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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15-6:24
Pear Jam on WMMR! Good Morning! Traffic. News. Police said a man open fired at the Train station  after the sixers game last night. A shooting death of a man has a link to the mob, police took in one mob solider, it used to be a regular story about the mob but now it's rare. If you search for porn on Google it may be more difficult if you search images. I was looking for kittens on Christmas morning & it showed 3 women crapping in a cup. Sports. The Bulls beat the Sixers. Eagles are home tonight against the Bengals. NHL have concluded talks but no conclusion to the lock-out. Mike Tyson will be on the show today along with Marlon Wayanes. We will take more callers for Christmas Miracle.    

Time 6:37-7:05
Muse on WMMR! We will be recapping the 12/12/12 concert later. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Amy Lee is 31. Tom DeLonge is 37. Taylor Swift is 23. Jamie Foxx is 45.  Steve Buscemi is 55. Wendie Malick is 62. Christopher Plumber is 83. Dick Van Dyke is 87. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Lindsey Lohan had her probation revoked, her probation violation date is January 15th . What day is that? Before the 4th of July. A member of Sarah Jessica Parker's Entourage was caught shop lifting in Norway. Stomp your hoof twice if this person is with you. Jenna Bush Hagar, is pregnant. One ball is much larger than the other going all the way to my bunghole. Anne Hathaway is sad about the up-skirt photographs. Matt Louer mentioned about the photo. What did you think of my vagina Matt?  2 would be hitman had their sites on Justin Beiber, they  were going strangle him with a tie then castrate him, one guy had a tattoo on his leg of Beiber. Matt Damon's looks are still booming, his secret is Internet comments. Rob Kardashian has launched a line of socks called Arthur George. Sign me up. $30 a pair at Neman Marcus. Here's Armando our sock expert. This little piggy went to market. We got a level 10 earthquake we need socks. There is a resolution to the case for Ariel Winter, she will live with her sister & the mother will have nothing to do with her. Clips. Save the Date with Allison Brie. This is 40 with Paul Rudd.  Bourne Legacy giveaway. 

Jingle Bells. 

Time 7:17-7:40
Linkin Park on WMMR! Weather. Traffic. The killers show tonight is post-poned due to illness.  Shart outs. For Shawn, Bob, TJ at A R warehouse. For the Upper Perk wrestling team. Google Zeitgeist top searches of 2012. 10 is BBB12. 9 is Michael Clarke Duncan. 8 is Amanda Todd. 7 is Olympics 2012. 6 is Kate Middleton. 5 is Diablo 3. 4 is Ipad 3. 3 is Hurricane Sandy. 2 is Gangdam style. 1 is Whitney Houston. Calm Act. Stating today T.V commercials will not be louder than the show you are watching. Sometimes you miss dialogue in the show & when you turn it up the commercials are Ka-Boom! Casey wants a new T.V luckily prices have gone down. Nick's dad never watched commercials, they would either mute or change the channel. Commercials suck, especially when there's a good movie on & they extend the time due to commercials. There are some good ones, but when they common dear 1/3 of a screen during a serious scene it kills it, you can see the same commercials 50 times a day.  Theres a commercial where the kids made a video & the mom did to. I'm diddling myself, I'm 3 knuckles deep, now eat your ice cream. The act starts today! This is 40 giveaway. We will be back!      

Stupid Q.
What type of bug has spinneret? 

Stupid A. 

Time 7:52-8:00
Fuel on WMMR! Lavender day spa is here for massages. Traffic. Bizarre Files. A man was pulled over thinking of a window tint violation, actually was legal, but the man urinated on the patrol car & was arrested. Hall was bitten by oats, a man named hall bit a chunk of skin above his neighbors oats eye, my neighbors the millies and manillies always fight. A man has been arrested for assaulting his son after carving a pentagram into his sons back saying “ I have shed innocent blood”. Spanish authorities arrested a Panamanian woman with cocain in her implants. So when you snort it do you put your nose on the nipple.   

Carol of the Bells.  

Time 8:12-8:52
Green Day on WMMR! Lavenders body care & spa is here. Traffic. 12/12/12 Concert recap. Pierre was there. Adam Sandler redid the song “Hallelujah”. The Rolling Stones did 2 songs, Kanye West did 10 songs, he didn't get good feedback on Twitter. The Who had 7, Billy Joel had 7, Chris Martin did 2 Coldplay songs, Paul McCartney did 1 song with Nirvana called “Cut Me Some Slack”.  Reviews are coming in. Apparently Uncomfortably Numb & Teenage Wasteland were played last night. Mick Jagger can hit those notes, Kieth Richards looks like a goddam corpse. We got clips. Paul singing Blackbird. The song is about the civil rights movement. The Who did  “Teenage Wasteland”.  Steve impersonates Jagger. The stones did Jumpin Jack Flash. Billy Joel sounded great, especially during New York State of Mind. Bon Jovi with Bruce did Who says you can't go home. Turn it up! Steve impersonates Bon Jovi. Roger Waters & Eddie Vedder did Comfortably Numb. Jacky confirmed, 3 members of rainbow played with Billy Joel. Bruce is talking to the crowd. Steve impersonates Bruce & Paul McCartney. John Stewart introduced the Rolling Stones. Regis was there last night. can I say a few words. Caller Joanne says they cut the show during Helter Skelter. Billy Joel did New York State of mind. Eric Clapton sounds great.  Christmas Miracle call now.  Christmas Miracle callers. 

Time 9:01-9:35
We are back! Traffic.  Mike Tyson on the phone. He will be in town in May doing a One Man Show. He is just waking up. His show will be him going over stuff about his life, in a way a staged documentary, Spike Lee directed this show. He put in some ideas which was awesome for his show so they teamed up. He does this show about a guide. Mike always looked so fierce when he stepped into the ring. He created the image that he was scared. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for his show at the Academy of Music,It'll be a 2 hour show on May 2nd.  Marlon Wayans in studio. He loves the calendar. He wrote, produced, & starred in his new movie “A Haunted House”. It's sort of like a parody of paranormal activity. It's edgy, it's R rated, Theres a scene where the sheets go of the bed & the windows open he says “Deuces I'm out the door”. He wanted to make this movie after seeing Paranormal Activity. 70% is scripted, Cedric is in the movie, he is the preacher with a gun. Marlon comes from one of the most comedic families ever. He will be at the Borgota in February. He was at the Sixers games last night, but missed the concert in New York last night. On twitter it's his people not followers. Marlon wants a sex video with Kathy. Marlon hates perfume. Go see his movie A haunted house January 11th.       

Time 9:46-10:03
Shinedown on WMMR! Traffic. Men's Shopping Night. Men's Shopping Night recap. Great time, we got an email from Kate Johnson thanking us for everything last night. As a listener she loved seeing everyone out it was sad Casey wasn't there. We will give her a share out. Thanks to Alicia Vitarelli, she was awesome with the guys. Tori Burch was expensive Preston should of went to Tori Spelling. Louis Vettan had guards out front of there. I smell poverty. Casey walked in to a Burberry and almost threw up. We don't serve corn dogs here so take your bear feet and leave. Steve likes stores with seats. Caller Matt was there last night he can't believe last night actually happened, he got one of the Flyers girls numbers yet he has a girlfriend. Bill didn't have much luck with shopping last night. He was in a store where they didn't have prices on the merchandise. Preston had to cancel his card last night. The guy bought hookers & a drum set, & i think he's a gambler. There was $800 in purchases, Bill had card problems to over in Europe. This is 40 giveaway. 

Time 10:15-10:33
on WMMR! Lavenders gift card giveaway. Bizarre Files. U.S border patrol agents say smugglers have a new way of getting drugs into the country, & it's a cannon. A french teacher was suspended for asking his students to write their own suicide note. What happened to drawing hand turkeys. A man wearing a Captain America mask robbed two buildings. A German Leisure pool complex shut down when a naked Austrian man was freaking out, pulled a chunk of hair from a security guard, then going for an arm of another.  Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Brooke Muller is back in rehab the 19th time, when she relaps for the 20th time they will throw a pizza party. Lindsey Lohan believes if she goes back to jail they will out a price on her for dick and Liz. Liz and Bruce Genure, everytime they disagreed his eyebrows fell off.  Lesson Answer. Music News. 12/12/12 concert was deffinatly one for the books with all the legendary acts. Steve impersonates Regis. Dave Grohl says the Foo Fighters will never break up. The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, & Adele is nominated for best song in a movie. Muse has premiered “Follow Me” video for it's new song. The Killers show has been postponed. Ted giveaway. 

Time 10:43-10:53
Cake on WMMR! Weather. Thanks to Mike Tyson check out his show in May, Marlon Wayans go see his movie “A Haunted House”, & Lavender Body Clinic for the massages. LOTD. Pierre is here, he has a lot of fun things planned, Pierre looks like the kid wanting to pay for his cracker jacks in the old commercial. He has a full recap of the 12/12/12 benefit concert last night. The Who played a little longer than Pierre wanted, so did Kanye, He thought the Artists choice was interesting, he missed Clapton but McCartney was amazing. Alicia Keys sang Empire State, Paul brought out all these Law enforcement people on stage. John Stewart & Steven Colbert were talking calls. Thanks to our sponsors. Christmas cage match continues today. Tomorrow on the Show, Dave Attell. Rage On!   

Lesson Q.
Whats the name of the Hooker Preston likes to fart on?

Lesson A.


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