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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Nancy O'Dell - Entertainment Tonight - Phone Interview - 9:10
Steve from Who's that Ad Girl - Phone Interview - 9:30

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:10- 6:20
Black Keys on WMMR. Traffic. News. NHL Lockout's over. 10 year contract, season starts this month. Sportscaster got news wrong, announced season was canceled. Witness in murder case murdered by 6 people in West Philly. Louisiana mall shut down after massive flash mob. Sports. Chip Kelly staying w/ Oregon Ducks. Baltimore beat Colts. RGIII left Redskins/Seahawks game w/ knee injury. Jim Jackson & possibly Claude Giroux on the show today. Parker Party.

Time 6:32-6:58
Soundgarden. Weather. Traffic. Game Change. Birthdays. Nick Cage, 49. Jeremy Renner, 42. Katie Couric, 56. David Caruso, 57. Jann Wenner, 67. Laura Koslowski. Game Change. Box Office. Texas Chainsaw 3D. Django Unchained. The Hobbit. Making a This is Lincoln movie. Entertainment News. Brad Pitt & Angelina's child accidentally tripped alarm . Cops & helicopters arrived on scene. Comcast. Josh Brolin arrested, public drunkenness. Gangster Squad, unofficial sequel to Monster Squad? Thomas Gibson arrested, DUI. Hulk Hogan consolidated sex-tape lawsuit charges.. New bee species named after Big Bang Theory catch-phrase “Bazinga.” Justin Bieber caught smoking pot w/ Lil Twist. He was using a sippy-bong.  Lil Twist was behind Bieber's wheel during paparazzi accident. Lil Twist tweets... Bieber took to Twitter to apologize. Miley Cyrus, wedding band? Steve: Miley's officially hot. It's all on Lil Twist's Twitter page; he also broke the NHL lockout news. Megan Fox officially joined Twitter after death rumors. How does Twitter verification process work? Actor told Casey Megan Fox is an “f'ing bitch.” Honey Boo Boo mom, trust fund for children. Bag money & hide it in rolls of neck. $15-$20K per episode. Did anybody see Buckwild? As dumb as Jersey Shore. Ariel Winter, going to school. Courtney Cox &  David Arquette, best friends. Kiki Lakes to remarry ex husband. Clips: Struck By Lightning. Gangster Squad.

Time 7:08-7:40
Green Day. Traffic. Death is whack. PA home-sellers don't have disclose if house was murder/suicide site. Houses where murder/suicide occurred. Would only think about the death every day from dusk to dawn. Caller Brian: cleans foreclosed homes, freaked out by deaths in houses. Caller Dave: Went to settlement on house, owner says previous owner held Cub Scout meetings in attic; freaks him out. Preston's family wanted him to sleep in Grand-pop's bed right after his death, wearing his clothes. Steve looked at house in Manayunk, “F*#K THE FBI” painted on wall. Caller Kelly: neighbor blew head off. Caller Aaron: House in West Chester is on haunted house list. House was courthouse gallows. Aaron moved out, terrified. Caller Nina: step-father killed her mother & himself in house, house lost some value. Caller Jason: co-worker told Jason during settlement that owner blew his head off in basement. Finished basement, drywall- that should keep the demons out. Caller Jason: realtor told Jason previous owner hung himself in basement. Caller Steve: friendly ghost lives in house. Realtor Justin: long story about selling old murder-scene house. Even w/ new law, best to disclose info. Caller Greg: friends rented place, former murder scene. Still had blood trail on floors. Preston's son in “Ghost Hunters” type of shows. Jim Jackson will be on later, so will Claude Giroux (hopefully).

Stupid Question: Who is the nemesis?

Stupid Answer: Nuclear Man

Time 7:51-8:07
Pearl Jam. Weather. Traffic. Justin Bieber would not buy a house that was site of death b/c death is whack. David Letterman on Oprah OWN Network. Conducted interview at Ball State University Communications building he donated to the school. David opens up about sex scandal, takes full responsibility for it. Preston found out former coworker got arrested. Feels like an ass b/c he thought it was funny. Letterman's only issue w/ Leno is Leno's self-esteem. Oprah recalls uncomfortable appearance on Dave's show. He feels terrible about it, was unaware. Bizarre File. Pastor of St. Aloysius Church called 911, he was stuck in a pair of handcuffs. A gag also was found in the room. A violent, drunk passenger on flight to JFK from Iceland had to be restrained by passengers before takeoff. Suspected Seattle bank robber found pleasuring himself on a sidewalk. I have a bomb, I'm pleasuring myself, and I robbed a bank... Good year! A Brooklyn man got iPhone back from thief through OK Cupid app. Frankenweenie.

Time 8:18- 8:46
Gaslight Anthem. Parker Party. Traffic. Let's Go Flyers! WMMR will broadcast Flyers  when Fanatic broadcasts Sixers. Jim Jackson Interview.  50 or 48 game schedule. Percentage of NHL players playing elsewhere? Number fluctuates w/ injuries. Players in shape, but risk injury. Russian players may not come back to NHL, including Ovechkin. Bryzgalov, back from Russia. Regular season: 82 games. Short schedule equals meaningful games. Flyers didn't get Shea Weber, they need Luke Schenn to play well on defense. Claude is the top player in the world! Claude Giroux Interview. Jim Jackson also on phone. Claude: we need a strong start. Hasn't heard captain rumors. “Show leadership on ice.” Confident in fan support.  Hartnell's lockout beard. Claude feels good physically. Claude took control like Captain America during battle vs Loki. Veterans on team, but Claude is a leader & best player. Jim enjoyed time off. Jim's son plays for Team Comcast's peewee league. Jim new to Twitter. @JimJPhilly. Jim's booth is open to P&S crew.

Time 8:57- 9:29
Linkin Park. Weather. Cardboard Classic. Traffic. Bryz at Skate Zone. Preston ice skates w/ kids. Bob Kelly, wants to teach Steve. US hit w/ flu. Flu vaccine might not help. Kathy's not vaccinated. What's in the shot? Kathy coughed up Ebola. Colts OC missed game b/c of flu. Dr. Mike. Shot 50-60% effective. Technology to predict virus is improving, but not perfect. W/o flu shot, 0% protected. You get poopies with stomach bug. Drink lots of fluids. Chicken soup proven to reduce symptoms. Sanitize hands. Stay home when sick. Contagion movie. Caller Jackie: Severely sick, no poopies or puke. Steve is going to burn bodies. Children spread it first. Preston: any such thing as a mild cold? Sick kids in school. Do they overreact? Caller Janine: Friends mom paralyzed from flu shot. Waist down. Dr. Mike. Risks & benefits w/ everything. 130,000 a year die from Motrin. Steve can't remember if he took his medication. Does he have to wait until tonight to take another dose?  Steve can run his face over baday. Thank Heaven for Little Girls. Django Unchained.

Time 9:38-9:51
Halestorm. Weather. Parker Party. Traffic. 85% voted the most overrated film of 2012 was “Avengers.” Readership “hipsterish.” Nick's son likes comic books. Preston collected comic books. Casey upset with lack of US aid to Avengers in film. Losing faith in government. Thor 2, very dark. Preston wants to collect comics again. Bizarre file: Cat found with drill bits, cell phone etc. taped to it has been detained in Brazil. Cat doesn't speak.  4 people survived a pickup accident by jumping out before it went over a cliff. 2 injured. Detained woman tried escaping through hospital ceiling. She caused $1500 damage. Rare tumor in 19 year old man causes hairy eyeballs.  I like the way you part your eyes. Can be removed. Johnson's baby shampoo is tear free, since he has hairy eyeballs. Officials say woman lost her autistic child in her disgusting apartment. 9 year old and 2 year old taken into protective custody. Hoarders.

Time 10:03-10:16
Foo Fighters. Cardboard Classic. Shart Outs. Email: Listener's father found 50 past podcasts. Ned. Romano on TJ Hooker. Hollywood Trash. Cher signed to make her own TV show. Gay men think she's a gay dude. Thomas Gibson arrested for drunk driving, conducted his own CSI. Naomi Campbell mugged in Paris, felt like one of her own employees. Blue Mountain Ski Area. Steve lost his bell. Marisa has it at home in a box. Music News:   Avenged Sevenfold debuted “Carry On” for COD Black Ops 2. Appeared as characters during closing credits to perform it. Director Brent Morgan spoke about his Kurt Cobain documentary. Crossfire Hurricane about the Stones debuted last year. Untitled film. Kid Rock , “Happy New Year” video w/ Cindy Crawford. Oasis will not regroup. Pierre has new Bon Jovi today. Steve loves his new siren.

Time 10:26-10:33
Better Than Ezra, Good. Preston's Christmas lights are finally off. Wrap Up. Hockey is back. We are a Flyers station now, along with our sister station the Fanatic. Jacky Bam Bam play by play. Jim Jackson was on the program, thanks to him & Claude Giroux for joining us. New Pierre audio: popping P's during off-air mic check. Father Pierre's beer baptism at the Day Off at the Slopes. Parker Party. On Pierre's Show Today. Pierre has new Bon Jovi coming up, workforce blocks of Sublime, Van Halen, Pink Floyd... Pierre has a cold, so does Steve. It's a sad day, we begin to remove the Christmas decorations. Leaving decorations up at this point is like making out with the hooker after sex. Tomorrow: Nancy O'Dell, & Steve from Who's That Ad Girl.

Lesson Question: What does Justin Bieber use to smoke pot?

Lesson Answer:
A sippy bong.

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