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Disc: 1 Date: 12-14-2012

Track1Time 6:20-6:28

Good Morning everybody! Happy Friday. Traffic. News. Philly school district plans to close over 30 schools. Closure would save millions per year. The community plans to keep the school system positive – hopefully this may help the city. Many schools are closing all over as well. We want our skulls back! Some of the schools are 20% utilization. Fatal hit and run – 85 year old woman was hit by car – she was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead later on that night. middle school closes due to serious illness with students. Students were taken to the hospital and were taken care of. School will resume on the regular schedule. Sports News. Andy Nalton ran for a TD – Eagles lose again. Eagles fell 4 to 10. They are off til Sunday. Josh Hamilton will not be a Philly! Sixers are 12 and 10. Game starts at 7! New Years Eve Party. Dave Attell is stopping by. Christmas Miracle Broadcast Giveaways. Stay there guys!


Track 2 Time 6:40-7:06

Green Day on MMR! Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Vanessa Hudgens has a birthday today. She is 24! Natasha Mackalholm was great in The Truman Show – she is 41. Patty Duke, Sean Astin's mom has a birthday. Steve Sing-along! Dee Wallace turns 66. Critters rules!!!! Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Matt Damon is Liberace's lover. Michael Douglas is in it as well – he is Liberace. Lindsay Lohan owes like 16,000$ - her stuff will end up on Storage Wars! She's a mess man. One of the stars is suing the show for 5 million. Auction block here we come. LA Reed is leaving X-Factor. Golden Globe Nominations. Lincoln might take the Best Picture – Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained. Life of Pi was awesome according to Casey. He saw it with his mom! Silver Linings Playbook might take the Best Comedy. Les Miserables plans to be number one. Daniel Day Lewis will win his 3rd Oscar, no doubt. There's some competition going on between the females this year – they are all good. Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth punched a guy in the face. Radcliff has been sober for 2 years. Kelly Osbourne reveals her diet secret – just diet and exercise. Sean Penn speaks out about past relationships. He is too high-maintenance. Stay There Everybody!!


Track 3 Time 7:19-7:46

Fart Song for Kathy! Weather. Traffic. Join us with the Christmas Miracle! We need callers people. We need Dan for our Tributes – Yay, he's coming Monday. Christmas Miracle. Andy is looking forward to coming to see the show. Andrew – huge fan – he's invited. Josh – the Canadian – he's coming. Christmas Films We Love. Charlie Brown Christmas aired. Preston doesn't care for it anymore – he's a big boy now. He'll watch it with his kids. Charlie Brown's Christmas. Why does no one love Charlie? The Grinch is great. Christmas Story dominates. Casey is getting back into the Christmas Spirit. Leg Lamps are the best Christmas Decorations. Did anyone ever see the Tom&Jerry Nutcracker! Tom&Jerry is fantastic. The Nutcracker – how boring. Steve please don't see The Nutcracker with kids. Rudolph is awesome. Steve loves it. Snoopy is the easiest creation to animate. Coca-Cola product placement. Preston's kids don't like Charlie Brown. Elf is a good Christmas movie – you can even watch it in summer. Fred Claus was funny as well. Vince Vaugn is awesome. Christmas Story marathon rocks! Bob Clark directed Porky's! Dave Attell will be joining us soon enough. Stay There!


Stupid Question:

who used to sing whaba whaba whaba?



Stupid Answer:

Countdown Julie Brown.


Disc 2 Date: 12-14-2012

Track 1 Time 7:58-8:14

Three Doors Down. Traffic. You have til Sunday to get back to Pierre! Who you wanna bring home and why! Sunday is the deadline. Christmas Tunes. Cage Match. 3 of the 4 are on board. Snoopy Christmas song remake is terrible. Casey love Christmas tunes – Steve prefers the more emotional stuff. Merry Christmas my friend, I will kill you later. Preston hates these remakes. Pierre does great work when decorating but he has no taste in Christmas tunes. I want a Hippopotamus Christmas Dildo! Bizarre File.

Doctor Genter rules! Florida man accused of having relations with a donkey – violation of his constitutional rights. His name was Doodle! He liked how the critter's fur feels. A photographer took pictures before falling into a smoke stack – the 23 year old was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead. 22 ft. drop – then drops 42 floors. Woman uses her tongue to call 911 after being raped. Woman was tied up and dialed the police. Language barrier makes police use taser-guns. Daughters mom didn't know what was going. She was screaming. This is 40 screening!



Merry Christmas In Good Hands

Track 2 Time 8:27-9:18

It's a Friday Morning! Christmas Miracle!!!! Traffic. Lets play Crack-Shot. Lets get these questions moving. Lets shoot some ass! Steve is wearing his thickest jeans! Lets go. Q1 Steve – Win. Q2 Casey – Lose(Preston shot him). Q3 Preston – Lose(Steve shot him). Q4 Nick Murphy – Neutral. Q5 Nick M – Win. Q6 Marisa – Lose(Preston shot her). Q7 Nick Murphy – Win. Q8 Preston – Win. Q9 Steve – Lose(Steve shoots Preston). Q10 Nick M – Win. Q11 Casey – Lose(Murphy shot him). Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Attell on Phone. Dave wants to know where he can get a BB Gun – Walmart. We love the porn – its fantastic. Jews in porn. Some girls are too good-looking for porn. True Knock-Outs! Dave is looking forward to Sunday – Anti-Social Comedy Tour. Parodies are getting old. Get new material. Too many lines when getting Oral is well appreciated.Porn is great for kids. Kids don't move out til their 35 so it's totally ok! Boogie Nights is the best porno!!!! Steve loves Amy Schumer – we love her humor. The 12/12/12 concert was incredible – Mick is still rocking out! The 12/12/12 baby is going to become a warlock! Dave loves our Hottie-Cam girls. Porn will never die.


Disc 3 Date: 12-14-2012

Track 1 Time 9:33-9:52

SoundGarden is awesome. Traffic. Bill Vargas in Studio. A Snowball's Chance, New Book. Its nice to know that someone notices our terrible Philly Sports Teams! 1968 – Snowball's at Santa. Andy Reid needs to get out of this city. This team is down-hill and wont go uphill, EVER! Andy Reid has no chance at coaching again. Many players continue to stay in Philly. People in New York usually jump from team to team. Philly has passion but there's no skill. Not a good match. What is the clear definition of, BOOO!!!! Preston remembers seeing Phillies fans yelling at the Phillies – years ago. Casey was assaulted at a 49er's game. Book release party at Chickie and Pete's! Bill is Dr. DoLittle in the musical, Doctor DoLittle. Kathy needs to join Broadway – so he can make-out with Kathy. Bizarre File. Lays launches its new flavor – Chicken flavor in China. Pills that turn feces into sparkling nuggets. This is the best thing ever. 425$ per pill. Casey wishes he crapped gold. Darts tournament – man gets kicked out because he looked like Jesus. Stand up if you love Jesus. Nathan Grendal is known as Jesus, really Father? Jesus!


Track 2 Time 10:08-10:24

Foo Fighters – Walk. Christmas Miracle. Traffic. Christmas Miracle. Christmas Miracle. Kathy on Phone. Bill on Phone. Nick will be at Barb's Harley. This is an invitation giveaway only. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Buying cocaine off an undercover police officer. Lohan refuses to pay 16,000$. She's such a mess. Liam Hemsworth fights a guy in the street. Anne Hathaway's vagina shows at the Les Miserables premiere. Lesson Answer – gimp mask. Music News. Courtney Love hates Paul McCarthy's performance relating to Nirvana. This is for charity. What's her problem. No surprise it was her. Pat Smir was there as well. Love stated that they shouldn't sing songs that they didn't write themselves. Its wrong. Really Courtney, really? Robert Plant is looking to lay low about the Zeppelin reunion. He likes relaxing and enjoying America. He likes exploring. Famous Guitar worth 20K was stolen – 1960 Fender! What? Help the band track down this stolen gear. Linkin Park's, Chester and Mike say there experience with Gene Simmons was awesome. Gene said he would make love to them in prison. Breaking News!!!!! - congratulations to Rabai's baby girl – 8pounds, 7 ounces. His 4th child. We're very happy. Congratulations!


Track 3 Time 10:33-10:46

Blink182. Christmas Miracle. Nick Barb Harley. Bill Vargas – that was awesome to talk to him. Can't wait to read this new book of his. Hopefully it'll boost the knowledge and strength when dealing with fans and sports. Letter of the Day is E. Marisa at T-Mobile. Casey will be at Revel. Word of the Week. Pierre loved the show. Pierre wants to see Dean Martin, that wont happen though. Stop calling Pierre - Lemmy People!!!!!!!! The Stones are amazing!


Lesson Question:

what was Charles Schulz wearing when he wrote Charlie Brown's Christmas?


Lesson Answer:

Gimp Mask


Letter of the Day: E

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