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It's the Christmas Miracle! Traffic. News Council Rock High school South will be closed on Friday December 21st. Student was arrested for a threat. Students and staff are not permitted on campus until further notice. An Elderly couple in their 60's and their daughter in her 20's escaped the burning house in Gloucester twp NJ. Women taken into custody for carrying a large knife at the Philadelphia international airport. After interview she was a culinary student was released from police custody. Sports NHL announced cancellation of more games. Eagles have their final home game this season hosting the Washington Redskins. Phillies sign Mike Adams to a two year contract. We have loads and loads of stuff. Audience member has ugly sweater of a Christmas tree. It doesn't fit you can see my pee-pee. SugarHouse. We have a great audience this morning. It's a Christmas Miracle.

 Time 6:38-7:16

Traffic. Pitchuation is our little helper. BirthdaysBret Sallions of Fuel 41, Kieffer Sutherlad 46, Ray Romano 55, Samuel L. Jackson 64, Jane Fonda 75, Jane Fonda mobility scooter, Phil Danahue 77, Andy Dick 47, our own Chuck Damico 41. Entertainment NewsCourtney Stodden will remain in the spotlight in 2013. She has done a photo shoot. She plays with Casey's balls a lot.She will spend 2013 focusing on her music career. 28 year old Rebel Wilson. She was in Bridesmaids. Her career has exploded in the past year. The was named the next big thing. Is dating Luke Perry. Le Miserable star Hugh Jackman believes a fathers relationship in more different with his son than his daughter. His children were adopted. Tate Stevens was named winner of the X-Factor. The 37 year old country singer beat a 13 year old. Won the 5 million dollar recording contract. Guest appearances be Pitbull singing Don't Stop the Party and One Direction. They are definitely working on a seqwual of the movie Ted. Clips Tom Cruse Jack Reacher. This is 40 Paul Rudd. Christmas Miracle Giveaway our first contestant is listener Tony, Incorrect. Listener Erin, Incorrect. Listener Jarred, Winner. Listener Phil, Winner. Listener Jack, incorrect. Listener Chuck, Winner. Listener Winner. Well be right back.

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Traffic. Ugly sweaters and pajamas pants are the theme. SugarHouse. Nick has an important question he wants to know if this bar is open. And it is! We played the band -aid song and one of the interns said to the other “this is a great song what is it” its showing Preston's age. He didn't realize he was that old. Christmas Miracle GiveawayListener Molly shes' been listening since she's been in middle school. Year membership to Retro Fitness Steve has confirmed that we are old. What year did the Preston and Steve Show start, it started in 2005. She got it wrong. Listener Jessica, wins the membership. Beer for a year from Corona Light 48 cases of beer Listener Jen, has been a listener for over 10 years. Who is our favorite Ecuadorian janitor? Jose! Jen wins beer for a year. Canon EOS digital camera Listener Jennifer has been listening since '98 wearing a shirt that says “I like turtles” During the P&S show what radio personality show did Nick producer for? Pierre. She won the camera! That is a Christmas miracle. 4 pack of 2013 season passes for 6 Flags Great Adventure. Listener Kelly, listener since the Y100 days what medical anamoly made RC the perfect man to tattoo Casey and intern Joe's taints? He can't smell. She wins the tickets!


 Stupid Question: What country are Poinsettias native too?



Stupid Answer: Mexico.


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We have a ton of great things to give away this morning. Traffic.It was Kathy's idea for everyone to wear pajamas this morning and she's not wearing pajamas. She Kathy has no pajama pants. She thought she was going to be set up and so did Casey. Beth has footie pajamas on. Marisa is very disappointed because she's so excited about wearing pajamas because she usually wears nothing to bed. Manager of External Affairs at the SugarHouse Dan Stevenson Proud sponsor of the fireworks. Two firework shows. New Years day free parking. They are the proud sponsors of the mummers day parade. Bizarre File Women attacked with sock filled with human feces. The man was video taped on the platform. Used newspapers to wipe her face. The poop flinger. Police in Venice Italy found undocumented 5 year old. Its where I like to stick my little boys. Border patrol found the boy. The boys journey could of lasted 3 months. An 8 year old girl stole packages off of doorsteps. Deputies found an intruder saying he was out of gas knocking on a bedroom door and downstairs playing with their cat. Played a round of darts in the garage, was arrested. Christmas Miracle Giveaway Air Adventures Hour long hot air balloon flight Listener Molly is ready to redeem herself she was up on stage before. What was President Reagan's favorite sandwich. She got it wrong. Listener Ed, has his lockout beard growing What is the name of Reagan's slower brother? He got it wrong, the answer is Roogan. Listener Matt, Kathy's cat was featured on what tv show? America's Funniest Home Videos. Listener Matt Who spoiled the surprise of Casey's wife being pregnant on air. He got it wrong, Steve accidentally said it. Xfinity Live Listener Ray, At the end of Drunk Day Double Dare Casey almost drowned nick in a pool of what? It was ice cream. He didn't answer it right. Listener Josh Casey , Nick and Preston used to be the arena host of what Philly sports team? It was the Philadelphia Phantoms. He got it wrong. Listener Erin was up before and doesn't listen to the show. Casey believes what animals do not have sphincters? Deer the poop just falls out, she answers wrong. Listener Mike, who has been chained to the bar all morning long, has an old school Preston and Steve Gadzooks shirt. Who once described an increased presence of cops as globs of cops. It was Marisa he got it wrong. Listener Kent, Where did Nick go to college? He got it wrong, Bucknell. Listener Mark wearing a giant shark tooth around his neck. What is Preston's former DJ name? He's putting his head in his hand his face in his ass he doesn't get it right. Its Kenny Knight. Steve is getting so frustrated. Listener Mike, Incorrect. Listener Tiffany from Northeast Philly. Incorrect. Listener Lia, Incorrect. Listener Jess Pirette, Incorrect. Listener Tony Hammer, Winner. Listener Bob, Incorrect. Listener Robert, Incorrect. Listener Mike Winner. Lister Angela, Incorrect. Listener Brian flashing Christmas sweater. Incorrect. Listener Chris, Incorrect. Listener Patrick from Glen Mills. Winner. Lister Bow Wynn, Incorrect. Listener Steve most impressive mustache. Incorrect. Listener Tony Finny, Incorrect. Listener Brianna, Winner. Be right back.

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It's about gambling Preston. Traffic. Steven Singer they are open every night everyday. Taking calls on the internet and phone. They can ship for free guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. Excited to hear the rest of the questions. Christmas Miracle GiveawayListener Ernie Mantone, Winner. Brian McDonald Steve's old friend was named Brian McDonald and couldn't pronounce submarine. Easiest question of the morning, What is the name of the intern that handed Preston his name. The Pitchuation Steve Singer diamond necklace. Listener Sean Who were we interviewing when Preston asked “come to be known as” Seth Rogan Sean wins the Bob and Rons 70” tv

  Time 9:14-9:29

Its our Christmas miracle at SugarHouse casino someone just won a tv from Bob and Rons. Traffic. Thank you to our listeners for constantly supporting our show. $500 giftcard to Steve's favorite Panera Bread.Steve does nasty things to the bread bowls Listener Lia What mountain did Nick just recently climb? Lia did not get it right. Its Kilimanjaro. Listener Rich what is Allen Iverson's pet name for Kathy? Delicious was the answer. Listener Tom What is the name of the Man About Town? He answered it right Bill Weston. Panera Bread Adult season passes for skiing at Jack Frost/Big Boulder Listener Tiffany What show member used to have a tongue piercing? She answered it right Marisa. Three video game set-up Wii, PS3, Nintendo 360 Listener Laura What county is Casey from? She got it wrong its Delco. Who participated in this year's drunk day? Jaxon and Preston She/He answered it right. Nintendo WiiU. Contestant Joe. What City is Preston from? St Louis, he answered it right. Tropical Vacation.


  Time 9:39-9:56

Traffic The prizes keep getting bigger, a Cord Family Christmas is 10-2 on Christmas Day Pierre does his Christmas Eve broadcast. Christmas Miracle Giveaway There's a lot going on during the holiday at WMMR. Preston reads a poem from listener Andy. The prizes usually escalate as this goes on. Primo Hoagie for an entire year. Listener Brett which celebrity was behind the scenes during the Hulk sex tape? He got it wrong. The answer is Regis. Listener Robert What is Carson Daly? He's a tool. Robert gets it right. $500Dunkin Donuts gift card What kind of beer gives Preston horrible gas? Blue Moon $500 Oxford Valley Mall Gift Card. Listener Julie What is Preston's favorite band? Rush Julie gets it right. 1 year lease on jeep patriot from Dodge Chrysler of Hamilton Listener Karen. What is the name of Steve's pretend adopted daughter. Sidney. She didn't get it right. Listener Jen she was fired up to be here. Who can't see without their glasses? She got it right. The big winner of 2 tickets to every single event at the Wells Fargo in 2013., Preston is pulling a name- Cory Shaw from Cape May NJ won.

 Time 10:08-10:25

Preston saw himself on the big monitor thinks he needs to lose weight it distorts him and makes him look bigger. Casey has been fidgeting with his junk all morning he said it was going to be a difficult penis day. He chose the worst underwear to wear today. His lunch is hanging out.SugarHouse We're skipping the Bizarre File right now World Wide Stereo Back into the Christmas Miracle Giveaway Listener Charles, Preston had an awkward moment in the bathroom with him. $500 Carrabas Gift Card It was the glory hole wasn't it? What is the response to Hey Bitches? He got it right he won the gift card. Where you can Carraba-rate a good time. World Wide Stereo Listener Lori she just blew Preston's ear drum out with her scream. What member of the show has never been drunk? She got it right and can't stop screaming. $500 Wawa gift card Johnny Knoxville has the logo tattooed on his arm. Listener Kyle goes to wawa all the time. Kathy and Dr. Mike are on the back of Septa busses because they graduated from what college? He answered it right, West Chester. SugarHouse Come and see the bundle of sticks down at SugarHouse Casino Barb of Barbs Harley Davidson we have one prize left. Its a brand new red 2012 Harley Davidson 883 Sports Roadster. There's a lot going on at the store they're delivering bikes to houses and hiding them as presents. Pitch take your oddly feminine hand out of the basket and pick a name. Listener Dee is shaking her head, she came here with someone and her first show was the 10k marbles. According to P&S what device allows you to throw up and crap at the same time?Its the velocicraptor she got it wrong. Listener Molly has had her name drawn 3 times already. Who believes that Farrah Fawcett had butt cancer because of too much butt sex? Kathy's mom she got it right and won the Harley.

 Time 10:35-10:47

Wrap Up Pierre could not be finer. Letter of the Day is E Thank you to the listeners for always being there for us and supportive of our station. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday. Word Of the Week: Stone Casey is expressing his gratitude to the listeners his second family. He feels so blessed to have the guys on the show outside of the show. He wants them to kiss on the lips. Nick has had a tough year but high personal experiences. He loves the show so much. He's going to makeout with Casey. Kathy says she loves everyone and she's going to get so drunk over the

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