bathrooms where you don't touch anything. Casey says Intern Badass has engine-sounding bowel movements. Kids laugh their ass off when there's loud poop noises. Caller Noel says bigger women's poops aren't bigger. Nick doesn't believe Noel. Al Roker's Shart was legitimate news. If Barbara Walters left skidmarks on The View, we must talk about it! Didn't Whoopi fart on The View? Caller Ray has a 25 pound cat who thinks he craps into the litter box but misses. The warmth of pets pooping is like Chestnuts on an open fire. Caller Maureen says everyone's intestines are the same, so poop should be. World's largest colon is at the Mutter Museum. It's Jabba The Hutt sleeping. Audio of Oprah farting on The View. Can't believe Al Roker admitted to sharting. Nick was disappointed in the White House bathroom. Big Announcement coming up!

Stupid Question:
In Ireland, what does “lough” mean?

Stupid Answer:

Time 7:54 – 8:07
End of “Breaking The Girl” makes us think of different things. Weather. Traffic. Big Announcement: Super Pole Party at Club Risque! Will be on January 24th from 7PM to 10PM at Club Risque! Ladies, we need you to apply for the party to win trip for two to Punta Cana and $500 cash! Bizarre File Oregon women claims she was choked by her boyfriend's own dreadlocks. The death of a lottery winner has now been ruled as a homicide investigation after he died by cyanide poisoning. A doctor has been the first person to finish the world's hottest curry, “The Widower,” which was rated 6 million units on the Scoville scale. Mother woke up to find a four-foot long python wrapped around her baby daughter. David Chandler was able to legally identify his murderer by blinking the murderer's name. DREDD Giveaway to 7th caller!

Time 8:19 – 9:06
Just Announced: Super Pole Party at Club Risque! Traffic. Marisa has a Calendar Raid at Orange Theory Fitness in Willow Grove! On, we have videos of each calendar girl doing their photo shoot each month! Alicia will be in the Miss International Bikini contest! Pretty Girl During BCS Game Preston saw Katherine Webb, who is Miss Alabama, during the BCS Game last night. Webb is the girlfriend of Alabama's quarterback AJ McCarron. Preston can't believe how good she looks. The announcers were really creepy describing her last night. This booth is small, but I could rub one out... We seriously hate AJ McCarron right now. McCarron has a lot of tattoos on his body. Did the Pope design these tattoos? Preston wants to meet her. Men's Health Name Hottest Women of 2013 Men's Health named Katy Perry as the hottest woman of 2013. The rest of the list was: #2) Mila Kunis; #3) Christina Hendricks; #4) Jennifer Lawrence; #5) Jennifer Aniston. Text says: “Hendricks is a wax packer.” Does she store candles? List also includes: Beyonce; Taylor Swift; and Rihanna, she looks like a hot alien. Lizzy Hale from Halestorm should be on that list. Casey wants Mariah Carey on it. She's a duffel bag now. Pinch Your Nose & Hum Preston read that it's impossible to pinch your nose and hum at the same time. Kathy thinks you can, but it goes away. Why does looking at a light make you sneeze? Preston tries to not sneeze, sneezing can cause migraines. Zoo Zipline A Florida Zoo wants to put a zipline over the tiger exhibit. Spark Plugs VS Glass: Part 2 Casey believes a porcelain piece from a spark plug can break glass if thrown hard enough. Bizarre file story claimed it to be so. Casey has many pieces of glass to play with. A little tink on Casey's first throws. Man, are we bad at experiments! Larger piece of porcelain for Casey. How about a toilet? Another tink. Kathy wants a criminal to call in to the show. Third piece of bigger porcelain breaks the glass! Caller John says this is a back-up technique for firefighters to break windows. Kathy's gonna try to break the next glass. She did it! Preston wants to break the next window with his protection device, “Cold Steel,” is it a robot dildo? Preston broke the glass with the porcelain and the robot dildo! Nick breaks the next piece of glass! Caller Mike says sweet spots on glass can cause it to break. Steve breaks the last piece of glass! WE'VE GOT TO BREAK GLASS EVERY TUESDAY! Bill Weston blows glass every Thursday, so that works out.

Time 9:11 – 9:27
Preston can't believe the glass broke. Nancy O'Dell She is busy getting ready for all the award ceremonies. Preston & Steve are members of SAG, they get cool stuff in the mail. She has to decide on what designers' clothes to wear. She has a new book, “Here's To Fabulous You.” O'Dell thinks “Argo”, “Lincoln”, and “Django Unchained” will be the films to beat. Golden Globes is this month. Oscars nominations will be on Thursday, Hustler readers vote on that. Kathy doesn't want to do traffic. Traffic. Bob Dodge lost weight and got compliments. Tattoosday! Listener John got a random tattoo today, he was a last-minute substitution. He got “Kiss My Ass” in Gaelic.


Time 9:37 – 9:55

We're right back into things. Preston just wants to break right into pistachios. Traffic. Alicia is on our hottie cam. “Steve” from He's been up all night looking up girls. You're doing the legwork for stalkers. Doesn't want to sound like he's creepy, but he is. Preston thinks the new Wendy's girl is really cute. The DirectTV girl is Nick's favorite girl to watch. “Steve”'s favorite is the Orbitz gum girl, who is not actually English but is from California. Flo was a personal favorite of Preston. Well, they can't all be dimes. The tumblr is nice, but not a good way to make money. Their twitter handle is @ThatHotAdGirl. Super Bowl should be the next big ad girl look-up. Caller Tanya says she went to college with The O'Donohue girls from Hot Pockets commercials. Steve thinks this could be a moneymaker, except for the ankle bracelet he has to wear. Watch Hottie Cam through the WMMR App on your phone! 

Time 10:05 – 10:34
Preston had a nut stuck in his throat, if only Steve had a dollar every time that happened. Steve chokes on potato chips. Alicia is on our Hottie Cam right now, vote for her online! Preston wants to do something special for the ladies. We'll take two female callers soon that will see Mark Wahlberg tomorrow! Bizarre File Tuscon father bought a refurbished Nintendo DS, but there was pornography on it. A Chinese hospital has a “red room” filled with sex toys, pornography, and erotic art for couples that need help with intimacy. Utah city has scrapped the name “Morning Glory” from a road and renamed it ”Morning Vista” because “Morning Glory” can be used as a term for an erection. A teenager in England said he found a brain in his KFC chicken box. India businessman dropped $230,000 to buy a solid gold T-shirt. LQ. Hollywood Trash Al Roker; Buzz Aldrin; Mother June. LA. We're gonna take Callers #42 and #43 for the Mark Wahlberg visit. Music News The Black Crowes will play The Electric Factory on April 12th. The Black Keys are making their 8th studio album and will play four shows with The Flaming Lips. The Lumineers will be the guest band for SNL. Slash says that he would never work with Scott Weiland again for Velvet Revolver. Roger Daltrey will participate in the Rock & Roll Camp in Las Vegas. Stephen Tyler played a week of shows with Led Zeppelin. Mark Wahlberg Contest! Caller Annabelle and Caller Linda will be in tomorrow for Mark Wahlberg!

Time 10:44 – 10:53
Alicia was doing splits on the Hottie Cam! Intern Tim's birthday is today, he's Intern Primo now. Intern Erin returns from Ireland tomorrow. Pierre is here! Thanks to Nancy O'Dell,  “Steve” who was nervous, and Listener John for Tattoosday. LOTD. Pierre met Elvis once. Preston wonders what Elvis would look like at 78. Thanks to our sponsors! Tomorrow, Big Jay Oakerson and Mark Wahlberg will be on the show!

Lesson Question:
The readers of which magazine vote on the Oscars?

Lesson Answer:

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