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Here's what happened on the show today:

Time 6:14 – 6:25
Day Off on the Slopes! Traffic. News Update A Maryland 10-year-old girl who was hit with a bullet over New Years' died late Thursday morning. Drivers who commute along the PA Turnpike will see tolls increase, especially non-EZ-pass drivers. Casey doesn't like to put things on his windshield. 2012-2013 flu season has started early and can be deadly among children. 200 in PA have been hospitalized because of the flu so far this season. Kathy's not worried, she had a mimosa this morning. God was driving a truck! There is a God truck, right? Sports Bill O'Brien will be staying with Penn State next season. Andy Reid is closer to signing a deal to be the KC Chiefs' Head Coach. Oregon wins the Fiesta Bowl over Kansas State, 35-17. Ike Barinholz will be on!

Time 6:35 – 7:02
Good lyric: “If you could only see...” “If I could only write another song...” Traffic. SQ Birthdays Michael Stipe of REM, 53; Dave Foley, 50; Julian Sands, 55; Dyan Cannon, 76. SA Entertainment News Jenny Craig says that they are not interested in endorsing Kim Kardashian in losing weight after her pregnancy. Jessica Simpson is pregnant so much that she can get away with contractually-obligated weight goals. Bristol Palin has been granted a restraining order on stalker Michael Cummings. Bradley Cooper have called it quits with Zoe Saldana. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's premature son is doing fine and is expected to be healthy. Kate Middleton's parents have launched a supply of baby products through their party company. “Real Housewives of NYC” star Bethenny Frankel is splitting from Jason Hoppy. Vladimir Putin has signed a document granting citizenship to Life of Pi actor Gerard Depardieu. Casey thinks he looks like Hillary Clinton. Depardieu was in a Russian bank commercial, he's a national hero! Lindsay Lohan got paid at least $100,000 to be flown to London and party with Prince Azim of Brunei. Rob Kardashian says that although he supports his sister's pregnancy, he will be married before he has children. LA ranch house that was given to Ronald Reagan by General Electric is on sale. Reagan thought General Electric was a real man... he was Magneto's cousin, wasn't he? Clips Jon Krasinski of “Promised Land” & Ewan McGregor of “The Impossible.”

Time 7:13 – 7:49
Flurries starting at the Day Off on the Slopes! Traffic. Time for Preston's World! Philly Not Healthy Philadelphia ranked #99 out of 100 of the Healthiest Cities in the World according to Women's Health magazine. Now accepting the award, Cincinnati Top Healthiest Cities: #1 San Francisco; #2 Salt Lake City; #3 San Jose; and #4 Burlington, Vermont. Bottom Cities: #96 Cleveland; #97 Memphis; #98 Toledo; #99 Philadelphia; and the worst: #100 Birmingham. Caller Mike says ranking lists have conflicting results. You're obese if you can't see your dong. Another study showed people with a few extra pounds live longer. This study was funded by Nabisco. Helicopter Parents Aubrey Ireland won restraining order against her “helicopter parents” who installed monitoring software on her dorm computer. Casey knew a 21-year-old who had to ask permission to see a movie from her father. Aubrey's parents wanted to leave Skype on so they could watch her sleep. Caller Tom had a girlfriend in her late 20s and her dad ruled her life. Caller Alex had helicopter parents and had to sleep with in her Mom's room until she was 16. Steve has a college-aged “daughter” too and she must sleep in his room! Caller Pamela says her son's friends call her Mom, is that weird? How hot do you want your kids to be? How much do roofies cost?

Stupid Question:
When you're saying “You're a Trouper,” how should you spell it?

Stupid Answer:
T-R-O-U-P-E-R; Because it means an acting troupe, not troopers.

Time 7:58 – 8:15
Weather. Traffic. P&S On CBS! Preston & Steve were on CBS yesterday talking about the “Lose It” app. At their max, Steve was close to 280. Letterman on Oprah Audio of Letterman interview on Oprah's network. Letterman seems depressed as he talks about the feud with Jay Leno. Rest of interview will air Sunday night. Bizarre File Two would-be jewel thieves broke in to the toilet block of a KFC, not the jewelry store they were trying to rip off. Can spark plugs break windows? The “Vomiting Larry” robot is a robot that is anatomically correct in contracting the norovirus, which causes people to vomit. Man tried to rob a convenience store but had to ask his mom for a ride home. Man shot after trying to choke a pet rottweiler. Elderly woman had to undergo a procedure to remove a mini-drill out of her lungs from a botched dentist operation. Caller Ian says the spark plug will just “pop” the window. We need to make this happen, we've got money!  

Time 8:23 – 8:49
Day Off on the Slopes today! Traffic. Ike Barinholtz in Studio His name is Issac, not Dwight or Ivvak. Ike's knowledge of Philly is just from movies. Ike is a history buff, he wants to go on tour. Most of Philly's buildings have “the first of the nation...” labels. First cheesesteak of the nation! Ike plays Morgan Tookers on “The Mindy Project.” Mindy Kaling really does control everything for “The Mindy Project.” Ike was great during MADTV's reign on Fox. Ike replaced Will Sasso when he left. Ike was also in “Vampires Suck;” his dad didn't understand the movie. Ike met Kim Kardashian during “Disaster Movie.” Ike does impersonations of Barack Obama, Dane Cook, and Jason Sudekis. How does Jason Sudekis get so much good tail? Ike also loves doing Alan Arkin. Ike roomed with Josh Meyers, Seth Meyers' brother, during his trip to Amsterdam. Walking in circles is the past-time of Holland. Ike can have 17-hour days while on the set of “The Mindy Project.” Ike lives off of bread for a while. Needs Bertucci's bread, it's the best. Any celebrity encounters? Ike saw the bad guy from Die Hard 2 at a Whole Foods. Flavor Flav was difficult to work with on MADTV. Got to meet Snoop Dogg on MADTV, he just got over the high yesterday from meeting him.

Time 9:00 – 9:37
Traffic. Wilmington Police & Fire Department hockey game for the F&F Foundation tomorrow at 5:30 PM. There ain't a whole lot of hockey going on elsewhere... 20-Year-Old Albums Speaking of 20-year-old stuff, Arsenio Hall is coming back. Nirvana's “In Utero.” Smashing Pumpkins' “Siamese Dream.” Radiohead's “Pablo Honey.” Steve couldn't find flannel anywhere during this time. Mariah Carey's “Music Box.” Pearl Jam's “Versus.” Casey doesn't know what he's talking about. Snoop Dogg's “Doggy Style.” Candlebox's “Far Behind.” Tool's “Undertow.” This was when Preston was Kenny Knight! Tag Team's “Whoomp! There It Is.” Fo' shizzle, death is wack. Preston sings “Whoomp! There It Is.” Casey sings “Dream Lover.” Ben Franklin Bridge Statue Steve doesn't pay attention, he doesn't want to drive into the water. There's a statue of Ben Franklin with the kite and key, called “Dragonfly.” Caller Dan says there is a closed SEPTA station under that statue. Why not turn that station into a nightclub?! Casey just ruined the conversation with the “ghundog” joke. William Penn Statue is pointing to his land, with his penis? Caller Marty says Seattle has an underground city. Preston is interested in local history. How about Biff Walnut of Walnut street? Did Walt Whitman live in Camden? It's where he coined the phrase “Suck It!” Time to get some “ghundog...”

Time 9:46 – 9:55
Weather. Kathy's traffic report is next to the fodinnermom. Traffic. We have a spark plug and tempered glass! Casey has a hammer! Bizarre File Two teenage girls were arrested for allegedly using drugged milkshakes on their parents to log on to the internet. Quick-thinking bus driver drove his son to the hospital after he has suffered a epileptic seizure. Do they have double-decker ambulances? 19-year-old woman shot and killed her own brother when she was photographing herself for Facebook holding the gun. A West Jordan, Utah school has canceled their production of “All Shook Up” after receiving complaints that the songs are sexually suggestive. A janitor found three grenades in the parking lot of DisneyWorld. That's part of Explosion-World!

Time 10:06 – 10:21
Spark Plug VS Glass Spark plug thing has to happen now. How did this conversation happen? Bizarre File story said that you can break tempered glass with a spark plug and doesn't make a lot of noise. Casey also had a friend who confirmed it. Preston doesn't think this will work. Casey just put the spark plug porcelain in his mouth. It tinked and nothing happened. Wait, this spark plug only has 50% tink! Casey's throws aren't working. Just a little tap. Now, if you throw a complete spark plug at the glass, then it will break! The glass breaks! So what did we learn? Uh... LQ Hollywood Trash Kim Kardashian and Kayne West; Jonas Brothers' Fan; and Nick Stahl. LA Music News The Black Keys' new album headlines the MTV list of “Most Anticipated Albums of 2013.” Eddie Vedder gave an update on the upcoming Pearl Jam album, saying the band is halfway there to completing the album. Casey sings Vedder Jesus songs. Former Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum will record his own studio album. Metallica is still supporting the family of the fan who was mysteriously abducted after one of their concerts and her remains found a few days later in 2009. Day Off on the Slopes broadcast coming up!

Time 10:28 – 10:37
Weather. Two-day workweeks are awesome. Thanks to Ike Barinholtz for being a great guest this morning. Let's see if we can find Pierre somewhere at the Day Off on the Slopes. He's at the parking lot. Pierre at the Day Off on the Slopes Pierre gives us the weather up there. Pierre says that on one side of the mountain, you get 93.3 WMMR and on the other side, there's some Christian station. Then you keep driving and you lose it to a Jewish station, Masel Tov! Letter of the Day. Pierre is outside of the ski lounge. The Baptism of Beer will take place later on Jaxon's show. Word of the Week. See you on Monday, Pierre! Thanks to our sponsors. Nancy O'Dell, Big Jay Oakerson, and Mark Wahlberg will be in next week! We are done, rage on. Have a good weekend!

Lesson Question:
Who is Walnut Street named after?

Lesson Answer:
Biff Walnut

Letter of the Day:

Word of the Week:

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