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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
The Christmas Miracle Broadcast LIVE from Sugarhouse Casino!!

Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:18 – 6:27
Last opportunity to see The Christmas Miracle tomorrow! Traffic. News Update President Obama announced he wants stricter gun control laws by January. Philadelphia police are investigating the mugging and robbery of a 65-year-old priest. Philadelphia police are searching for a missing man who was last seen after a car accident on Henry Avenue. Sports Sixers lose their 5th straight game to Houston. Sixers play the Atlanta Hawks next. NHL has to try to finish the lockout soon; the players can vote to dissolve the players' union. Christmas Miracle is tomorrow! Gene and Bill Barretta of the Muppets will be on the show, as well as comedian Ian Brag. Also, Matt Cord will be in, he will do the Cord Family Christmas Show.

Time 6:39 – 7:07
Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Peter Criss, original drummer of KISS, 67. Preston's Criss story; disappointed in him live. Chris Robinson, lead singer of The Black Crowes, 45. Interns got confused between Counting Crows and The Black Crowes. Jonah Hill, 29. Michael Bottalico, 58. SA. Entertainment News 78-year-old ABC Newsman Sam Donaldson was arrested for a DUI in Delaware. He's always welcomed back to Planet Vulcan with his brother Spock. 53-year-old Simon Cowell is dating 40-year-old Carmen Electra. Director Bryan Singer is directing a remake of “The Twilight Zone.” Judd Apatow says “This Is 40” scene where he talks about killing his family was written two years ago and will not be taken out of the film. James Franco will release a book of his short poems. His poems include: “Da Birds!” and “Twitter Twitter...” Lindsey Lohan denies that she was responsible for clogging up toilets on the set of Scary Movie 5. Excuse me, I just had fondue. Lindsey is also accused of stealing clothing from the set. Oprah Winfrey opened up about her ratings that are helping her network rebound. “Jersey Shore” ends tonight. Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier says he was set up after being removed from an airplane for being too intoxicated. Olivia Culpo won 2012 Miss Universe; first time an American has won since 1997. Bill Weston knows her! Her winning question: “What is your favorite chewing gum?” Liberty of Congress will add “Breakfast at Tiffany's”; “Dirty Harry”; “A Christmas Story”; and “A League of Their Own” in their National Film Registry. How about “Freddie Got Fingered?” Clips Robert Duvall for “Jack Reacher” and The Situation for “Jersey Shore.” 
Rocky Christmas Scene Audio!

Time 7:17 – 7:47
Rocky sounds like he has milk coming out of his mouth. Traffic. Manny Patinkin was Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.  Manny Patinkin Clip Manny gets excited during an interview when he hears a producer run out of the studio because his wife is having a baby. Nick thought he ran because he had diarrhea. The squirts? Mazel Tov! The End Of The World? YouTube video does mash-up of songs mentioning the end of the world. Is it the end tomorrow? Preston: No. Casey fears that somebody will try to make it true. If the world ends, have a party or hang with your Facebook friend with biggest knockers. Caller says she should max out her credit cards. Caller Al says FEMA commercial mentions the Mayan Prophecy. Homer Simpson: If the Mayans are so smart, why are they dead? Caller Brian says it's nothing, get your new P&S Office Calendar! Flip over the stone and see a new girl for the month! What do you want to see in the future? Preston wants a laser gun. Steve wants a man on Mars. Kathy doesn't like things that aren't on Earth. Sherlock Holmes is like that. They both solve crimes, too.

Stupid Question:
What color skin do polar bears have?

Stupid Answer:

Time 8:00 – 8:12
DERP DERP Carol of the Bells Song!
So many of our “special” Christmas song requests we have to do! Traffic. Christmas Miracle! Two giveaways right now. The P&S trivia questions are awesome, Preston had a good time coming up with them. Bizarre File Two Texas women are suing after being subjected to a bizarre body search by Texas state troopers. Crazed man sets fire to Christmas tree at Denny's after waiting a long time for his check. Barber shop owner arrested after firing three shots at a customer who was talking about the Connecticut school shooting. has calculated that people have watched 1.2 million years worth of porn on only two sites: and Christmas Miracle Giveaway! Caller Rob is a truck driver who has listen to P&S for TEN YEARS and has won! Caller Ray has listened since Preston, Marilyn, & Steve and has won! Ian Brag will be on next!

Time 8:24 – 8:48
Intern Pitchuation Sings Frosty The Snowman!
That's the Pitchuation. He suddenly has the ability to sing after the Nacho Cannon. Traffic. Last time this guest was here, Steve passed out. Ian Bagg in Studio Between Steve passing out and the Nacho Cannon, this is the most violent radio show ever. In the world of Nachos, the Nacho Cannon is the Zapruder film. Office holiday parties allow people to let loose a little bit. Some drummer trashed Preston at a party, we call him “Dog Crap.” Ian Bagg has a Twitter and loves to post his thoughts, except when people get offended. Ian used to have a job where he helped demolition teams destroy buildings. Nitroglycerine can cause people to pass out. Ian could be helpful, P&S always wanted to blow something up. Fourth of July is boring compared to what Ian has done. Ian doesn't like camping, loves to be in the city. Why do people still get ice from icebergs? Ian thinks reporting on the red carpet is kind of stupid, but it's still pretty fun. Ian loves hockey, but is annoyed that the NHL is on strike, especially after LA just won the Stanley Cup. Who's to blame for the NHL lockout? Ian was cut out of a scene in Coyote Ugly because the producers couldn't get the rights to the music in that scene. Ian got the gig for MVP, MVP 2,and MXP.

Time 9:02 – 9:28
Rocky's “Running Around The Christmas Tree” Remix!
Weather. Traffic. Our next guests work with The Muppets. Gene Barretta in Studio Preston's favorite show was the dinosaurs. Gene is a children's book illustrator and has also done animation work for Sesame Street. Jim Henson's spirit does live on through the Henson company. Casey has an idea for a children's book. Kathy had to write a children's book for a class. Bill Barretta on Phone He's in London working on the next Muppet movie. Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais might be involved. Jim Henson wanted to make children's lives better. How does Bill do The Swedish Chef? Bill does The Swedish Chef wishing Philadelphia Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2011's “The Muppets” really felt like a classic Jim Henson movie. Their names sound like mob names. Call the Barretta brothers on this one. Growing up, the brothers filmed home movies. Their Mom was the executive producer. Pepe the King Prawn never says a questions and always speaks in declarative sentences because his wife's aunt spoke that way. Gene has a new children's book out, “Timeless Thomas,” about Thomas Edison, and the new Casey Foster children's book... 

Time 9:38 – 9:54
Christmas Miracle! Three giveaways right now! Traffic. Charlie Brownstain Christmas Play! So old, Preston & Steve were in black and white. It's now a Preston & Steve Christmas Tradition. Let's play it! Um... where's the voices? Casey only cued up the Charlie Brown music, not Steve's actual play. And the run-time of what is cued is 6 minutes long? Kathy could take a dump. Ok, here we go the actual Charlie Brownstain play! It's got to be at least TEN YEARS old. Our phones are screwed up, so we picked our three winners outside of the studio. Congratulations to those who won! Bizarre File A Chuck-E-Cheese Brawl on Saturday night ended with cops using pepper spray on angry parents. Doesn't a badger work security there? Mountain that was sacred in Argentina is closing in order to prevent a mass suicide of those getting ready for the world to end tomorrow. Denver mother who believed her daughter was being bullied threatened four girls with a black semi-automatic gun the next morning. A couple in Iowa who won a lottery jackpot will build a new football stadium for the local high school under one condition – the visiting team's locker room will be painted pink. Dutch police will levy no blame on anyone after a man skydived but landed unconsciously and was not heard from for over a week. Total Recall giveaway!

Time 10:08 – 10:25
Sleigh Ride Computerized Song!
Our phones are not working properly. But we do have a lot of faith in Windows XP! Matt & Betty Cord in Studio This year, it will be the 20th annual Cord Family Christmas Broadcast! The tradition started out as a FU to the boss that made Matt Cord work Christmas Day. Betty used to call Matt on the air when he DJ'ed in Long Island. Matt Cord writes, produces, and hosts the Christmas broadcast. He also bartends it, too. So far, Matt has booked: Pierre, Bill Weston, Rodney, and Rabbi! All the inter-office calls! Matt had the chance to not to do broadcast anymore, but Betty doesn't know what else she would do on Christmas Day. Betty lists the Top 5 most requested Christmas songs. The Cord Family Christmas Broadcast starts 10 AM on Christmas Day! LQ. Hollywood Trash Lamar Odom, Sam Donaldson, and Barack Obama. LA. Music News Muse introduced a single, “Follow Me,” with a chorus at a recent concert. Drowning Pool and Flyleaf will join each other for a tour that will start here in Philadelphia! Soundgarden has posted a series of photos that show the band decked out in biker jackets with Dave Grohl. Slash will make a cameo on Charlie Sheen's “Anger Management.” Death Cab for Cutie's lead singer, Ben Gibbard, finalized his divorce with Zooey Deschanel. One final slot left for the Christmas Miracle broadcast!

Time 10:35 – 10:46
Tomorrow will be a lot of fun at the Christmas Miracle broadcast! Last winner... and it's a chick! Congratulations to Desiree, who has listened since Y100! Special thanks to Gene and Bill Barretta, Ian Bagg, and Matt and Betty Cord for coming on our show today. When Preston hits the LotD button, a frantic hairy man shows up... It's Pierre! LotD. Preston wanted to giveaway the word of the week prize, but it's not Friday. What a crazy year it's been here at WMMR. Soon, we'll be announcing the MMRBQ! Pierre really works himself to death. He's a hero, he's saved the city mayor. Pierre is hosting a concert tonight at Brownie's. Marisa has a calendar raid tonight! Rage on, see you at our Christmas Miracle tomorrow!

Lesson Question
When he was arrested for his DUI, what did Sam Donaldson have in his mouth?

Lesson Answer
Balled-Up Panties

Letter of the Day:

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