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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Philadelphia Handbell Choir - IN STUDIO - 8AM
Sheena Parveen - NBC 10 Weather - IN STUDIO 10:30

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15-6:28
The Ginblossoms on WMMR! Good Morning! Traffic. News. Opening a long procession in Connecticut for 2 boys from the massacre, Newton will face many more funerals during the holiday season, Veteran firefighters & Police officers came out crying from the scene. An investigation went underway for Andy Reid's son, when he OD'd on Heroine they found steroids on his room but did not have anything to do with his death. Lower Merion police busted a bogus dental business, vampires, Steve impersonates the count. Sports. The Jets playoff hopes are gone after loosing to the Titans. Toronto Blue Jays & New York Mets have their drafts finalized, Sixers play Mavericks tonight. Day off on the slopes is happening soon as well as our Christmas Miracle. Joe Rogan will be on the show, as well as Tattoosday & meet & eat. 
Time 6:39-7:05
Green Day on WMMR! Joe Rogan on show today & other goodies for today. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Keith Richards is 69. Brad Pitt is 49, Steve impersonates Brad Pitt from commercial. Steven Spielberg is 66. Katie Holmes is 34. Christina Aguilera is 32. Ray Liotta is 58. Stone Cold Steve Austin is 48.  Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Channing Tatum's wife is pregnant with their first child. Lindsey Lohan has enlisted the help of her spiritual advisor, Steve impersonates the advisor. She hopes this keeps her out of jail again. Michael Douglas's son was beaten in prison after someone put a $100 bounty on him after he ratted his drug suppliers out in court. Morgan Freeman denies making comments on the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Charlie Sheen gave a Babe Ruth autographed ball to Zach Eferon, No way is that true. Santa is bringing Katie Holmes daughter a $24,000 playhouse. Edward Furlong has been banned from spending time with his son for giving his son cocaine. Martin Scorsese will make an HBO film about Bill Clinton, called Tookie Bandit. Evelyn & Chad Johnson met in court & had the headbutting charge dropped. Clips. The Impossible with Naomi Watts. This is 40 with John Lithgow. Joe Rogan will be on later.   
Time 7:17-7:48
Dave Matthews Band on WMMR! He is playing this Saturday. Traffic. Shart Outs for Julianita, fans from the FB page. Dawn Timidy has been let go NBC has been doing some house cleaning because everyone is leaving, the GM moved to Fox, we all wish her the best. Christmas Re-Gifting. Nick got used Lego's in a zip lock bag for a gift  when someone forgot. Caller Tim says his grandmother & his brother sent the same Christmas card back to back since the 70's. The issue with re-gifting is the intent, it could be insulting to some people. Caller Donna says they have a chia pet that's been passed around for 15 years in her family. Caller Kate says when she was 8 she had a hamster that died on Christmas eve, her aunt returned gifts, except the wheel & to this date that wheel still gets passed around. Caller Erin says on her fathers side is crazy, she got a can of peanuts, & a bag of pennies. She's screwed up in the gene pool. Caller Scott says he got a book that was autographed to his grandfather.  Chuck gave out a gift card with no money on it. Caller Matt says every year his aunt brings gifts that she buys at yard sales then gives them as gifts. Caller Wayne says he got a Roman Greco painting one year. Preston re-gifted something Kathy gave him. We Will be back.                           

Stupid Q.
What does DDS stand for?

Stupid A. 
Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Time 8:00-8:15  
Carol of the Bells
Sublime on WMMR! Weather. Traffic. Christmas Miracle Call now. Nick got an email from listener Josh who won a pass saying a lot of nice things, & everyone gets a fair chance at winning. Bizarre Files. An Australian woman who got injured while having sex, got workman's compensation. A 7 year old dog is ok after swallowing a foot of Christmas lights. Americas obsession with Hillbillies has increased, now there is Hillbilly porn, now looking for reality shows. A woman accused of running over her boyfriend after driving him home from a bar is posted with $10,000 bail. Police in Florida says a man was murdered over a pork chops. Christmas Miracle.  Christmas Miracle Callers.  Chris,Mike,Brian, Annette, & Emmett, Time 8:27-8:53 Deck the Halls. 
The Black Keys on WMMR! Love the traditional Christmas songs. Traffic. Preston's Raw Recap. He never cared for wrestling. WWE. He took his sons. He got ringside seats. We have had a number of wrestlers in the studio, & Preston had a blast. They put on one hell of a show. The pyro, the music, the drama, it was so damn fun. The footage he took was amazing to. Preston caught on the the chants to.  Preston was on camera  last night.  His sons got high fived by Jerry Lawler. Ric Flair is back. Preston saw the wrestlers whisper to each other. Charlie Manuel sat behind Jerry Lawler. Wrestling fans are awesome. Caller Charlie says he won tickets from us & he saw Preston. Thanks to WWE! Office Parties. Ours is tonight. Always an interesting time, Preston was on a table in his underwear at his mom's office party. Nick's wife's company closes down for the holidays for 6 weeks. It should be a good time tonight. When Kathy worked for the Sixers she would get luggage pieces every year. Caller Jason was at a office party, the HR lady knew his testicles were tattooed & wanted to see it, & he dropped his pants & showed them. Caller Harry says he works for Power Home Remodeling group.  this years party they were taken to Mexico &  & people showed the Cahonaes. This is the same guy who sucked the snot out of his kids nose. Day off on the Slopes giveaway. 
Time 9:02-9:30
We are back! Traffic. Joe Rogan on the phone. Has Live from the Tabernacle coming up. He mostly hangs out around the holiday's. He takes full ownership of this on his website, Louis C.K. Does something similar to him. If you want it just go to his website to download it. All the time he is on the phone with people who have no sense of humor. Those “Gotcha” moments are great for a website or traffic. It was important for him to build off of other comedians jokes, Joe is a character when he does comedy, it's a form of entertainment so people shouldn't be calling him out on being serious with his jokes. When radio people get in trouble for saying stuff, Joe thinks it's hilarious. Joe used to do a joke about Roswell with the UFO's & had a woman scream at him about Mexicans. The focus is here's the world through my eyes. Examples, when a tiger killed people in India, & his dog got mauled by a mountain lion. Because of the internet he can find these stories. Joe is playing pool right now while doing the interview. He is close with Kevin James ever since they were amateurs, Joe is in “Here comes the Boom”. Joe got his black belt in Jujitsu. Starting today you can download “Live from the Tabernacle”. Bill Murphy Giveaway.

Time 9:40-9:53
Lit on WMMR! Weather. Traffic. Greg Monahan laid out a food tray & when he eats them he has food all over his face. It looks like you went down on the Pillsbury dough boy. Christmas Miracle Call Now. Bizarre Files.  MNA fighter Ray Elbe had to be rushed to a hospital & get stitches after breaking his penis during sex, now he needs to take anti-erection pills. Police on Friday identified a man named Gregory Helpalite was stabbed with a pen over a prostitute. A California Woman is lucky to be alive after a boulder rolled over her house, no my planter, no. A man ended up with a $28,000 tab is suing a nightclub because they still served him after he was really inebriated. Christmas Miracle. Christmas Miracle Callers. Zach, Jason, Dustin, Brian. Bill Murphy giveaway.                
Time 10:05-10:25
Casey- Kenny Night
Bob Marley on WMMR! Casey was late in from the break because there was no toilet paper. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Christopher Chaney was sentenced to 10 years, as he was being led away, he said he was a virgin. The today show is offering Pipa Middleton is offered a job & a booty pop. John Mayer & Katy Perry are confirmed as an item,on a date Katy wore a skin tight skirt & John wore a boner.  Lesson Answer. Tattoosday, Mike brought in food before he got his tattoo. His brothers secret sauce BBQ, pork & beef. Mike was on the show before, for the bosh proposal. He's from Broomall, he says hi to his entire family! Music News. Following the recent Spat of performances from Nirvana & Paul McCartney we wonder if there will be anything from there, he's dead you can't play again. People call it “Survana”. Coldplay had the 5th most profitable tour in 2012. All star lineup has been released for a Camp Freddy event, David Draiman, Perry Ferrell are two of the many guests there. Guns n Roses had drama during a show when Axl broke into a song when he wanted to & Tommy Stinson walked off the stage. Kiss will be in their own comic book again. New Music today, Jaxon has new Alice in Chains! Frick's Last Day Rick is his real name, Casey gave him the nickname “Frick”, The story of Frick & Frack & the Helmet hair, he has not had his haircut since he started his internship. Will be a Super Senior at West Chester. Still will work for the MMaRMY & will be around. Doesn't have a favorite member of the show but has great memories with all of them. Bill Murphy's Giveaway. 
Time 10:35-10:46
Fuel on WMMR! It's so nice out. Preston spilled paint all over the place last night. Pierre is here & has a giant rock with him. We decided it would be fun to do the Rock of WMMR award. It will be for someone whop does so much on a regular basis. Cocaine is good enough on a regular basis. It's from Rocks n Crap in Rocksborough. Can I lick it?  LOTD.  This Rock, It will get smoother throughout the years, so it's like with a porcupine. Thanks to Joe Rogan, listener Mike, & Bill Murphy's Irish saloon. Pierre has a lot of fun things planned today. Thanks to our sponsors. Tomorrow on the show is The Philly Hand Bell Choir, & Sheena Parveen.  Rage On! 

Lesson Q.
Who sang I got a smiley face on my right nut?

Lesson A.
Jerry Vail.


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