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Traffic. News. Man used a brick to smash a jewelry case at the Marriott Hotel during robbery. Woman injured during fire in Newark, DE. Beauty queen that claimed that the Miss America pageant is fixed must pay a 5 million dollar fine. Sports. Mavericks beat Sixers last night. It is the Sixers' 4th loss. Phillies gain Lannen to the team. Scotty Hartnell beat JVR in contest to raise money for Hurricane Sandy Relief. JVR will now go Christmas shopping in full hockey gear because of his loss. Christmas Miracle. Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble is here today as well as Sheena Parveen.

Weather. Traffic. Birthdays. Jake Gyllenhaal 32. Alyssa Milano 40. Jennifer Beals.49. Mike Lookinland 52. Christie Swanson 43. Criss Angel 45. Entertainment News. Former Miss Pennsylvania gave up her title after saying the pageant was fixed. Trump sued her for 5 million. There's no way she has $5million. Danny Boyle rejected the chance to be knighted by the Queen. Preston wants a suit of armor and a sword. Were is my castle?! Sir Criss Angel can answer all of Preston's questions. Boyle's exact words to the Queen were “You can jam it up your bumhole”. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith will start a boot camp to get their kids in line. This family makes the Cosby's look like people out of New Jack City. Preston doesn't believe it. Natasha Lyonne was signed on to be in a new movie. She used to be a heroin addict. A US district judge has sentenced Christopher Cheney to 10 years in prison; he hacked the e-mails and phones of celebrities. With the series finale of Jersey Shore airing on Thursday, Jwow said that she wants to become a producer and have babies. Preston doesn't get the praise of club DJ's. When you played one song, and played another song, and then another...ohhhhhh. Kids these days, right? You can't have a conversation in a club. Uns Uns is a great name for a club. Kim Kardashian unveiled her new Christmas card on Twitter. Bruce Jenner is just a mannequin that sometimes cries.Clips. Barbra Streisand & Seth Rogan. Jamie Foxx. Secret Text Word. Christmas Miracle.

**Christmas Song – Pierre The Bells

That is Preston's favorite goofy Christmas song. Weather. Traffic. Christmas Themed Attractions. Preston has gotten more shopping done ahead of time than ever. Casey hasn't done any shopping yet. He's taking his kids to Shady Brook Farm for a drive-thru light show. Koziar's is the only Jewish Christmas villiage. Casey got locked in the greenhouse at Longwood Gardens once. Preston loves taking his kids to Storybook Land. Steve's little girl gets so excited. Preston gets a email about family that decorated house like in A Christmas Story. Best decorating job Preston has ever seen. Preston added riding on a one horse open slay to his bucket list. Nick's done it. He's Santa Claus. Preston calls his wife out on saying “balls of holly” when it's actually “boughs of holly”. The Brandywine Museum is supposed to be cool, but Preston never wanted to go to a museum about a river. There's a railroad museum that takes you back in time. What happened to my family?! I didn't think you'd actually go back in time! Caller Carol runs a horse slay. Preston is going to do it, she will e-mail info to him. Preston wants to go camping on Christmas. Nick wants to go to Yellowstone during Christmas. Going to Disney on Christmas is weird. Preston has to scrap all his holiday lights because he keeps blowing fuses. Christmas Miracle.

Stupid Q:

In A Christmas Story, what was Ralphy's dad credited as?


Stupid A:

The Old Man”


Traffic. Live on Fox. What do you get Preston and Steve for the holidays? Peace and love on Earth and whiskey. Preston decided to get all toys this year. We do a Pollyanna. We buy gifts for a chick here called Pollyanna. They won't see P&S again until the new year. How do you feel about the end of the world Friday? Preston and Steve think they'll be alright. Steve will start working on his novel. It's a pamphlet. Preston will sleep.Thanks guys! Traffic. Bizarre File. A woman's husband's fart smelled so bad she sprayed Lysol in his eyes. Teacher in NJ fired after streaking in parking lot. 15 year old black cat hangs at school cross walk watching kids every single day. Man bit off wife's ear while fighting at a Hard Rock Casino Hotel. Man put on 77 pieces of clothing to not pay luggage costs at airport. Secret Text Word. Casey plays “Ding Dong Merrily on High” Preston hates it. It's unholy. Never play it again. Excelsior means high praise in Latin. It is also an episode of the West Wing.

**Christmas Song – Gas Mask Christmas Song

Weather. Traffic.The gas mask song is from video game. Christmas Miracle.Shart Outs. Staff at Cracker Barrel. Lord Beaverwood. Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble. They just finished up their holiday concerts this week. Available for hire. There's 14 members - only 7 in studio. 80 bells & chimes in total. Some of bells are very rare. Chime sounds like Wheel of Fortune! They play “Jingle Bells” in studio. That was Nick Mcilwain on the “hey”. The largest bell they have is 18 lbs. Christmas Miracle Invites giveaway. First black listna Craig Liggeons! Caller Bret listener since 1999. Caller Jim listening since 2005. Caller Mike listener since Y100. More giveaways later today.Do you get hand problems during the holiday season? I bet you give amazing handies. They play “Deck the Halls”. Explain how they follow their sheet music. They play “Joy to the World”. Preston tries to play the bells. Pitch was at the holiday party last night. He was Steve's date.Name That Song. Stairway to Heaven by Zeppelin. Hotel California by Eagles. Creep by Radiohead. Renegade by Styx. It's The End of the World As We Know It by REM. Secret Text Word.
**Christmas Song – Chewbacca

Weather. Traffic. Thank you to the Geeter Jerry Blabett for sending us the gift basket. He's holding a NYE bash this year. Listener e-mail loved the on-air staff seasons greetings. P&S is proud of their portion. Nick Murphy put it together. If you're not a VIP, sign up to view things like this. Kathy thinks this video alone is worth signing up. It's playing in the studio – it's a video, not a photograph. Everyone is laughing. There was no question who the “star” of the video was going to be. Last night Preston went to a retirement home with his son's cub scout pack. They had a bar! It is located in Harleysville next to the Walmart. Casey wants to see the bar. What time is last call? 6pm. Preston couldn't believe it was there. Steve says you have to get residents proactive now. Preston's grandmother's home had a movie theater and a ballroom. The residents thought the performance was really cute. You're pretty good. Preston can't remember the name. Sleepy Pines Lonely Chipmunk. We got a picture of it – the people don't look real old. Are there heated bed pans? Name That Song.Everlong by Foo Fighters. Yellow Leather by Pearl Jam. All Apologies by Nirvana. Schism by Tool. P&S play Carol of the Bells by Transiberian Orchestra.


Tom Petty. Traffic. Preston saw a video that Nick had mentioned before - an eagle snatched up a baby and flew away with it. Is it legitimate? Preston doesn't think it's real, but Kathy does. Steve thinks it's a dummy doll. They all agree it was well done. Eagles will take small animals - Nick saw another video where an eagle took a goat. That was just a prank. Bizarre File. A Japanese politician appeared in front of supporters holding a large fish. A Swedish woman arrested for using human bones for sexual purposes. Motorists boxed in a drunk driver and waited for police to arrive. A man pretending to be a marine has stolen toys from a popular toy drive in Denver.

Preston wants to whip something out. Not your dong. Casey had Pitchuation sing Frosty the Snowman - he didn't know the words. He's singing Creep by Radiohead. It's like Elf “I'm singiiing!” They're not sure if Frosty has legs or not. Preston says he scoots. They play some more. Pitch was not made aware that it stops. Kathy says it's true Pitch fashion for him to linger. Pitch is leaving P&S soon. They want him to be the new voice of MMR. MMR ...rrRRROCKS! Steve was at Victory at Xfinity Live last night. Pitch was there, wearing his Fonzie jacket. There aren't any a-holes that work there. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco. Donald Trump. Latoya Jackson. Lesson A. Music News. New Alice in Chains song “Hollow” is online. The clip is comprised of images uploaded by fans through Instagram. Dave Grohl was asked to film Soundgarden's new song. Grohl may switch to film-making. Metallica has begun writing their tenth album. Lars Ulrich's remarks on the new album. Tool has confirmed that they are more than halfway finished with their new studio album. Def Leopard has released a studio recording of their 7 1/2 minute long medley. Christmas Miracle. Tiffany has been listening since the 2nd week of Y100. Brian has been a fan for over 10 years. Nick listens from all around the world. Brian is coming down. Casey will wear his ugly sweater, everyone else will wear PJ pants.

Sheena Parveen in studio. Sheena hasn't done any Christmas shopping. Casey invited her to come with him. She's getting everyone gift cards. Preston sucks at shopping for people. Kathy doesn't think it's lame. Steve gets the advent calendar for his wife. Her brother recently had a baby, she's getting him baby stuff. Pierre is whistling at Sheena. Sheena brought Pierre a snowman stuffed animal that dances to Spin Me Right Round. He hangs from one arm and holds the mic in the other hand. Sheena has similar decorating habits as Pierre. Her Christmas tree is also crazy-looking. Pierre will invite her to the decorating next year. Our studio looks like the worst gas leak by Liberace on acid. Sheena says it looked like Mardi Gras threw up. Sheena got the gift from Cracker Barrel. Everybody knows you gotta go to Cracker Town. Pierre ran us off the rails. Steve explains what Cracker Barrel is to Pierre. Pierre's tinsel once set the board on fire. That's a conspiracy theory. Sheena wants it to go in an important doorway. LOTD. Thanks to Philly Handbells. Kevin Gunn is back! He had shoulder surgery. He got hooked onto nosespray. Do you get a badge for every month sober?Thanks again Philly Handbells. Pierre thought the plaid family had moved in – from next to Cracker Town. Thanks to sponsors. Toby got the Secret Text Word. The random texter is from Neptune City, next to Cracker City. Sheena gives the weather forecast. Thanks Sheena, and Princeton. Preston gives tomorrow's guests.



Lesson Q:

How ready is Listener Harry?


Stupid A:

Ready as a nutsack



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