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Time 6:15 – 6:29

When Preston was in Kindergarten, he requested Pinball Wizard to play at his local radio station. Traffic. News. Obama had a press conference about the Connecticut tragedy. It was a massacre of 20 children and 8 teachers. Kathy says she saw a reporter break down while talking about it. Two people arrested after attack on a woman with a baseball bat and knife. Millions of Americans are procrastinating their holiday shopping. Good thing today is free shipping day! I'm going to get a lot of relatives calenders this year. Someone sent Preston an e-mail saying Walmart had a boneless Hanukkah ham. He finds that hard to believe. Sports. Redskins won yesterday. Sixers lost to Lakers this weekend. They're in Dallas tomorrow. A federal judge will decide on a shortened NHL season. Word of the week prize is Split Rock Resort Splash and Stage Package. Christmas Miracle this week. Preston feels weird today.

Time 6:39 – 7:03

Welcome to Monday. Christmas Miracle. Traffic. Birthdays. Mike Mills of REM is 54. Milla Jovovich is 37. Bill Pullman is 59. Eugene Levy is 66. Giovanni Ravisi is 38. Chris Matthews is 66. Chase Utley is 34. Entertainment News.Victims of Amanda Bynes' hit and run dropped the charges against her. Lawyers are trying to prove that Lindsey Lohan has a history of lying to cops. Brooke Muller is going home after 5 days in rehab. She thinks its like the express Weight Watchers program. She was in for adderall addiction. Sorry. I'm on ADD today. Can I have a prescription for cancer? Barbara Walters' interview with Obama last week was one of her last before her retirement next year. SNL star studded Christmas episode was well done. Samuel L. Jackson cursed live. Kelly Clarkson's engagement is official. Kathy thinks it looks fake and hideous. Cat Von Dee is engaged to Deadmau5. That's how you spell asswipe.Clips.Ewan McGregor. Tom Cruise. Erin and Beth went to the premiere, but it was postponed because of violence in movie and the recent shootings. Christmas Miracle.


Stupid Question:


Who was Forrest Gump's Bus Driver?




Stupid Answer:


Dorthy Harris.

Time 7:15 – 7:49

WoW Prize. Christmas Miracle. Traffic. Tragedy that hit Newtown, Connecticut. Matt O'Donnell in studio.This will bring about changes in gun control and mental illness. This guy was a student in this school district. He was always mentally unstable, but no one ever thought he would hurt anyone. The shooter has Aspergers. He was socially awkward. The guns he used were his mothers. He killed her too. She was a doomsday prepper. Steve's dad had guns, but they were locked away. Nick didn't know how to explain what happened to his kid. The shooters' brother was thought to be the killer. We must stop being PC about what happened and mental illness in general. No one wants to talk about it because it's so controversial. Connecticut has the most restrictive gun laws, but they didn't work this time apparently. Sometimes you just can't prevent certain things no matter how safe you try to be. Another guy was arrested in another state for planning a shooting the same day. Casey was going to run away from home, and told parents about it. No one believed him. Jim Gardener was good in addressing what happened. Preston was so angry, he became numb. Steve started crying. Casey heard about it while picking up his daughter from school. This was worst national tragedy since 9/11. Caller is upset over Aspergers accusations. Sometimes can't help mental illness. Cecily Tynan grew up in that area. The mental guilt and anguish of the surviving kids will be great. So many layers to this story. Thank you

Time 8:01 – 8:15

Christmas Miracle.Traffic. Line up 5 callers who want to be part of the Christmas Miracle Broadcast.Bizarre File.12 year old girl has 19 lb tumor growing in her stomach, made fun of because she looked pregnant. A woman faces harassment charges for a dispute about an empty shopping cart outside of a Wal-Mart. Woman who faked foot injury will spend 9 months in jail for insurance fraud. Man in Poland who was watching a boxing match burned his head when he picked up a hot iron he thought was a ringing phone. A man who dressed up like Batman was arrested when he wouldn't stop interfering with an accident scene. Christmas Miracle Phone Calls.Christmas Miracle giveaways. Caller Tom is a 9 year listener. Caller Dave knew he was going to win. He's a 7 year listener. Caller Tony is a listener from Y100. Caller Eric is a longtime listener. Caller Matt has been listening since Y100. We had an intern that had a foot fetish.

***Christmas Song played in beginning of break → Oh Holy Night Bad Singing

Time 8:28 – 8:57

Preston is now officially in holiday mode. Traffic. Someone wanted to know if the bad Christmas song was by the Pitchuation's cousin. Preston's into nubbit's y'all. Nick's happy HOLLA-days.Shart Outs & Christmas Songs. Bob from Drexel Hill. From Dan Fluck to Christine. Dolph Ziggler's mistext. Intern Jake & Lauren Christmas song. Dolph Ziggler in studio. Fell off of ladder last night. Ladder match is when something is suspended above the ring, and must obtain that thing by climbing the ladder before opponent does. You can't practice that. Hates heights. He works 5 nights a week putting on shows. Fun for the whole family, and tix are cheap. The WWE Superstars are the hardest working men and women. Preston is going to the match tonight with his sons. Dolph is #1 at Kent State in wrestling. He broke records in school so he had a lead when auditioning for WWE. He's been a WWE fan since he was 5. Dolph is the most fan friendly. He's the smallest guy in the WWE. He has pride in stealing the show every night. Dolph wanted to live in Philly after college, but didn't. When he first auditioned, said he was too small. Second time, he made it in. Slammy Awards tonight. The Miz can't shut up. Sheamus is so boring. He loves fighting Sheamus. He hates hippies. Wrestlers are too busy to meet the fans before or after the show. Can't go to gym today, obviously doesn't need to go everyday. Nick can relate. He's heard stories of wrestlers not seeing family for months.

Time 9:10 – 9:33

Weather. Traffic. Justin Guarini in studio. He was in Steve's guilty pleasure From Justin To Kelly. He came out to the camp out a few years ago. He was on first season of American Idol. Casey still likes American Idol, but doesn't like when they try to make singer sound like someone else. So glad he was on in the first season because had an impact. He's doing a 30's style broadcast of It's A Wonderful Life at Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, PA. All Broadway greats have been there. Kathy has seen a show there before. Nick loves the Playhouse. If you're a witch or warlock, you can buy your supplies in New Hope. Gay biker warlocks.Justin used to have trouble sleeping, resorted to furious masturbation. Would listen to old radio broadcasts to fall asleep. There is music in the show. It's campy on purpose. Justin plays Have Yourself A Marry Little Christmas in studio. He was in Broadway's American Idiot. Didn't force anything, fortunate for great director. Loved watching Billy Joe sing. Really wants to do Lion King on Broadway. Too busy to put out an album. Has 2 kids, one on the way. Loves Kelly Clarkson. He brought in pastries, thanks!

 ***Christmas Song played in beginning of break → Christmas Nick Clicks

Time 9:44 – 9:55

Christmas Miracle. Get 5 callers on the line. Traffic. The fart reminds Preston of Christmas. It actually reminds him of Caddy Shack. When Jeff goes to Vegas, he can do a celebrity farts show. Casey is getting farts sent to him now. Don't send them to Kathy, send them to Marisa. Judah Friedlander mentioned the show in a tweet about how Dolph Ziggler has been dodging him for years. Bizarre File. Kind-hearted policeman pulled over a man who couldn't afford to get car registered, and handed him a $100. Two elephants that were forced into the Russian winter after a trailer fire were saved by vodka. Trainer gave them 2 gallons of vodka, which prevented frostbite. Naked Icelandic man tried to outrun police after dare from two girls. Western Iowa man sentenced 2 years for selling his pain pills for candy. Man arrested for trying to kill wife by drowning her in the dog's water bowl. Can't go to callers on the line, but they all win Christmas Miracle invites!

Time 10:07 – 10:24

Weather. Preston is bummed about the warm winter weather. His kids want to go snowboarding, but too warm to make snow. Let's go to the bitchy traffic lady, the bitchy sea whore. Now with traffic, here's hairy butthole. Over to you, Kathy Butthole! We didn't even have to do traffic here. Hollywood Trash. Hillary Clinton fainted and got a concussion. She tried to prove she could do 100 squat thrusts. Justin Bieber gave a fan his pet hamster. He put a vacancy sign over his anus. After only 5 days in rehab, Brooke Muller can't wait to start baking adderall cookies and putting up adderall decorations. Christmas Miracle.Music News.Jack White has dropped out of writing the score for The Lone Ranger. He's been replaced by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer. The Killers were forced to cancel more shows due to Brandon Flowers' laryngitis. Slash has confirmed his participation in the new Band Fuse: Rock Legends video games. Remember how huge Guitar Hero and Rock Band were? Why don't they do a full concert orchestra videogame? The studio version of the song done by Paul McCartney and the surving members of Nirvana was released on iTunes. It's heavier than what you would expect from Paul. Played live version from SNL. Paul didn't know he was jamming with Nirvana when he was in the studio. Marilyn Manson underwent surgery to reattach an ear he cut during a brawl. Chris Martin said he had to call the fire department twice after trying to cook. Chris Martin on the CHAT SHOW. Finally, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, formed a new band called Newsted and will be releasing a metal album. Xfinity Live gift card giveaway.


Lesson Question:


What is the porn version of Jack Reacher?




Lesson Answer:


Jack Reach-Around

Time 10:32 – 10:41

Weather. It's moist and drippy outisde. That's a real evil look I just got from Kathy. She's looking at that zip popping site. The Friday broadcast at Sugar House will be near the water. Steve will bring his fishing gear. Preston wants to gamble on Friday. He should wear a tuxedo and an eyepatch. Kathy thought they were all wearing Pj's or ugly sweaters on Friday. Fake socks that you get at shoe stores are the worst. Pierre just got here. He had an eventful weekend. He went to New York for another Sandy benefit show. There was an after party. Pierre couldn't get in. Pierre shook Chris Rock's hand. It was amazing. He got his Christmas shopping done. He's going to Disney World this weekend. WoW prize.


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